Cashman says he’s not planning to trade A-Rod

Saturday Night Open Thread
2012 Yankees Injury Data

Via Jon Heyman: Brian Cashman says that he has no plans to try to trade Alex Rodriguez this offseason despite talk to the contrary. “He’s our third baseman … I’m going to focus on other areas,” said the GM before flatly saying he is not planning to discuss any deals involving A-Rod. Cashman denied having trade talks with the Marlins the other day.

This will be the offseason script, so be prepared. We’ll hear that the Yankees are talking to some team about A-Rod, then Cashman will deny it. Rinse, repeat. Even if they are having talks, he’ll still deny it. The only time the team will acknowledge that trade talks have occurred is when they send out a press release announcing a trade, if it ever happens. The Yankees tend to do things — especially major moves — very quietly and for good reason.

Saturday Night Open Thread
2012 Yankees Injury Data
  • Leg-End

    So you’re telling me theres a chance.

    • Blake

      More like 1 in a million …..

    • Realist

      Should plan on trading Granderson!

  • Hornets686

    A-Rod, Granderson, and Nova for Jason Bay, Johan Santana, and David Wright.

    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

      I’ll have what he’s having.

  • JLC 776

    This virtually guarantees that A-Rod will be in a Tokyo Swallows uniform next year.

  • Joe M

    There is absolutely no way he gets traded. His contract and no trade clause make him absolutely impossible to trade. I don’t understand what everyone is thinking.

    • Bubba

      They’re wishing, not thinking.

  • dan gen

    why do u get it,but everyone else does not………….

  • wilk

    i’m actually leaning towards the idea of not trading A-Rod. look, i get his contract sucks. but you know what’s worse than paying an old player 114 million over five years?

    paying him 80% or more of that to play for another team.

    not to mention that we’d have to go allocate additional resources (whether they be prospects or money) to find another adequate starting third baseman.

    so in my opinion, it’s just not worth it, unless we find someone who is willing to pay a substantial portion of his contract.

    • Matt :: Sec110

      ask the Texas Rangers that…and traded him in his prime. I mean, despite jumping from 71 wins in 2003 to 89 wins in 2004, they were like 75-80 wins the next 5 years or so.

      The Yanks def have more financial resources, so they could absorb it better.

      I put it at 70% staying put, 30% traded. Mostly because I think ownership wants to part ways and is willing to ‘eat’ part of the salary.

  • Marie

    Alex is a good player and what happened in the post season is not his fault. The entire team struggled. It is unfortunate that tabloids and the press blow things out of porpotion. Alex should be commended for handling things as well as he does. It is unfair what is bring said. Alex is a great player who deserves to be a Yankee. He will be a productive Yankee in the 2013 season. Go yanks!!!

    • dalelama

      Alex was a great regular season player.

  • Eddard

    Not planning to trade is not the same as will not trade. It’s like the head coach saying, “Well, I have no plans to leave” and then the next week he’s gone. ARod will not be a Yankee next season and neither will Nick Swisher. And Robbie Cano might be the next one to go as he is now trying to hold the team hostage after setting a record for futility in a postseason series.

    • Get Phelps Up

      I hear the Yankees are trying to send A-Rod and Cano on a one way trip to EddardWorld.

    • Jamey

      Please tell me, is the sky also blue in the world you come from?

  • Ben

    The Yanks should investigate something with the Diamondbacks. They still have a surplus of OF talent such as Upton and Kubel even after the Young deal tonight. They obviously are in the mood to deal and Upton rumors have been all over the place for over a year. Towers and Cash have a trust so creative thinking could be feasible.

    Additionally, both Towers and Gibson have said they need to acquire 3b and SS help this off-season as well as a starting pitcher. I wonder if a Hughes (or Joba), AROD, Granderson and minor prospect mega-deal for Montero, Lidstrom (or some other random middle reliever) and Upton (or possibly Kubel) could be worked out? Just saying something could happen here and a situation to monitor.

    Yanks would obviously have to discuss with AROD the benefit of such a deal as well as eat some serious cash but maybe with the comfort level that exists between the GMs some miracle could work out. Even if AROD is not included Yanks should investigate an interesting deal. Other than that Hughes for Choo would be great additional help for the OF. Resigning Ichiro and kissing Jones and Rauul possibly good-bye requires another signing in addition to giving Dickerson more time out there.

    Yanks are in a much better position than most people realize. It’s going to be a fun Hot Stove season this year…

    • Rey22

      “Your trade proposal sucks” doesn’t even begin to cover the absurdity in your post.

      • Ben

        Yeah it’s really absurd to think the Yanks might consider a few moves involving some of the guys I mentioned. It’s totally crazy to think Towers and Cash could make a deal work. Go back to hating on everyone and every idea just because it’s not your own or better yet let’s keep doing rolling out the same team year after year with the same recipe for disaster which is they very definition of insanity. Yanks need to tweak this team not blow it up is all I am suggesting. I too am a Knick fan and much of their misery is led to the Ewing deal and piss-poor management (no issues we have). This isn’t the same team it was in 09 or the late nineties and we need to start finding some talent with the clutch DNA. If that means sitting out the post-season for a year or two to re-load instead of just getting there so be it but with their talent I am sure we will contend while re-loading on the fly regardless of any change.

        • jjyank

          Sorry dude, but A-Rod, Granderson, and a minor leaguer (even if it is WIlliams/Sanchez) doesn’t even get you Upton, let alone Upton, Montero, and Lindstrom. That’s just crazy talk.

          • Ben

            My point is there is room for a deal. Never said that deal would be straight up but all those guys could be had….

  • Moonimus

    Sometimes I am embarrassed to be a Yankee fan. They were one of the final four. They went down without a fight. It was frustrating but we are talking about a playoff team. Yes we are old and yes the future is less rosy but would you rather the team completely overhaul itself into irrelevancy? Every team is operating smarter than they were even 10 years ago. You cannot just win with money anymore. It helps but the equation has changed. What are we really complaining about? Trade arod, lose cano, throw away granderson?? What’s the plan after that? Bring up the kids? Trade for a stud? I will always be a supporter of the team but the dialogue lately has been unreal. Ask yourself if you will be ready to stomach a few 90 loss season with draft picks that will be years away. If your answer is yes then getting rid of 4/9 of the lineup starts to make sense (including swisher).

    I have seen it with the Knicks and if you are not truly willing to blow it up then the rebuilding effort takes a decade. We came up 8 wins shy of winning it all. There are at least 27 teams right now that would trade places with us without even blinking.

    • toad


      These proposals are fantasies born out of frustration. Suddenly, the other guy never strikes out. Suddenly the AA players are going to be 20-yr old superstars next year, etc. Suddenly some GM is going to misread Arod’s age as 27, and some others are going to get serious cases of stupid.

      No. Make sensible changes. Sign Cano if you can at all. Try to build the minor league system. etc. Build the team. Recognize the real problems, but don’t scurry around like mad making panic moves because of the playoffs.

    • a realist

      I agree with you, I just don’t agree with your conclusion. The “goal is the world series” mantra is bullshit. The goal is the playoffs, always has been. That’s why some people are satisfied with this year’s outcome. To think we were 8 games from winning it all is also bullshit. Did you watch this team? Double-digit lead at the all star break, then barely, just barely squeaked by Baltimore. We were 8 games from winning it all, but like 3 games from not even making the playoffs. I wish we did miss it this year, then everybody would be fed up, not patting this team on the back for barely making and shitting the bed in the ALCS. Why do we think that 40 year Jeter and 43 year old Mo will magically come back and fix everything? A-Rod is essentially a platoon player and isn’t worth the money or the drama, if you can move him and get better, do it. Granderson can only hit homeruns and is a strike out machine, if you can move him and get better, do it. And Cano is probably the only thing of value we can move and rebuild with despite the fact he never seems to show 100% effort and will never be the leader of this club, if you can move him and get better, do it. There is a need to get younger, cheaper and better and it has nothing to do with a luxury tax, it has everything to do with staying relevant and competitive. We took a huge step back this year despite “how close” we were. If you can’t see it, you may not be looking close enough.

      • toad

        I don’t think anyone disagrees that if they can move Arod or Granderson and get better they should do it. The disagreement is with the notion of just dumping guys.

      • cr1

        A realist indeed. Several years ago I tried here and elsewhere to point out the fact that the goal has always been the playoffs — fan since 73’s observation speaking here, so always only means some 40 years for me — but youngsters and bandwagon types who only got aboard during and after the years following 96 have no clue really to Yankee history. So don’t expect much appreciation or general enthusiasm for your realism.

      • dalelama

        No the goal is to win the World Series.

        • Kiko Jones

          Now, with Hank and Hal at the helm, it does seem like the goal IS the playoffs and the financial bottom line. But The Boss was all about winning the WS. So, I don’t know where this “the goal has always been the playoffs” comes from.

  • 28 in 2013

    In an op-ed written for The Associated Press, Schmidt writes that A-Rod’s humungous, 10-year, $275 million contract signed in December of 2007 has cursed Rodriguez.
    Alex Rodriguez was cursed. At the time he had no idea, none of us did. That contract changed him and baseball and has been a burden to many. A burden under which he has to play, fans have to watch and baseball has to exist. Alex Rodriguez’s career will never be appreciated.He often says things that are aloof and flat-out ignorant. Schmidt recounted an example in his article.
    …two personal stories. After his first couple years as a teenage major league shortstop in Seattle, I met him before a golf event in Fort Lauderdale. I had retired several years earlier, he was just beginning his career, and I sensed a great respect as he addressed me as Mr. Schmidt. It made me feel old, but at the same time, he impressed me with his approach.
    Fast forward to the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium in 2008 when he was one homer away from my 548 on the all-time home run chart. We were standing at third base, I was a little uncomfortable not knowing what to say, so I tried to make conversation by mentioning the home run list. He asked me if I was planning on being there to see him match me. It was sort of an aloof response to my question — to ask if I was planning on following him till he tied me was a little presumptuous and a blow to my ego. It came off as the exact opposite of our first meeting. This was 500 home runs and $200 million later in life…
    …The reason he is so polarizing lies right in this story. In him, we all see a guy who hit the sports lottery and we think, if it were us, life would be a bowl of cherries and it would be easy to be everything to everyone. If the tables were turned in that exchange at the All-Star game, I’d have said to him that I’d be honored if he were present when I tied and passed him, and I would send my jet to bring him there. Is that crazy?

    • Deep Thoughts

      OK, so what I heard was, “The first time I met A-Rod, he worshipped me sufficiently, but the second time, as he was about to pass me on the all-time HR list, he didn’t, and that made me feel bad. Therefore, his contract, which is a huge curse, is to blame.”

      Surely with his career earnings, Schmidt can have his personal assistant buy some grapes that aren’t sour.

  • Brian S.

    Kirk Gibson said he thinks the Diamondbacks would have interest in A-Rod. So there you go.

    • Ben

      Great post and I couldn’t agree more. However what they should do and what they will do are two very different things. If Yanks ever traded him he would come back with a vengeance – it would make be an AJ deal on ‘Roids (pun intended). There aren’t two many good 3B out there anyway and 2nd Yankee to 3k hits should not be taken lightly but as we know anything can happen….

      Yanks need to decide early what they want to do with him and move on to the next agenda item. By just addressing all the FA this team will look different next year. (Ichiro, Mo, Pettite, Kuroda, Martin might all be back with deals that fit the Yankee budget strategy for 14) with Chavez and Ibanez also looming as 1 year bridges again. However, Sori will opt out, Swish is a goner, Freddy is gone, Lowe is gone, Feliciano is off the books, Granderson, Hughes, Joba and Cano are all looming contract situations so change is upon us one way or another. Yanks should be aggressive and keep the foundation in place but dress up the rest of the house by seeking character guys who know how to field and hit in all situations. This team is loaded with superstars time so it’s time to get back to basics with strong fundamental baseball skilled players that can augment our “big hairy” offense when it’s not clicking.

      • Cris Pengiucci

        The Diamondbacks having “interest” and ARod accepting the trade are 2 different things. Phoenix is not exactly a major city, something ARod would no doubt want if he were to accept a trade.

  • chuck

    Arod can be traded. He can be convinced to leave by shaming/benching him more like they just did… well eat a lot of money or maybe see the return of alfonso soriano..
    I think it needs to be done because really he cant play 3b for much more than half a season. Jeter should have been dhing a bit more and eased into his position similarly to how they handled Texeira. Even though Jeter has less years on his contract Id rather rid of Arod to increase the likelihood of Jeter being healthy with more dh at bats. Arod has supposed to have bounced back what like 3 straight years? Jeter did. Arod can hump whatever blondes are in arizona, miami, oakland whatever.

  • Kosmo

    I don´t see Arod ending up playing for the D-backs. D-backs need a SS. They have Johnson and Wheeler at 3B. NY would have to eat at least 80 million of Arods remaining 114 million. Not happening.

    Best trade scenario IMO is with the Halos for Wells and Morales. Morales becomes a FA after this year and probably stands to make about 7-8 million this season. Morales would make a good DH and part-time 1B. Wells could get his mojo back in any event NY would only be on the hook for 2 years with Wells and 1 year with Morales.

    • Kosmo

      ´´after next year“

    • Chad

      The dbacks just got Pennington for SS

  • kenthadley

    every Yankee fans should read Lupica’s Sunday News column…I don’t care for Lupica, but he is straight on with this one…

  • pop
  • Ben

    If Giambi can get an interview for a managerial position Arod can traded…Anything is possible. The same guys that say a trade couldn’t happen are the same guys that are still saying the Dodgers would have never made the Sox deal. Bottom line this is the forum for Hot Stove brainstorming and telling us this could never happen is absurd Maybe Arod goes nowhere (I want him on the team anyway) but if you don’t think the Yanks are speaking to Diamondbacks about some of these you shouldn’t be posting. I can see the Soriano move happening but the Yanks would never trade Arod to Halos. He would haunt us often. The Yanks will be trading some of their assets for depth and volume. We have a ton of FAs that are done and not coming back so Cash will be creative one way or another and I think if a deal doesn’t involve getting rid of ARod – than Grandy and Hughes as well as other assets will be included in deals. Face the facts Yanks cannot allow this team as currently constructed to play next year. It’s time to flip the script and get younger.

  • OldYanksFan

    Over the last 3 years, even with the injuries and missed time, ARod has accumulated 9.6 WAR, or 3.2/yr. For comparison, Jeter has averaged 1.5 WAR/yr over the same time.

    Now with a 37 year old player, you shouldn’t expect his next 3 years to be as productive as his last 3. Except, while going further downhill would not be surprising, this IS ARod, and if he doesn’t get injured, it would not be hard at all for him to average 3 WAR over the next 3 years.

    Even at 2.5 WAR (going forward), he would be worth around $11m/yr.

    The bottom line is would be INSANE to trade him unless someone absorbs close to half his salary. And whether he posts a 3.5 WAR or a 1.5 WAR, more records will fall as every year passes. He won’t pass Bonds, but he will pass Willie Mays next year, as well as get his 3,000th hit. And he may well pass Babe Ruth. BABE RUTH. I don’t know about you, but I want him in Pinstripes when this happens.

    H&H stepped in their own shit, by throwing more money at ARod then was necessary to sign him in 2007. The money is gone. GONE! Gone gone gonegonegone. To make a reactionary move and trade him will only create more loss.

    Let’s not let the media make us forget that every year, we get to watch one of the TOP 10 PLAYERS IN MAJOR LEAGUE HISTORY. Every player declines with age… until they are done. Are we surprised by this?

    But ARod is STILL in great shape, STILL works like a dog, STILL is motivated to get better. Too bad I can’t say that about every other Yankee player.

    Now most people are amazed that Jeter AGAIN batted over .300 this year, when many (myself included) thought he was done. So if ARod posts an .850 OPS /24 HRs and a 3.5 WAR next year will you be amazed… or will you say you knew it was possible?

    All this crap is 100% media driven.
    There is no news here.
    ARod is 37, was hit by a pitch, and had his hand broken.
    Bad luck, not age related.
    But ultimately, we are watching a player approach his end.
    Like Bernie, like Posada, and maybe next year, like Jeter.
    And Mo only knows what Mo might be next year.
    Or Andy.
    If you want guys to play their entire career as a Yankee, then don’t freak when they decline.
    This is just a natural progression.
    It’s not news.

    • Matt :: Sec110

      why do people, when building up A-Rod, have to tear down Jeter?

      I see people do it all the time with their postseason numbers.

      • OldYanksFan

        As Bill said, I’m not trying to tear down the Captain. And again as Bill says, it’s about logic.

        Jetes cost us $17m for 2 WAR, and it will be worse going forward.
        All things being equal, I wish we were paying less.
        But… it ain’t my money or your money.

        But I am 100% FINE with that.
        I want Jeter on my team.
        He still contributes to Winning.
        He’s a historic player, a HOFer, and a guy who is passing milestones every year.
        And besides, we are paying Jeter for more then just WAR purposes.
        Now… why is it so hard to take the above paragraph and replace ‘Jetes’ with ‘ARod’?

        Nobody wants to ‘dump’ Jeter or ‘get rid of’ his contract.
        Yet with ARod…..

        On another blog, we momentarily lapsed into a semi-serious political riff. Someone was talking about some of the nasty things that happens because of Sadam.
        I joking said “I blame ARod!’
        And that joke has become a bit of a meme (in ONLY a good natured sense)

        So when the housing bubble burst… I blame ARod.
        When a hurricane wiped of New Orleans… I blame ARod.
        And Atlanta chokes, and blows a big lead last year… I blame ARod.

        It’s a meme that reminds us, that no matter what happens, ARod will get all the negative media and all the blame. The guy could cure Cancer, and still ,most of what will be written about it would put the worst, negative spin as possible on ARod.

        Just compare the press that ARod (old and injured) has gotten for his poor PS, compared to how much Cano, Granderson, Swisher (our young core), Martin and Chavez together have gotten.

        A few years ago, a kid dying of Cancer was invited to YS to hang with the team. Of course, everyone gave the kid plenty of attention, autographs and memorabilia. It was a great day for this poor kid.
        But ARod took the kid home with him and had him spend the night at his place.
        How much did you read about that?
        Then one day when ARod was outside, he took off his shirt.
        How much did you read about THAT?

        I’m just tired of the lynch mob mentality.
        Yeah, the media has to post something in 10 minutes that will generate paage views, so I guess we just have to put up with that.
        But I am so tired of the endless bashing of this guy.
        Day after day, year after year. It’s just sick.

        If people want to make an intelligent, well reasoned post, albeit negative, about ARod…. fine.
        That’s why we’re here.

        But all the vitrol and hate is really tiresome.
        And beneith an intelligent conversation.

        That’s all I’m saying.

        • Matt :: Sec110

          agreed that A-Rod isn’t as bad as he’s made out to be, but the comparisons to Jeter are tired.

          Also, what he does or doesn’t do off the field is irrelevant and stupid to bring up.

        • TomH

          And what you are saying is 100% correct. There is something “sick,” to use your word in many of this board’s responses to ARod. Instead of “lynch mob” as a metaphor (although it has much that’s valuable) I would say “scapegoat” mentality, the desire to drive out some sort of evil figure from the polity (NYY) in order to restore health (Oedipus from the city!). This is primarily driven by the media and their self-appointed role as generators of psychic turbulence in their mass readership and viewership. Stir them, stir them, stir them. Make their blood boil. Keep them coming back to us for more. People soon begin to be spoken by these forces, identifying, under their direction, something hateful that must be driven out of the city.

          For a multitude of causes, unknown to former times, are now acting with a combined force to blunt the discriminating powers of the mind, and, unfitting it for all voluntary exertion, to reduce it to a state of almost savage torpor. The most effective of these causes are the great national events which are daily taking place, and the increasing accumulation of men in cities, where the uniformity of their occupations produces a craving for extraordinary incident, which the rapid communication of intelligence hourly gratifies….

          Written in 1800, by Wordsworth, about the early newspaper culture. Could be written today, with a few very minor changes, about our culture. Didn’t I read something here recently about “shaming” ARod into leaving? a kind of “driving out”? For a man who did so much for this time, including during the only WS victory it has won in the past decade? People have to get a moral grip on themselves. It’s just a goddamned game. It’s not your money, and it’s not your life.

    • bpdelia

      yup. exactly. this basically sums up my thoughts on the whole matter. I fully expect 130 games 279/370/490 from arod next year. unless chase Bradley is walking through the door with the 8 million a year you save trading rodriguez its a pointless move. I have no problem with the idea of trading anyone but only if you get a better PLAYER to fill the spot. this idea that you get rid of Rodriguez, replace him with an inferior player, and some magical pixie dust aura is lifted. that somehow makes the team win more games despite having worse players is assinine and makes no sense. arid handled this pretty damn well IMO.

      • bpdelia

        that’s, obviously, chase HEADLEY, DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECT!!!

  • TomH

    Lunatics, hallucinators, watchers of tv.

  • Bill

    I don’t know if it’s so much trying to tear down Jeter as trying to point out how illogical and irrational it is to view Jeter as the savior of all things Yankee and A-Rod as the worst player to ever play the game when Jeter has flaws too. My family is like that: they excuse Jeter whenever he strikes out (or grounds into a double play) yet just have A-Rod do either of those things, and the insults ring out.

    • cr1

      It’s the difference between the pup that grew up in your back yard and the full-grown mastiff somebody purchased grown. Both may be champion dogs at maturity but you will always see them differently. Nothing to be surprised at.

  • Bill

    Why that didn’t reply to Matt’s post up above, I’ll never know.

  • Ben

    Bill you make a great point but it’s hard to think rationally when comparing a 5 time WS winner to AROD. I think it all stems back to that Esquire article years ago.

    This off-season AROD should not be the focal point – it’s on the entire team we have a ton of issues that were masked with 95 wins this year largerly due to Cano and our surprise pitching but it was an odd year. Despite the injuries and everything else this team overcame they left a ton of RISP stranded all year. It’s crazy to think of how many additional runs they could have scored with some key hits but why is everyone so surprised they collapsed – Scouts predicted this all year. It was hanging over the team like a black cloud for the last year. Once the calendar hit’s Oct The Yanks now turn into a free swinging softball team that is weak in the heart. Holding off an Oriole team void of any stars was great but making the WS twice in a decade is failing in their supposed mission statement.

  • Wayne

    Gun to your head are the Yankees going to have to give up major pitching prospects to get rid of Alex Rodriguez contract. Alex is going to rob our system barren if that happens. We have a lot of pitching prospects teams would love to get their hands on. Damn! That sucksssss for us!

  • OldYanksFan

    When do we get the post discussing where Cano wants TEN years and superstar money?
    Now that’s something we need to discuss.

  • Chuck

    Arod is done. He looks over matched on 89 mph fastballs and swings at a ton out of the zone.
    The thing with the two blondes is just sad. Get him off the team if he takes playoff games that lightly while getting shown up by a 40 year old man.

  • Thunder Road Runner

    Spend $$$ on the minor leagues and scouting other countries. To me,
    the most disappointing is the lack of development of impact young players

    • Kosmo

      Yanks had every opportunity to sign one of Puig, Cespedes and Soler and chose not to.

      • Tony_Turdner

        And the reason they “chose not to” is call $189M in 2014.

  • DUgan

    How can Cashman even consider keeping A-ROD.Cut your losses and pay him off if you can’t trade him.He is a Cancer for the Yanks!!!!!!!