Heyman: Yanks not interested in Ankiel, Pierre


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Brett Gardner‘s season is likely over thanks to right elbow surgery, creating a bit of an outfield void even though the Raul Ibanez-Andruw Jones platoon has been insanely productive. Brian Cashman told Marc Carig that the team will remain active on the waiver wire, but Jon Heyman hears that they do not have interest in either Rick Ankiel and Juan Pierre. Speedy center field types figure to be the club’s focus in the coming weeks.

Ankiel, 33, posted a 76 wRC+ in 171 plate appearances for the Nationals this season before being designated for assignment yesterday. He can hit righties a little (95 wRC+ last three years) but not lefties (44), and he’s fine defensively in the corner outfield spots. His arm is obviously extremely strong and he can fake center field just enough for teams to keep running him out there. Over the last four seasons he’s owns a .295 OBP in 1,230 plate appearances. Ankiel will make $1.25M this season and any team that claims him off waivers assumes that obligation.

Pierre, 34, has put up a 107 wRC+ for the Phillies this season. It’s all tied up in batting average (.312) because he doesn’t walk (4.7 BB%) or hit for power (.067 ISO). He’s 21-for-25 (84%) in stolen base attempts and isn’t anything special in left field these days. Pierre is making six figures this year and Philadelphia figures to sell sell sell leading up to the trade. Cashing in Pierre for something, anything seems like an obvious move on their part.

The Yankees have Chris Dickerson, Darnell McDonald, and the recently signed Kosuke Fukudome stashed in Triple-A for outfield depth. Their big and comfy lead in the AL East should allow them to rest Jones and (specifically) Ibanez down the stretch, hopefully limiting the wear-and-tear. Adding on outfielder isn’t a major priority but it should certainly be on the to-do list leading up to the deadline. There’s always room for improvement.

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  1. TheOneWhoKnocks says:

    I think we could use a solid OF a lot more than we could use an extra reliever personally

  2. yooboo says:

    Yanks have enough of 4th outfielders in traveling AAA team. Yankees can add OF only as a full time starter. Good move.

    Also, Joe Torre was not a fan of Juan Pierre so I don’t think Joe Girardi would.

    • RI$P FTW says:

      Torre was an idiot.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Torre was actually the right manager for a team that won four championships. He was part of the…..oh wait, it’s you. Never mind.

      • Gpaul says:

        Yeah Joe Torre was bumb, are you frickin kidding me? That may be the dumbest comment I have ever seen. He took the Yankees to 4 world series titles and 13 years in a row they were in the playoffs. He was one of the best Yankee managers of all time.

    • JohnnyC says:

      That was Ned Colletti not Joe’s call. Ned wanted more power from a corner outfielder. Torre was the same man who wanted Tony Womack to play CF. Of course, you didn’t forget.

  3. kenthadley says:

    Then who is a reasonable possibility?…it would have to be someone with good speed, since that is what we lost that we can’t replace at this time.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      I think with Ibanez and Jones, they’d probably look either for a cheap upgrade over Wise as a 5th OF who can play CF or a bigtime upgrade over Jones/Ibanez who can stick around beyond 2012 (like the Upton, Gordon type names people are throwing around). I don’t know if they have to add speed outside of wanting a guy who can back-up CF… and good range pretty much being a prereq in CF.

      I like Mike’s break down. Ankiel may or may not be an upgrade over Wise, and Pierre is probably an upgrade over Wise but not necessarily an upgrade over Ibanez/Jones. Ankiel would be fine on a MiLB deal, but would probably sign elsewhere where he gets a better shot to play. Pierre is probably not worth giving up a prospect for. Maybe pay for a Pierre right before the deadline if you get desperate suddenly or his price comes down.

      • yooboo says:

        Juan Pierre offers NOTHING as a defensive player. Wise>>>Pierre.

        • yooboo says:

          Since you have accused me of being Mr. Know it all crap, there is an url for you to read. Good stuffs.


          Offensively, Pierre may be an upgrade over Wise but Wise offers better power to be 4th/5th OF.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            I didn’t need a link to tell me Shane Victorino’s a better player than Juan Pierre.

            Sure, Pierre would be a nice piece for the stretch run, bring a bit more speed, etc. I’d be game if the price weren’t much.

            • yooboo says:

              this url was talking about Vicotrino vs Pierre but we focused on Pierre’ skillset.

              Wise is an adequate CF defensively and he steals bases just fine. He cost no prospect. I don’t see any much upgrade from Pierre over Wise.

    • Kosmo says:

      Victorino is a reasonable possibility. In his walk year. GG OF. Can hit with pop. The cost ? Adam Warren ?

      • Knoxvillain says:

        That’s what the cost should be. But you’re dealing with the Phillies and Victorino has sucked this year. It will probably be Warren, Mitchell, and some other C prospect just to get them to talk. He’ll end up getting traded an hour before the deadline because the Phillies will hold out and end up getting nothing at all, just like Damon last offseason.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        Probably quite a bit more than Warren for a CF with his trackrecord. Victorino is having a down offensive year but still ranks 12th in fWAR among CFs and is one year removed from a great offensive season.

        Warren doesn’t have much upside, and his probability is seriously in question right now. Phillies have decent leverage between CF scarcity and the comp pick they get if they make a QO. I wouldn’t expect even Adam Warren from that comp pick, but I think it’s human nature to think you’ll make the right choice (draft pick)… and if nothing else they can bluff that they prefer a pick.

  4. your mom says:

    I like Victorino as a rental. Depends what he’ll cost. Who’s our competition?

    • Steve (different one) says:

      The CBA

      • blake says:

        so long as the price tag reflects that there will be no draft compensation then its ok….now if Amaro wants a top guy for him then forget it.

      • RetroRob says:

        Good point. The Phillies might decide to hold Victorino for the pick, yet they would have to offer him $12.5 million, and with his off year, is there the possibility he’d accept the $12.5M as opposed to a two-year $16M offer? If so, the Phillies may not make the qualfying offer. Plus, an Adam Warren, or one of the three Yankee 2B prospects would be a better take than a draft pick.

    • Kosmo says:

      I´m guessing but teams like the Reds, Nationals and the Dodgers might be interested.

      • vicki says:

        dodgers need bats but will try much much harder for a corner infielder.

        and i feel like this kind of trade would be antithetical to washington’s game plan, though hard to say; natties contending at the deadline is unprecedented.

        so i think it’ll come down to our offer versus the reds’. and like ours, their system is pretty pitcher-heavy. coin flip.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Good defensive CF a year removed from a really strong offensive season, so I’d bet there’s competition.

  5. Knoxvillain says:

    I’ve always like Pierre. Throw them Warren and call it a deal.

    • vicki says:

      so you’re the guy?

      a dodger fan friend: “been there, done that; came down with a case of the singles.”

    • RetroRob says:

      I’d rather they shoot for Victorino. Pierre is not a particuarly good fielder and his offense is all batting average focused, which outside of this year has been slipping. OPS+’s of 78 and 79 last two years in the AL. So if he’s not a good fielder and he’s not a good hitter, then I’d rather they pass.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      I’d rather have Warren than Pierre.

    • yooboo says:

      Jesus Christ. This RAB site needs to be fixed. I meant to reply it to Knoxvillain’s above.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        If you’re replying in the wrong place, “click here to cancel reply” is right there.

        Almost every time one of us replyfails, it’s because we didn’t realize where we had previously clicked. That’s not on RAB. That’s on us.

        • yooboo says:

          I could not cancel or modify the post that I already clicked. I guess I am color-blinded.

          • G says:

            What does that even have to do with color blindness…

            Anyway the site doesn’t need to be fixed, you need to click in the right place.

      • Knoxvillain says:

        I’m being serious. I like Pierre. Warren won’t have a place with the Yankees.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          I thought you were being serious as well. Apparently, in yoobooland, you weren’t.

          I’m not 100% ready to pull the Warren plug yet, but I’m not 0% on it either, if you get my drift.

          • Knoxvillain says:

            I like Pierre but I know he isn’t Ryan Braun. He can steal some bases and he can get some hits. The World Series experience helps, too. I try to like Warren, but in AAA he hasn’t been impressive.

            • Robinson Tilapia says:

              While our trade proposal always sucks, I didn’t read yours and find it outlandish or anything. I just still hold out some hope for Warren, or at least wish he was a bigger piece. I’m very open to being wrong on him.

              • Knoxvillain says:

                So am I. It’s funny because I always thought Warren was going to be better than Phelps, but it looks like I’ll be wrong. I want Warren to be great for obvious reasons, but I have a gut feeling he won’t be.

                Maybe Warren for Trout? Haha.

                • yooboo says:

                  That I am down. lol.

                • Ted Nelson says:

                  I don’t have much hope for Warren, but I’d explore all my options before giving him up for a marginal upgrade over Wise. Especially when Pierre hasn’t played CF since 2009 or more than 20 games there since 2007.

                  If it came down to the deadline… Maybe I would. Can’t say for sure though. Will Pierre keep up this hitting?

                  • vicki says:

                    short answer, no. and his batting average is pretty hollow. direct neophytes to his page when explaining statistical analysis.

                    • RetroRob says:

                      I’m with you. I don’t view Warren having much of a future with the Yankees, but I wouldn’t just give him away for Pierre, which what I believe they’d be doing. I know someone in this chain said they like Pierre. I’m the opposite. I strongly dislike Pierre.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            I wasn’t sure if it was sarcastic either.

        • yooboo says:

          Warren is not a phenom but his ceiling may be suitable for NL only league. If we trade Warren away then we have to have a good return for him. I don’t think Pierre is worth Warren.

          • yooboo says:

            for practice only.

          • Knoxvillain says:

            You aren’t going to get much with Warren because he doesn’t have much value unless you throw him in as a filler. Pierre might not be worth Warren, but personally I’d do the deal if I was Cashman.

            • yooboo says:

              I rather to hold on Warren than trade him away for Pierre right now.

              Warren has a plenty of time to reemerge himself in MLB.

              • Knoxvillain says:

                He does. I don’t care about his one start, it was two innings in Yankee Stadium for his very first game. It’s the AAA numbers that don’t impress me.

                • yooboo says:

                  Unfortunately, he lacks a swing and a miss stuff. He needs to add another pitch like 2 seam FB or change to mix with his fastball for better contact pitcher.

                  If you are unhappy with Warren’s then you have to prepare for Ty Hensley. Hensley has a good curve but without fastball, he wont survive that much.

                  • Knoxvillain says:

                    Eh. I don’t care much for draft picks until a year or so after they’ve been playing professionally. Hopefully Warren does turn it around though.

                    • yooboo says:

                      What is your call on Manny Baneulos? One scout thinks his ceiling is either a reliever or a closer. Many scouts are not impressed with his repertoire.

                    • RetroRob says:

                      Most scouts are high on Banuelos, hence his high rankings. He’ll take a hit this year because of the missed time, but he’ll be right back there once he shows he’s healthy again. His floor is as a reliever.

                  • YanksFanInBeantown says:

                    Hensley can run his fastball up to 98. Warren can’t even sniff that.

                    • yooboo says:

                      Warren touched 97 mph. 92-94 consistency.

                      Hensley touched 98 mph. 90-92 consistency.

                      Granted, Hensley was split two way players but there is no need to rise hope on him just because he touched 98 mph. His fastball is hittable right now.

                    • yooboo says:

                      2 way player

                    • yooboo says:

                      92-94 for Hensley, too.

                  • G says:

                    Hensley has a big fastball. As a high schooler he has touched 97. He personally thinks his curveball is better, but scouts like his fastball a lot too.

                    Yoobooland seems to be a really interesting place where facts get turned upside down.

                  • Ted Nelson says:

                    Huh? Hensley touches like 97 or 98…

                    • JohnnyC says:

                      I’m sure yooboo’s scouted him personally with a handy radar gun too. Take the word of an anonymous poster over that of literally dozens of professional scouts.

  6. DLSIII says:

    What about Ichiro? Think the m’s would shop him?

  7. JohnC says:

    Warren for Bourjous

    • Knoxvillain says:

      What’s with Bourjos? He sucks ass. He’s a white Dewayne Wise but worse.

      • G says:

        He did have a solid offensive campaign in 2011, good for a 111 wRC+. The .338 BABIP does seem a bit high to be sustainable, so I guess it’s only natural that he’s regressed. However, he’s still young and I personally think he’s got a chance to be a decent all-around player. He was an above average hitter every year in the minors so there’s clearly reasonable potential there.

        That said, I want no part of him. If we are looking for a long term fix, we need someone with power to replace Swisher. If we’re looking for a rental, I’d like a speedy, solid defensive guy with good plate discipline to replace Gardner. Bourjos fits the speedy and good defensive mold, but not the rental. I don’t want Gardner and a poor man’s Gardner both manning the outfield for years.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        You’re advocating Pierre and saying Bourjos “sucks ass?”

        I don’t think Bourjos is all that good, but he’s not appreciably worse than Pierre… And might be better.

  8. I am not the droids you're looking for says:

    Crazy thought. Jason Bay? He obviously needs a change of scenery, and I bet the Meta would love to unload him and his onerous contract. Maybe they’d pay half or more just for salary relief so they can pay for bullpen arms. He’s off our books after 2013. And it only costs us money.

    I know he’s not a speed OBP guy. But who knows.

    Okay everyone rip my head off. And I know my proposal sucks.

  9. Gonzo says:

    Before anyone trades Warren, I really think he should get a look in the bullpen after they determine he can’t start for the Yanks.

    Warren in short bursts might be a really good reliever. I’ve always thought he could be if push came to shove.

    • G says:

      Could work. He’s got pretty good command of his fastball and in short busts he could probably ride it up into the mid-90s. The secondary stuff is obviously lacking, but maybe if it was getting set up with a bigger fastball it could prove more effective.

      • Gonzo says:

        Yeah, plus I was thinking that if he focused on just his changeup and junked the rest, he could be a good FB CH reliever.

  10. G says:

    Is there any indication that the Twins would be open to dealing Willingham? He’s a below average defender, but not nearly as below average as I expected (that is if you buy into UZR). Obviously, the main attraction is the fact that he simply rakes. Plenty of power (.295 ISO this year, .222 career) to replace Swisher’s production in that field, as well as a propensity for taking the free pass (career 11.5% walk rate, 13.2% this year) He’s very reasonably priced at 3 years/$21M; a $7M salary (for luxury tax purposes) from a starter could be huge in getting under $189M.

    His career wRC+ is 127, which just so happens to be he exact average of Swisher’s 2010 and 2011 campaigns (identical 635 PA in each, so it’s essentially his 2010-2011 total). The defense would likely make him a less productive player than Swish, but at $7M a year anything reasonably close to Swisher’s production is great.

    I’m guessing this would be more of an offseason thing and my best bet for a deadline move is Victorino.

    • Gonzo says:

      I think the teams, including the Yankees, would have to think about it if the contracts for Swish/Melk get out of hand.

  11. tyrone sharpton says:

    Ankiel should reconvert to a pitcher…that would be fun to watch.

  12. Eli says:

    He’s past his prime but how about Ichiro? Last year of his contract and Seattle will likely let him go for a low level guy. Might be recharged by pennant race.

  13. Eli says:

    He’s past his prime but how about Ichiro? Last year of his contract and Seattle will likely let him go for a low level guy

  14. FIn says:

    I dont think the Phils end up trading Victorino. He hasnt played well enough this year to land a good prospect and his salary, especially for a half season isnt killing them. I think for them to trade him, there would have to be an overpay. I cant see anyone overpaying because they wont get a comp pick after the season. IF the Phils keep him and he gets hot in the second half, they could make him a qualifying offer and get the picks when he signs a better deal elsewhere.

  15. E-ROC says:

    Denard Span seems like a logical fit. He’s good offensively and defensively. He can also play in center if Granderson happens to get injured.

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