Pineda set to throw bullpen session

Kuroda bedevils Angels, Yanks win home opener
Game Eight: Streakin'

Via George King, right-hander Michael Pineda will throw a bullpen session on Tuesday. It appears that it will be his first time on a mound since being placed on the disabled list with shoulder tendinitis. Pineda threw a bunch of long toss last week and has been throwing off flat ground for a while. Joe Girardi recently said that he doesn’t expect him back this month.

In other news, King reports that Andy Pettitte will pitch for High-A Tampa tomorrow, his second minor league appearance. He threw three innings and 32 pitches for Tampa on Monday, so he got an extra day of rest between starts.

Kuroda bedevils Angels, Yanks win home opener
Game Eight: Streakin'
  • qwerty

    Is there another injury prone pitching prospect we can trade our best chips for?

    • I Voted 4 Kodos

      Injury prone? Seriously?

      • Mike Axisa

        Two injuries if seven years. By that standard, Sabathia is injury prone.

        • qwerty

          My math is a little different from yours, I suppose. I count his elbow injury in 2009 as only 3 years ago, but perhaps you’re talking about his other elbow issue before that? Yeah, I’d say he has health issues.

      • mustang

        The sad part is that he is probably serious.

    • Havok9120

      Your bitterness is showing. Put a t-shirt on or something.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    When Pettitte and Pineda comeback, Freddy is the obvious first choice to move out of the rotation but the 2nd guy has to be between Hughes or Nova which is going to be interesting if both guys are pitching well.

    • Soviet Swag

      Trade Hughes while his value is still high

      • sdjohn

        Nah, 25 year old kid that had one bad year, I think he will be just fine. Hughes is gonna have a great year…

      • Steve (different one)

        Why is his value high? Because of spring training?

      • Havok9120

        His value is at its nadir, what are you talking about?

        • Plank

          The more he pitches the lower his value gets.

          The high point for trading him would have been 07, then 08, then 09, then 06, then 10, then 11, now it’s 2012 and his value has never been lower.

          I could see switching 09 and 08, but the extra year of team control outweighs it for me.

          His value reaches a new nadir every year he pitches.

  • Sdjohn

    To early to guess manny, but it’s never a bad thing with pitching depth. Pinedas arm may not respond, someone could get hurt by then. I think usually these things tend to work themselves out.

  • JeffG

    Has anyone seen the Real Sports episode on HBO that shows the Mariners reliever that gained something crazy like 10mph on his fastball after coming back from an elbow injury? The program uses weighted balls that you do not release, but rather hold during follow through… supposed to strengthen both sides of the shoulder.

    It would be interesting to see if they could have Pineda try that out in the minors.

    • Mike Axisa

      10 mph is extreme, but it’s not uncommon for pitchers to gain some velocity after a substantial injury. The rehab work is more rigorous than their typical workout routine.

    • DM

      I saw it. Interesting — but I’m wondering what other implications that type of training may have. Also, Tom House was considered a pitching guru back in the day with his football throwing stuff, but that “breakthrough” concept evaporated over time. I understand how holding on to the ball might strengthen the other side of the shoulder — but what about the impact on the joints and ligaments. I was wincing at those kids winding up and throwing hard without releasing — waiting for a shoulder dislocation.

      • Havok9120

        Yeah, there won’t be something that extreme without a pre-weakened joint. But you’re definitely right to worry about ligament damage and joint wear.

  • bpdelia

    My high coach did that years ago. Not weighted balls but fall practice wad just holding a ball and throwing your pitches without releasing. Also isolating motion. Just the lwg kick and balance 20 times. Jyat the rotation and stride. Jysr the delivery and follow through. I still do it now. Its amazing how hsrd it can be to just go through your leg.kick and stop at the top of your hip rotation and hold for ten seconds. Balance is so important in preventing injury. But I got hurt anyway snapping off a spltter. Tried to turn it over. That sucked. It literally stilk hurts 18 years later