Surprise Surprise! No one has called about A-Rod’s availability yet


Via Jon Heyman: No teams have contacted the Yankees to inquire about trading for Alex Rodriguez yet. This is not surprising for two reasons: one, the season just ended and clubs probably don’t have their entire offseason plan formulated at this point. Two, A-Rod isn’t exactly a hot trade commodity. Brian Cashman recently said that he isn’t planning to trade his third baseman but that doesn’t mean he won’t listen to offers. He would be foolish not to. I just wouldn’t expect a flood of ‘em.

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  1. vinny-b says:

    yes. What a suprise.

    Arod is what Donald Trump said he was. In fact, based on the body of post-playoff statements issued from Brian Cashman, Donald Trump should be the Yankees GM.

    sorry, Cashman. Have had your back the past 10+ years. No longer. This team needs a reconstruction, in both personnel and philosophy, even at expense of a rebuilding mode. And you’ve yet to receive that message. I look forward to many fewer seats at “Yankee Stadium” in 2013. It will be very well deserved.

  2. Rich in NJ says:

    As some have suggested, the only way to trade A-Rod (apart from eating nearly the entire contract, which would be counterproductive) is to pair him with a valuable asset (with the RS it was A. Gonzalez), and the Yankees don’t have any of those that they can spare.

  3. Eddard says:

    That means Cashman needs to start initiating the calls. This offseason is about unloading the dead weight and getting rid of locker room cancers. Cashman can achieve both in one fail swoop by trading ARod. Nuney can take over and be as productive with the additional element of speed, the distraction is gone and we’ll have a proven postseason hitter at 3B for years to come. He’s cheaper, too.

    • Robinson Tilapia (never missed an opportunity to namedrop Chuck Cary) says:

      ….and if the Yankees actually had locker room cancers, there’d be a point, for once, to what you’re saying. Alex is the polar opposite of a cancer in any clubhouse.

      • vinny-b says:

        dunno know how much Arod pays you to be on his jock. But for sake of your own dignity, i hope it’s a lot.

        • vinny-b says:

          edit: you and all the other sheep (arod apologists). Very predictable, yet pathetic.

          • CP says:

            So the reasonable thing is to follow the lead of the media and complain about how much the Yankees suck expire having Hebert record in the AL?

          • DC says:

            Congratulations, Vinny, you’ve become as ridiculous as Eddard.

            • jjyank says:

              I’m getting more of the dalelama vibe from this one. WIth a dash of stuart a, perhaps.

              • dalelama says:

                I appreciate the fact you are so jealous of the accuracy of my predictive skills which, unlike the Arod Butt Munch Brigade who for some unknown reason still support our $25M per year slap hitting statuesque admitted cheat of a third baseman, proved to be quite accurate.

          • Get Phelps Up says:

            I bet you think ARod paid Felix to hit him and break a bone in his hand so he didn’t have to play the whole season.

        • Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM) says:

          Yeah, he’s such a clubhouse cancer! How DARE he stand up for his manager after his manager bench him! How DARE he work with Robbie Cano and Eduardo Nunez EVERY DAY for the last few seasons! How DARE he get the back of every one of his teammates all the time and get called a great teammate by everybody in the club house!!! God R-Tils, get of A-Rod’s dick, would you?

          • dalelama says:

            How dare he fraudulently represent his drug enhanced capabilities to acquire a $25m per year contract for another 8 years or use his team employees to carry out sexual advances during the extra innings of a World Series game while Jeter was literally giving his body and soul to the team’s cause..

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      Eduardo Nunez: the next coming of George Brett or the next coming of Brooks Robinson?

  4. James says:

    Nunez sucks

  5. Andrew Brotherton says:

    What does A-Rod have to do to keep people from hating him? I mean he works out in the offseason with Cano, Melky, Nunez, is always helping the younger players, admits to every mistake he has ever made and apologizes for his shortcomings, outside of two postseasons performs admirably and in 2009 otherwordly during the playoffs, for the most part except for the last few years plays up to his contract. I don’t understand why somehow A-Rod is the scapegoat. I think the only way you trade him is if you can get real assets or real financial relief. If the Marlins agreed to take 75 to 80% of the contract and gave us their two competitive balance picks and Dominguez, or you got some lower A prospects with high potentials. No other reason to get rid of him.

    • whozat says:

      Have turned down the contract he was offered for his services, I guess? Or be Derek Jeter?

    • AnthonyD says:

      I’ve always wondered this myself. It’s not that he’s not appreciated, I could understand that to a certain extent – he is a big star that wasn’t home grown or whatever – dumb but I guess I could wrap my brain around that – but he has performed incredibly well and other than things of the “A Rod being A Rod” nature, which tend to be comically overblown (suntanning, ball to women, pics kissing himself), I don’t know why people seem to “hate” him? The post season underperformance? I mean the guy CARRIED the 09 post season. He was a boss in 04 until everyone shat the bed in games 4-7. I realize there are several series that he didn’t perform well, but does that make him different than other superstars? I don’t think so. It’s weird. I’ll never get it. SF fans support Bonds for God’s sake and he’s the biggest prick on the planet.

      • vicki says:

        much of it is the money, of course. but the captain missed an opportunity – out of personal pissiness, however deserved – at the original trade to mitigate much of the league-wide hate, at least among yankee fans. jeter shouldve vouched for him.

      • Andrew 518 says:

        SF fans are some of the most ill informed baseball fans in the world,

        I’d be cautious before I favorably compare myself to them.

        Being a good fan doesn’t mean you have to like pricks.
        If I really didn’t like the guy before he played here, and I never wanted him to play here, I don’t see an obligation to change my opinion of him. As much as his lack of performance in the post season shouldn’t define his career, nor should his performance in one post season. On this long of a time line I need to see more than that.

        I don’t think it’s quite fair to the extent he is a scape goat, but really I don’t find him to be all that of a sympathetic character. Nor do I really find anything he’s brought to the table all that likeable. Tainted records oh yeah!! That’s what I want to pay to see.

        For the record I have a good friend that worked in the Seattle club house, considered A-Rod the most arrogant ass he had ever met.

        • Mike HC says:

          I think it also had to do with him calling Jeter overrated and the best “number 2″ hitter in the game. Yankee fans hold a grudge when you dare to call Jeter out like that. And the fact that Jeter obviously wasn’t digging ARod on the team either, ARod by all accounts was a bit of an arrogant dick, and you get this situation.

          I believe he has attempted to change in recent years and seems to have made a ton of progress, but it is tough to win back fans I guess. I’ve personally warmed up to him a little bit this past year even with the poor year at the plate. His struggles, getting benched, it gives him some humility.

        • jjyank says:

          Oh come on man, how humble do you expect a ~22 year old super star to be? It’s pretty clear to me that over the last several years, A-Rod has been a great team mate. He stays late in spring training to run extra drills with guys. He hosts offseason work outs. He mentors younger players. He praises his team mates. He said all the right things when he was pinch hit for/benched.

          If you don’t want to like him, that’s your prerogative. But let’s not pretend that A-Rod from 15 years ago has anything to do with the A-Rod right now. I can’t hold arrogance from early-20′s A-Rod against him. He was one of the best players at his position, perhaps in history (at the time). He knew it. The fans knew it. The media knew it. I happily give guys a pass for arrogance when they’re in that situation. I know I’d be cocky as hell if everyone was telling me I could be the best short stop in history. People mature with age. Crazy, I know.

          Personally, I think he is a sympathetic character. Aging super star, mired by injuries. Never truly loved by the fans he played for. And also, let’s not pretend it was the steroids. People hated A-Rod long before 2009. Andy Pettitte cheated too, yet he’s one of the most beloved Yankees in recent memory.

          I’m tired of A-Rod being the scape goat. The whole offense failed. It sucks. Move on. Pointing fingers solves nothing.

          • dalelama says:

            It is simple, he is an overpaid,cheating, serial post season underperformer who couldn’t get his bat on the ball to get the go ahead run in from third base with one out in the bottom of the eighth against the Red Sux in game four of 2004 ALCS.

          • billbybob says:

            Barf…you lost me when you described A-Rod as a sympathetic character. Never have sympathy for those who have been paid hundreds of millions of dollars to play a freakin’ game.

          • Herby says:

            I was never a big fan of his for many years, but in the last few have come to like him better than before. The last two years his performance hasn’t been there. It would’ve been curious to see if Felix Hernandez didn’t let slip with that pitch. I think he’s going to be driven to have a better year. I don’t think he’s overweight, but it’d help his game if he lost 15 to 20lbs. I do still there is some life in there, and to trade it away and pay most of his salary and really get nothing in return to watch him have a comeback year with another team would be even more painful.
            Sympathetic figure..no not really…but as far as superstar players making the money they do…I think they earn it compared to some movie stars and entertainers who make the same or more for some of the crap they put out…Let’s see Justin Bieber face a 95mph fastball…..Please…

  6. The Moral Majority is Neither says:

    Seems like the Yankees should go for it in 2013 with the Jeter, Rivera, Pettitte, Granderson, Cano window still open. They have plenty of money but want to hit an arbitrary budget number in 2014.

    Would it make sense for them to overpay guys in 2013 that might otherwise get 2-year deals? Torii Hunter is an example. Offer him a 1- year deal at 75% of a 2-year deal. They make a run in 2013, preserve their 2014 budget and don’t ‘lose’ anything because they have the money to spend but are just trying to temporarily duck under an accounting limbo stick.

    • AnthonyD says:

      I wouldn’t call the budget # arbitrary. The % they pay on the amount they exceed $189 million resets if they are able to drop below the tax threshold for one year.

      That being said, I don’t care what they spend, what they profit etc as long as they will continue to spend a lot and spend intelligently going forward.

    • Mike HC says:

      I think they should drop the budget and take the 50 or 60 million hit or whatever. Between the team and YES and wherever else they bring in money on the team, I think they could cover that money.

      Having said that, it would seem counterproductive to overpay guys for this year just to save money next year. That would be like robbing Peter to pay Paul (or whatever that expression is).

      • Andrew 518 says:

        I know the idea of a “budget” seems kind of scary, I would hate to lose out on a player because of it, but let’s also remember that despite what just about every guy on the street likes to tell me (Yankee hats have a way of bringing out unprompted opinions) money doesn’t buy championships.

        When I look at the last decade of mega spending there really isn’t all that much to show for it. Some sucessful FA signings along with a whole lot of bad. Sure all but 08′ went to the play offs but really how many teams from ’01-’08 my unofficial era of careless spending really were contenders to win the World Series? Not that I didn’t expect them to, or want them to, but I can’t say any of those teams struck me as the team to beat in the way that the 96-00 Yankees were, a time of huge but not mega spending.

        I’m not promoting an era of austerity by any means, but I think smart spending will do more good than big spending from here on out.

  7. cashmoney says:

    Cashman should pimp Arod out to chip n’ dale to recoup some money. I bet he will OPS 1000 with the ladies. anywho, no surprise there. unless you live in a fantasy world, no one would even think about inquiring arod until he establish that his bat can meet squarely against a 85 mph fastball again.

  8. The Moral Majority is Neither says:

    I don’t want Cashman using his time desperately trying to give ARod away. Fix the other things first and if something on ARod comes up, even better.

    • Mike HC says:

      This is not the year to trade him anyway. He has almost as little value as possible right now, and the Yanks aren’t under the budget incentives like they will be in 2014. You keep him this year, hopes he regains some value, and then would be the decision whether you move him or not. A four year 86 million dollar deal (hopefully coming off a strong year) is still large, but slightly more palatable than taking on 5 for 114 coming off his worst season.

      I bottom line is that ARod will most likely be with this team for the rest of the contract.

      • dalelama says:

        Sad but true. Personally I would just keep running the guy out there every game with the slim hope he has enough pride to retire after a long stretch of nonperformance. Unfortunately, I think that or trying to nullify his contract based on fraud due to steroid enhanced performance misrepresentation are the only ways we are going to rid ourselves of Old Purple Lips.

  9. cashmoney says:

    arod’s fair market value is probably akin to what Beltre had when he agree to one year 5 mil deal with boston if even that. The warning signs are enough to trigger defcon 5 about arod skill deterioriation. He is a 38 year old guess hitter who now have to overcompensate to hit an average mlb fastball which renders him especially susceptible to off speed offerings. roids and hip injury has robbed him majority of his power. The Centaur should really consider retiring if he does not rebound next year. Oh, maybe Yanks could pay half of what they owe him and call a day.

  10. cashmoney says:

    ah, the utter stupidity of giving any baseball player a ten year contract well into their 40s.

  11. Austin Aunelowitzky says:

    “No one has called about A-Rod’s availability, yet.”
    Not even Kyna Treacy??

  12. DannySmooth says:

    I used to adore ARod when he came to NY. I was even a sympathiser of his when the declining first started, but honestly, I can’t see myself ever liking him again. I know he works hard, is a great clubhouse presence and all that other good stuff but if Jeter and Mo and Pettitte can excel at advanced ages still, he has no excuse. Plus they are severely less paid. Many people I know think the contract is his undoing, simply because he has all this money whether he sucks or not, so there is no drive for ARod really if you know what I mean. I would love to see him trade frankly, but not if we still have to pay a majority of his contract. I say find or wait for a team who wants Alex, and trade him for multiple players who’s salaries equal 114 mil over 5 yrs. Either way, both teams are still paying what they would have on their current payrolls anyway. I think I read somewhere that if we trade Alex to Miami for Reyes and Heath Bell, that’s exactly a 114 million dollar swap right there. What do y’all think?

    • dalelama says:

      I would jump on that trade in a NY minute.

    • Tony_Turdner says:

      Why would Miami trade Reyes, a still good player, for a useless one and still pay the same amount in salary? I think Miami would probably have the common courtesy to hang up the phone before they broke out in laughter.

      Also, for those who didn’t hear, Heath Bell has been a member of the Arizona D-backs for a week now.

      • DannySmooth says:

        I wasn’t aware that Heath was traded, my bad. I agree that the Marlins would be stupid if they actually agreed to a trade like the one I mentioned HOWEVER, Jeffry Loria, the marlins owner, loves ARod. Plus AROD Lives in miami AND because of that, the chances that he would waive the no trade clause, albeit slim as hell, would be better than any other team, Even if the other team is a playoff contender. Anyways all is a moot point now cuz I’m very sure he ain’t going anywhere.

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