Injury News: Robertson, Tex, Gardner, Venditte

Yankees top Athletics behind Nova and homers
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Here are some injury updates courtesy of Chad Jennings, George King, and Brian Heyman

  • David Robertson (left oblique strain) played catch on Thursday and felt fine yesterday. He’s on a throwing program and will play catch again on Monday, though Brian Cashman confirmed that the right-hander will need some minor league rehab appearances and won’t be back before the end of the current road trip.
  • Brett Gardner is still on track to swing a bat on Monday for the first time since his setback. An MRI earlier this week showed that the muscle in his right elbow has healed, but a few days ago he was still experiencing some stiffness.
  • Mark Teixeira‘s cough is finally starting to subside and it’s part of the reason he got thrown out at third trying to stretch a double into a triple last night. He wouldn’t even have attempted it a few weeks ago because he had trouble breathing.
  • Pat Venditte has a torn labrum in his right shoulder according to Steven Pivovar. He is currently rehabbing in Tampa and hopes to avoid surgery, but they’ll know if that’s possible in about two weeks. The ambidextrous Venditte had been pitching exclusively left-handed for a few weeks before hitting the DL.
Yankees top Athletics behind Nova and homers
Draft Links: Sabathia, Boras, Mock
  • Tyrone Sharpton

    tear up one shoulder? dats cool i’ll use my other one

  • viridiana

    Mo, Joba, Pineda, Campos, Romine, D-Rob, Gardner, Man-Ban—I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few.
    Can’t remember a longer Yankee injury list — or one that included so many season- or career-threatening problems.

    • Smart Guy

      there was a time we had so much injuries that our OF was terrence long, aaron guiel and bubba crosby

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’d completely erased Terrence Long from my memory. Yeah, this team’s seen worse rashes of injury.

        • Manny’s BanWagon

          If they ever played together in the same game, that could have been the worst Yankee outfield of the last 40 years.

          Bubba Crosby: -1.7 Career WAR
          Aaron Guiel: 1.4 Career WAR
          Terrence Long: 3.6 Career WAR

        • viridiana

          No way to compare a few DL stints for OF’s to this year’s calamities, several of which are to major tlaents (Mo, Pineda, Joba) and season-threatening, if not career-threatenig. This wave of injuries is far more serious than anything in recent years. And for outfielder injuries, a much worse year– I think it was 1975 — when the entire Yankee starting OF (including Bonds) and at least two of the call-up replacemnts all went down Probably cost the Yanks the division that year. However, other teams have suffered awfukl runs of injury luck on occasion — 2006 Red Sox, for example.

          • Smart Guy

            few OF stints? must i remind you that we also had to sign Ponson and scott erickson that year to make starts for us. i remember every week thinking who is getting injured today

            i saw a game that year that posada was forced to play 1b will nieves had to catch, we played the likes of nick green and miguel cairo in 2b and ss cause jeter was banged up and cano needed a breather

            i swear it was the worst year of injuries for this team. sure we lost pineda and MO for the year but pineda was going to have the same up and downs as nova is having this year in his sophomore year and Mo while it hurts our Bullpen is deep

            • viridiana

              We lost Mo, Pineda…and Joba for the year. Nothing comes close to that. This is not just guys on the DL for two or three weeks. And alot of the problems of that year were simply the result of a weak bench and lack of overall depth unable to plug holes as they developed. Also, this year’s injuries have ripped right thru the core of minor league strength, taking down Romine, Campos, Heathcott, Man-Ban (don’t know if Betances should be counted). In any case, those are four of your top 10 prospects, in addition to your HOF closer, top eighth inning guy, seventh inning guy, starting Gold Glove left fielder, projected #2 starter. No comparison.

        • Louedwards

          T Long in oakland had the best at bat intro music tho. Straight gangster rap hahaha

      • Knoxvillain

        Matt Lawton.

  • tomaconda

    He’s half the man he used to be……

  • Midland TX

    Speaking of injuries, CMW looked good not great last night, getting the W in relief for Washington. More fly ball outs than I remember but the gun showed 94 at least a few times.