Four Yanks on Kevin Goldstein’s top 101 prospects list

The worst Yankees team of our lifetimes
Open Thread: Recapping Retro Week

Baseball Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein published his list of the top 101 prospects in baseball today, with Matt Moore beating out Bryce Harper and Mike Trout for the top spot. You don’t need a subscription to read the piece, it’s free for everyone. Four Yankees made the list, and I’m willing to bet you can guess who they are. Manny Banuelos came it at #29, Gary Sanchez at #40, Dellin Betances at #63, and Mason Williams at #99. Our former lord and savior Jesus Montero is number seven. Keith Law posted his top 100 list last week, if you want to compare the two.

The worst Yankees team of our lifetimes
Open Thread: Recapping Retro Week
  • Gonzo

    He likes Red Sox guys too. I didn’t know some like Brandon Jacobs more than Middlebrooks.

  • Bo

    sick of these worthless posts

    • jsbrendog

      how’d you get back in here?

      • tyrone sharpton

        he knows

        • CS Yankee

          Well played, Mauer!

  • jsbrendog

    seeing gerrit cole on this really still grinds my gears…bah

    • Bo Knows

      What’s going to grind Coles’s gears is that he’s stuck pitching for a crap franchise for the next 6 years with little chance of success or sniffing a Post-season.

      take comfort in that jsbrendog

      • CS Yankee

        Ahhh, college.

        The good…
        Chase in a little tail, sleep in, don’t shave for months, use his parents money & cars.

        The bad…
        losing in the CWS, hitting the books, finding out that your playing for a team that makes the Marlins and A’s look like big spenders, and knowing that your at least several years away from the show.

  • Thomas Cassidy

    How is anyone ranked above Harper? This is why they work for ESPN and other places like that instead of other teams.

    Ask all 30 teams in baseball who they’d rather have: Moore, Trout, or Harper. No way in hell does anyone not pick Harper.

    • William

      Harper is going to be amazing……but Moore is the type of lefty GM’s would give their leg for. He’s the best pitching prospect in baseball, and it not even close.

    • Ted Nelson

      How do you know what every team in baseball thinks?

    • GotJesus?

      Give me a superstar left-handed ace starting pitcher for the next 10 years over a superstar right fielder. Not only that, but Harper has more concerns along with him. (Attitude, no track record above AA, a swing that will probably cause him to strike out 100+ times in the majors every year, etc.) I know everyone is in love with upside and Harper is unmatched there but Moore’s ceiling isn’t much lower and he’s way closer to it.
      There’s a reason they’re working for “ESPN and other places like that” and you’re sitting on your couch.

      • Thomas Cassidy

        Same, right back at you. I would take Harper first. He has the highest ceiling of them all. Harper doesn’t have a swing that will cause him to strike out 100 plus times, and what’s wrong with 100ks a year? Griffey did it. A-Rod used to do it. And he’s no more of a superstar than Harper is.

        Harper>Moore and it isn’t even close. I’m not bashing Moore, I’d love to have him. I would just rather have Harper.

        • CS Yankee

          Harper is a more valuable asset and investment, IMHO.

          However, a 7th (?) rounder versus the most hype prospect of all-time (perhaps) will have that affect on you.

          Overall, I would rather have Moore, only because;
          1) He is ready now
          2) His cost is about 1/60th of Harper’s
          3) NYY needs arms…and a lefty with great mechanics that shut down Boston, NYY & Texas (the three best hitting clubs in the pros) doesn’t happen too often.

          Money aside…Harper, needs and $/WAR…Moore, Athlete…Trout.

          Different things mean different things to different people.

        • Ted Nelson

          That you would rather have Harper doesn’t mean everyone else has to agree with you.