Wednesday Night Open Thread


Can the kids from Uganda get a runner in from second? Maybe throw a scoreless inning out of the bullpen? Inquire within. (AP Photo/Rich Schultz)

The Yankees are playing like absolute trash right now. Lose a series to the last-place Blue Jays and go 3-3 against them and the Indians? Pathetic. They need a spark in a big way, and maybe getting shown up by the Orioles at home this weekend will do the trick. The Yankees are just lucky they still have a month left in the season to wake the frig up, because right now this hilarious level of garbage play is taking them nowhere.

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest. Here’s your open thread for the night. The Mets are playing the Phillies (Harvey vs. Tyler Cloyd) and the Pirates and Cardinals will be on ESPN (Rodriguez vs. Joe Kelly). The Giants are also playing a preseason game for those of you with the NFL Network. Talk about those games or whatever else you want here. Have at it.

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  1. Stevis says:

    cant believe what a bunch of turds the Yankees are playing like……bases loaded AGAIN…and nothing…I think its time to give Girardi the pink slip….are you kidding me Joba the Mutt….Andrew Jones….well done …stick a fork in him…I can go on and on….its a real possibility that the Yanks can end up in 3rd….I can hardly believe it…. Its getting to the point that I have to turn the game off and walk away

    • jjyank says:

      The Yankees are definitely scuffling, but I’m not really understanding the focus on Girardi. Okay, maybe he should have let CC go longer. But with Robertson and Soriano unavailable today, he didn’t really have a solid option. The pen has been pitching like crap, he’s pretty much facing a lose-lose situation there.

    • Derek says:

      Not Girardi’s fault there’s been numerous injuries this year. Just about everything that has gone wrong is out of his control. Still, they’re in first place.

  2. Better off Eddard says:

    They definitely need a wakeup call of some kind. In the game thread I called for Joba to be sent down to AAA, Andruw Jones to be barred from ever playing the field again, CC to be told that his #1 starter status is not guaranteed in the playoffs, and for Cashman to go down to the clubhouse and rally the troops. That’s a good start anyway.

  3. RetroRob says:

    The Yankees will sweep the Orioles this weekend.

    I have nothing to base this on my blind hope!

  4. Sean in LA says:

    They do NOT look anything like a playoff team at this point. There are way too many platoon players in both the lineup and the bullpen. If they keep playing like this then were looking at another first round elimination, assuming they can limp to the playoffs.

  5. your mom says:

    Yes!!!!!!!(double pump)I love seeing Mike cuss. Freaking hilarious!

    This team is playing like fucking shit. I know you can point to all the injuries but it doesn’t matter. Even our injured line-up should be cake-walking through the fucking Jays and Indians. I guess we’ll see if this team has any balls this weekend in games that really count.

  6. Charles in SD says:

    Maybe we’re finally seeing just how many injuries this squad can weather throughout a season. $100,000 to you if you thought you’d see this lineup in April…

  7. viridiana says:

    Wouldn’t this glum moment be the time to infuse some life, some youth, some contact hitting into the lineup?

    Consider the case of David Adams.

    He is now batting .314, but he is even better against lefties (a current Yankee weakness). Against lefties, he is hitting .344. His OBP is .393, slugging .594. Thats an OPS of .936.

    But that’s not the most impressive set of David Adams stats. What really catches my attention is the fact that he has doubled as often as he has struck out. Think about it. In Yankee history, how many players have ever hit as many doubles as they’ve struck out. DiMag? Berra?

    Now it is is small sample size. But not that small. He has 12 doubles and just 12 Ks in 96 ABs.

    And he can play both second and third.

    Why isn’t this guy in the Bronx now?

  8. stuart a says:

    andrus jones hurt his hand supposedly.. should we have a party to celebrate… maybe he could move to field some fly’s if he lost 10 pounds….

  9. Edmond says:

    Well said! I think you said what all of us feel mike! Just a joke

  10. Deep Thoughts says:

    I want to know if Yunel Escobar’s HOF bust will be Blue Jays or Braves.

  11. Rey22 says:

    I can’t believe the Yankees are about to play a series that enters into September against a team that is a threat to their spot in the division.

    ….And that team is the ORIOLES.
    They’ve been there the whole year and I’ve completely disregarded them figuring they’d crash at some point, and yet here we are. Damn.

    • jjyank says:

      I feel the same way. I’ve been very dismissive of the O’s, and I still can’t bring myself to take them seriously, but here we are. Strange times we live in.

      • Erica says:

        Yeah, I’m going to Saturday’s game. When I first bought the tickets, I was like “trololo boring Orioles whatever” and now, well… we all know what we feel about The Fightin’ Showalters/Defender of the Flanny.

  12. Kramerica Industries says:

    The Yankees have played eight series at Yankee Stadium against divisional opponents this year – two apiece.

    And yet, they have only won four of those eight home series’. 13-11 overall. That’s hardly taking care of business. And they are at their worst against the Orioles, as well.

    If there was ever time for atonement; a time for the Yankees to re-assert their worth and their standing in the pennant race, it’s over these next ten games. And that’s because they just blew a golden opportunity with two shitty teams, to gain some desired breathing ground. The A’s and Rangers have cooled the Rays off for now, but it’s not going to last into the weekend. The Rays will take care of business over the Jays, unlike the Yankees, because the Rays always dominate the Jays.

    I’m going to stubbornly expect at least 6-4 these next ten games. If the Yankees can’t take care of the task ahead of them, they have no business winning this division.

  13. Kramerica Industries says:

    Just realized the Yankees haven’t won consecutive games since the Texas series.

    As Eric Chavez goes, so do the Yankees.

  14. Pat D says:

    Just not a fun team to watch right now. Which I why I’ve haven’t been watching every inning lately.

    My confidence level has dropped considerably the last two weeks. But there’s always time to change.

    • TomH says:

      I’ve been at 4 all year on the confidence poll. Thank God they’re not offering the poll today.

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        Granted, they haven’t been playing well recently, but a 4? Really? I can’t imagine what it would be if you were a Sux fan.

  15. tipsie says:

    Mauer just cleared waivers. Forget $189M. Make it happen, Cash.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      Who do you think they are? The Dodgers?

      • tipsie says:

        Let me dream. He’s only 29. He solves the C problem for at least 3 of the 6 years remaining on his deal. He has had a nice bounceback year, and is an OBP machine. He’ll hit for more power in NYS. Say the Twins eat $18M; then NY owes him $120M over 6 yrs. Goodbye Grandy & Swish, but a much harder position to fill is set. Can anyone stand the thought of Martin for another year or two? I don’t want them to overpay for Napoli as a FA, either.

        • JohnnyC says:

          He’s not worth his contract. He’s caught only 62 of 119 games this season, 25 at 1B, 32 at DH so you’ll need to carry 3 catchers. He’s hit more than 13 home runs once in his career. And he’s not a pull hitter. To turn him into a pull hitter would depress his BA and OBP. And lastly he’s not a big market guy…you’d have to add dollars to his deal just to get his permission to be traded. For the same reasons, he’s not a fit in Boston either.

          • Laz says:

            Agreed, his contract is horrible. He is a teriffic player but over 20M aav for a catcher without a ton of power is crazy. Especially a 6’5″ one.

            • pistol pete says:

              Agree but how do we fix a catcher with a 190 batting avg that’s significantly better than the backup or anything in the minor leagues. Thought a few years ago the Yanks were loaded at catcher, now it looks like an empty cupboard.

    • JohnnyC says:

      When the Dodgers asked about CC and Tex they went straight to Randy Levine. Cashman was bypassed. You’re talking about 6 yrs/$143 million left on Mauer’s deal. Decisions like this are made above Cashman’s pay grade.

      • Derek says:

        ..and the front office already decided on a $189M payroll for 2014. Not gonna happen with Mauer.

        • pistol pete says:

          If the Yanks stay at that level they’ll be passed by Baltimore and Tampa. They already have CC/23, Tex/23, Arod/25, Jeter/17, Soriano/13, Cano/15, and Grandy/13. That’s 129m and we don’t have a no 2 or 3 pitcher with Kuroda and Pettitte free agents, don’t have a left or right fielder or a catcher. Good luck staying under 189m and being any good. That’s 5 starting positions to fill for $60m plus all the other salaries for relievers, 4 and 5 starters bench players etc.

  16. Travelbug83 says:

    So I live in Seattle and I am trying to figure out when it became more fun to watch the Mariners than watching the Yankees.

    Also if I never have to see Jones’ stupid smirk or Ibanez who is old as dirt at the plate again I will die a happy woman.

  17. Camd80 says:

    Daytime TV…..I watched the whole game today in beautiful Northern California…..The weather is perfect and I waste my time watching a bunch of tired,lazy and good for nothing has beens blow a game to a team that wouldn’t be able to compete in Pony League……CC….Andru Jones…..Joba the Mutt….RISP…..UGH !

  18. jjyank says:

    I understand your frustration Mike, but you set us up for a very depressing Open Thread. I, for one, would like to talk about someone other than baseball tonight. There’s nothing more therapeutic when the Yankees aren’t playing well than reminding yourself that there are other things out there and (as much as we want it to be) baseball isn’t life.

    For my part, I have next week off work and will be spending half of it at home back in Jersey, chilling with the ‘rents and a couple of high school friends. The other half will be in Boston, getting wasted few a few buddies from college. As a recent grad, this is my longest schlep through the daily grind I’ve ever had. The only full time job I ever had was an internship 3 years ago, and that was just 10 weeks long. The rest has been part time job/student. So I am grateful for the time off, and even more so because I only need to use 4 vacation days to get the whole week, since I’d be off for Labor Day anyway. Very much looking forward to next week.

    How are the rest of my RAB bros (and Erica and Betty) doing tonight?

    • Alkaline says:

      Awesome dude. Enjoy the time off. Any bites on the job front?

      • jjyank says:

        Nothing new, but still waiting on the current bite. I’ve been told that at this stage of the application process that I will be informed one way or another, so not hearing back doesn’t mean they’re blowing me off. In fact, I kind of think of it as a good thing if it takes a long time. If they didn’t like what they saw on my information and writing samples on the secondary application, they would have just told me “no” right there, right? But I would imagine I’m at least in serious consideration and they’re doing their due diligence on a background check. That’s my hope, anyway. If only my Arabic was fluent :D

        • Alkaline says:

          Heh. Yeah, it’s better for them to take a bit than to tell you right up no. I’ll admit, I’m super jealous of your (possible) position. I’m kinda tied to my area and am just kinda stuck.

          Even if it is a no, the experience itself is nice.

          • jjyank says:

            I watering at the mouth, man. If I get this, it sets me up for life. Not monetary wise, at least not off the bat. But I would have a golden bullet on my resume, and the possibility of making 6 figures in the future.

            You ever check out Intel analysts get paid very well after enough experience.

            What ties you down? There are jobs similar to what I’m applying to all over the world, I bet you could find something, if that’s what you’re in to.

            • Alkaline says:

              Yeah, I check that out a lot.

              I used it for the Holocaust Museum a couple years back for my last year of undergrad to try for an internship. I was surprised I got called for an interview, but the death question was if I’m going for my masters. They ended up hiring a few people in grad school.

              I’m in a predicament where I want my masters, but no idea what to get it in + it unnerves me to go for it without more financial stability.

              A certain lady who has an okay but still FT job is what’s keeping me where I’m at. I’ve been subbing for school districts + have a nice PT job that pays well and has benefits with the possibility of FT.

              So you can see how I’m stuck in a rock and hard place.

              • jjyank says:

                I feel ya. I did go ahead and get my Masters, but I compromised for an in-state school (Rutgers). Depending on the field you’re interested in, there are a lot of private sector opportunities too. Companies like BAE Systems, GK Sierra, the Eurasia Group, etc. offer jobs in various locations as well.

    • Erica says:

      Enjoy your time off! TREASURE IT! The daily grind is evil, plain evil (though I’m sure you’ve gleaned that from my complaints about work here and there).

      I agree. I can’t talk about baseball until at least Friday evening. I’m in overload mode.

      • jjyank says:

        Evil indeed. Plus I’m in customer service, and such an unfathomable amount of people are so, so dumb.

        This is a plea to everyone: be nice to your bank tellers! Fill your shit out at the side tables in the lobby, don’t clog up the line! And for Mo’s sake, DON’T FUCKING HAND A TELLER CASH AND A DEBIT CARD AND GO “CAN U PUT THIS ON MAH CARD PLZ?” Fucking infuriating.

        • Erica says:

          You have to wonder how the general public doesn’t just like… die off in mass quantities every day based on their stupidity.

          • jjyank says:

            I do wonder that. Legitimately half of my customers, the first thought that runs through my head as they leave is: “Yeah, I remember my first trip to the bank, too!”.

            Here’s a sad example. Today I had this lady at my window. Middle aged. She walks up, I ask her how she’s doing day, blah blah blah. Then I say “What can I do for you today?”. Her response was “I wanna deposit some cash.” Me, as she shuffles through her purse: “Sure, no problem. Do you need a deposit slip, or do you have one already?” Her: “….do I need one?”

            Yes, you dumb bitch, you need a fucking deposit slip to make a deposit. I swear, it’s like nobody has ever been to a bank before. I knew I needed a deposit slip to make a deposit when I was like 10 years old. This lady was probably around 50.

            • Erica says:

              HAHAHAHA. No ma’am, let me make the exception for you because YOU’RE AWESOME! Here, gold star for you! And a cookie! You are a special flower!

              • jjyank says:

                Also, you would not the believe how many deposit/withdrawal/payment slips I get that have missing information.

                “…No, sir, those lines that say ‘date’ and ‘name’ are just there for fucking decoration. Of course you can leave them blank!!”

                • Erica says:

                  You know how on the SATs, if you spelled your name wrong, points would be deducted?

                  If people leave out vital information on those slips, you should be able to reserve the right to keep some portion of their money for yourself.

                  • jjyank says:

                    I fully support this. I dream of opening a bank someday where all tellers carry guns. If you don’t fill your shit out right, you get popped in the knee cap. Why would anyone bank there, you ask? Because all our accounts would offer 10% interest, without stipulation. As an added bonus, we would never get robbed.

            • Ethan says:

              In all fairness at my bank I don’t need a deposit slip to deposit my money. I can go up to a teller, hand them cash and tell them my bank account number and they’ll deposit it for me.

              • jjyank says:

                I bet those tellers hate you, though. I’ve worked for a couple different banks, those slips need to be sent down to back office for verification. They still get filled out. Not to pick on you, but that’s the sort of laziness that creates more work for people like me. Does your bank have slips out in the lobby for your use? Because if they do, that means you’re being lazy. Sorry to rant there, but fill out the damn slip.

                • Ethan says:

                  I’ve never been asked to fill one out or seen a place for me to pick them off from the wall and fill it out myself. Otherwise I would as it gives something to do while waiting in line.

                  • jjyank says:

                    I’m guessing this has to be a small, local bank. No PNC/TD/Bank of America/SunTrust/Citizens Bank/Team Capital/Unity, etc. would ever let that fly.

                    • Ethan says:

                      RBC (Royal Bank of Canada). It’s a pretty large bank in canada, one of the biggest in the country. I guess it’s possible that they have forms but don’t announce them or request any customers to fill them out when depositing money. I’ve never even heard of deposit forms until you brought it up. I also bank with Keybank and have also never been requested to fill one out. Do people just not do them at all or only partially fill them out? If they don’t do them at all maybe try to put them in a more obvious place for customers to notice them?

                    • jjyank says:

                      Ugh, RBC has been acquired by PNC (where I work). I am disgusted to learn that they are not enforcing common sense practices. If there is a slip, fill it out. Ask the tellers next time, I’m curious why they don’t bother.


                    • Ethan says:

                      My roommate banks with CIBC which is another pretty large bank in canada and he’s also never been asked to do it. Not sure what to tell you.

                    • jjyank says:

                      Maybe Canadian tellers don’t mind clogged up lines, I dunno. Here in America, we enjoy efficiency. I guarantee you those tellers are still filling out slips to send to their back office though.

                    • Ethan says:

                      I bank with Keybank in the states and they’ve also never asked for me to fill out a deposit slip or anything…

                    • jjyank says:

                      Well, your bank is weird. And enabling people to be lazy. Between my experience and all of my coworkers’ experience, I have never heard what you’re saying before.

    • Stratman9652 says:

      My job wouldn’t let me use personal days to stretch out a little labor day vacation. Apparently it “manipulates the system” and for me to use the personal days I would have to surrender my holiday pay for labor day. Complete bullshit if you ask me.

      • jjyank says:

        Wow dude that is total bullshit. Everyone does it where I work. One coworker is off this week (10 day vacation instead of 9 with Labor Day), and I have off next week (9 day vacation for the price of 4 vacation days). Sounds like your boss/company might be kind of a dick.

      • Erica says:

        Wow. That sounds illegal for your job to do that?

        • Stratman9652 says:

          Not really, it is written into the contract that holiday weeks are blacked out for vacations. I always interpreted that as vacation weeks couldn’t be used but personal days would be fine. Apparently not. Another guy I work with tried to call in sick day after a holiday (think it was July 4th but not sure) and they threatened to take the holiday pay away. Although, to be fair, it was pretty obvious he only had the Budweiser flu.

          Technically, the company isn’t obligated to give you the holiday off in the first place so I guess they can determine how they pay you for it.

          • Erica says:

            UGH, blackout weeks are the worst. Whenever my boss is on vaca, we can’t take off… not even for a day, not even if something comes up in our personal lives.

            Budweiser flu – heh, that’s a new one. MUST use it in the future.

      • Alkaline says:

        That is complete Bolshevik.

  19. Chilango says:

    The Yanks are an old, platoon-crazy team of (at least since the All-Star Break) underperformers. They have serious problems, from the pen to the plate, and defensively as well. I hope CC’s hiccup was just a bad start and not something more serious. He did get some bad breaks today but he also got rocked, and by a AAA team. Best case scenario: 1). Andy comes back strong and CC gets right. Then we have three solid starters who might just get us to Boonie, DRob and Soriano so we can avoid the others, who suck. 2). We get off the RISPFAIL schneid like Girardi has been saying we would all season. We had about three weeks of improved clutch hitting but then it all went to shit again. Not sure this team is playoff caliber.

  20. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Let Fans of Teams with no woes cast the first baseball…

  21. Erica says:

    I just want to give a solid “THANK YOU!” to those of you who participated in today’s Game Thread. Seriously, I was choking back laughter half the time. It made getting through a frustrating day of work so much easier.

    stuart a was on his GAME today, as was teddy and his “giradri” love.

    • jjyank says:

      R-Tils was a big part of that :P

      Unfortunately I was a limited participant, didn’t have time to keep up with it all. I blame Linda. Yes, Linda. That is apparently the name for my bank’s ATM. Such a bitch.

      • Erica says:

        What did that dirty ho Linda do now?!

        • jjyank says:

          She told me that I was short $204 after counting everything (twice). She made me try to lock the bottom door of her (the part where the cash cassettes are) 3 times before the lock would spin. And she made me run the self-service tests 3 days before it worked (that’s basically just a mechanical test of the all the functions it does to ensure they’re working).

          As for the $204 difference, I put all the numbers back into our own system, and they all matched. So there was no difference. Linda was just being a bitch. I totally get why my branch gave her a name, she definitely has a personality.

          • jjyank says:

            *3 time*, not “3 days”. That would be insane.

            • Erica says:

              Well no, it wouldn’t be, based on how psychotic and strange Linda is.

              I hate her. She makes me angry. She needs a piece of chocolate and a new dress. Then she will be happy and not bother you with such trivial and demanding matters!

              • jjyank says:

                Part of it is her, and part of it goes back to the stupidity of people. While I’m servicing Linda’s needs, the screen on the ATM reads “Temporarily Out of Service”. Yet people still stick their card in and start pressing buttons without noticing. Usually that means I have to restart all the service tests.

                I am on quite the rant tonight, hm? Sorry about that. Long day.

      • Erica says:

        (Also, my last car had navigation and I named it “Rosalita,” and she was sassy. So I get it.)

        • jjyank says:

          Heh. My dad names every computerized female voice (including navigation) “Connie Lingus”. Yes, my father is that dirty. And yes, I have adopted this practice.

          • Stratman9652 says:

            Connie Lingus…there’s one I’ve never heard. My neighbor can expect a new catalog subscription arriving in his mailbox in that name any day now.

            • Erica says:

              What magazine??? This is important.

              • Stratman9652 says:

                Oh never a real magazine. Those cost money. A Victoria’s Secret catalog seems too obvious. A free trail of one of those mail enhancement pills would be perfect.

                Unfortunately, it pisses off the mail lady more than him. Get too dirty and I end up driving to the post office to pick up my mail for a couple of days. Apparently the mail is serious business.

          • Erica says:

            HAHAHAHAH! Oh my GOD. That is phenomenal.

            Reminds me of that SNL skit with Christopher Walken as that character “Colonel Lingus.”

  22. Chris in Durham says:

    Totally agree with Mike. This is garbage baseball. It is really hard to watch.

  23. Bunt Gardner says:

    I’m hearing reports that Stuart and Eddard have ordered all the pennant flags to be flown upside down.

  24. forensic says:

    Just noticed Shelly Duncan was DFA’d.

    Get him Cashman, need more platooners!!!

  25. CUYanks says:

    White Sox seem to be taking care of business against the Orioles, at least.

  26. Joseph says:

    Hey joe mauer has cleared waivers maybe he high average young switch hitting catcher wouldn’t be a bad idea what ya think

  27. Stratman9652 says:

    Anyone seen the new Bayer aspirin commercial with CC in it? Totally has a shot of him pumping his fist on the mound screaming “Fuck yeah!” Not exactly like you have to be a lip reader to tell either.

  28. Reggie C. says:

    Mauer’s caught only 62 games this season. Played as DH and 1B 32 and 25 games, respectively. MAuer hits like a BA champ in those 62 games as catcher but weirdly enough he’s very pedestrian when elsewhere. I like Mauer’s skill set as its something very old school, but at the end of the day once he loses alittle bat speed Mauer won’t have the power to back up his gaudy salary.

    • RetroRob says:

      I’d like some Mauer, but $23M per year for a player whose best years are probably behind him is a lot. Plus, the Twins aren’t just giving him away, so there would be a high cost in talent. Doesn’t seem like a good match.

  29. Better off Eddard says:

    The Os are going to lose tonight so we’ll be at worst 4 games up on the loss column on both the Os and Rays. This will give us a reset going into the weekend. Our de facto ace will be on the mound Friday to get us off to a good start so things aren’t as bad as they seem.

  30. River Ave Bipolar Disorder says:

    Seriously kids, if you’re this stressed out about watching baseball, then you’re doing it wrong.

    Or perhaps you might be interested in Gamblers Anonymous.

    Or perhaps you’re better suited for a pink cap with an ornate ‘B’.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      I’m sure the people bitching at the complainers have a more stressful time.

      • River Ave Bipolar Disorder says:

        Naw, I just scroll that much faster to find actual interesting or intelligent content/comments.

      • RetroRob says:

        Unlikely. The studies are clear on this. Those who always see the negative and believe they’re simply pointing out the obvious (to them) are much unhappier and live shorter lives.

  31. Got Heeeeeeem says:

    I am off to the game on Friday, and they are 6-0 in games I have been to in my life. Let’s hope the day off gives them what they need to continue the streak!

  32. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Yankees win this series against the O’s. Book it. Maybe even sweep.

  33. Stratman9652 says:

    So in two weeks I will be attending my first live Yankee game against the Rays. Pretty stoked. Suggestions for things I absolutely must see/do/eat at the stadium?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      Must see – a win
      Must do – visit Monument Park
      Must eat – the way the Yankees are playing, plan to spend a small large fortune on alcohol

      • hornblower says:

        I have to observe that the Yanks are playing pretty much to the level of the players they are putting on the field. With Tex and ARod down and a non hitting cather that is three outs in the lineup. There is no reason to expect a better result unless they get a top pitching performance.
        It seems to me that they ought to activate Rodriguez Saturday. He is taking BP and can’t be worse than what is presently playing. Rehab games are for June not Sept. He should play in the minors tomorrow and Friday.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          They got 5 runs today with their ace on the mound against a weak lineup. That should be plenty to win.
          Injuries are certainly a big part of the problem. But they aren’t the entire problem. Injuries don’t explain not hitting with RISP. They don’t explain middle relievers not being able to do their job. They don’t explain shitty defense from non-injury replacements.

    • Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW) says:

      Don’t eat anything. It’s crap.
      Go to the museum thing.

  34. Bo Knows says:

    Tyler F’n Austin has been demolishing Tampa, He needs to be in Trenton to start next year. If anyone deserves the aggressive promotion treatment, its him. Seriously, the guy has yet to struggle in his two years and 3 milb levels in the Yankee system.

  35. Brian S. says:

    Do we play tomorrow?

  36. Rocky Road Redemption says:

    Hey, great news for all of you following the great”irregardless” debate (if you’re following it you’ll know what I’m talking about). I’ve cheched and oxford and Merriam-Webster have still don’t define “alot” as a word!

    Thank goodness, I’m still holding out on that one.

    All you get in Oxford is a link to this page:

    Merriam-Webster just links you directly to lot:

    Good news for all who appreciate proper English!

    • Pat D says:

      But “pythonesque” is a word.

      • Rocky Road Redemption says:

        Meanwhile, in my post about proper English, we find this sentence:

        I’ve cheched and oxford and Merriam-Webster have still don’t define “alot” as a word!.

        Okay, so I might need to learn better grammar.

        (BTW, that pythonesque is a word is one of the STRENGTHS of the English language in my opinion.)

        • Pat D says:

          I made reference to it because of what Terry Jones once said. He said something to the effect that they wanted to create something that was without any kind of shape, form or structure that it could never be duplicated. He contended that the fact “pythonesque” was now a word in a dictionary showed how badly they had failed.

  37. Pat D says:

    jjyank, you still talk to people from high school?!?

    • jjyank says:

      Well I’m 24. Not THAT far removed. A few people, yeah.

      • jjyank says:

        Though to clarify, I lived with my parents for two years after college while I commuted to grad school. So really, I had a chance to hang out with old high school friends at 22 (the ones that were still in the area, anyway). Not so crazy really. I probably will lose contact with them now that I’ve moved away though, but I might as well get a few drinks with them while I’m just chilling in East Bumfuck New Jersey for four days.

        • Pat D says:

          I’ve been out of high school for 13 years now, but thanks to my reckless ways I still live at home. But I haven’t seen anyone from my class in an extremely long time. Frankly, I prefer it that way. I didn’t particularly care for most people in my own class, most of my friends were younger than me. Fortunately I’ve never received a reunion invitation.

          Even the people I thought were my friends didn’t turn out to be. The guy I thought was my best friend from 4th grade on got married some years ago and I never knew anything about it. So that was the final nail for me.

          • jjyank says:

            Yeah, most of the people I was friends with in high school I don’t speak to anymore. But there are 2 or 3 that I’ve gotten a couple of drinks with while hanging out in my home town for my grad program. I love my parents, they’re my best friends really. But I would like to chill with a few people my own age a bit during the 4-5 days I’ll be in the area too.

            • Pat D says:

              Yea, I’m suffering a bit of withdrawl not seeing my friends from work since we got laid off. But a bunch of us are getting together on Friday, so that’ll be nice.

  38. pistol pete says:

    CC did not look good today against a terrible team and the Yanks are in serious trouble if he’s not right. They could easily have a poor Sept and be left out of the playoffs all together. They need Arod Tex Andy and a healthy CC to contend and right now it’s doubtful all these pieces will come together. They can’t keep going 4 and 6 every ten games and hope to run out the clock.

  39. Hoss says:

    I finally figured out what this Yankees team reminds me of: Frankenstein.

    Why else would they take spare parts that have been cast off from lesser teams, most of which are not even in contention? Examples: Pearce, Igarashi, McDonald, McGehee, Lowe, Qualls, Eppley, Rapada, Nix, Stewart, Wise… and on and on. A left arm here, a couple of legs there, you know…

    They are piecing them together and building a monster!

  40. Big Members Only (formerly RI$P FTW) says:

    CC pitched like a true RAB ace today, but even I know that he usually takes a while to get going.
    He’ll probably be bad for one or two more starts, then BAM he’ll start killing it again. Hopefully, he’ll be well rested for the playoffs this year. They’ll need a lot of innings out of him with this garbage bullpen.

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