The Mason Williams Watch

Joey Votto, Matt Cain, and the Yankees
2012 RAB Staff Predictions

Last week I asked you to vote for this season’s Prospect Watch, and nearly 3,300 responses later, we have our answer. Low-A Charleston center fielder Mason Williams received 31% of the vote and will have his season tracked and highlighted in our sidebar. Last year’s Prospect Watch prospect — Manny Banuelos — finished second with 27%. Gary Sanchez was a distant third at 17%.

Williams, 20, hit .349/.395/.468 with 28 steals in 298 plate appearances for Short Season Staten Island in 2011. I ranked him as the club’s second best prospect before the start of Spring Training while Keith Law (#34), Baseball America (#85), and Kevin Goldstein (#99) all consider him one of the game’s 100 best prospects. Williams is a contact-oriented speed guy, so I wouldn’t expect a ton of homers this summer. Double-digits would be a pleasant surprise. The minor league season starts tonight, and I think we’re all hoping Mason raises some hell right away.

Joey Votto, Matt Cain, and the Yankees
2012 RAB Staff Predictions
  • vin

    Nice. Not only will I enjoy following Mason, I’m looking forward to the return of DOTF. Thanks for your hard work, Mike… it’s well appreciated.

    • Slugger27

      ditto. voted for mason myself. preferred to have an everyday player.

      • Alkaline

        I’m excited to see what this kid could do. I started following the farm around 2005-6. I love DOTF on this site. It’s exciting to follow these kids, even though many won’t ever play for the Yanks. It’s fun seeing a former farmhand get a shot in the majors and be able to say, he was in the Yanks system originally.

  • neo

    It might be really cool to have his twitter feed in the watch box as well. Not sure how that works, but I’ve seen other sites where the most recent tweets of a person/hashtag or whatever are posted and automatically updated

    I do follow him (and know Mike does as well) at @MjordanW9 but for those who don’t it could be interesting.

    • Justin Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (formerly Rainbow Connection)

      It would be amazing to read things like:
      – Great game today, guys!
      – These fans are cool!

      Compelling stuff. Just like CC and Swisher.

  • Nick

    I demand a runoff election!

  • vin

    I see the banner on the side… love the inclusion of wOBA, and am glad to see RBI didn’t make the cut.

  • Naved

    I demand a recount with Betances on the ballot

    • Smacknally

      I demand a recount with Cervelli on the ballot!

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I like. It’s been a while since there’s been a reason to be excited about multiple position players this good in the system. I won’t even say “since Montero” out of respect for Monterowasdinero.

  • Justin Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (formerly Rainbow Connection)

    Can we also have some sort of pool to predict who Mason will be traded for?
    I’ll go with Strasberg.

  • mattdamonwayans

    I voted for Bichette, but I’m excited to see what Mason Williams can do this year. Also very excited for the return of DOTF. Thanks in advance Mike!

  • Tyrone Sharpton

    When Mason puts on some more weight to this spring’s Mason body he gunna hit for hella power and be sick. love watching him play

    • handtius

      just curious, where are you from. new yorkers don’t say hella. it actually hurts my ears.

      • jjyank

        Or your eyes in this case?

        • handtius

          sly dog.

  • MattG

    I don’t like Mason for this feature, as his value is somewhat tied to things that will not show up in this form. Gaudy numbers, like those that come from Sanchez and Bichette, look better in the sidebar.

    • forensic

      Not looking forward to counting all his singles?

  • Rick in Boston

    If Mason Williams struggles, how long until the comments blaming the RAB Watch for causing the slump?

    • Rip Torn

      i give it 1 day

      • Cris Pengiucci

        And the blame will be appropriately timed and placed.

    • Don W

      Mason Williams does not understand the concept of, “struggle”.

  • Drew

    I see that the bar for the watch has changed. I like that we can keep track of the extra base hits and such. Especially since he is not a power hitter.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Mike is doing a good job managing expectations on Mason’s power numbers for this season. He’s bigger and stronger than last year, we’re told, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see 12-15 pops this year. Translating physical power to baseball power is one of the last tools to develop for many young ball players, so that would be a huge accomplishment and will cause lots of 5-tool talk next winter.

  • Mike Myers

    I voted for Duncan. Maybe next year

  • Brian in NH

    love that new prospect watch sidebar. seems like it will be more informative, but also clean. Thanks Google Docs.

  • Reggie C.

    Gary Sanchez might go yard 30 times this season. He shouldn’t have lost to Mason Williams, who might have a bit too much hype entering the season.

  • RetroRob

    There were hanging chads in Florida. People who wanted to vote for Bichette were fooled into voting for Williams!