Nova could take Garcia’s rotation spot on Sunday


Yesterday we heard that the bullpen was a “consideration” for Ivan Nova once he got over his rotator cuff tendinitis, but apparently now he is in line to replace Freddy Garcia in the rotation as soon as Sunday. George King and Dan Martin report that if Ivan doesn’t experience any discomfort in his shoulder today following his latest bullpen session, he will indeed be on the bump to start the finale of this all-important four-game series with the Orioles. Garcia has been pretty ineffective in his last three outings but it’s not like Nova was tearing it up before he got hurt. That said, if I had to pick between the two, I’d lean towards the kid if I was the Yankees.

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  1. Syrio Forel says:

    But who’s going to take Phelps’s spot? And when Nova can’t locate on Sunday who takes his spot?

  2. Cy Pettitte says:

    turd sandwich or turd sandwich with sweat sauce? it’s a hard decision.

  3. RetroRob says:

    Hmmm, death by fire or death by drowning?

  4. Terry says:

    How quickly the fans confidence has fallen. Someone on the team needs to step up. I can’t watch them like this.

    • Syrio Forel says:

      It starts with Phil tonight. He’s gotta win. I’m sure he’ll throw Mark Reynolds more fastballs. And CC’s gotta carry us in his start. Every starting pitcher has failed in this losing streak. Kuroda won his game but gave up the lead twice. Enough of this.

    • DM says:

      It begins with your next starter giving you a quality outing. Hughes isn’t a first year guy like Phelps; he’s closing in on 100 big league starts (40 more than Nova). Time to step up or fall out of first. He can’t spit the bit like last time. Lost in the blizzard of Girardi criticism was Hughes himself not getting it done in a big spot. He’s got another chance tonight.

  5. LarryM.,Fl. says:

    As most can tell I live in Florida in Sarasota which is the ST site for the Orioles. I saw a man in a store wearing his Oriole garb. Me being the open type started a conversation with him about the Orioles and Yanks. The Oriole fan was just delighted to be rooting for an Oriole team with a chance at the playoffs. He indicated its been a long time between even playoff runs. Then we spoke about Reynolds. The Oriole fan more or less was surprised as anyone that Reynolds was playing in the bigs and not down in AAA. The Oriole fan was on the mind set to enjoy the run for as long as its in progress.

    As a Yankee fans we are not accepting of any down years of late. And ready to blow up the team if it fails to make the playoffs or is one and out. I guess we are a bit unrealistic in our expectations.

    As far as Nova taking Garcia’s place. Even if they were the same ability I go with Nova just another point on his resume for the future and his development. Phelps keep putting him out there. He’ll come around. We keep putting the same offensive lineup since the All Star break because it is the best that we have. The same with Nova and Phelps. It will pay back in dividends some day.

    Go Yanks. we are still in first place.

  6. Rich in NJ says:

    Sink or swim with your most talented players, and for all his faults, Nova, when healthy, fits that category.

  7. Vinny S. says:

    Guess we’ll have to see if Garcia ends up replacing Phelps or gets banished to the ‘pen.

  8. Chilango says:

    Nova or Freddy. Shit or shite. Gotta go with shit. Nova gets the nod.

  9. Brian S. says:

    Why is A-Rod DHing for the second day in a row when Jeter, Cano, and Granderson are banged up?

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