Cashman talks Cano, Granderson, trade deadline

Game 88: For The Sweep
Sunday Night Open Thread

Prior to this afternoon’s game against the Angels, Brian Cashman spoke to the media about a number of pressing topics. I was planning to do a bullet point recap, but MLBTR did one already so I’ll just point you that way. In a nutshell, Cashman said they’ll explore extensions for Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson this offseason and that prices leading up to the deadline are too high for marginal upgrades.

The second point is obvious, of course he’s going to say trade prices are too high. The first point is interesting only because both Cano and Granderson are under contract for next season — or at least will be once their no-brainer options are picked up — and the team’s policy is to not re-sign players until their current deals expire. Cano was already the exception once before and if they’re going to break policy again, he’s certainly the guy to do it with. No harm is exploring a long-term deal for Granderson as well, but he will be 33 in the first year of a new pact. Can’t get caught up in paying either guy for what they’ve already done.

Game 88: For The Sweep
Sunday Night Open Thread
  • Endlessmike

    It’s gonna be scary to give Cano a contract for more than 6 years.

    • themgmt

      How many players are getting deals much longer than that these days?

    • yankscapt

      Cano will get 8 years $200 Million and if Boras settles for 7 years, the number will still be $200 Million. Granderson will get 5 years at $100 Million.

  • Rich in NJ

    At some point, if reasonableness enters into the negotiations, Cano may have to decide how much it means to him to be a lifelong NYY.

    • kenthadley

      they all want to be lifelong Yankees as long as the money is more than they can get anywhere else…..this regime doesn’t seem to believe that they want to do that, so it will be a crapshoot to see if either one of Cano and Grandy actually stay in NY…..

      • Rich in NJ

        Maybe the outcome of the negotiations with Cano/Boras will reveal how serious they are about the $189m threshold. OTOH, what they pay Cano could prove to be an exception, and their negotiations with Granderson will be the true test.

        • Ted Nelson

          They can sign both to huge deals and still be fine with regard to the 189 plan.

      • Ted Nelson

        This is the same regime that signed ARod to his ridiculous deal and Jeter to his and then CC to his… How do they not seem to want to lock guys in?

  • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle

    I’d be willing to extend Cano for 7 (Next year’s option included) at 18.5-19 per or 7yrs 129.5-133. That would bring him to his age 37 season. It’s a little too long, but he’s probably going to get a 7-8 year offer after next season.

    For Grandy 5-6years at 15-17 per, more money per year on a shorter deal though.

    • Brian S.

      Granderson needs to move to RF probably as soon as next season so I hope they pay him accordingly (if he is extended)

  • Steve Sciacco

    Cano is a no brainer, Grandy is a much tougher call. Hes older, and when you look past the HRs alot of his numbers arent great. Hes in a class of leaders in the home run category that OPS. 950 or more, yet he is consistently around. 850. Thats good, but he and Tex embody the all or nothing offense they have. Theyre 4th in Runs, which isnt bad, but the Yanks are usually at or near the top. I wouldnt oppose bringing him back, i just wonder if theres another option, maybe in left. Gardy can man CF defensively.

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

      Really Gardy should be in CF regardless of whether Granderson re-signs or not.

  • Steve Sciacco

    To answer my own question, Ellsbury is a FA after next year. Always hurt, but a better overall player when healthy.

    • J6takish

      Elliot Johnson sitting on his back and Adrian beltre head butting him aren’t really his fault. Saying he’s “always hurt” is a little misleading

    • Knoxvillain

      I wouldn’t say that. He’s had one year better than Granderson. Until he can put up consistent seasons of great numbers, he’s not better.

      • jjyank

        Agreed. Ellsbury’s power seemed to come out of nowhere, so let’s see him do it again before we start calling him a better player.

  • yooboo

    Difficult to get it done.


    Yanks can let him walk because of Gardner. Problem is OF power will crash big time without Granderson and Swisher. No good FA within price range will be available in neither 13 and 14 off-season to fix OF power situation.


    Yanks can let him walk because either or both Adams or Joseph will do just fine at 2b replacing Cano. Problem is Cano is a successful player in pinstripes so why should Yanks get rid of this kind of success as finding player that can play well as a Yankee is a difficult task.

    My opinion if Yanks actually pick ONE:

    No extension contract is offered until next year and their options are exercised. That way Yanks can still be a contender for 2013 without falling apart hard. It will help Adams, Joseph or few other high products grow their value for trade(s). Once Yanks find a solution for OF power, Yanks can begin to offer an extension contract to Cano. Granderson will walk after 13 season.

    Being 189m or under for 3 years is not that easy so I don’t know whether or not Yanks are fully commitment to 40m reimbursement. I also am not sure Yanks should move Austin and Sanchez up in a hurry. The bridge from 12 to 14-16 is not structurally sound.

    • yooboo

      Also, I like Melky Mesa replacing Granderson because the skill set is similar except for a left-right and Mesa’ arm strength. Big knock on Mesa is he never faces any MLB pitchers. It is a serious downside.

      Only way to get Mesa ready to replace Granderson in 14-16 if it happens is Mesa on the roster as 4th outfielder as Andruw Jones’ price gets more expensive to keep next year.

      • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

        Why would Jones get more expensive next year?

        And Mesa is an extreme longshot to replace Granderson.

        • yooboo

          Swisher may walk. Gardner remains 50 percentage shot to be full time starter due to various reasons. I can see Jones has a good leverage to get more money. Granted, he is still alot cheaper option than Swisher but I don’t know if Jones can play 150 games on field next year.

          I may want a real caliber to play OF, not Jones. In that scenario, he could bump from 2 to 4m plus incentives as a bench player because he gets more opportunity to play on field more than Yanks or I want from him.

          For 14 season, Mesa would have a shot to replace Granderson easily.

          • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

            Jones only has leverage if other teams are willing to offer more. He had a better year last season and came back for the same price, but with better incentives. I’d imagine he’d have to settle for something similar next season, especially since it’s pretty clear the Yankees don’t view him as an everyday OF.

            • jjyank

              And considering his experiences with other post-Braves teams before his stint with the Yankees, I don’t think anyone views him as an everyday OF. Jones is a bench player. A good one, but a bench player nonetheless. He’s going to get paid like one.

            • yooboo

              This year is not done and it is getting closer to last year production and play time. We don’t have a RF without Swisher. I can see Mets or Red Sox can use him for a half time starter.

              I wont have any problem with him coming back for another 2m.

    • jjyank

      My Cano bias aside, Adams needs to stay healthy for more than a couple months before he can play an MLB second base. And Joseph isn’t a sure thing either. These guys aren’t exactly top flight, blue chip prospects. Letting an MVP candidate walk to open the door for them seems like a move that could bite you in the ass real hard.

      • The Scheister of Doomr

        Like the Sox let a future HOF player walk in Youk to replace them with another future HOF player, that’s how you build a winning franchise. Not by signing (soon to be) old, washed up players like Jeter, A-Rod and Cano. I’m sure with the new Pedro in town the Sox will also get a haul for Pedoria and win the division by a land slide. Or not…

        • jjyank

          Part of this comment sounded serious, and part of it sounded sarcastic. I’m not sure how to respond.

        • Jacob

          Not sre if serious, or Red Sox fan

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Well, I can now let the cat out of the bag and let you all know that I’ve been out working on Will Middlebrooks’s HOF plaque all day.

      • yooboo

        Replacing super player for exact same result is still rare in MLB, anyway.

        Losing a proven Yankee player is always a bad news to Yankees community.

        • jjyank

          Of course. But there is a very good chance that Adams or Joseph are terrible at the MLB level. Maybe they can play a decent second base, but if you let Cano walk, who is your middle of the order hitter? If you’re banking on either of those guys to play second base, stay healthy, and hit at all, that’s a long shot. I like them as prospects, but let’s not act like these guys are blue chippers. Them being even average is a long shot.

          • yooboo

            Yeah. It would be easiest if Cano is a full time LF.

            Cano production is hard to ignore.

    • themgmt

      Yanks can let him walk because either or both Adams or Joseph will do just fine at 2b replacing Cano. ”

      Am I reading this right? By “replacing” you must mean “replacing at replacement level.”

      • Ted Nelson

        While neither is likely to directly replace his production, both profiles as better than replacement. Of course prospects usually fail, but they’ve both got a shot to be starters as far as prospects go. And then you try to upgrade another position or two with the left over $ instead of directly replacing him at 2B.

        Adams was a solid starting 2B prospect before the injury, so if he’s healthy he still could be. And CoJo has a good LH bat if his glove can stay at 2B (or probably even 3B too).

  • hogsmog

    Though I realize that Cano will make a killing and get more years than he probably should, when the rubber hits the road, the Yankees letting a home-grown MVP talent who isn’t blocking any prospects walk for reasons of money alone doesn’t sound like something that would happen.

  • jjyank

    I have blinders for Cano. I don’t care, he’s my favorite player and he’s awesome. Sure, there are plenty of legit reasons to let him walk. But I really don’t give a crap about those reason. Keep Cano.

    • jjyank

      In addition, maybe Cano can play 3rd 3-5 years down the line in a new contract with A-Rod DH or after A-Rod is gone. He played third in the minors and he has the arm for it.

      But like I said, I have blinders for Cano. He’s my boy.

      • yooboo

        Cano is aging when Arod is gone. lol.

        • jjyank

          Hence the move to third base. If the Yankees sign Cano long term, he will be around after A-Rod is gone. “lol”. Seriously, that’s all you got?

          • yooboo

            that is a joke, not rebuttal. Relax!

            • jjyank

              It’s hard to tell with your comments sometimes.

              • yooboo


                35 years old is still a good age for 3b.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I’m still in a place where it would be shocking to see Cano in anything other than pinstripes. $189 million and all, I’ll believe those two wear something other than pinstripes when I see it. This is why I think you’re going to see a major investment in filling other holes with in-house or inexpensive options.

    I’m a homer. Robbie’s the homegrown guy. They’re both great players. It matters more to me to have him remain in pinstripes. End of story.

    Agreed on everything else Cashman said.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    Would you be against trading Granderson in the offseason for a young OF and a pitching prospect, and signing Melky or (gulp) Josh Hamilton?

    The young, team controlled OF, Melky and Gardner in the OF. Sign Cano to a 7 year 130-140M extension.

    Bring back Martin on a 1 year qualifying offer and have he and Romine share the catching job.

    CC, Nova, Pettitte/Kuroda, Phelps, Man Ban, with Pineda getting ready for May/June. Hughes traded for minor leaguers.

    The Bullpen of Doom (Mo, Soriano, Robertson, Joba, Logan).

    I’d take that team.

    • themgmt

      Other than the bullpen I disagree with almost all of that. Yuck

    • Ted Nelson

      All depends on who they’re getting for Granderson, I’d say. Also for Hughes.

    • JAG

      You seem to think Melky and Gardner can cover the entirety of the OF by themselves. Who, pray tell, is the 3rd OF? Swisher? Why are you resigning Swisher AND signing Melky for a (likely) larger total sum than just resigning Granderson and picking up a stopgap/platoon guy for RF?

      I’d be incredibly surprised if Robinson Cano signs for $140M. Maybe you meant his little-known, much worse cousin with the same last name?

      You’re not getting much if anything good back for Hughes with 1 year left. Plus, you’re counting on both Phelps and Banuelos to be ready to help a contending club while trading away a guy who seems to be already be able to do so. I can’t see any way the Yankees could spin trading off Granderson and Hughes as anything but rebuilding, which wouldn’t fly.

    • RetroRob

      Rumor already is Melky will cost 5/$75. I don’t want Melky at $15 million per, especially with his high BABIP. He’s better than he was a few years back, but a team signing him will not get 2012 Melky. He’s a player today at his peak, in good shape, and a little bit lucky. Count on none of this moving forward.

      I wouldn’t mind Melky returning to the Yankees at a reasonable price, but his current preformance means that would be impossible. Someone is going to overpay by a lot for Melky. Hopefully it’s not the Yankees.

  • RetroRob

    With the looming $189M target, it can no longer be assumed the Yankees former policy of not negotiating with players until the end of their contracts will hold firm. The Yankees have to look at ways to save a million here and a million there, and this may be one of them.

  • tommy cassella

    the yankees infield are making more money than twelve teams.