Joba throws scoreless inning in latest minor league rehab game

Wednesday Night Open Thread
Yankees have inquired about Ty Wigginton

Right-hander Joba Chamberlain allowed an infield single in an otherwise uneventful and scoreless inning in his latest minor league rehab appearance for High-A Tampa. The baserunner was thrown out trying to steal second before Joba got ground balls to second and first to end the inning. It was his first set of back-to-back appearances during his rehab after throwing a scoreless inning last night. No word on his pitch count or velocity.

The plan now calls for Joba to meet the Yankees in New York so he can throw a bullpen session in front of the coaching staff. He could be activated shortly thereafter but no decision has been made yet. They need to see how he feels and stuff, plus he’ll probably get at least two and maybe three days off following the back-to-back. I’m guessing that if all goes well, he’ll rejoin the team on Monday. Just a guess though.

Wednesday Night Open Thread
Yankees have inquired about Ty Wigginton
  • John

    Farewell, Chad Qualls… you won’t be missed

    Players to replace:
    [ ]Eppley
    [ ]Rapada
    [ ]Nix

    • KeithK

      Qualls makes Rapada and Eppley look like All Stars.

    • Countryclub

      Rapada and Eppley will be fine once they go back their intended roles.

      • RetroRob

        I don’t think he was suggeting Rapada or Eppley get DFA’d. There’s only a handful of players on the Yankees 25-man roster that could even be considered, with those four being near the top. He’s clearly just checking the box for the guy he wants gone.

        No disagreement from me. The idea of Joba in the 7th, D-Rob in the 8th and Soriano in the 9th, with Rapada and Eppley serving as OOGY’s, Logan as the all-purpose reliever, and Phelps the long man is a damn fine pen.

        I am a little concerned that the Yankees may elect to send down Phelps to keep him stretched out.

        • David N

          I don’t think they’ll send Phelps down. They’ll probably want to keep Joba’s useage low at first to make sure they don’t overstress his arm, so it would make sense to have him split time with Phelps for a while.

  • JonS

    GTFO Qualls!

  • RetroRob

    My guess is as soon Qualls is DFA’d, he moves across town to the Mets.

    • vin

      My hunch is that once he is DFA’d, I’ll go back to not even thinking about him.

  • squeege

    Not for nothing, the guy hasn’t pitched in a year… I am not the Yankees and if they feel he is good to go, that’s cool. However, shouldn’t he pitch against better competition for a few games, while he still is on the rehab clock?

    • JohnnyC

      Maybe they could have him pitch a few innings against the Astros.

      • JonS

        Meh…He passed their level of comp last week in the GCL.

  • BK2ATL


  • Nathan

    Soriano in the 9th, Robertson in the 8th, Logan/Joba/Eppley/Rapada bridging from the starter.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Who is this Joba you speak of?

  • YanksFanInBeantown

    T-minus 5 days to LoJoRoSo?

  • Greg

    playoffs: CC, Kuroda, Andy and Nova. Pen of Sori, Robertson, Joba, Hughes, Phelps and Logan. The probably Rapada. 11 is enough.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    With Joba returning, and with Phelps being used as a multi-inning threat, and not just long-man, I think the bullpen is set. Eppley and Rapada can return back to their regular, not-everyday roles.