2012 Draft: Rockies were set to take Hensley tenth overall

Game 55: Sole Possession
Three wins, a loss, and a rain-out in the minors

Via Jon Heyman, the Rockies were set to take Ty Hensley with the tenth overall pick Monday night, but a chain-of-events landed the right-hander in the Yankees’ lap at the 30th overall pick. The Pirates were set to take prep OF David Dahl with the eighth overall pick, but they instead took Stanford RHP Mark Appel when he slid down the board. When Dahl was still available for Colorado at ten, they went with him over Hensley.

I also remember hearing somewhere — I forget if it was a podcast or the MLB.com broadcast or something else entirely — that the Rays targeted Hensley for the 25th overall pick but went with Clemson 3B Richie Shaffer when he was surprisingly still on the board. Either way, I’m glad the Yankees were able to nab a big power arm like Hensley and based on his recent comments, it sure sounds like he’s thrilled as well.

Game 55: Sole Possession
Three wins, a loss, and a rain-out in the minors
  • JobaWockeeZ

    Sounds like how Hughes became a Yankee.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Josh

    I had heard about this when it happened because I was lurking on a life chat that covered the draft. Hensley was a steal!

  • Rick

    Good thing that power hitting ss was available for the red sox.

  • JonS

    Never seen someone so happy to lose $3m. Lol

    • Will The Thrill

      It’s nice to know that Yankees nabbed a potential 10th overall pick at 30 rather than selecting a player more deserving of a 5th round selection in the 1st first round (cough Cito Culver cough).

    • RetroRob

      Maybe a 300K! The Rockies had $2.7 million to spend at #10, while the Yankees had $1.6 million to spend, but that doesn’t mean the Rox would have spent the entire bonsu on Hensley. They probably viewed him as a slight overdraft that they could sign for maybe $2M and then spread some of the money lower.