Sanchez tops’s top 20 Yankees prospects lists

Homers rule the night as Yankees hold on for win over O's
Mailbag: Preemptive Offseason Plans recently rolled out their team top 20 prospects lists, and they have C Gary Sanchez claiming the top spot for the Yankees. OF Mason Williams and OF Tyler Austin round out the top three. Those are the names you’re going to see at the top of the club’s prospect lists all offseason, just not necessarily in that order. A healthy OF Slade Heathcott and an unhealthy LHP Manny Banuelos occupy the four and five slots, respectively.

The feature includes write-ups on all 20 players and in some cases, video as well. The lists are always off the beaten path a bit — both UTIL Jose Pirela (#15) and RHP Zach Nuding (#19) cracked the top 20 over RHP Brett Marshall — which I enjoy just for the change of pace. Only two of the club’s top ten prospects are pitchers compared to three top ten position players from the 2010 draft alone. That’s a major difference compared to the last few seasons, when the top-end of the list was dominated by the guys on the mound.

Homers rule the night as Yankees hold on for win over O's
Mailbag: Preemptive Offseason Plans
  • TomH

    Again, what exactly is it that they (or he) have to lose if they bring Montgomery up to give some Sept. voltage to the bullpen? Stunting his growth if he gets bombed? Nahh. Play the cards right, placing him on the mound in carefully-chosen situations to see how he fares with little at stake. Timid middle-class people baby even their adolescent children now–organizing their play, their visits, etc–and it’s catching on in baseball too.

    • Kosmo

      I think there is little correlation regarding “timid middle class people“ and how NY is bringing Montgomery along. Unfortunately the streets are no longer safe for children, whether it be in middle class suburbia , small rural hamlets or in the cities.

      • TomH


        • Kosmo


        • JohnnyC

          Hopefully you’re not a parent.

          • Kosmo

            I am a parent.

      • John O

        “The streets” in this country, state (NY) and city (NYC) have never been safer. And I’m a parent too.

    • Laz

      Well the 40 man is already full.
      He only got 20 innings in AA.
      He has already thrown 65 innings in relief. which by the way is more than anyone else in the NYY bullpen has thrown. It is nice to look at what a prospect has done in the minors, but it is best if he starts the year in AAA next year, and they don’t bring him up now. 65 Innings for a reliever is usually a solid year, I don’t see why they would want to push him any further.

      • Ted Nelson

        Because impatient fans with little or no knowledge of player development say they should…

      • barry

        The streets aren’t safer. If anything there’s an overabundance of ignorance and people believing the police propaganda on both a statr and federal level.

  • Kosmo

    Yankee minor league player of the year Sanchez or Austin ?

    Warren is still at # 11. Almonte and Bichette are ranked a little high in MO.

    • Laz

      Almonte is ranked a little high I think too, but if he can learn to take some more walks then he could be a solid corner outfielder. Bichette too, he had a good 2011 and still has a good ceiling, but I would have thought it would at least bump him behind Flores (who had a really good year and they are the same age). I’m also surprised the fall Campos took, he was injured most of the year but so was banuelos. MLB had Campos somewhere around 5th of Yankees earlier in the year.

      Why is Pirela a surprise? He was a very good hitter this year in Trenton. If he is able to repeat that again in AAA you have to think that they can at least find a spot for him to play everyday.

      I’m not that sure what to think about #6. I think it’s a bit high. Did the Yankees get that great of a steal 29th in the draft or is the farm that bad…

      I’m hoping that Aune can stick at short. He would be a very good hitting shortstop and the move to the outfield would really be a bummer, especially with all the outfielders they already have.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Surprised but happy to see Gumbs at 8. Was hoping to see Austin Aune crack the list at 19 or 20 but probably haven’t seen enough of him yet. BA is more likely to give him a look at the end Yankee top 30 list.

    • DERP

      Check again

      • Paul VuvuZuvella


  • G

    Cool to see Sanchez ranked over Zunino in positional rankings. He’s younger than Zunino, so one way to look at it is to say he would go top 5 in a draft right now. Maybe not surprising considering his talent, it’s just nice to see our prospects competing with high draft picks.

    • Ted Nelson

      He got a signing bonus of something like $3 million… He effectively was a top 5 pick, there’s just no international draft.

  • Accent Shallow

    Good to see position player depth, since Lord knows this team is gonna need it soon.

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    The Yankees need to hit on a college position player. I really liked Suttle, Segedin and Adams as picks, but haven’t really gotten that fast track impact guy yet.

    • Laz

      Snagging a high ceiling college hitter is harder late in the draft. By the time the Yankees pick all the top ones are gone, high school hitters may be less likely to make it, but they have higher ceilings usually at that point in the draft.

  • Magilla Gorilla

    Folks, don’t focus on how these kids rank in the Yankee system. That misses the point. Focus, instead on how they rank in the baseball minors. Sanchez, is the highest ranked at 41. Hear that? the highest ranked Yankee farm hand is 41 and playing in A ball. Same for their second ranked, Mason Williams at 47. Same for their third best prospect, Tyler Austin, at 66. Manny Banuelos is their only player in the top 100 prospects at either the Trenton or Scranton level and he is ranked 98. Further, Banuelos’s ranking is very dynamic right now; no one has a sense of whether he will elevate or lose his game in 2013. Anyone who wants to get excited about guys playing in Tampa is deluding himself.

    Sanchez is likely to spend 2013 in Trenton and 2014 in Scranton. Does anyone really want to discuss the 2015 or 2016 Yankees. Total bullshit. More significantly, the Yankees cannot make significant trades right now, using minor leaguers as chips. I am so tired of hearing Felix Heredia or even Justin Uptin trades. What do we have to offer?

    At the moment, there is no outfielder in the minors who can step up and allow the Yankees to cut payroll on either Granderson or Swisher. We are talking about a Chris Dickerson platoon. Corner outfielders are supposed to be your RBI guys. Right?

    Martin’s production, using the OPS+ measurement has been subpar in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. So we can safely say that this fellow cannot hit. He needs to go. There would not be much loss with either Cervelli, Stewart or Romine in his place. There should be no question but to save the money. I say, put Austin Romine in and give him half a season to put it together.

    • Laz

      top 100 is sad to see the lack of high end ones that the yankees have. But I think its largely because alot of their guys were in Tampa. If Banuelos can bounce back (he still is only 21) and Austin, Slade, Flores, Williams, sanchez all have good years in Trenton you could see a good yankees crop in the top 100.

      The Yankees need to keep their prospects for now. Trading for Upton is an awful idea. Over the past 3 years swisher has been the better player, and upton is already signed for $13M aav for the next 3 years. Just resign swisher for 3-4 years or get torrii hunter.

    • Ron

      Sanchez, Williams, and Austin for Felix heredia. Joe torre would hang up the phone.

    • Bo Knows

      Banuelos was 13 coming into the Year, he fell because of injuries not because he sucked or suddenly lost talent.

      Also being ranked in the top 100 is more a point of bragging rights than actually meaning anything because certain positions will always be weighted higher than others, you also need to consider proximity to the majors. Probably the best way to look at things is to compare the players to others at their respective positions.

      Gary Sanchez will be the #2 best catching prospect (Grandal has just about used up his eligibility) Mason Williams is 8th and when he comes back next year, he has a very good chance to skyrocket up the lists even more than he did over this past year, the same goes for Austin who wasn’t even ranked coming into the year.

      *Note in the top 40 there are 16 pitchers and 10 shortstops

      • Magilla Gorilla

        that’s my whole point. Tons of great pitchers who are barely challenged in the minors fall along the way. Remember the hype about Phil Hughes. Now he is a #3 guy. Last year was Dellin Betances and before tht Andrew Brackman. So many pitchers fall by the wayside. Joba Chamberlain is a good example too. I am not knocking him because he is hurt. It is just that he is, at best, a late innings guy.

        Getting excited about guys in A Ball as hitters is crazy too. They see tons of fastball guys, because scouts like the fastball – it cannot be taught. At the A level, they do not see decent breaking pitches or off speed stuff.

        As to Austin, RAB recently posted a scouting report on him that he was a fourth outfielder, at best and a “fringy defender. He swings and misses a lot of fastballs. THE GUY IS IN THE LOW MINORS!

        I tell you that the poor prospect quality of the teams in Trenton and Scranton will make it very difficult for the Yankees to replace expensive talent with minor league players from within the organization – and it will make it very hard to trade prospects for talent.

        • Fin

          I made this point during the begining of the season. It will be very hard for the Yankees to trade for anyone of significance this year because all of their talent is in the low minors. They either wont have the talent to make the trade or it will cost them their farm bundling all those low A guys to compete against another team using guys close to MLB. It only seems to be a one year issue though, as there should be a significant amount of talent hitting AA sometime next year.

          IN the end I feel the Yankees have done as good of a job with their minor league system over the last 3 or 4 years as we could have hoped for, from a team that is picking close to last every year. Its very possible we are going to see the Yankees have a couple down years, while they get rid of contracts and reload with players. It was bound to happen. No team in any sport goes without down periods. Its been what, since 1992 that the Yankees had a loosing record?

        • Bo Knows

          That’s one scouting report, I’ve seen/read far more scouting reports that essentially see him as a starting right fielder, and for a guy who swings and misses alot he sure does seem to make a lot of contact, walk, and not strike out. Also consider this, Dustin Pedroia was called a bench player for a good chunk of his minor league career, Robinson Cano wasn’t even supposed to be even an average or even a starting 2B, there are countless stories like that in baseball because baseball is not as quantifiable as we like to think.

    • Ted Nelson

      You’re really complaining they got 4 guys in the top 100? You know that’s above average, right?