Update: A-Rod won’t stand in the way of a trade this offseason

Season over: Tigers sweep Yankees out of ALCS
Swept: Tigers bounce Yankees from ALCS in four games

9:11pm: For what it’s worth, A-Rod said after tonight’s game that he intends to remain with the Yankees and indicated that he won’t waive his no-trade clause. “I’ve never thought about going to another team. My focus is on staying here. Let’s make that very, very clear,” he said.

2:30pm: Via Bob Nightengale: Alex Rodriguez has told “close friends” that he would not stand in the way of an offseason trade. He won’t ask for a trade however, and he would only approve a deal to another big market club. A-Rod has full no-trade protection thanks to his ten-and-five rights.

Reports that cite “close friends” and stuff like that are always sketchy, so take this with a grain of salt. Nightengale says the Yankees would “gladly” make a back contract for bad contract swap, like one involving Vernon Wells (owed $42M through 2014). Wells hasn’t hit in two years and would be an offensive downgrade from Alex at this point, so I hope Nightengale was just throwing him out there as an example. Either way, get comfortable because this A-Rod saga looks like it will drag out for months.

Season over: Tigers sweep Yankees out of ALCS
Swept: Tigers bounce Yankees from ALCS in four games
  • Andruw’s Smile

    That article is the most unintentionally funny thing I’ve ever read. “He was the mike trout of baseball”. Wut

  • http://none Ton Lon ton

    How about trading him for the entire royals team

  • Peter R

    Don’t see the sense in this. Who they going to get to replace him? And why do it if they have to eat so much of his contract? If it straight contract for contract…fine I guess…but I would rather Arod till 2017 than Wells to 2014…

  • blake

    They need to either save a good chunk of money or get something valuable player wise back for him or it’s counterproductive.

  • Eddard

    That’s good to hear but probably means he won’t go to Miami. If they can get rid of him they certainly should. I don’t think Girardi, Cashman, Jeter or anyone of importance in the organization really wants ARod there anymore. And can you really blame them after this horrific postseason and all of the drama? You don’t have that with Jeter. Other guys are struggling but you know they’re trying to do what’s best for the club.

    • Chip Off the Ol’Knoblauch

      Miami’s on that list apparently.

    • handtius

      haha…yeah. A-rod’s not trying. He wants to fail and besmirch the Yankee name. That makes a ton of sense. From all accounts I’ve read, not just my personal opinion, A-rod it well liked in the clubhouse.
      If I were to use your logic, Cano really doesn’t care about the club or what’s best for it because he had the longest postseason hitless streak in history. He must not be trying.

    • TomH

      You’re being ridiculous. You have no idea at all what Girardi, Cashman, and the hired help are thinking about ARod. As for the “horrific postseason,” that’s scarcely ARod’s burden alone to bear.

      This is one of the dumbest posts this entire hysterical episode has managed to generate.

  • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

    There goes the potentially hilarious sight of ARod in Pittsburgh Pirates colors.

    BTW, I don’t give a shit about anything ever printed in the USA Today.

    • JLC 776

      I get annoyed every time I leave my hotel room in the morning and a USA Today is in the way.

      • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

        “Do you hate reading but want others to think you’re reading the paper? Have we got a newspaper for you.”

        • JonS

          That’s awesome! So true.

  • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

    “Either way, get comfortable because this A-Rod saga looks like it will drag out for months.”

    Hooray…if this is the case I might take a hiatus from all Yankees news this off season. It’s barely been a week of A-Rod talk and I’m sick of it.

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

      But then you’ll miss my second favorite sport, the hot stove.

      • Preston

        I like the Hot-Stove when it’s full of the hope of improving the team, I don’t like watching these negative situations play out. This doesn’t usually happen in baseball, but it happens in basketball (trade demands) and football (holdouts) a lot. Teams fighting with their own players is never fun to follow, I don’t even like it when it’s the Sox, who tend to trash their people all the time.

        • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)


          I LOVE the winter meetings, though. I sit there and hit “refresh” on MLBTR for way too long.

        • jjyank (Carsten Charles Cruisin’)

          I love the Hot Stove. Even non-Yankee stuff. There’s always a few things that happen that really surprise you.

  • ADam

    Welp!!! Maybe Kenny Williams will step in and make this trade happen. Then we can finally ago after the missing piece….. Can anyone find me Joe Crede???

  • Knoxvillain

    I can’t see any team wanting to take on A-Rod, and that includes Miami. It just doesn’t make sense why anybody would want him. I like A-Rod a lot but he is always going to be the scapegoat for any problems the Yankees have. This whole thing is probably just getting blown out of proportion and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him with the Yankees on Opening Day.

  • Andy

    I love that Alex is getting blamed for the drama the Yankees created by benching him.

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)


    • Randy

      Or getting blamed for signing a contract that was offered to him by the Yankees.

    • Now Batting

      So it’s ok to ask for a girls number during a playoff game because you’re benched?

      • Andy


      • Preston

        Tell me one reason it’s not okay. Did the ball boy need to focus on helping the team win? Was A-Rod not being a good enough team mate, because I’m pretty sure he’s always the loudest cheer-leader this side of Swisher whenever he’s in the dug-out. If he wants to get an Australian swim-suit models number, I have zero problems with this.

        • handtius

          word. I’d do it the same if I was in his shoes and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

          • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

            The wife’s out of town. I may even try it tonight.

            • handtius

              What, fly to detroit, tie up Arod in his hotel room, take his place in the dugout and try to get some digits from the girls in the front row, the Scandinavian model? Damn you, that was my idea. I’ll try Kobe out.

        • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM)

          Because he makes all that money and he’s struggling against RHP and he’s A-Rod and he’s a douche and I hate him and it helps my self confidence to rip on somebody more fortunate than I and he’s a pretty boy and he’s a club house cancer (because I and his other haters say he is) and also because nobody else has ever done this in the history of baseball, including woman hunters like Mickey Mantle Joe D…

          • Rick in Philly

            If Mantle was benched during the playoffs, he’d be banging chicks, not getting their numbers.

        • Now Batting

          Would your customers be happy if you were hitting on one of them when you’re at work? It’s unbecoming of a professional. Did I really have to explain that?

      • Knoxvillain

        Better than watching the 2012 Yankees play. I’m fine with it. What’s the guy supposed to do? He’s sitting on the bench not playing. You people are making a big deal out of nothing.

      • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior)

        Fine with me.

      • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

        I assume this happens more than you think it does unless you look like Cody Ransom.

  • steves

    The one thing Arod is still good at is making money. Somehow he will end up with more cash for his troubles for waiving the no-trade.

  • Kosmo

    I can see Arod playing for the Dodgers or Angels. Hollywood would suit him. A-wood ? Holly-Rod ?

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Aren’t those 2 names already taken by a couple of porn stars? :-)

      • Kosmo

        maybe so !

  • Andy

    I love that after pitchers leave the game they can go shower but a player who gets benched isn’t allow to write a note to a fan in the stands becuase it somehow means they’re not paying attention to the game.

    • Preston

      Yeah, I would hope that this silly story has nothing to do with A-Rod being out of favor.

      • Mike HC

        That silly story is evidence that ARod has already fallen out of favor. Not the other way around.

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

      He should be writing “I will not be caught looking at a third strike” over and over in the dugout until he gets it right.

  • Now Batting

    I hope Hank Steinbrenner is packaged with A-rod in any trade

    • the tenth inning stretch

      Throw in Levine and that’s a great deal.

  • JLC 776

    I’m fine with milking a couple more mediocre years from A-Rod (he still hits home runs in bunches, still is consistently near .270, and is possibly still recovering from a wrist injury), except the media-induced drama has just gotten so detrimental that I don’t think it’s possible to keep him around.

    He’s this year’s AJ.

  • Preston

    If the Yankees make a trade for Vernon Wells even if it’s straight up, no money changing hands, we lose. The Angels would be trading dead weight salary for a guy who’s an upgrade for them at 3b and one of the best teams in the AL would get better. We would get a guy who shouldn’t play over Melky Mesa. Yes in two years we would be rid of both. But we would only free up 8 million in flexibility to try and find a starting 3b in the interim. I’m not willing to punt 3b production for the next two years because we all think the sky is falling with Alex. In reality A-Rod is going to come back and play solid D, hit .270/.350/.450 and be a perfectly good player.

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

      This type of logic and intelligence needs to stop.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      I would do Wells for ARod straight up in a second. That’s a complete no-brainer, imo. Even if they just release Wells.

      • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)
        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          If ARod was a free agent right now, would you sign him for 5/84M?
          That’s basically what you would be doing if you turned down this trade (assuming Wells has no value and is just a sunk cost, and assuming ARod passes 714 HR’s at some point in the next 5 years).
          Yes, the Yankees would still need to find a third baseman somehow, but I can’t imagine anyone would want to give ARod a 5/84M contract at this point.

          • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

            I hate my work PC.

            Of course I wouldn’t sign him now to that contract, but that’s just one part of the issue here.

            There are plenty of guys with long contracts in which the end of that contract isn’t looking as great as the start of it. Alex isn’t unique in that regard. The negative effect of having on the team is being massively overstated in the media, and on here, as well, simply because having Ibanez pinch hit for him was some sort of major seismic activity, apparently.

            If you’re going to entertain dealing him, you should be looking at something far better than just dumping his salary for two years of Vernon Wells. If you can’t find that, my honest thought is that Alex can hit .270/15/70, while playing at least average defense, for a few more years, maybe even all five of them. No, that’s not worth the salary, but I don’t see why we need to be in any massive hurry to move that.

            • Mike HC

              .270/15/70 is well below my expectations for what ARod could do for the next 3-5 years, and I would still unload him for Vernon Wells. Getting out of those last three years is far too valuable to just pass on. In my opinion. I respect what you are saying, just disagree.

              • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

                I bet you were surprised I went that low with my expectations, though.

                • Mike HC

                  Definitely was, but I see how that helps you make your point. Even expecting pretty much a bad case scenario for his future production, you still like him on the team.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              A deal that good wouldn’t likely come along again (not that the Angels would even remotely consider it now). If that opportunity did miraculously present itself, the Yankees should jump on it.
              Clearing $84M in salary could be very valuable (as well as about $107.5M in luxury tax payroll). That money could conceivably be put to much better use than the age 37-41 seasons of ARod.

      • mitch

        of course it’s a no-brainer. This is basically like buying out arod’s contract for $42 mil

      • Mike HC

        Agreed. A terrible two year deal for an even worse 5 year deal sounds good to me for the Yanks.

    • TomH

      People are losing their reason and are being played by the media, like cheap fiddles.

  • G

    Times like these I wish they would’ve traded for Headley before his 7.5 fWAR season… Damn that’d be a nice upgrade.

  • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    I think there are 3 options: Miami, LA Dodgers, LA Angels.

  • yooboo

    If Arod is moving, 22.8 mm AAV plus 6 mm per HR milestone will be counted against new team. It is not a bad contract. lol. However, the tricky part is he is 13 home runs away from first milestone so that means 6 mm will be automatically added to 2013 budget (28.8 mm).

    To make it work, Yankees should cover all milestones (up to 30 mm) without any question and they could afford to pay a full half for each year (11.4 mm). If Arod continues recessing, Yanks could pay him no more than once.

    For Yankees’ 2013 threshold, Arod’s 27.5 mm will be reduced to 17.4 mm but Yankees would be in position to reset the luxury tax penalty cycle after 2014.

    However, Yankees can’t take on player with bad contract like Marlins’ Bell. His AAV is 9 for two years. That would be 20.4 mm, 7.1 mm or less difference from Arod’s AAV in 2014. It may interdict signing Cano. Let alone Vernon Wells’ contract.

    Because Yankees pay a good chunk of his contract, they should get someone good in return but there is no guarantee of what actual difference factor in real life. For me, I would do it with Marlins for C John Buck and AAA southpaw.

    Buck and Russell Martin are similar but Martin is better. Martin makes 7 m this year so Martin and Napoli could sign for 8 m next year. Buck is owed 6 mm each season for 2 years.

    AAA southpaw would make Yankees letting Boone Logan walk. Keep all southpaws in the pen for less than 1 m per.

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

      YooBooLand versus EddardWorld: Who wins?

      • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior)

        No one.

      • jjyank (Carsten Charles Cruisin’)

        Have they ever existed at the same time before? This is a sign of the apocolypse. The fucking Mayans were right.

        • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

          My second failed theory, which may have predated “Eddard is Big Member,” (which I no longer believe), was that Eddard was YooBoo. Looking at YooBoo’s writing reminds me that this clearly isn’t so.

    • Hornets686

      Mark Buehrle, Heath Bell, and John Buck could end up going from Miami to New York if the sides complete a trade. The Yankees and Marlins have had preliminary talks about a possible deal. Lets do it!

  • JonS

    Quick, how can we get Seattle to look like a big market team? lol

    We can trade him for Monteroooooo!!!!!!

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

      Fuck. I’d actually consider doing that.

      Goddamn you and those Venezuelan eyes, Jesus.

  • TopChuckie

    When my team is crumbling, I prefer my players hit on hot chicks than drink beer, eat fried chicken, or play cards.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      And crumbling is relative. They did make the ALCS, as opposed to some other teams we love to hate.

      • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior)

        People are really really really shitty at dealing with losing.

        • JonS

          As opposed to people ho are ok with it and except it?

    • Mike HC

      I rather have ARod blow off steam from being benched by hitting on Australian swimsuit models than become a cancer in the clubhouse. ARod should be applauded for how he is handling this benching, in my opinion.

      • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior)

        I have a hard time criticizing anyone from hitting on Australian swimsuit models. Don’t even care what circumstance it’s in.

        • Mike HC

          I would have been all over ARod if he didn’t hit on them!

          • Cris Pengiucci

            (disturbing visual of Mike HC being “all over” Arod pops into my mind ….)

            • Mike HC

              haha … you sick bastard, ha

  • Barbara Booey

    Isn’t it great how Axisa kept trying to convince everyone that arod was going to play out his contract in NY and there was no chance of dealing him? Sounds like more pin headed analysis on his part. This notion that he cross too much and would be so hard to replace is pure nonsense. For four years Arod has been a part time player. Open your eyes! What else do you call someone who plays 100-120 games per year! Also – anyone who thinks the yankees have a hard stop at $189mm is as dumb as the agents they are trying to mislead with that statement.

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

      Nothing endears someone more to the readerbase on here than busting on the site owner. Let’s see you do better than Mike.

    • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior)

      The only way we deal him is if some team is extraordinarily dumb.

      ARod isn’t going anywhere, and you clearly didn’t read any of the arguments as to why. You saw one rumor that supported a narrative you liked, and came here to gloat.


    • jjyank (Carsten Charles Cruisin’)

      Regardless of this report, dealing A-Rod is still a long shot. I think the only pin-headed statements in this scenario are yours.

  • LennonJames

    Who cares about the ALCS, or the fact that the Yankees face a historic battle if they’re going to win the World Series. Let’s spend all our time discussing what might happen to Alex Rodriguez, or what has happened, or what he is going to do, or what he isn’t going to do.

    Something tells me they will have enough time to discuss this in a few days, or weeks, or so. It’s just too bad that this is what most people want to read about right now. But hey, I’m sure the Yankees will be back here in 12 months, so who cares about it now.

    (not an insult to RAB readers, just the NY media.)

  • Bmezz

    I think a swap with the mets is in order. Arod always wanted to be a met!

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man!)

      ike davis…..parades…..

  • Thunder Road Runner

    This team needs to be rebuilt. I won’t pass judgement on A-Rod for what’s happened the last 2 weeks, but we can’t move forward until he’s gone.

    • Knoxvillain

      What? We finished in first place. We’re in the ALCS. Why the hell would we need to rebuild? I understand trading A-Rod, letting Swisher go, letting Granderson go after next year. Things like that. But rebuilding? No.

  • MattJasp

    Everything is going to keep going in circles until the offseason starts. There isn’t much to say without repeating everything someone else has already stated. Only thing I really have, props to A-Rod for handling this so maturely. He’s basically being run out and continues to fight off any notion of a problem. You can tell by his demeanor and words that he wants to be out there and help. Yankee organization just keeps shooting him down though. The only thing anyone can really ask for in life is a chance, or a chance to redeem themselves and he’s not getting it. Do I understand the Chavez move? Yup. Is he performing better than A-Rod thus far? Nope. He also made the error for the game winning run and I haven’t seen one person up in arms about it. A-Rod’s patience is commendable and if I was in his position, I probably would have said quite a few different words.

  • TinoBambino24

    If Rodriguez does indeed get traded- who plays 3B? Can the Yankees get a package of Wells and Trumbo? I don’t have a clue, but could the Yankees perhaps let Nunez play 3B next year?

  • nsalem

    A-Rod broke a bone in his hand on July 26 and attempted to return way too soon just 39 days later. He had a powerless September and I would imagine that this injury is a major factor in his dismal playoff showing. I think there are many players who would not havebeen able to return at any point in the season and A-Rod should be praised for his effort. I think it is grossly unfair that there are very few in the media or in the Yankee organization who do not point this out. The contract he has is a terrible one and there is no argument there, but to suppose that he is washed up due to his performance over the last several weeks is quite silly. His year was not A-Rod like up till July 26 but not terrible. He was on pace for 28 Home Runs and I belief if (big if) he find a way to stay healthy he may have 2 or 3 years of that type of performance left in him. To give up that type of production and flush the money away would be counter productive for the Yankees. I don’t belief his clubhouse status among his peers is relevant to this conversation only a desire to win which I thinke he does have.

    • Mike HC

      Trading ARod, and eating a large chunk of his salary would definitely be counterproductive. This is not an AJ Burnett situation. But if we can deal him and get some salary relief (like the Vernon Wells deal scenario), I like that a lot.

    • Herby

      I do think he will make an extraordinary effort in the offseason to make some changes. I’m sure the hand injury made a difference in his approach at the end of the year. When he first came back he was playing well, but as time went on he went into a slump and never got out of it. Would be good to see him drop some weight (How much does Kevin Long weigh) but I do think he’s bulked up too much.
      I wouldn’t mind seeing him stick around at least another season.
      I’d also like to throw Melky Mesa in Swishers place, extend Granderson and trade him in the offseason…eventually make Cano a third baseman…that arm would make it perfect and see what you have in CoJo. Trade Tex and possibly Nunez in a year for a SS (Andrus) or young pitcher and put Jeter at first, if he can’t cut it anymore at SS, or if he decides to retire after that if his body can’t perform. Then start to mix in some of the kids.

  • David Ortizs Dealer

    How does eating a contract impact luxury tax? If dumping A-Rod saves luxury tax, then eating some of the deal will generate some savings.

    • Tom

      I’m curious about this as well as traditionally it is AAV over the life of the contract.

      So if the Yankees say pick up 15mil a year (completely arbitrary), I’m not sure if that is the new luxury tax # that is used or if it is a weighted average with the old luxury figure (somewhere I think around 28mil). In other words it could be them paying 15mil/yr of actual money but having something like 22mil counting against the luxury threshold calculation.

      If it’s the former than it makes more sense to do this as you may save more off the luxury tax calculation than the actual salary. If it’s the latter it might not make sense as the luxury tax # might be significantly more than what you are actually paying him (making it even harder to get under the luxury tax #)

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        I believe only the money they actually pay would count toward their luxury tax payroll. I think the acquiring team would inherit the 27.5M AAV for their luxury tax payroll, and they would deduct any amount the Yankees pay in each particular year.

        So in your example, he would count for $15M on the Yankees luxury tax payroll and $12.5M on the acquiring team’s luxury tax payroll.

        • Tom

          That makes sense and what I tend to think. Fortunately for pretty much any team that is not much of an impact.

          It does open up some interesting dynamics at the very end of a mega deal like ARod’s where the actual salary is less than the luxury tax # (if the player is at the point of being completely unproductive)

          I think ARod’s last two years are at 21mil. What if they paid everything (or everything but the league min) to trade him to a team with no luxury tax issues (toss in a mid level prospect). That team could then turn around and cut him (and have to pay him league min), knowing they got a prospect out of the deal.

          They’d get dinged for 20.5mil on the luxury tax. If they just cut him outright they’d get dinged 27.5mil on the luxury tax. So if they were pushing close to the luxury tax, they are better off trading him than just outright cutting him – enough so it might be worth giving up a so-so prospect.

  • Willballs

    Here’s a crazy trade idea but please let me reference it first that the Yankees are still battling and anything is possible until the last out.

    Yankees trade:
    Arod and eat 50-60 million on his contract up front so the next 2-3 years towards salary cap.
    Granderson (in his last year)

    Miami Marlins sends us:
    Heath Bell and what’s left on his contract
    Josh Johnson who has 1 year left as well.

    I know many of you will say the Marlins will not trade Johnson but he is injury prone and he came back from the surgery and had a decent year in the NL. Also we will be giving them Ivan Nova to replace who had a down year but has the ability especially in the NL to be a top three pitcher.

    Is it far fetched? Maybe but if you can get rid of A-rod and the drama you need to do it.

  • Christopher

    The Yanks have a chance in hell of winning without Arod this post season.

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    We have 2 camps, those that can’t understand why Arod won’t be traded in a few weeks and those that are trying to lay out a mathmatical case why keeping him is better.

    You’re father apart than Obama and the Tea Party freshmen representatives.

    Good news is we all love the Yankees, except for like three of you, and I admit I don’t understand why you’re here.

    Serious question: If we want to get rid of Arod, and we’ve got to eat a metric fuckton of salary to do it, why not keep him until the middle of next year and do it then? He’ll have either recovered enough that we can get a better deal, or he’ll be who we thought he was.

    (depending on who you are, of course)

    • RetroRob

      …because there is a subset of Yankee fans who hate A-Rod so much that they don’t care what he does. They ignore when he does something positve, and obsess over over when he doesn’t, which is easy, since even the best of players fail most of the time. They would rather the Yankees eat the full value of A-Rod’s contract and have a weaker team just to have A-Rod gone. Then they’ll focus their anger on some other player, because that’s the kind of fans they are. I do know fans like this in real life, not just from postings. Take joy. They’re just miserable people.

      • AnthonyD


  • Willballs

    Yeah chris, and its because A-rod was killing the ball when he was in right. Wait he failed to make contact time after time with guys on base and how would he help us right now?

  • Joe F

    Marlins we’ll take Stanton.

  • Frank

    Why does anyone think a team will want to trade for arod? With the homer bonus’ the Yankees would need to eat 100MM, leaving maybe 40MM over 5 years. A) they’re not eating 100MM B) only an AL team would trade for him since he is a DH very soon c) a 40-43 year old DH at 8MM per year is not a good idea. Hence..,he will be a Yankee.

  • RetroRob

    I don’t see A-Rod wanting to leave NY. If anything, the expectation bar on his has been set so low that for the first time in his career he can probably exceed them!

    Yet I can’t put much faith in A-Rod’s comment that he has no intention of waiving his no-trade clause anymore than I can the unnamed comment from “friends” who said he was open to a trade as long as it was to a major-market club. We’re going to get lots of this nonsense in the offseason.

    The Yankees aren’t going to eat $114M and then also have to go find another 3B’man. If they did, they would drive up their costs and weaken the team. Quality 3B’men are not easy to come by. Even medium-level 3B-mean are not easy to acquire.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      I think the other team taking on about $40M and the HR incentives would be about the minimum for a trade to make any sense for the Yankees (or they could take less if the Yankees got a good return in the trade).
      I don’t see any team that would make sense for them to do that.
      The options would then be:
      1) eat too much of the contract just to get rid of him and likely be worse off for it
      2) find a very foolish counterpart GM/owner
      3) keep ARod for as long as he is still useful

      Option 3 seems like the most likely by far.

  • paul a

    If by some miracle we dump A Rod how would Kevin Youkalis look in pinstripes for a year or two.

    • jjyank


    • RetroRob


    • Defensive Indifference

      Kevin Youkalis couldn’t look good in anything but a plain paper bag. And I’d put one over my head just in case the on on his fell off.

      • Herby

        Oh hell…I was able to survive with Ichiro in a Yankee uniform…not that I’d want to see Youkalis in one, but to me the idea of Ichiro as a Yankee was one of the worst prospects I’d ever imagined…now I have to live with the thought they might try to resign him…maybe I’ll become a Mariner fan they’re half Yankee prospects as it is.

  • Winsoruiz

    First things first. Get rid of Girardi.

    • JohnC

      why? Who could have done better the way this offense was performing?

  • Eddard

    If they really want to trade him they will. All they have to do is bench him to start the regular season and he’ll want to go real fast. I don’t think they’ll trade him because nobody wants the drama. Miami tried it with Ozzie and that lasted half a season. We’ll have to make do with what we have. Hopefully ARod’s struggles are injury related and the new hitting coach can work with him in the offseason.

  • CANOlli

    “The Yankees would gladly take Wells for Rodriguez,”


    this guy gets a job as a anational reporter?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      If it was straight up without the Yankees having to include money?
      I think they’d jump on that opportunity, even if they just planned to release Wells.
      It would all come down to how much money the Yankees would have to include.

    • vicki

      we’d be robbing them. we’d be saving 70mm over five years. that’s a 14mm player. i’m an arod fan but what the man said isn’t out of line.

      crazy thought is arod and pujols on the corners.

  • JMK

    Crazy idea: Sign Melky, get rid of Swisher.



      I’d rather trade for Denard Span.. Span is a linedrive hitter, and has some speed, and i think will hit in the 280-300 range with us, and hit a few more taters with the short porch in right. We gotta start getting some solid hitters in here, and not guys who hit in the 210-250range..


    There in a rushto get rid of him, because if he declines anymore, they won’t be able to get rid of him at all, at any point.. So there thinking is, get rid of now for antoher bad contract thats shorter in stature and get outta this mess quicker… If Arod has another injury plaqued huge droughts in HR’s season, and hits a measly 270ish or lower, then were screwed, and stuck with em for the long hall..

    Right now, u might be able to find a team that thinks they can get alittle more outta him in a reboud yr or 2, and plus the added fans coming to games to see him pass guys in HR’s…

  • JRod

    The Yankees would not have won a World Championship in 2009 without ARod. We know the utter horrors we’ve just witnessed, and for the money they’ve paid him, he should have been a big part of at least two championships by now. But the fact remains. Personally, I want a king hell of a redemption story next year, with Mo back, Jeter healed & back, Pettitte and Ibanez back for one more year, and ARod. I want them to come back and make it right. We need more hard-nosed players like Ibanez out there. Maybe Paul O’Neill wants to put a uniform back on. Ditch Swisher with no regrets. Nice guy, but let’s face it, the epitome of a candyass. And yes, the sweep was a disgrace to the Yankee tradition, but the playoffs are a crapshoot, riddled with randomness. Most people grasp randomness as a concept, but they don’t really feel it in their bones, what it really means. Humans need to make everything into a narrative. Myself included. I wouldn’t feel a whole lot better if they lost the series 4-1 or 4-3. When they lost to the Diamondbacks in 7 games back in 2001, I didn’t feel a single shred of consolation because they got that far. It was worse than being swept in the ALCS. If you don’t win it all, who cares? These are the New York Yankees. Still. FTW.

  • 27 rings

    Anybody that says get rid of Girardi hasn’t been paying attention. What could have Girardi that would have made them hit??? Nothing that’s what. He did a great job with this mediocre team. They should never have even made the playoffs with all their injuries and horrible hitting with RISP. Thanks Joe.

  • nolan

    Arod is still an above average 3b. We don’t have any young, cheap minor leaguer who we can plug in as an upgrade and get better production. This plus the fact that the yankees would have to just eat most of arod’s contract to move him AND would not get anything of value back in return means that trading him would be hurting the 2013 yankees and not helping them. Trading him to the Marlins for heath bell, mark buhrle and buck doesnt improve the team. It makes it worse.

    If you can’t find a team to pick up at least half of his contract and or expand the trade to include a slugging young, cheap outfielder (or 3b) then you dont make the trade. Period. The purpose is to improve the team not just get rid of Arod.

  • David Ortizs Dealer

    The biggest arguement for trade ARod now, is the distraction level. His existence brings its own set of baggage. If Soriano leaves, a Heath Bell deal has some merit, especially if Rothchild thinks he can fix him.

    As for 3B, you can either slide Jeter over and put Nunez at SS, or teach Nunez 3b, platoon Nix & Chavez. Each case has its own plues and minues.

    If you buy into health being an issue this year, maybe you wait.

  • JohnC

    Sing Michael Bourn or BJ Upton. Stay away from Josh Hamilton.

    • JohnC

      I meant “sign” for those who like to point out spelling errors

  • TomH

    ARod says he wants to stay? Good man. I hope he does. In a few weeks the newspaper/tv-inspired hysterics will die out, as these media find some other story they use to inflame the mass mind. People should get hold of themselves and watch ball games more often with the mute button pressed.

    • TomH

      I just looked at that interview. Where do these reporters learn to ask questions of the “how-does-that-make-you-feel” variety? This time it was a man’s voice asking this psychobabble question. Usually it’s Meredith. Such questions are amazingly unintelligent and useless.

  • Deep Thoughts

    A-Rod to Seattle for Kyle Seager.

    -He returns to where it all started
    -Comfortable in a lineup of underperforming hitters
    -Wedge gets a more right-handed lineup: Smoak-Alex-Ackley-Montero-Jaso*
    -Yankees get a younger Jayson Nix with more power

    *Or hell, they could sign Ichiro to another 1-year. Junior too.

    How serious am I? I don’t know.