Romine picks up three hits in Tampa loss


After taking some ground balls at the hot corner yesterday, 2B David Adams is lined up to play third in tomorrow’s game. What that means as far as him potentially coming up to help fill-in while Alex Rodriguez is on the DL, I don’t know. Speculate at your own risk.

Eight games is too much for a full recap, so tonight you get bullet points…

  • Triple-A Empire State (win): DH Brandon Laird let everyone know that he wants that big league third base job with a pair of homers, continuing his recent stretch of awesomeness. C Frankie Cervelli left the game in the first inning after a player at the plate — he was the runner, not the catcher. RHP Adam Warren struck out six and walked one while allowing three runs in six innings.
  • Double-A Trenton Game One (loss): DH Jose Pirela, 3B Addison Maruszak, RF Zoilo Almonte, and 2B Kevin Mahoney all doubled on the offensive side. RHP Mikey O’Brien allowed three runs in two innings in the original game, which was started Wednesday and completed tonight. RHP Dellin Betances started the continuation and struck out seven in seven innings, including one Immaculate Inning. He allowed four runs (three earned) and walked three, which isn’t awful.
  • Double-A Trenton Game Two (win): SS Addison Maruszak and 2B Kevin Mahoney did all the damage with did all the offensive damage with a two-run homer each. Mahoney also tripled and 1B Luke Murton singled twice. RHP Ryan Pope threw three scoreless innings in the spot start.
  • High-A Tampa (loss): DH Austin Romine had three singles while RF Tyler Austin had a single and a triple. Neither C Gary Sanchez nor LF Ramon Flores had a hit, plus OF Slade Heathcott and OF Mason Williams didn’t play. Williams is banged up after making a diving catch the other day. LHP Jeremy Bleich allowed three runs (one earned) in two innings in his latest rehab appearance.
  • Low-A Charleston (loss): CF Ben Gamel went hitless, but they did get doubles from SS Cito Culver, 1B Tyson Blaser, and C Francisco Arcia. 3B Dante Bichette Jr. singled while RF Rob Refsnyder drew a pair of walks. LHP Matt Bashore allowed a pair of runs in six innings.
  • Short Season Game One (loss): CF Ravel Santana returned from his sore ankle to hit a double, so that’s good. C Peter O’Brien and 3B Matt Duran also doubled while SS Claudio Custodio had a pair of singles and a stolen base. LHP Evan Rutckyj walked four and struck out three while allowing four runs in five innings.
  • Short Season Game Two was cancelled and will not be made up. I guess the weather was bad.
  • Rookie GCL Yankees (win): CF Abe Almonte went hitless in two at-bats and played three innings in the field in his first rehab game. SS Austin Aune continued his hot hitting with a triple, a walk, and a stolen base while LF Ericson Leonora clubbed his second homer in three games. 3B Miguel Andujar singled and doubled. LHP Caleb Frare highlighted the pitching staff with three scoreless innings in relief.
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  1. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Any reviews on Aune’s SS defense? Mike, you have a full scouting report on this, I know, but are holding back for douchebaggery reasons.

  2. Danny says:

    Jordan Cote promoted to SI … very interesting.

  3. Fin says:

    It seems to me Adams will be playing 3b for an emergency fall back guy. If the Yankees cant find a guy in a trade, If Chavez gets hurt, if Nix gets over exposed by playing 5x a week between third and short, they will at least have someone to come up and play who is a major league quality hitter.

    I think it also says, that the Yankees will do everything in their power to not have Nunez play 3rd and they dont view Laird as an option at all. I mean they are taking a second basemen who cant play everyday in Milb and moving him to third in what seems to be an effort to avoid Nunez and Laird.

    • Laz says:

      Laird is really nothing special. He was good in AA 3 years ago, but in AAA he hasn’t been able to get his walks/average up to a respectable level. Nunez I think would be a good filler. He was hitting pretty good last year when he covered for jeter every day. Whats other option Nix shouldn’t be out there often, and chavez will break down, maybe adams can really make the move.

      • YankeeGrunt says:

        Laird’s defense at the hot corner is pretty atrocious. .932 fielding percentage, I know errors aren’t the end all-be all but that’s a lot of them.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      It could be. Or he could just be depth behind those guys. Or it could be coincidental and just be that after the ankle injury they don’t think he’s a 2B anymore if he’s lost quickness.

      • Fin says:

        Its certainly not coincidntal. THe coach said to the reporter that asked him why Adams is playing 3b and hes said you figure it out. It also doesnt seem likely they need depth if they have any sort of confidence in Laird or Nunez. I mean really you need depth behind Nix/Chavez/Laird/Nunez with 60 games left?

        • Ted Nelson says:

          He said something like “draw your own conclusions…” Which says nothing about what the reason was. He could have been saying “go ahead and assume it has to do with ARod, because it has nothing to do with that.” Based on the timing I doubt it’s a coicidence, but it could be. Adams defense at a position where quickness is key absolutely could have taken a dive with a massive ankle injury. Bringing up another guy who can’t play everyday (and can’t play SS if it’s to replace Nix) seems a bit unlikely, and if it was all about Laird and Nunez why aren’t they trying CoJo back at 3B?

          Yes, you absolutely need depth. Guys get injured, Nunez is an error machine, Laird has just started hitting in AAA after a year and a half there… recognizing that they have weaknesses isn’t the same as having no faith at all. If they’re carrying a guy on the 40 man, they probably have some level of faith.

          I have no idea the reason. And I specifically said you could be right. I think the other two explanations are as likely, though, so I pointed them out.

        • Kosmo says:

          Seeing that Trenton doesn´t really have a 3B could be part of the reason for moving Adams to 3B. Mahoney who is having a similar year to Adams is a 2B and Walter Ibarra another 2B has just returned from a prolonged injury.
          Also who knows which way the trade winds blow ?

  4. viridiana says:

    I think we’ll soon find out we want to avoid Nix.

    • Fin says:

      I agree with that completely. I thought that was the biggest issue with A-rod going down. Now Nix is going to be playing at least 4x a week, which is alot for a player of his skill level, on a WS quality team. I think with that kind of exposure, he could perform at an under replacement level value.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        It’s not really exposure, it’s just getting a reliable sample size.

        • Fin says:

          Isnt that what exposure means? YOu give a guy more playing time, and more scouting reports and hes going to regress more towards his true abilities faster than he would being seen a couple times a week.

    • JonS says:

      I think the Yankees already know they want to avoid Nix hence having Adams playing 3rd.

      • Fin says:

        Adams plays 5x a week and one of those days is at DH in Milb, at 2b. How good of an option is he for 3b in the Majors? LOL, credit goes to Mike and Joe for me knowing what hes doing in Milb, as I listend to the chat today.

  5. Alex C says:

    AAA won you have it as a loss. Just a heads up

  6. your mom says:

    Give Laird a chance. How much worse can he be than Nix? Might as well see what you got. It’s not like he has much trade value anyways right?

    • Fin says:

      Laird has been roughly the same hitter in AAA that Nix has been in the majors. Unfortunately, he could be quite a bit worse than Nix. I think its hard to make an argument that he would be better.

      • YankeeGrunt says:

        Laird has been hotter of late. Nix is not a power hitter, whereas that’s really all Laird gives you. Not really comparable players.

        • viridiana says:

          Laird is also a decent glove at third. Nix looks awful shaky to me. There’s also a chance that Laird at 24 is finallky putting it together– he really has come on of late. Personally, I prefer Adams. But I would like to see Laird get a shot first.

          • YankeeGrunt says:

            .932 fielding percentage at 3rd. Errors may not be the most important fielding stat, but they matter.

  7. RI$P FTW says:

    I’m just glad Romine is back and playing.

  8. Skip says:

    Any whispers of when Hensley will be pitching? I thought I heard an out of date rumor that he was going to debut this past week.

  9. Joe says:

    betances only allowed 1 earned run and 3 unearned runs according to the box score.

    • Fin says:

      Struck out the side on 9 pitches, thats pretty awesome.

      • viridiana says:

        There is a pattern in Betances performances that offers some hope that he may yet emerge as a dominant ML pitcher. He really gives up runs (and often walks in bunches). He will pitch well for three or four innings — even five or six in some starts — and then totally fall apart. Or conversely, he starts very poorly, then gets it together. Really does seem to be an issue with ability to maintain consistent mechanics. But to me it suggests that patience is warranted with this guy. When he is on, he is really very good — and always has been. I retain hope that he may yet pull things together. Still a project, I guess.

        • Tremont says:

          Stranger things have happened. However, it’s highly unlikely that he becomes a dominant ML pitcher at this point as he was drafted over 6 years ago now. I would sign for somewhat useful ML pitcher.

        • Tags says:

          At times he looked dominant last night. The team was very sloppy behind him, 4 errors including 3 by Luke Murton all of which were simple plays. And another bad play by Melky Meas where he made a bad read on a fly ball to center that he let go over his head. Good to see Dellin fight back to get out of 2 of those innings with runners on base. Mike Ashmore was tweeting that Dellin was at 96 on the gun.

  10. Robert says:

    When is Angelo Gumps due back?

  11. NYCSPORTZFAN says:

    Like i said before, Laird provides RH pop which is what we lost, and what we lack(right handed pop), and is on a great (figured out Trip AAA) hot streak…

  12. NYCSPORTZFAN says:

    Custodio is getting it going somewhat.(12forlast 38 316ba 5sb 0cs)

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