Injuries change Yanks bullpen outlook

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Coming into spring training, the Yankees had a pretty solid plan for their bullpen. With Mariano Rivera, David Robertson, Rafael Soriano, Boone Logan, and Corey Wade already in place, they needed to fill just two spots. Given the number of pitchers they brought to camp, finding worthy candidates didn’t seem like a difficult task — especially given that Freddy Garcia was a favorite to slide into a bullpen spot due to the starting pitching surplus. Yet as we see nearly every spring, injuries have altered the picture.

While a few relievers suffered injuries of varying degrees this spring, the staff remained mostly in tact and ready for Opening Day. That is, until last Friday. That’s when Michael Pineda revealed soreness in his shoulder that turned out to be tendinitis. It’s also the same day that Cesar Cabral suffered a stress fracture in his elbow, shelving him indefinitely. Today we learned of another bullpen casualty: Boone Logan will visit a doctor to examine his aching back. Backs ailments are never to be taken lightly. Losing Logan for an extended period could seriously alter the Yankees bullpen outlook.

Pineda’s injury already had the Yankees pulling from their pitching depth. Instead of having Garcia in the bullpen as the long man, it appears that they’ll now use David Phelps. Now with Logan’s injury they’ll have to choose yet another pitcher who they did not plan to carry. That could be George Kontos if Logan’s injury is serious enough to warrant a DL trip, but not serious enough to worry about long-term. If Logan will miss significant time, the Yanks might look at other lefty options — Mike Gonzalez is still unemployed, and has been working out for teams.

The Yankees, of course, will be just fine with however this situation plays out. They did, after all, survive a stretch last year in which they carried both Amaury Sanit and Pants Lendleton in the bullpen. But their outlook has certainly changed in the past week. The Logan injury could potentially cause a few significant roster changes. Thankfully, the Yankees have enough options to fill the void.

2012 Draft: Cape Cod League Standouts
ST Game Thread: The Finale
  • jsbrendog

    oh pants, what a legend you have become

    • Havok9120

      And deservedly so.

  • Dale Mohorcic

    Don’t forget Jumpin’ Joba.

    • mustang


    • Delaware – Ralph

      Still don’t think his injury is funny given its seriousness… Not to mention it didn’t alter the bullpen right now since he was not close to coming back.

      • Plank

        How could you say that? It’s disrespectful to Flanny.

  • Geo

    Just give me a week of Venditte.

  • vin

    Just saw that Pants finished 9 games for the Yanks last year. There’s plenty of garbage time every year to make an impression on Girardi and Cashman, or the Astros, in Pants’ case.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    The confused look on the average Yankee fan’s face when reference to “Pants” and “Stairs” are made is always priceless.

    • jsbrendog

      i wouldn’t have it any other way

  • Robinson Tilapia

    The dominoes will continue to fall if Logan is out and Wade can’t pull it together soon enough in the regular season. Gonzalez is, sure, an option, but it looks like another season where you can’t escape patching it together and see where lightning in a bottle strikes. Then again, does anyone ever go through a season where it DOESN’T happen?

  • Naved

    ManBan is a lefty in AAA just saying…..Also if Dellin Betances is destined to be in the bullpen like everyone is saying -_- why not throw him in the pen as well.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I sincerely doubt they go the bullpen route with Banuelos. I also don’t agree that everyone is saying Betances is destined for the bullpen. I think 2012 will go a long way in telling the tale as to where he winds up.

      • Plank

        A lot can happen in a year. This time last year Andrew Brackman was a top prospect and Mason Williams was just another name in the organization.

        I hope Betances makes the next step.

    • Havok9120

      Because it wouldn’t help the development of either of them more than a full season in AAA would.

    • Ted Nelson

      Fans are predicting that he will fail as a starter (and the Keith Law types are ultimately fans… they are not affiliated with any organization). That doesn’t mean the Yankees believe he is destined for the pen or want to give up on him as a starter.

  • RetroRob

    Poor Cash. He just can’t seem to get two lefties into the pen no matter how hard he tries!

    And was there some announcement regarding David Phelps making the team as opposed to Mitchell?