Sherman: Ichiro “strongly wants to stay” with Yankees

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Via Joel Sherman: Ichiro Suzuki greatly enjoyed his time with the Yankees this season and “strongly wants to stay” with the club next year. Sherman suggests a one-year contract in the $5-8M range would get it done.

“We haven’t had our pro scouting meetings yet (but) when we do we will rank the available players and we will see where [Ichiro] ranks and how it fits once everyone starts engaging the market,” said Brian Cashman. The Yankees are likely to let Nick Swisher walk as a free agent this winter and Ichiro could theoretically step right into right field, but it would be a massive downgrade offensively and not a big enough of an upgrade defensively to compensate. My guess is the team will scour the trade market before circling back to Ichiro later in the offseason if nothing better pops up.

The five biggest RISPFAILs of the 2012 season
What Went Right: Robinson Cano
  • rek4gehrig

    Sign him up

  • Blake

    I approve…but they need a legit RH bat in the outfield somewhere

    • thenamestsam

      Agreed. I’d be happy to see Ichiro return, but I wouldn’t count on him as a 100% full time player, and with 3 left handed hitters in the outfield, there should be enough at-bats to get a solid righty in the mix as well.

    • MC

      Tori Hunter. Seems the Angels are going to pass and Hunter is looking for a 2 year deal it seems. It could be a perfect mix, until Williams or Austin are ready. I would resign Ichiro for RF (1 year and $6mm) Tori Hunter LF (2 years and $18mm), although it maybe better the other way around, Ichiro in LF and Hunter in RF and trade Brett Gardner to the Nats (they have had an interest in him for a while) along with whatever the Nats want, to acquire Anthony Rendon.

      If the Yanks could resign Ichiro, sign Hunter (not my first choice, but solid) acquire Rendon and resign possibly Kuroda, I call that a pretty successful offseason. I’ve still got a lot of love for Upton and even Giancarlo Stanton, which I know will never happen, but then again, the Marlins are an epic mess right now and who knows what or who they will move on a day to day basis.

      • Laz

        Why would you trade gardner? At this point he is better than Ichiro and Hunter offensively and defensively. Would do it if they could snag Rendon, but otherwise no point.

    • MC

      ..and like others, I am a fan of Ichiro. I really liked him game. Plus the whole skinny jean thing is pretty funny and I’m sure lightens the mood in the clubhouse. He’s a character and that is something the Yanks like. Hope when the brass meet they figure this out, because I think he would be a solid resigning and not something that would carry into 2014 anyway, so the overall risk is very low.

  • your mom

    I want Ichiro. But if we get Justin Upton never mind.

  • Sayid

    Swisher to Ichiro is an overall downgrade, but is Ichiro + Gardner a downgrade compared to Swisher + Jones/Ibanez? Could be, but it’s at least closer.

    • Mister D

      But that’s just needlessly giving back the gains in LF.

      I imagine this is the least unique comment ever, but Oakland has a huge surplus in the OF now and Seth Smith could be a really nice strong-side platoon guy.

      • Sayid

        I was just trying to point out that while Ichiro is obviously a downgrade from Swisher, Gardner is an upgrade from Ibanez and Jones and thus, the team is not hurt that badly if it decides to go defense/speed heavy in the OF.

        • Mister D

          No, I get it. I just don’t like giving back gains when you don’t have to. There have to be better, safer options than a no-power, no-walk almost 40 year old.

          • Laz

            Hunter, if he comes cheap. Not a fan of having Ichiro as the rf, but also don’t want them to trade the whole farm for upton either.

  • Leg-End

    The feeling is mutual Ichiro! Ideal stop gap option at a reasonable price.

  • Chip Off the Ol’Knoblauch

    I want Ichiro in right over Swisher if only so my girlfriend will quit telling me how nice Swisher’s ass is whenever we sit in right.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Just remind her that she gets to go home with your not-as-nice ass at the end of the night.

    • Steve (different one)

      What’s wrong with Ichiro’s! ass?

      • Jobu

        It is a little skinny

    • MC

      Well, if it makes you feel any better one of my co-workers used to say the same thing about Posada and my co-worker was a guy. Not the easiest thing to respond to. To each is their own, but in this case, I’d probably feel a little more comfortable if my girlfriend was saying what yours was about Swish.

  • Mike

    I don’t see Ichiro as a massive downgrade offensively. Did Swish get it done this year, even outside of the playoffs? An older Jeter is working out great, and the same has happened and will happen for Ichiro.

    Sign him!

    • Mike Axisa

      Did Swish get it done this year, even outside of the playoffs?


      What’s the problem?

  • Mikhel

    In what universe having Ichiro instead of Swisher fielding and throwing is a downgrade? Swisher was the worst or second worse RF in the American League.

    Sure, Swisher’s OBP is hard to replace, but Ichiro’s defense+throw+speed on the basepaths makes up for the lower production compared to ‘Swish’.

    Plus the Yanks would have their two best 1-2 production since the years of Knoblauch+Jeter and even better than Jeter+Damon, Gardner is not a 1-3 batter, he is a 8-9 batter at best who can wreck havoc in the bases if he gets on base and steals 2nd with Jeter batting and Ichiro behind Jeter, for the sole reason that teams will have to choose their venom, either allow Jeter to get the RBI or to pitch to Ichiro, knowing well that a walk to Derek could mean trouble if Ichiro loads the bases with a bunt.

    • Mike Axisa

      Swisher was the worst or second worse RF in the American League.

      That’s not even in the realm of reality. Watch more non-Yankees baseball.

    • Nick Swisher, Rodeo Clown

      Axisa’s a Swisher guy. If you read the chats he’s always advocated re-signing Swisher and trading Cano or letting him walk.

      I actually respect the fact that he hasn’t let yet another postseason letdown sour him on his guy. Swisher can definitely work the walk, and occasionally he actually connects on one of his patented swing-from-the-heels swings. It’s fool’s gold, of course, but we all have a player or two that we invariably see past their faults and just love the hell out of them.

      • thenamestsam

        “It’s fool’s gold, of course”

        With such a strong argument how could anyone disagree?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          *picturing original commenter wearing prospector’s hat*

          • Nick Swisher, Rodeo Clown

            Nice ad hominem attack, I guess.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              You’re giving me too much credit, son.

      • Steve (different one)

        Doesn’t matter if Swisher is an “Axisa” guy or not, the statement Mile objected to was ludicrously false.

      • jjyank

        Nick Swisher’s wRC+’s since he’s been a Yankee:


        He’s a good player. Not a star, but a really solid supporting player. I really don’t get all the hate for Swisher.

        • Steve (different one)

          Those numbers you posted seem to say that he IS a star, at least on the offensive side of the ball.

          His wRC+ was 29th in all of baseball. That’s at least in the neighborhood of “star”…

          It’s also 4th amongst RFers.

          • jjyank

            Right. When I say star, I’m taking into account everything.

            I like Swisher a lot. Whether he’s a star or not, my point is that I don’t understand the hate he gets. I would bet quite a bit of money that Swisher will have a better year than Ichiro in 2013. The relative costs, though, are another matter.

          • Mister D

            Right, and this is the annoying part of the anti-Swisher camps’ perspective. Not wanting to resign him long term into his 30s is completely fair, especially given him being a corner and our future payroll cap, but to pretend past performance is a factor rather than making it 100% about future projection is ridiculous.

            • CountZero

              Well…not to deny that Swisher was definitely worth every penny of the contract just finishing, but I think there are two valid “anti-Swisher” arguments going forward:

              (1) If he really is expecting Werth money at this stage in his career, that looks like a bad contract at his age. We have to see how the negotiations go to know what he really expects and will get.

              (2) If you buy into the Jeter philosophy that the real season starts with the playoffs for the Yankees — i.e., making the post-season is a given, and winning in the post-season is what matters — then you have to give some credence to concerns about his failures in the post-season. Swisher’s post-season struggles have moved beyond SSS and into the realm of “Why can’t he produce in October?” (.589 OPS in 181 PAs)

              I don’t know the answer to the question at the end of #2, but one would surmise that it has gotten into his head by now, and you know — 90% of the game is half mental. :)

        • pop

          swisher hate comes from his playoff career 2 for 34 (2 for 35?) with RISP, that was constantly displayed on the telecasts. plus he is .169/.283/.305 in 181 playoff PA

      • Laz

        I think it is just logic. Swisher is still a 4 WAR player, and is one of the better #6 hitters in baseball. He was bad in the playoffs, but there isn’t a point running him out of town if you don’t have a replacement. Same with granderson, many people want to trade him, but who is going to replace him.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    So strongly that he’d stay even without a defined starting role? If so, sure, sign him up.

    I want no part of Gardner in one corner and Ichiro in the other. Those of you advocating that will go from slap-happy to slap-unhappy by May.

    • jjyank

      Agreed. I like Ichiro, but I’d be nervous calling him out 2013 everyday right fielder.

    • Steve (different one)

      Can’t ignore Ichiro’s numbers in Seattle, but he did slug .454 as a Yankee and .531 in Yankee stadium. What’s tough to separate is whether that’s just a SSS hot streak, of the stadium playing to his swing. I’m sure it’s a little of both, but my point is that as a Yankee, I’m not so sure Ichiro would offer NO power (I.e. slap hitter). Think he can still put one in the short porch every once in a while. Maybe 15 HRs next year? That’s a downgrade from Swisher obviously, but with a decent platoon partner I’m not convinced this isn’t the best option available. Not a lot out there on the market.

      I’d pull stronger for a Longterm solution via trade if the yanks didn’t have 3 potential OF studs in the minors who are 1-2 years away.

      • Ted Nelson

        Thing about objectively evaluating him is that YS3 will play to most LHHs’ swings.

        I don’t mind Ichiro as a stop-gap depending on the options. I would just prefer stadium neutral evaluation unless there’s something really specific about one guys’ game that fits a certain stadium. Maybe that’s the case with Ichiro, but I’d need to see a lot more. YS3 is pretty kind to most LHHs.

  • Blake

    Gardner should be in CF next year whether Grandy is back or not…’s time to make that change

    • Mike Axisa


    • jjyank


    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…(I believe that children are our future)

      Butbutbut 43 home runs from CF!!!&$@!!!

      • Laz

        Don’t think they need to dump him, just gardner is better suited for center, and grandy at left.

  • AC

    Ichiro Gardber and Nunez. Get done youth in there. You can’t bring back the same team. Needs tweaking. I have no issue with Ichiro on a 1 yr deal in RF. this team is built for reg season YES but not post season. Need contact hitter and some speed. At 39 he raised his game. I’d look into moving Grandy as well

    • 0 for infinity and beyond

      With an outfield like that you won’t be able to accuse the Yankees of being a Homerun Hitting Team, so there’s that…

    • jjyank

      I really dislike the “build for the postseason” thing.

      • gc

        Agreed. If you’re good enough to win more games than anyone in your LEAGUE, you’re good enough to win in the post-season. Sadly, only one team can end their season with a “W,” so all this talk of “not being built to win in the post-season” is nonsense.

        • jjyank

          Of course. You build the best team you can, generally speaking. You get to the playoffs. And you hope things click at the right time. That’s it.

          • Steve (different one)

            Yes, do we not want Verlander after last night?

          • Kevin

            Of course we build for the post-season. Let’s trade Zito for Verlander, Pence for Adam Jones, Kozma for Cano, Freese for Zimmerman, and Delmon ‘clutch’ Young for anybody in baseball…..

        • emac2

          I disagree. The playoffs is a different game where you drop the 5-6th starters and players who get a bulk of their production from mistakes by the pitcher have outsized difficulty. Speed and defense also come more into play and managers don’t allow games to get away from them.

          It’s a different game and you can ignore it or take advantage of it.

          • jjyank

            It’s the same game. The Yankees played plenty of good teams in the regular season and faced plenty of good pitchers. And they won plenty of times, too. The Yankees got knocked out because they stopped hitting. The same hitters who have hit good pitching plenty of times.

            • emac2

              It’s the same game?

              Do you think managers mange the game the same way?

              Don’t they skip the 4th and 5th starters whenever possible?

              Don’t they use specialists more often?

              When you consider the above doesn’t it follow that there are fewer bad pitchers and mistake hitters will see fewer mistakes?

              • jjyank

                On a game to game basis, yes, it’s the freaking same.

                The Yankees lost because the hitters stopped hitting. That’s it. Not because they could skip a starter, or becaused it was managed differently.

              • Ted Nelson

                You fail to even attempt to prove the Yankees are “mistake” hitters. You don’t even begin to look into that.

                Is your argument that the Giants and Tigers are better against good P and worse against bad P? They hit great pitches better than mistakes?

                • emac2

                  I didn’t say the Yankees are mistake hitters. I said Swisher is a hitter that requires a mistake because he his strengths are walks and the courage to swing really hard every time hoping that the pitch hits the bat 20 or so times a year.

                  • Scully

                    Riiiight because that’s what makes you hit .288, 260 and .272 with 8.8 total war… lots of hope.

          • Ted Nelson

            You have shown that it is a different game, but absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the Yankees roster is built for the post season or regular season.

            It is a different game because it is harder. Across the board. Better teams. Better Ps. Better everything.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        We tend to dislike things that have no basis in reality.

  • Rich in NJ

    I’d give him $5m.

    • Scheister

      I’d throw him a parade.

      • Rich in NJ


  • Russ

    What FA is out there who is equal to Swisher at the same price if he goes ? Unless there is a trade , Ichiro is ok for one year

    • Mike Myers

      Depends on the price. He could get 100MM…

      BJ would be half that or less. He seems to hit well in the Bronx, although I have no proof to back that up.

      Angel Pagan is my pick. Cheap and good.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        I doubt Pagan will be cheap.

  • emac2

    Ichiro is not an offensive downgrade unless you have decided that his NY numbers should somehow be merged with his Seattle numbers for comparison. He is a dramatic overall improvement from Swisher when you consider, hitting in the playoffs, defense and speed. Calling it a massive downgrade is foolish.

    • thenamestsam

      So it’s not a massive downgrade unless you decide to consider any evidence outside of 70 games and 250 plate appearances.

      I can’t imagine why anyone would anyone would want to do that…

    • Mike Axisa

      So we’re supposed to believe the last six weeks of 2012 — Ichiro didn’t start hitting with the Yankees until September — is the real Ichiro and disregard the last two years overall? And I’m the one being foolish?

      • emac2

        I’m not saying any small sample should be used to make any conclusions but Ichiro is much better Fielding and running with the differences in these departments being very significant.

        He has always had the ability to put the bat on the ball in a way that Swisher could never hope to equal even at this point in their careers.

        In big games when things slow down and both teams are very good you can’t count on hitters who need a mistake to do anything. The Yankees need to build for the big games when defense and contact make the difference and Swisher doesn’t show up for those games. Ichiro can perform even when he doesn’t see a good pitch and can impact the game i a big way without a hit. Swisher cannot.

    • Steve (different one)

      Well, you can’t simply dismiss his numbers in Seattle.

      • Mike Axisa

        If you want to, sure you can.

      • emac2

        His numbers in Seattle weren’t always bad. Why dismiss his japan numbers when Yankee stadium is close in size to that park than Safeco.

        • jjyank

          But they were bad recently. 2005 Ichiro means pretty much nothing now. 2011 and Mariners 2012 Ichiro, however, are actually relevant.

          • emac2

            Ok, so 11 and 12 at safeco are comparables to base a prediction on because he was playing baseball at about his current age?

            How are you going to adjust those numbers to adjust for the lineup he hits in now?

            How much do you adjust for the park?

            How about the fact that he wasn’t even playing for a shot at the playoffs and was thus an older player with no motivation.

            You simply cannot adjust for those things and to do some sort of averaging between those numbers and the numbers here. Yes it proves the ability to ad but does nothing to reliably predict anything.

            He came here and put up all star numbers. Assuming that it was just a coincidence even when he was coming to a park perfectly designed for him to hit is playing with numbers from a math as opposed to baseball perspective.

            How much do you adjust for a player that comes to a new team and plays insane baseball in a pennant race and through the playoffs?

            • jjyank

              He put up good numbers for 2 months. Sample sizes.

              I am not 100% against signing him if it came to that, but he’s not my plan A for sure.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              Ichiro in his first 41 games with the Yankees:

              Was he not motivated to be in a playoff race then?
              Was he not in a better lineup then?
              Was he not out of Safeco and into the cozy confines of YS3 then?

              I would expect him to be better than he was with Seattle.
              I wouldn’t reasonably expect him to come close to his final 322/340/454 line with the Yankees.
              He’s fine as a cheaper plan B, but the Yankees would be wise to look for an upgrade, imo.

              • emac2

                He wasn’t playing regularly and had a new hitting coach. The team also had a huge lead in the standings. When Swisher got healthy and the team started to stuck Ichiro came to the rescue and made the difference.

                • Need Pitching & Hitting

                  He had a great hot streak.
                  All other evidence points to an older player in decline.
                  They gave up the huge lead in the standings while Ichiro was struggling.
                  I think he’d make a fine plan B for a platoon OF. I wouldn’t expect much more than that.
                  Ichiro also hit 275/269/333 over his final 11 games, all while the Yankees were struggling to win the division.
                  He had a phenomenal, well-timed hot streak. Let’s not make it into something more than what it was.

                  In that hot streak, fwiw, he started only 10 of 15 games, so the playing regularly excuse really doesn’t fly.

  • mike exista

    justin upton pretty please??

  • JJ

    Ichiro on a 1 year deal at 5-7 mil, or Swisher on a 3-4 year deal at 55-80 mil.

    Ya, I’d take Ichiro in a heartbeat. His regular seasons stats will certainly represent a dropoff, but anything he can provide in the post season is a massive upgrade over swisher, who is arguably one of the worst postseason players in MLB history.

  • LarryM., Fl.

    Assuming the Yankees will get another year out of Granderson with hopes of an improvement with more contact with a 35+ HR and 100 RBI total. By more contact .250-.265 is acceptable. The signing of Ichiro would make an OF of Ichiro in RF and Gardner and Granderson playing either LF or CF. This combination of players is not laden with power. Yes, 2 of 3 players are contact types which I like but I prefer a balance of power and contact. The need for a power RH bat who can play RF or LF is paramount. Ichiro to me would be our 4th OF getting AB’s starting and subbing for days off. I would put him in the lineup as DH on occasion. He’s a high price 4th OF and the RH bat maybe a guy with 1WAR which is not too good and could be more expensive than Swisher. Swisher has worn on me. I appreciated his contributions but he stunk it up in the playoffs at .167 BA.

    If Soriano leaves us 14 million could go big time toward another player who has a better WAR. This kid Prado for Atlanta is probably ready to get a bigger payday from Atlanta with a 5.4 WAR currently earned 4.75 mill. He plays LF, 2nd and 3rd. So I hope Soriano opts. out.

    There are possibilities for the Yanks out there but can they pull it off to make the team stronger? Cashman needs to make a trade which can instantly help while the farm system is growing the new guys.

  • emac2

    Jeter SS/DH
    Ichiro RF
    Hamilton LF
    Arod 3B/DH
    Chavez DH/3B
    Nunez SS/DH
    Gardner CF

    Buy out Grandy and let Swish go.

    • LiterallyFigurative

      I’m actually a proponent of adding Hamilton. Everyone is running scared, thinking he’ll be injured or end up in crack den in the South Bronx. That fear might actually work in our favor.

      He will still get a high AAV, but fewer years. So maybe a 4 year/$80-90 mil contract is the top in the market. For his offense and overall play (especially if we move him to LF), that’s a good deal. I have a hard time beleiving he’ll immediately break down. Out of the 4 years, at least 3 of them will be real good to great.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I don’t worry about the substance use thing. Relapse is a part of recovery, and he has as much of a chance in relapsing in New York as he does in Kalamazoo.

        It’s much more about physical breakdown that substance use. The substance use thing is the height of silliness.

        • gc

          True. The guy misses a lot of time with injuries.

        • LiterallyFigurative

          I hear you. But like I said, that might work in our favor. Hamilton won’t get a real long term deal (at least that’s the scuttlebutt). If you could get him on a short deal (4 years) while he’s still a masher, wouldn’t it be worth the try? It’s not like elite offensive players are hitting the market every offseason. The beast-mode hitters are getting signed by their clubs.

          I see both sides of the argument for and against bringing him in. But to me, I think it’s worth it, if he can be had for a maximum of 4 years.

      • emac2

        I’m hoping he agrees to a deal for insane money that include team friendly clauses for relapse or injury. Maybe a series of 30 mil one year contracts that are automatically triggered with 500 ab or something like that.

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    I think Ichiro is worth bringing back but the Yankees need a more fluid lineup, with a deep bench of guys that play a lot based on matchups, etc.
    I hate a set lineup and wish the Yankees had a guy like Zobrist who plays 2B and OF.

    I’m hoping this postseason triggers a shift in mentality as to who needs to play every day, who has to bat in the same spot no matter what, etc.

    • Steve (different one)

      Why would you want a player who is worse than your 2Bman, and who plays everyday, because he can play 2B and the OF?

      Zobrist is a good player, but Cano is better. It feels like a solution in search of a problem.

      If you have good players, what’s wrong with a set lineup?

      • LiterallyFigurative

        I don’t think he’s saying to replace Cano WITH Zobrist. I think he wants a player LIKE Zobrist, who can play multiple positions (depending on matchups) and be really good at it.

        • Steve (different one)

          Sure, but here is the list of players who are comparable to Ben Zobrist:

          Ben Zobrist

          There is just no such thing as a player who hits like an All-Star RFer and plays all over the diamond. There is just Ben Zobrist, who is a freak.

          It’s kindof like complaininh that the Yankees do not have their own RA Dickey.

          I agree with the original post, I wish the Yankees had Ben Zobrist too! But not because it’s bad to have a “set lineup”, but because Zobrist is really good.

          IOW, in the name of “flexibility”, the Yankees could turn Nunez into a poor facsimile of Zobrist. They accomplish the original posters goal, but you’d be taking AB’s from better players.

      • MannyGeee (Eddard’s Big left handed hairy monster)

        I’d be alright with a Zobrist. he can give Cano 1/2 a day off once in a while… would be on the right side of a platoon with Ichiro and or Cano…

        Also, anyone who can play multiple positions (play them well cough not Nunez cough) is of more value. seems logical.

  • Mike HC

    That just about sums it up. It would not be optimal for him to be our starting right fielder, but we can surely do worse too. It is nice to have the fallback of veterans wanting to play for a perennial contender like the Yanks.

  • Ichrio

    I’d sign him for a year and get an entire new outfield. Say so long to Swisher, Granderson and Gardner.

    Swisher – Swisher is a very good ” “during season” out fielder but he has never showed up for the Yankees in the post season. Replacing Swisher will be a little tough but it can be done. I say Ichrio in RF for one year.

    Granderson – Yes pick up his option but trade him someone those 40 homeruns are an eye sore for some team….. It’s not what the Yankees need, the Yankees need to get away from power. Granderson 235 and 200 holes in his bat along with a .310 OBP just ain’t cutting it. Go get some who can get on base and put the ball in play and lay one down from time to time. Don’t let those 40 HR fool you.

    Gardner – Gardner has a glove and speed that he never uses. Gardner has No bat there is no hiding this. Just so people know Gardner went 0-8 in the post season and don’t tell me he hasn’t played all year if that was the case then he shouldn’t have been on the post season roster. Yankees are holding onto this guy as if he’s the next Lou Brock all he is…is a defensive out fielder with no bat. I think the Yankees could throw a baloon out there and do better.

    So Ichrio for another year isn’t to shabby a guy who puts the ball in play, lays down a bunt from time to time and can hook one into the RF seat at anytime.

    • DC

      So who are the someones comprising the “new” outfield?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Gardner is a league average bat. As for the speed he never uses, he’s 9th in MLB in stolen bases over the last 3 years despite missing almost the entire season.

      ” Just so people know Gardner went 0-8 in the post season and don’t tell me he hasn’t played all year if that was the case then he shouldn’t have been on the post season roster.”

      Lol at using 8 AB’s to make an argument for anything, but he didn’t play all year. Are you questioning that he didn’t play all year? Or the wisdom of carrying him? Neither one has anything to do with an evaluation of Gardner’s ability.

      Gardner 2010-12: 269/365/374 11.7 WAR
      Ichiro 2010-12: 290/326/373 7.7 WAR

  • DJ4K&Monterowasdinero

    At 38, he hustles down the line and is hard to double. That alone is a breath of fresh air for our team.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Move him to 2B!

  • hornblower

    Well if Joel Sherman says it, it must be true. Ich will get a multi-year offer from someone, not the Yanks. Do not expect him back.

    • Steve (different one)

      It may or may not be true, but its not so far fetched that Ichiro! would take a little less money to stay in NY. The guy must have so much money from endorsements in Japan, not to mention the $150M he’s banked from MLB. He wants a ring, doubt he’d go to a non contender for an extra mil or 2.

  • MannyGeee (Eddard’s Big left handed hairy monster)

    I am OK with Ichiro being on the long side of an OF platoon. That said, we’re going to need to see a new version of Andruw Jones (at least one). LHP is going to absolutely slaughter that outfield in 2013.

    • Jersey Joe

      Agreed. I think Mike Morse could be that version of Andruw we are looking for, but I’m not so happy about Nats asking price. He could start against righties at DH, maybe get a start or two at third? Against lefties he could replace one of the lefty outfielders, and the good thing about having Ichiro would be that all the outfielders could play center…

      Remember 2005? Putting Womack and Matsui in center when Bernie didn’t hit? It’s good to have 3 legit center-fielders in case of injury/massive slump.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      If Ichiro is the best option they can reasonable get, then yes, need a righty 4th OF to supplement the 3 lefties. Preferably a masher who (as opposed to Andruw) can actually play the OF.

  • nolan

    1) Let Swish walk unless he willing to come down to 4years/40 million
    2) if he does walk sign ichiro
    3) look to see if we can use Hughes, Granderson or Gardner, Nunez, Nova, Warren + minor leaguers to upgrade in the OF to someone with a bit more power (Justin Upton, Alex Gordon, Josh Willingham).
    4) Resign Kuroda, Pettite, Martin and Mo
    5) let Soriano Walk
    6) Sign Jake Peavy or Dan Haren to a 1 year deal
    7) let Mustellier be the utility guy
    8) sign a DH (ibanez?, maybe someone right handed)
    9) let melky mesa be the 4th outfielder

    SP: CC, Kuroda, Pettite, Peavy, Nova/Hughes/Warren

    • DC

      You just traded Hughes/Nova/Warren to upgrade your outfield…how are they going to be your 5th starter too? Also highly doubtful you get Peavy or Haren on a 1-year deal, not impossible, but doubtful.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    1B – Mustelier
    2B – CoJo
    SS – Nunez
    3B – Adams
    LF – Gardner
    CF – Ichiro
    RF – Dickerson

    We can slap it all day, and all night, long and, when we’re done, then we can slap the ball around as well.

    I need a shower.

    • Jersey Joe


      Cojo isn’t scrappy enough, we need a low OBP guy…



      • Cris Pengiucci

        Nunez has too much power too. Can Nix play 2B & SS at the same time?

        • Jersey Joe

          two words.

          reegie. corona.

    • DC

      You just blew Eddard’s mind.

    • Get Phelps Up

      C – Cervelli

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Whooops. Forgot the catcher. Of course it’s Frankie.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    Personally I would be fine with an Ichiro, Gardner, Torri Hunter outfield in 2013. Would we lose in the HR department? Of course. But it would improve the overall team defense and speed.

    The Yanks don’t need to necessarily get younger, but shorter, as in short-term contracts. I know in Yankeefan land, long-term planning is up to the All-Star break. But given the outfield prospects in the system, it makes no sense to sign OF’s over 30 who already are suspect defenders to 4 and 5 year deals.

    I for one am fine with being patient and going year to year with the outfield. Besides, I think it might be wiser to use the funds to keep the rotation and bullpen top notch.

    • Jersey Joe

      Mentioned it above, here it is again:

      If we sign Ichiro, we should trade for power, righty-hitting, fielding second, outfielder. People who come to mind are Mike Morse, possibly Corey Hart, possibly Josh Willingham. Maybe a package around Phelps…I’m not sure he has a big future with the team, and his value is as high as it ever will be.

      Vs. Righties
      1. Gardner/Ichiro CF/RF
      2. Jeter SS
      3. Cano 2B
      4. Teixeira 1B
      5. Rodriguez 3B
      6. Morse DH
      7. Granderson LF
      8. Martin C
      9. Gardner/Ichiro CF/RF

      Morse could play right field against lefties, then we give lefty outfielder a day off, and Jeter/A-Rod half day off.

      • Jobu

        Why the hell would the Nats trade Morse for a package built around Phelps. Have you looked at their rotation? I will save you some time, it is the best in baseball and they have pitchers better than Phelps in the minors.

        • Jersey Joe

          with Edwin Jackson gone, I think Phelps could the same role as he did last year. With Strasburg having possibly another year of limits, the beginning of a bad start could make Johnson pull him out of the game and he could be their swingman.

          Eduardo has future with this team, but with Espinosa’s long slumps, Nunez could get a few starts at second. Also, Nunez’s speed and “multi-position” means he is better suited for the NL.

          Maybe they could throw in Melky Mesa for a possible center field platoon with Denard Span, who has some trouble against lefties?

          I wonder how much they’ll ask for Morse, but I’m not trading Granderson if they ask for him.

  • RetroRob

    Too much loss of power and offense with Ichiro and Gardner manning the corners. Nice increase in speed and defense, but nowhere near enough to compensate. All equals less wins, which is not a good thing in the AL East. The goal is to improve.

    Now if Gardner was packaged as part of a deal for a stronger power hitting OFer, then I can see Ichiro remaining for a season.

    • emac2

      I would be surprised to see a team with Gardner and Ichiro lose more often because of the homeruns we lose from Swisher and jones/ibanez.

      The difference in speed and defense alone would be staggering.

      • DC

        “staggering” – lol

  • Ben

    I’ll buy Hamilton a beer if he comes to NYC.

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…(I believe that children are our future)

    Let Swish walk with qualifying offer.
    Renew Granderson, then trade him for whatever you reasonably can.

    Ichiro, one year, $5-7 million
    Gardner, cheap.
    Josh Hamilton, one year, $50 million.

  • Randy

    This is the one and only GM-type comment I will ever make. It may also be a ridiculous proposal but most people’s are so whatever. I don’t know about all of the numbers but what about attempting to trade grandy+nunez and prospects for Justin Upton and then going after BJ. You will have power, youth, speed and improved defense. The contracts may not be through the roof although I do concede BJ will probably cost a lot. This is of less quantifiable measure, but I do think having the Uptons around Jeter, CC. etc will have a positive impact on attitude and commitment to being your best every day. Granted that is all intangibles stuff, but I would dismiss it entirely. You guys can rip my idea apart now.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I think most people here would say that Granderson wouldn’t be an attractive trade piece in a deal like this. I actually slightly disagree. I think that, for a team that’d be giving up Upton, a one-year placeholder that will hit you 40 HR at a decent price isn’t a bad thing. Will that impact the quality of prospects you have to give up? Possibly not. You’re losing at least one of the studs in this deal anyway, even with Granderson and Nunez.

      • Randy

        I think getting a proven major leaguer with power in a home run hitter’s ballpark especially after getting rid of Young would be a good piece to bring back in a trade for Upton. I know people on here have soured on Granderson, but that feels more like prisoner of the moment stuff than anything else. I think Grandy will have a strong season next year whether it’s in New York or somewhere else. And I agree you’re definitely giving up one of your studs but that seems like a strong package for a player that Arizona seems to be having issues with.

  • Nathan

    Keep Ichiro, Gardner to the bench. He’d make a great defensive fourth outfielder and pinch runner.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Ichiro last 3 years: 290/326/373 93 wRC+, 111 SB in 485 games, 7.7 fWAR, 5.3 bWAR

      Gardner last 3 years: 269/365/374 105 wRC+, 98 SB in 325 games, 11.7 fWAR, 10.9 bWAR

      Seems like you’ve got the lesser player on the bench.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        *Seems like you’ve got the better player on the bench.

  • umbrellaman

    I think the way to look at it is not that Ichiro replaces Swisher, but rather that Ichiro replaces Ibanez. As in the lefty DH who can sub in the outfield. Of course, when Ichiro plays someone in the OF will DH. Ibanez cost 1.1 million, Jones 2 million, Swisher 10.5 million. Let’s put Nunez in Jones’s slot as righty “DH” at 600K, leaves 13 million to split between Ichiro and your right-handed hitting power hitting OF. If Ichiro signs for 5M what does 8M get you back? Ross, Hunter, Pagan?

  • Willballs

    “The Yankees are likely to let Nick Swisher walk as a free agent this winter and Ichiro could theoretically step right into right field, but it would be a massive downgrade offensively and not a big enough of an upgrade defensively to compensate.”


  • Yankonymous

    I really don’t understand why I should care who comprises 11.11% of the Yankees lineup. The Yankees do not need an All-Star at every position! Look at all the teams in the playoffs and their crappy lineups.

    Save the money, pay Ichiro $5-8 million and spend on pitching…Pitching and defense wins!

    • JAG

      …except when it doesn’t. Like all the games the Yankees lost this postseason except for ALCS Game 4.