Yanks hope Pettitte can throw off mound this weekend, begin “accelerated” program


Andy Pettitte‘s fractured left leg is healing well according to recent checkups, and he continues to throw with increased intensity off flat ground. Prior to this afternoon’s game, Joe Girardi said that the club hopes to get the veteran left-hander back on a mound this weekend so he can begin an aggressive rehab program that will have him ready in time for a potential postseason series.

“Whenever he does get on a mound, the process is probably going to have to be accelerated a little bit just because of the time frame,” said the skipper. The minor league regular season ends early next week, though Pettitte could make a few rehab starts during the Double-A postseason like he did in 2010. The absolute latest he could come off the DL while still getting making two regular season big league starts is September 29th, so one month from today. It’s starting to approach crunch time here.

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  • http://riveraveblues Dennis v

    S.O.S. ANDY

  • dkidd

    this storyline has willis reed potential

    • Matt :: Sec110

      People forget Willis Reed hit his first 2 shots and then had a goose egg the rest of the way.

      Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier was the star of that game/series.

  • JohnnyC

    At this rate, Andy will probaby have to start the Wild Card playoff game.

    • dkidd

      at this rate, i’ll be happy if they make it to that game

      • RetroRob

        No chance. They’ll be 70 games out by then. He might as well start preparing for next season.

        In the meantime, they need to claim Mauer, cut Granderson to free agency, DFA Cano, put CC on waivers, and get Mo into games immediately, while offering Swisher to the Red Sox now for a C-level prospect.

        That’ll make everyone happy.

        • RetroRob

          …oh, shoot. I forgot. They need to make Joba a starter, while making Martin the clubhouse attendant.

          • Bunt Gardner

            You forgot to DFA Arod as well.

          • Matt :: Sec110

            Martin as a clubby actually isn’t the worst idea ever…

  • jjyank

    Get well soon, Andy.

  • Samwise Eddard

    Actually, at this rate Andy’s starts in AA will be the last in an illustrious career.

    • Bunt Gardner

      You need a girlfriend.

  • Alwin

    We need Eduardo Nunez back now.