X-ray shows Pettitte’s fracture is healing well, expects to throw this week

Yankees sign undrafted free agent Daniel Aldrich
Game 116: The Fill-In Ace

Via Meredith Markovits, x-rays taken during a routine check-up show that the fracture in Andy Pettitte‘s left leg/ankle is healing well. He expects to begin a long toss program a little later this week. Pettitte still hasn’t been given the green light to resume running, but once he gets the okay he can get his legs back in shape and start throwing off a mound. Last week we heard that Andy’s setback will delay his return 7-10 days, so likely mid-September is everything goes smoothly from here on out.

Yankees sign undrafted free agent Daniel Aldrich
Game 116: The Fill-In Ace
  • jjyank

    I just hope he can get enough starts in September to tune up for the post season. Andy Freaking Pettitte or no, I would be a little uncomfortable penciling him in for a game 3 without a few tune ups.

  • Eddard

    Andy Pettitte at 70% is still better than 3/5 of the current staff. I would mark him in with permanent ink for Game 3 even if he doesn’t get any tune up starts.

    • JonS

      No he’s not. A 70% Pettitte at his current stage isn’t better than Huges and Nova.

      • chuck

        But a Pettitte at %100 is better than Hughes and Nova.. right?

        • Steve (different one)

          Of course.

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Casey Kotchman and his 75 wRC+ can go fuck themselves.

    • Bob Buttons the Cat

      Even guys like Charlie Hayes wouldn’t fuck a 75 wRC+.

  • tommy cassella

    great news about andy. now we just have to worry when hughes and nova pitches. however, i’am pretty certain we have seen the worst of nova, but hughes is another story. the more he pitches, the worst he gets. i can’t ever trust that bum he won’t be happy until he is leading the league in giving up home runs. he was supposed to be the second coming.the second coming of who, ed whitson?

  • Michael D’Andrea

    When Andy comes back in mid September he should be well rested and throwing pills at opposing hitters. With CC, Andy, Kuroda and Freddy going to post season play the Yankees should be in good shape to have a good chance at winning a 2012 WS trophy. Nova, and Hughes need to show-up consistently before I would have them start a post season game.

  • tommy cassella

    let’s just pray that nova has it today.