Teixeira played first base, got seven at-bats in Instructs yesterday

Hoping for a better 2013 from Ivan Nova
Game 157: Four

Mark Teixeira and his strained left calf got seven at-bats and played first base for one inning in Instructional League yesterday, his first game action since re-aggravating the injury nearly three weeks ago. He also ran at about 75-80% and reportedly felt fine afterwards. “I’m not sure if he’ll do it again tomorrow, or take a day off,” said Joe Girardi. “To me the biggest test is running the bases. That’s the biggest test for me, because I think he can protect it a little bit in the field if he has to. But sometimes you get into a situation, like he was in Baltimore, and your mind tells you, ‘I gotta go.’”

Instructional League is pretty informal, so Teixeira probably led off every inning or something like that. It’s unclear when he’ll be able to rejoin the team — Monday’s series opener against the Red Sox would be nice — and I guess there’s a chance he won’t be ready in time for a potential postseason series. That would really suck, but hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Hoping for a better 2013 from Ivan Nova
Game 157: Four
  • Dela G

    good for him. Let’s hope he gets back in time for boston

  • Nice Scheister of Doom

    I miss the big eyed-puffy faced slugger!

  • yo fahgetabowdit

    I like Trout he drives fast!

  • viridiana

    Hate to think it’s come to this, but what are odds O’s sweep Sox this week? Could be close to 100% as Sox continue tank it, looking for top draft pick. Very suspicious play by this master-gaming franchise for some time. No Lester or Bucholz this weekend?>