MLB tentatively announces start times for ALDS Games Four & Five

Coming home to Yankee Stadium
ALDS Travel Day Open Thread

MLB announced today that Game Four of the ALDS begin at 8:37pm ET on Thursday unless the Tigers and Athletics have to play a Game Five. In that case, the game will begin at 7:37pm ET. Game Five, if necessary, will begin at 7:07pm ET on Friday unless the Nationals and Cardinals have to play a Game Five. If they do, the Yankees and Orioles will have their game bumped up to 5:07pm ET. Got it? Good.

Coming home to Yankee Stadium
ALDS Travel Day Open Thread
  • forensic

    According to what Chad Jennings wrote you have those circumstances reversed. If the Tigers and A’s DON’T have to play a game 5 then Yanks game 4 will be at 8:37 and if the Nats and Cards DON’T have to play game 5 then Yanks will be pushed back to 7:07.

    • chriskeo

      I think Mike is correct, just worded backwards, if that makes sense.

      • forensic

        If it’s backwards, then it’s not right. He has the situations reversed.

        Here you go:

        • Darren

          It’s backwards. Mike, perchance you would like to fix?

          It’s done the way it’s always done; if the other series ends early, the yankee game will start later.

          Also, tomorrow’s game will start at 7:37 UNLESS both of the other series are over tonight, in which case the Yankees would be pushed back to 8:37.

  • Eddard reboot v.1.0

    How about just having a set time and that’s that. I’m sick of having to solve a riddle just to figure out when the Yanks are playing and what channel they’re on.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Even more incentive for this series to be over in 4.

    A 5:05 start on Friday would totally fuck me over.

  • Kevin

    Screw you East Coast fans, I want all the Yankees games to start at 5.07ET. In fact, pretend every day is the weekend, make it 2.07ET.

    Yours lovingly, a UK-based fan ;-)