Hughes cleared to throw following back stiffness


Via Joel Sherman: Phil Hughes has been cleared by doctors to throw today after leaving last night’s start with mild stiffness in his back. Pitching coach Larry Rothschild saw the right-hander stretching between innings yesterday, which raised a red flag. He threw just three innings and 61 pitches in the game. Assuming today’s throwing session goes well, Hughes will be able to throw his usual between-starts bullpen session tomorrow and might even be available in relief down the road if the Yankees make the Tigers sweat a little in the ALCS.

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  1. Eddard/Syrio Forel/Occasional Troll says:

    I hope I am the first to comment because it means a lot to me, therefore, I will say a generic comment about the Yankees in hopes a small portion of you will still take me seriously, thus allowing me to troll you in the future.

    We need CC tonight. Go yankees.

  2. 0 for infinity and beyond says:

    Is he cleared to pinch hit for A-Rod if need be?

  3. Electric nunez says:

    Oh thank god…
    Now we can trade him to San Diego.

    • 0 for infinity and beyond says:

      With A-Rod, Cano, Granderson & Teixeira. They can compete with the Dodgers one who can accumulate the most bad contracts from the East Coast.

  4. this space for rent says:

    Stay limber, Phil. March isn’t that far away.

  5. JonS says:

    Well, since we know he won’t pitch again this year anyways for obvious reasons, it should be good for you Mike to see he had a year without a DL stint injury.

    Gotta look at the bright side.

  6. Electric nunez says:

    What will the Marlins give us for Alex? Provided we eat 60 million of that contract?

  7. NYYROC says:

    Phil needs to join Ichiro’s pilates class!

  8. Wayne says:

    We need to seriously reconsider investing 10 million a year in Phil Hughes (back) or Ivan nova (with his shoulder). Yankees have to give other guys in their minor leagues a shot. Nik Turley Jose Ramirez might be a temporary fix at this point but could workout but I think Jose Ramirez will end up being a dominant reliever. But don’t start Jose Ramirez in bullpen like you did with joba and then into rotation. Remember all they really need at this point is a fourth and fifth starter. Brett Marshall Mikey O’brien should be given the first crack though until Nik Turley and Jose Ramirez are ready. Plus you keep David Phelps in the bullpen. At least one of these guys has to workout as a fourth starter and the second as a dominant reliever. But with Jose Ramirez specifically bring him up as a starter and if it doesn’t work out by second half then transfer him to the reliever role. Remember I would pencil Jose Ramirez as a fifth starter so there is less pressure on him coming into majors. Turley you give a shot as fourth starter. We must sign kuroda and Petite in offseason.

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

      I know it is nice to say we ‘only’ need a 4th and 5th in the rotation, but aren’t Kuroda and Pettitte free agents in…2 more weeks? With Nova and Hughes injury-prone(from your post) then don’t we really need a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th?

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