Rained out: ALCS Game Four postponed


(Leon Halip/Getty)

The miracle comeback will have to wait another day. Game Four of the ALCS was postponed due to rain on Wednesday night, as MLB wanted to “preserve the integrity of a nine-inning game.” The Yankees and Tigers will instead resume the series at 4pm ET on Thursday, though it should be noted that the forecast calls for a ton of rain that day as well. I guess they’ll wait that one out as long as possible.

As far as the Yankees are concerned, the biggest impact of the rain out is that CC Sabathia will not be able to start a potential Game Seven on three days’ rest. He would have to go on two days’ rest a la Derek Lowe in 2004, which Brian Cashman already confirmed they would not allow Sabathia to do. Despite finishing with the best overall record in the league this year, the Yankees really got the shaft with the schedule. This stinks. Oh well, at least CC will be lined up to start Game One of the World Series.

I assume that if the Yankees actually win Game Four, Game Five would be played Friday night. Andy Pettitte has already been announced as the scheduled starter for that game. Phil Hughes may or may not be able to start a potential Game Seven given his stiff back, which could mean David Phelps gets the ball or Ivan Nova will be added to the roster. That’s quite a ways off right now though. The Tigers lead the best-of-seven series three games to none.

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  1. Ricky says:

    Who said he can’t start on 2 days rest?

  2. Winter says:

    So at this point even the weather hates the Yankees.

  3. Mike says:

    Rain in Detroit on Thursday and Friday too.

  4. Knoxvillain says:

    What do you guys think about the A-Rod situation? What pissed the Yankees off? I find it hard to believe that it is his performance in the playoffs when he was better than Cano, Granderson, and Swisher combined.

    Was it really him asking for a number from those two women in the stands?

    I kinda feel bad that he gets the blame for every little thing he does wrong. I’ve never seen a player get blamed so much for things that don’t matter or aren’t even his fault.

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      He’s struggled against righties, and the Tigers’ rotation is full of them. I actually think it’s that simple.

      • Knoxvillain says:

        How is that enough to trade him though? It seems like all of a sudden the Yankees hate them if you are reading all of these reports.

        • Rivera Venue Blues says:

          No one on the Yankees said they need to trade him. The reporters are just seeing how much he’s struggled and how much he’s owed and assuming that the Yankees would do all sorts of things to trade him. Seems more like speculation than anything.

          • Knoxvillain says:

            It’s an awful lot of speculation coming out of nowhere. Maybe the Yankees have something up their sleeves for the offseason.

        • Ed says:

          A-Rod is an easy target right now, so the press is piling on him. That’s all there is to it. According to MLBTR, the talks boil down to Randy Levine and Jeffery Loria just lightly throwing around ideas 6 months ago. The press only bothered to mention it when A-Rod reached the lowest point of his career, long after the talks happened, so that should tell you how insignificant the discussion was. They’re just desperate for A-Rod dirt now, so they’re digging up every little thing they can find.

      • forensic says:

        At least Chavez is hitting the cover off the ball, and playing flawless defense, so it’s all good. It’s not like A-Rod had a couple of RBI hits taken away on diving stops too.

    • El Tigre says:

      It’s time for him to go. He can’t win. The guy was heavily involved in winning us a WS and he still gets shitted on by a lot of the fans. That’s not supposed to happen. He will never live up to his contract and that’s all anyone cares about even though it’s not their money.

      Send him somewhere he can start over and be happy (e.g., Miami) so the Yankees can move past the whole ARod era.

      • Knoxvillain says:

        Part of me wants him to go because it would be nice for him to get away from New York, but I’ve always liked A-Rod. I don’t see why people care so much about his salary.

        • Pat D says:

          Most people think if someone’s getting paid $30 million just to play baseball they should be perfect. I’ve always found it funny that ordinary people whine about athletes’ salaries. Athletes have an obvious skill, so their salary is a reward for being extraordinary. Meanwhile, what special talent do big corporate CEO’s have? They get paid more than athletes. People are just always misguided in their angst.

          I don’t care about his salary, but if they could somehow dump it, it would probably be for the best.

          • Knoxvillain says:

            Agreed. I couldn’t care less if he makes a billion dollars a year. I hope whatever happens to A-Rod it works out for him, whether it’s staying put or going to Miami.

          • VT Yankee Fan says:

            There are very few CEOs that make more than Arod.

            • Deep Thoughts says:

              You couldn’t be more wrong.


              • Pasta Stumbling Sojo says:

                Er, 5 people on that list made more than $30 million in 2010. I’d say 5 in the entire US counts as “very few.”

                But in any case, people complain about how much CEO’s get paid all the time, so I don’t see any misguided angst here.

            • Squints says:

              You cant be serious?? CEOs of every major bank make more than 3x a year what Alex makes. The CEOs of BofA, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, or any other major bank make more than the Yankees are worth in a year. Theres a reason they make the decesions that run this country.

          • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in Better Weather) says:

            Well, there are also talents that more directly impact the lives of others than what athletes can do.

            At least Alex has done something with his money in a community that means something to him. He gave a sizeable amount to the Children’s Aid Society, who actually have opened some really nice school-based health and mental health clinics in Washington Heights in the past ten years or so.

            This “salaries of ballplayers versus that of teachers and social workers” thing is just a dead end to talk about. Athletes get paid obscene money. One year of a baseball player’s salary could majorly impact many, many people. I’ll never make in my life what he makes in a year, yet I can honestly say that I’ve probably saved lives. Think about that too much, though, and it zaps the enjoyment right out of the game. So you just choose to accept their weird, fucked-up world for what it is. :)

            As for Alex and the Yankees, this past week has been so bizarre that I make zero sense of it. I’d say the papers are circling around like vultures, with little probably payoff, but you never know. Maybe Loria wants to sell enough tickets on name value that he’d do something truly stupid and, if he’d like to do that, I’d like to suggest that he get as stupid as it gets and give us Giancarlo Stanton. They won’t know the difference down in La Pequena Havana anyway.

          • Jarrod says:

            It’s pretty simple really. MLB makes a ton of money through various avenues. The players, as the “talent”, comand a certain amount of that revenie. A-Rod is probably the most high profile MLB player (especially to people who don’t follow baseball – my wife knows who he is for example) and he therefore gets the biggest piece of the pie.

            The problem is that the Yankees elected to pay him that piece of the pie for another 10 years when they should have cut him free. If anyone else is willing to take on that contract, or a fair portion of it, then I say get it done…not because I think A-Rod can’t produce anymore, but because I think the Yankees will struggle to field a competitive team, under $189m, going forward if they are still paying that contract.

    • TomH says:

      There’s a school of opinion (e.g., Francesa) that thinks ARod hasn’s shown sufficient spunk, proud and defiant anger, etc., over this exile to the bench. A perfectly reasonable response–except that it wouldn’t make any difference with some other set of media people. If he displayed Righteous Indignation, they would bitchily (to be precise about it) sneer at his performance.

      He can’t win. There’s something about him that just seems to rub media people the wrong way. His money. Their envy: Radix malorum est cupiditas.

      • Deep Thoughts says:

        What the hell has Mike Francesa ever done besides write a semi-intelligent column about the St. John’s Redmen 90 years ago and bested Kobayashi in Coney Island eating contest? This guy’s ego is exceeded only by his triglyceride count. He’s a mean-spirited, ignorant, judgmental blowhard who fills airtime obnoxiously creating controversy where none exists. Someone please tell me how he came to know what constitutes the heart of a champion. I’ll be impressed when or if he can pronounce “Joba” correctly.

    • dalelama says:

      I already explained what happened. Aroid got caught using the ball boy to try to get chicks phone numbers during Game 1 after Ibanez hit his homer. The Douche Bag’s behavior was particularly offensive because it was going on while the Captain broke his ankle giving his all for the cause. That and because he sucks.

  5. Pat D says:

    Obviously the rain was an MLB conspiracy to make sure the Yankees have no chance.

  6. JobaTheHeat62 says:

    lol game 7

  7. Chop It Up says:

    So if Hughes is hurt, Phelps starts game 7? Or would they activate a cold Nova?

  8. Rey22 says:

    I want to say if they somehow make it to Game 7 they just have to find a way to win, but they’d be facing a fully rested Verlander and now they wouldn’t have CC to counter. (Unless it’s 2 days rest CC which is…not ideal to say the least)

  9. Eddard says:

    Yanks had a shot with CC, Andy, Kuroda and CC. They might not even have Hughes for Game 7. Bud Selig and MLB are a disgrace. This whole postseason schedule has been one big clusterfuck and so has the umpiring.

    • Get Phelps Up (wins needed: 8) says:

      I fail to see how the rain is MLB’s fault.

      • Pat D says:

        You don’t? Don’t you know that MLB is in fact Cobra, and they used the Weather Dominator to make the rain?

        What’s with you, man? Come on! (/Dark Helmet’d)

        • kyle says:

          I think this is complete BS. The yankees, even the orioles if they beat the yankees, would be disadvantaged the way MLB has set this up. How does the team with the best record in the AL only get to pitch their ace once when both the tigers and yankees series went to a game 5. Not like it matters too much given the lack of offense but CC Andy Kuroda CC sounds much better than CC Andy Kuroda Phelps?? vs Verlander?

      • forensic says:

        The THREAT of rain…

        It’s been over an hour and a half and it hasn’t even started yet. They could’ve gotten most of the game in by the time the rain will get too hard, at this point.

        Few things bug me more than these delays based on a chance of something happening.

        • Get Phelps Up (wins needed: 8) says:

          I’d honestly rather have the game get postponed like this than have them start and rain comes and knocks CC out in the 4th inning or something.

        • Effthisnoise says:

          Well mr selig and mlb, tell me how the ratings work out for you on a tigers – cardinals/giants world series. Its very obvious when mlb is the only pro sport without significant replay. It means they want to stlll be able to control the outcome of these games. NFL reviews Every turnover and every score…why? To make sure its right. Has it hurt the sport? Nope, trumps mlb times 3 in viewers.

      • Maris61 says:

        The Yankees have the best record in the AL and they are “rewarded” with no days off between the ALDS and ALCS

        • Get Phelps Up (wins needed: 8) says:

          Yeah, that’s MLB’s fault, but the rain in Detroit isn’t.

          • Effthisnoise says:

            Its not raining!

            • Get Phelps Up (wins needed: 8) says:

              As I said, I’d rather have the game get postponed like this than have them start and then rain comes and knocks CC out in the 4th inning.

              • Matt says:

                How do you not see why that situation is actually better for the Yankees?

                Detroit’s bullpen is terrible. The Yankees would have a completely rested bullpen ready to go, and CC would still be lined up for a potential Game 7. Scherzer, who has been a dominant starter this year, would be replaced with someone like Smyly.

                • Get Phelps Up says:

                  Scherzer could only go 95 or so pitches anyways. And there is also the matter that the Yankees would be forced to replace CC with someone like Lowe or Eppley.

              • Matt says:

                How do you not see why that situation is actually better for the Yankees?

                Detroit’s bullpen is terrible. The Yankees would have a completely rested bullpen ready to go, and CC would still be lined up for a potential Game 7. Scherzer, who has been a dominant starter this year, would be replaced with someone like Smyly.

    • dalelama says:

      Stop whining to avoid admitting they have sucked.

      • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

        Stop being such a complete douchebag. God I wish this place allowed us to Ignore commenters.

  10. Effthisnoise says:

    Did it actually rain? Is this the first rain out on “possibility of rain”

    • Pat D says:

      That happened to my sister’s high school graduation. There was a “threat of rain,” so the principal moved the graduation from the high school stadium, which could seat more than enough, to the middle school auditorium, which could seat a lot less (but was nicer and bigger than the high school auditorium, don’t ask why).

      Sure enough the ceremony rolled around and it was pretty much cloudless. People……were not happy.

      • Effthisnoise says:

        So this was the last nail to ensure the yanks have zero chance to come back because now CC cant go, but verlander will be 100 percent if it gets to game 7

      • I remember my high school graduation (the year it was in will be conspicuously untold – no one needs to know my age).

        Normal graduation time was 7:00 at the football field. Had been for every graduation I had attended before, and was the case for my brother’s graduation three years previous (a day, I might add, that had the threat of rain that night, evidenced by the enormous rain cloud that sat right atop the field).

        Well, it was a rainy-ass day, and they decided to push it up about 15-20 minutes, on the spot, and rush straight through the ceremony, without any of the bells and whistles that previous graduations had (or have had since).

        The graduation ended within about 30 minutes. Seriously. And the only rain I saw that night came much later on (as in, well past when a normal ceremony would end), at a location well away from the actual school.

        Now, I couldn’t have cared less myself about graduation, as I don’t celebrate many things about myself. I haven’t celebrated my birthday in years, I don’t make any big deal out of serious accomplishments of mine, etc. It’s not my M.O., never will be. But it did piss me off in principle – a graduation ceremony is something that is meant to have a level of grandeur, and by rushing straight through everything, all the grandeur was sucked straight out of it. And, for that reason alone, I am quite ticked off by the developments of that night.

        I would’ve rather dealt with the uncomfortable 8AM make-up ceremony if it meant giving the ceremony the level of grandeur it deserves. The school fucked things up, plain and simple.

        Unreal. For people that actually cared about that night (which included other students and, of course, parents and families as a whole), there is no getting that night back. Rushing straight through a rare ceremonious event. Rat bastards.

        • sevrox says:

          If you considered your high school graduation a ‘rare ceremonious event’, you’re probably younger than I originally thought you were…

          • You won’t see this now because it’s a bit late, but my usage of that phrase was from a general POV.

            I mentioned once or twice in there that I really didn’t care too much about any of that shit myself. That was no big deal to me at all. But I know a lot of people who were peeved about it for reasons such as that one.

          • Squints says:

            Over half the commmenters on here are high schoolers and teenagers that have never seen Alex Rodriguez play.

    • jim p says:

      No, Opening Day of the last year of Yankee Stadium (Mar. 31, 2008) was sunshined out. Er, rained out. There was light rain for a bit which delayed the opening, and then it stopped. But then forecasts for the rest of the day claimed more rain. I still remember my friend and me walking out of the Stadium as the clouds broke and the sun came out. And stayed out the rest of the day.

  11. Mike Myers says:

    I don’t see why they would dump a rod. They already owe him over 100 Mil. No matter what they owe him that money. Might as well let him play replacement level 3B. Unless the Angels want to trade vernon wells for Arod I dont see a trade that could work.

    • El Tigre says:

      They’re probably hoping it makes it easier to get rid of him since he has to approve any trade. Treat him like shit and maybe he’ll want to go away. Classy organization.

    • CP says:

      Assuming that his performance this season is his true talent level (as opposed to his post season performance), then he’s considerably better than a replacement level 3B.

  12. Brian S. says:

    A-Rod for Christian Yelich and Heath Bell STR8 up.

  13. RetroRob says:

    The chance of any comeback (and a non-existant one at that) was built on a CC, Pettitte, Kuroda, CC four-game winning streak.If the hitting returned, at least they’d have the right starters going. Now if the Yankees make it that far they’ll have their weakest pitcher (of the four) going, and he’ll be doing it with a bad back.

    I like it.

  14. Effthisnoise says:

    Does anyone else see this as a blatant screw job by mlb? torre is getting his laughs after the way he excited NY. First rainout ever on a chance of rain. They knew exactly how this would impact the yankees rotation. They cant blow anymore calls because its too obvious at thus point. Integrity? Cmon mlb, thats the last thing you care about when infield fly rules are called in left field and runs are taken off the board on clear blown calls or innings are allowed to continue on blown calls. This sport is in trouble, the nlcs was the fourthbstory on espn tuesday. This world series will be the lowest rated in history

    • Andrew 518 says:

      I think the schedule sucks but come on, there isn’t a plot against the Yankees here.

      Red Sox fans were the fans who had everything and everything they didn’t have was there own damn fault, but instead they blamed everyone else about how they were so oppressed..

      let’s please not go down this road.

  15. Andrew says:

    Weather.com shows AM showers in Detroit for tomorrow (Thursday) however it’s also showing a 70% chance of rain ALL day on Friday in Detroit. Perhaps we might get a little luck and get tomorrows game in and have another delay on Friday. That would bring the big guy back for game 7…if it gets there.

  16. Cuso says:

    You know what’s funny?

    The people that are trying to find something Machiavellian in the benching of A-Rod are the same people concerned about the implications of the rain on Game 7.

    The narrator’s are out-narrativing themselves.

    A-Rod is benched because he can’t hit RHP. Chavez is starting because he is a lefty. Just because Chavez is 0-for-14 doesn’t mean the strategy is incorrect. A-Rod hasn’t just “not hit” for 3 days. He hasn’t hit for 3MONTHS.

  17. FIPster Doofus says:

    I refuse to believe Sabathia won’t pitch in Game 7 if they get there. Even if he can only throw two or three innings, I’d start him.

    • Well, yeah, but the difference between two-three hopefully solid innings from C.C., is vastly different than five-six innings that are more likely to be solid on an extra day’s rest.

      Game 7 is an all-hands-on-deck game anyway, though, so even the big guy would be on a quick hook if he got in trouble.

      Hopefully we get to worry about this stuff for real on Sunday or Monday night.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        “Well, yeah, but the difference between two-three hopefully solid innings from C.C., is vastly different than five-six innings that are more likely to be solid on an extra day’s rest.”

        Definitely. He’d still have to pitch, though. Can’t hold anything back in that type of game.

      • Thunder Road Runner says:

        gotta win game 4 before we worry about game 7

  18. BigBlueAL says:

    If there is a Game 5 on Friday it would have to be at 4 pm also since the NLCS game is already scheduled at 8 pm that night.

    • And because that is the travel day, and they would want to get the hell back to New York, if need-be, for a game the following night.

      Selfishly, I would hope they move that game up closer to 1:00, but that would never, ever happen.

  19. Davud AKA Brien Taylor's torn labrum says:

    MLB will work it out so that CC will start tomorrow, then call the game with 2 outs in the bottom of the fifth wth the Yanks leading 6-0 on account of “Threat of Rain” (or TOR, an acronym that coincidentally enough just happens to spells out the 1st 3 letters of the aformentioned Joe TORre).

    Now throw in a real rain out on friday, another TOR situation causing a cancellation on saturday, and then you have Verlander close out the series on Sunday, thus having the best pitcher on the planet pitch 2 official games in a row against the Yankees.

    …And to think I was glad when they fired Torre.

    • baycommuter says:

      That’s impossible, in the playoffs all games are played nine innings so the game can’t be called in the fifth.

  20. Duh Innings II says:

    This is fucking bullshit!

    Games 4-7 should be played tomorrow, Friday, Sunday, and Monday, travel/rest day on Saturday as originally scheduled, that way Sabathia could start Game 7 (if the Yanks could take it there) on three days of rest not two.

    Both teams lose a travel/rest day on account of a rainout. BULLSHIT TO THAT!

    ‘Can’t lose the Yanks on a $$$aturday night, can we MLB?

    The Yanks have been screwed with the scheduling twice:

    No normal rest for CC so he could start Game 3, now CC can start only once cuz he can’t start on two days of rest.

    I wrote it was a bad idea to not start CC on three days of rest for Game 3 and I was right. Had Cashman and Girardi done that and tonight’s game was still rained out, guess what? CC COULD’VE STARTED GAME 7 ON THREE DAYS REST.

    • You know, none of this would be a problem if only ARod or Swisher could’ve managed a fucking sacrifice fly in the 8th inning of Game 4 vs. Baltimore.

      Because, then, you know, Sabathia would’ve pitched Game 1 against Detroit, not Game 3.

      Blame the Yankees, not your conspiracy theories.

      • VT Yankee Fan says:

        That’s what I have been saying. It’s especially true because it would have put CC and Verlander on the same schedule.

      • Reuben Sierra's Chains says:

        Exactly they really needed to win Game 4 of the ALDS. We all knew it and they couldn’t come up with one more measly run. Now it’s everyone’s else fault. Yeah OK, weaklings.

  21. Duh Innings II says:

    BTW LOL @ all the idiots who are clamoring for CC to start on two days rest but didn’t want him to start on three.

  22. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Can they win a game first before getting mad that CC won’t start game seven?

  23. Austin Aunelowitzky says:

    Huh, well the only good thing about this is I am going to NYC tomorrow so will at least get to watch the game among NYers. Hooters on 56th street is the lead option. :-)

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in Better Weather) says:

      I thought you said you wanted to watch the game amongst New Yorkers. You’re sure not going to find them at a Hooters in Midtown.

      • Austin Aunelowitzky says:

        Was joking…sort of. You have a place you recommend? I’m staying at a hotel on 37th and 5th.

        • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in Better Weather) says:

          You’ll be near frat boy row down there in Murray Hill. You could find a bar there, I guess. You also could choose a neighborhood you like first and, then, pick a bar there. I’ve had fun down in the LES watching Yankee games before.

          If you really want to stick by your hotel, at least Heartland Brewery has good beer and is actually the same brewmaster as Kelso Brewery out of Brooklyn. Little known secret there.

  24. Bartolo's Colon says:

    after reading the comments im glad that the yankees are going to win the next 3, but am a little worried who’s going to start game 7

  25. hornblower says:

    Too much angst about a hypotheical. It will play out. Maybe the Yanks will even get a hit/run.
    Looking forward to the future. Time to get younger. Alex will play for Miami next year and the Yanks will pay most of the $. The more they pay the better the prospects.
    The Yanks like their outfield prospects and will try to get their feet wet next year. Their pitching young and old is pretty good. Maybe send Nunez to Tampa in Jan. and teach him to play third. Nothing like youth to energize a roster.

  26. Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in Better Weather) says:

    Reading the Olbermann column now. I thought that, at this point, Olbermann had been reduced to standing on street corners with a bullhorn.

    I’d rather pay Alex Rodriguez $115 million to pay for my team than pay to have him play for the Marlins while watching Heath Bell suck it up for the Yanks. I mean….that’s the worst of every world.

    BTW, this “Rained Out” guy…..not working out. Hasn’t driven in a run tonight.

    • stuart a says:

      yanks would not pay $115 mill they would pay half.

      aros sucks and he is a cancer, adios……..

      • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in Better Weather) says:

        aros? Are we delving into the Greek market now?

        I wouldn’t pay the Marlins 50 mil to have Alex play over there while watching Heath Bell fail to get out of the 8th here.

        I’d, however, pay $1.50 a day to have stuart and dalelama traded to an empty Marlins blog. Adios indeed.

  27. Tino!_24 says:

    Welcome to the Murphy’s Law ALCS for the Yanks. I mean it’s been one thing after another. Damn I miss playing the Minnesota Twins in the post season. Those series go oh so smooth LOL

  28. Bill R says:

    The fact they aren’t pushing this back and having a day off for travel on saturday is disgusting. MLB should be ASHAMED for their baffling excuse for a schedule. I CAN’T WAIT for Selig to step down and Torre takes over as Commish. (I hope) If I was The Yankees I would file an injunction and protest the rest of the series.

  29. Bill R says:

    Just had a thought. If Hughes is hurting and Nova is too cold. Would anyone run Lowe out there in game 7 and hope for the best? I might.

  30. David N says:

    MLB should be ashamed of the way they’ve scheduled this postseason. First the lack of an off day between the LDS and LCS for the #1 seed, and then the refusal to use one of the TWO off days allotted between the end of the LCS and the start of the World Series to make up this game.

    The fact that the #1 seed and the #3 seed play 5 games in the LDS, but the #3 seed gets to use their ace twice on normal rest in the LCS while the #1 seed only gets to use theirs once is a complete and utter joke.

  31. Betty Lizard says:

    I’m calling tonight a win. The season lasts another day!

  32. Bill R says:

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, if So I’m sorry. But isn’t it eerie that the 04 ALCS also had a rain out before Game 4 and gave the Red Sox a much needed day off when down 0-3 only to need to have a man pitch on 2 days rest in Game 7 to win…… Creeepy.

  33. stuart a says:

    from your lips to g-ds ears. here hopeing.

    they are still alive….

    what else can go wrong?

    no 1 answer that…

  34. Andrew 518 says:

    I just can’t sympathize with the guy. What we seem to be forgetting is that he defrauded us out of the money the team owes him.

    When we signed him we based it on his previous performance as a player. We later found out that he was supplementing that performance with illegal substances.

    Some people think steroids are a big deal, others prefer to ignore it. What you can’t ignore is that players with histories with PED’s decline and become injury prone when they stop using them.

    Not to say that he wouldn’t/shouldn’t have resigned with the team had they had this information at the time, but I don’t think it is reasonalble to think he would have gotten the same money and certaily not the same length.

    The “incentives” are completely worthless (at least to me) sure the team market them if he is still around but they do not have the same value as if they came without the * that they now hold.

    He is absolutely not the first player to mislead the team about his past, and certainly won’t be the last but given the circumstances, and the collateral damage that his contract entails (no flexiblity untill 2017) I just can’t feel bad for him. And yes I’d (if it were my money) would pay someone else a whole lot to make him there problem.

    • Andrew 518 says:

      Computer’s slow tonight, thought I was replying to A-rod comment above…


      • Pat D says:

        So obviously you don’t buy he stopped using when he came to the Yankees. Otherwise it’s hard to explain how he was still so good those first 7 years as a Yankee.

        • Andrew 518 says:

          I have as much evidence to the contrary as you do but you are correct, I don’t buy it.

          • Andrew 518 says:

            Clearly there are still players beating the system, Colon got through the whole season last year only to be caught this year.

            That said if he stopped after he left Texas or not doesn’t really change the thrust of my argument.

            I don’t think he gets the same figures or certainly as many years if they truly knew his past.
            (assuming somewhat riskily that they didn’t)

          • Pat D says:

            Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if anyone is or isn’t using, I was just making sure that was your opinion.

  35. dkidd says:

    can’t lose if you dont play

    i want biblical rain for the next 48 hours

  36. Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

    So we win today…and worry about everything else after that.

  37. Brett says:

    Does it not make sense to pitch CC tonight?

  38. Jose M. Vazquez says:

    There is an old Spanish saying that goes: “cuando el rio suena es porque agua trae”. Literally it means that the river makes noise because water is coming. All of this is to offer my hypothesis on the Arod noise. Since Derek Jeter suffered that hideous injury it will probably make his mobility even less that it is now. In comes Jeter at third base as Arod is traded away. Third base demands much less mobility and less jump throws that could re-injure Derek. That is just my opinion and no one else has even spoken about it.

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in Better Weather) says:

      “Camaron que de duerme, se lo lleva la corriente.”

    • Kosmo says:

      Ripken moved to 3rd for the last 4 or 5 years of his career. Jeter could do the same although I´m wondering who plays SS ?

      If unloading Arod has any legs this offseason NY could find a 3B via trade. As an example if San Diego extends Headley then Gyorko is a prime candidate to be traded or if the opposite is true then Headley is a more than likely traded.

      • I am not the droids you're looking for...(I believe that children are our future) says:

        I like this whole thing. But you guys are overlooking the simple – we just move Arod back to short. Presto.

  39. I am not the droids you're looking for...(I believe that children are our future) says:

    I appreciate how many times the word definitely is spelled correctly in these comments.

  40. nsalem says:

    Eddie Yost Washington Senator 3rd baseman passed away this week at age 86. A Senator 3rd baseman in the 40s and 50s he had a little pop and retired with a .254BA in an era when that type of number mattered. He was known as “The Walking Man” and was known as more of an oddity than a truly great player. His lifetime OBP was .394 which include a couple of plus .435 seasons. I got to see him play at Yankee Stadium when I was young and still remember a couple of very lengthy AB’s. I knew he was different and doing something special but didn’t quite understand the positive team ramifications his AB’s were providing. I wish he played in this era when his skills would be truly appreciated. If Brett Gardner could some how come up with his numbers he would be viewed much more positively by Yankee fans. Check out his reference page if interested

  41. James A says:

    If it gets there, assuming no more rainouts, why not start Lowe in Game 7 just for the poetic justice of it all. Do you know how awesome it would feel to comeback against my Red Sox fans friends with the tale of the 2012 Yankees who just wouldn’t quit and won Game 7 with the same exact starter as the Sox. Maybe Jeter can come back for his own “bloody sock” game … and we can get Bill Mueller involved somehow. What’s Dave Roberts doing these days?

    • JohnC says:

      If Hughes is OK he would start a potentail game 7 with all hands on deck. He’d have a very short leash, thats for sure

  42. rogue says:

    I have to endure agony for at least another day.

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