Injury Updates: Swisher & Gardner


Via Bryan Hoch, outfielder Nick Swisher is likely to miss a week after suffering a low-grade hamstring strain in yesterday’s game. Joe Girardi said they’re going to try to avoid placing him on the DL, which I honestly don’t understand. Minor hamstring strains can become major hamstring strains very easily, especially if they aren’t given the proper time to heal. Just sit him down for the 15 days and make sure he’s healthy without handicapping the roster.

In other news, Hoch reports that Brett Gardner again took his hacks in the cage today. He will take batting practice on the field tomorrow and is on track to be activated when his DL stint is up on Thursday. Until then, the Yankees appear content to use a 13-man pitching staff and a two-man bench.

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  • vin

    Every year its the same thing… Player A comes down with a low-grade something or another. They try to rest him for a few days, then there’s a relapse during bp/bullpen, and he ends up missing two months.

    There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe with an everyday player like Swisher. Replacing him mid-season can be awfully expensive (and still preserving the bench).

    • ajra21

      This. Again, and again and again … when will teams learn?

  • Slugger27

    nunez, jones, stewart = 3man bench, right?

    • vin

      I believe he’s intentionally leaving out Stewart because he’s strictly a catcher, and is a necessity (ie even the Yanks can’t screw that up).

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      One of Nunez/Jones has to play the OF with both Gardner and Swisher out. Tonight it’s Nunez.

      • JAG

        But whichever of them is playing the field, the other is on the bench. Chavez is still there, isn’t that 3 men on the bench?

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          They usually have a four man bench — Jones, Chavez, Nunez, Stewart — and two guys are out with injury.

          Nunez in LF, Ibanez in RF, Chavez at 3B tonight (A-Rod at DH). That leaves Andruw and Stew on the bench.

          • JAG

            Yeah I see now. Forgot the 13 man pitching staff and the DH.

        • Chip

          Somebody has to DH too

          • ND Mike

            bah, let the pitchers hit. That’s always fun. Just ask CM Wang…

      • Slugger27

        i see what you’re saying. 2 men after the DH.

  • Cesar “Stairs” Cabral

    *grabs OF glove*