Joba throws a perfect inning in latest minor league rehab appearance

Tuesday Night Open Thread
Game 97: The King

Right-hander Joba Chamberlain retired all three batters he faced in his latest rehab appearance for High-A Tampa tonight. He got a fly ball to left, a pop-up to second, and a ground ball to second. No word on his velocity or pitch count, but chances are we’ll get a report before the end of the night as usual.

Erik Boland reports that the plan is for Joba to pitch again tomorrow night, assuming he comes through tonight’s appearance fine. It will be the first time he’ll pitch in back-to-back games during his rehab. The other day we heard that he could be activated before the end of the month if he comes through the back-to-back well. Fingers crossed, Joba’s getting very close to returning to the team.

Tuesday Night Open Thread
Game 97: The King
  • JobaWockeeZ

    Make him a starter.

    • Short Porch

      I picked the wrong day to quit drinking

      • Alex Rodriguez


        • mustang

          me too

    • mustang

      And he now throws 150 MPH with 6 strikes out type pitches and when he steps on to the mound at Yankees Stadium the skies will open up and there well be world peace.

      • mustang

        will not well.

        • Betty Lizard

          There is a price for all this, but I’m willing to pay it.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        It’s a fucking joke.

        • YanksFanInBeantown

          But it shouldn’t be!

  • yooboo

    One of your sources (YES) claimed he reached 100 mph. hooray!!!

    • JonS

      Wow really?

      • Laz

        Even if he did, its not very positive. He should be striking out players in A ball with his experience. Yet they are still making contact, one even got to the outfield. Major league hitters will hit a home run where A guys hit fly balls.

        • Ted Nelson

          That’s not how it works. He should strike guys out over a large enough sample. 3 batters is not that.

      • RetroRob

        He hit 100 in his appearance prior too, velocity we haven’t seen from him since late 2007 and early 2008.

    • JonS

      Just found the article.


      Brian Cashman is thrilled with Joba Chamberlain’s recovery from Tommy John surgery and a dislocated ankle. So much so he’s projecting a return to the Yankees sooner than when his 30-day rehab clock expires on August 6.

      “Joba’s out of control,” said Cashman on WFAN’s Boomer and Carton Tuesday morning. “The stuff he’s featuring is remarkable. He’s as high as 100 (mph) but upwards consistently (at) 96, 97, 98. He looks really good.

      “He’s an amazing guy. He’s been hurt, he gets hurt a lot, but then his recovery time is like super-human — always beats the standard. So yeah, he’s due back here shortly. I mean, the worst-case scenario would be the first week of August, but he should be here ahead of that.”

      Chamberlain last pitched on Friday for the Class-A Tampa Yankees in Bradenton, his fourth rehab appearance. He threw 32 pitches (19 strikes) over two innings while allowing two runs (one earned) on two hits with a walk and one strikeout. He is expected to work in back-to-back games beginning Tuesday night, likely the final hurdle before he’s cleared to resume his role in the Yankees bullpen.

  • vin

    How can we get Joba to qualify as the Yankees’ minor league pitcher of the year?

  • RetroRob

    My guess is he will be on the roster this weekend.

  • Ichy and Irok hello to number 28

    Good old Joba jumping around out there on the mound, shakng his fist,snorting beltching and farting.

  • vin

    We’ve got 2007 Joba back! Now we just have to pray the Indians don’t make a push into the playoffs.

    I’m an adult, so I don’t really have “favorite” players anymore… but if I had to pick, he might be the one.

    • TomH

      I’m an adult, so I don’t really have “favorite” players anymore

      Non sequitur

    • Betty Lizard

      Oh bless your heart. You’re missing out on a lot.

    • The ghost of Joe Dugan

      Good lord! I knew a guy who stormed the beaches of Iwo Jima. He was nearly 90 when he died and his favorite player player was Mo. Would he qualify as an adult Vin?

    • RI$P FTW

      Stop acting like an adult!

    • Matt Montero

      Just wondering, why can’t you have favorite players? It’s not like you are part of the organization and it could affect how you perform your job.

  • Ichy and Irok hello to number 28

    Best thing about getting joba back is if soriano doesnt have his stuff that night we have another guy who can close it out. Provided girardi doesnt make him a 7th inning guy.

    • Need Pitching (and maybe hitting too)

      Of course Joba is going to be the 7th inning guy.

  • Christian

    Sources tell me he sniffs bath salts before every outing.

    • Betty Lizard

      Loofah Chamberlain?

  • G-Money


    • Ron

      Only if he is back to pre Texas joba.

      • RetroRob

        Agreed. I really don’t care if the Joba I saw in 2009 ever starts another game again. If his velocity thought is back in the upper 90s and touching 100 out of the pen, then that is pre-injury Joba. If he maintains that then I totally want him stretched out for 2013. Not happening, nor should it, this year.

  • split-finger

    gimme that joba

  • CS Yankee

    I just wish we still had Mo around this year, Joba to the sixth!

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

    Hooray for JoRoSo.