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The season ain’t over, but it might as well be. The Yankees are down three games to none in the best-of-seven ALCS even though all three games were pretty winnable in my opinion. It’s not like they’ve been getting clobbered every night. This series would look an awful lot different if the Bombers got even a league average performance from there hitters, but I suppose the same is true of Tigers. They haven’t been tearing the cover off the ball either. Miracles do happen, but I won’t be holding my breath.

1. It’s incredibly annoying that Delmon Young continues to beat the Yankees in the playoffs. He went 6-for-19 (.316) with three homers in the ALDS last year and is 4-for-13 (.308) with two homers in this series. It’s like they spend all of their preparation time trying to figure out how to contain Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder — they’re a combined 6-for-23 (.261) in the series, by the way — and forget about Delmon. He barely qualifies as a league average hitter (career 96 wRC+) and owns a sub-.300 OBP in over 1,100 plate appearances over the last two seasons. It’s a little too late now, but Young is exactly the kind of under-the-radar guy who always seems to pop-up and hurt the Yankees.

2. I have no idea what to think of Phil Hughes at this point. He had a solid regular season despite his massive homer problem, but in all likelihood he finished the year hurt after leaving last night’s game with a stiff back. Phil made a quick trip to the DL late last season with a sore back and I can’t help but wonder if the two are related. That would be scary. I’m happy he was able to get over the 200-inning plateau (201 counting the playoffs) this year but injuries continue to be an issue. He’s going to be a free agent after next season and there are reasons for the team to approach him about a multi-year contract extension this winter, but I really wanted to see at least one full and effective year without any kind of injury problem first. That obviously won’t happen now.

3. I don’t think there will be much of an issue going forward but I am curious to see how this whole Alex Rodriguez thing plays out. He’s obviously struggling big time at the moment and is rightfully sitting against right-handers, but do they treat him as a regular next season? Or will they look at him as a guy who needs to sit against at least tough righties going forward? I don’t think there will be any problem (at least publicly) between him and Joe Girardi, and I suspect he’ll open next season with a clean slate and as the everyday third baseman thanks in part to his contract. Alex had a 114 wRC+ this season, so it’s not like he’s completely fallen off a cliff. I honestly don’t believe this current version is the new A-Rod, he’s just in a horrible slump.

4. The pitching staff has been absolutely unbelievable in the postseason, which is a complete 180° from the mid-aughts when all they did was hit and not pitch. Here is my first-rate graphic representation of the Yankees slowly sliding from an all-hitting to an all-pitching postseason team…

You see what I’m saying here? The Yankees have gone from one extreme to the next and I’m very comfortable saying that all pitching is far less enjoyable that all hitting. I appreciate a great pitchers’ duel as much as anyone, but there is nothing more unbearable than a team that can’t score or even get men on-base. This playoff season has been very frustrating to watch as a Yankees fan.

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  1. Eddard says:

    1. Joe lost the first ballgame when he failed to walk Young with a base open. You do not pitch to that man with a base open late in the ballgame. He’s killed us enough times that Joe should know that.

    2. Phil pitched his heart out in Game 4 vs Baltimore and was well on his way to another gem until his back acted up on him. Wouldn’t have mattered though as the offense didn’t step up.

    3. He deserved to be benched. ARod hasn’t done a damn thing. Maybe they throw him a bone today in an elimination game but he’d just get overpowered by Scherzer.

    4. All of the pitchers except Dave Phelps should be proud of their performances. They’ve done all they could. Kevin Long should be fired immediately. Let Swisher walk. Trade Granderson. Play Gardner and Nunie full time.

    • RossA says:

      I think the only reason it has been so easy to bench ARod is that there are good alternatives – Chavez at third and Ibanez as DH. Cano has been worse than ARod, if you consider what his regular season standard was. I agree with Gardner for Swisher, as the latter is a streaky guy who is locked out right now, and Gardner has many ways of making an impact.

      I think I would have pinch hit ARod last night for Ibanez in the 9th. Seriously. I would have shown him the confidence against a lefty. Ibanez is good but even with the hits off lefties in the playoffs, you had to know the odds were stacked against him bigtime against Coke. And I think Leyland would have stayed with Coke even against ARod, and a soft-ish tossing lefty might have been a good pitcher for ARod to face to break out of a slump. All they needed was a single there to keep the line moving. Or a walk, and ARod has been fairyl good at that, even in the playoffs.

      • Eddard says:

        Benoit was warmed up. He was coming in for ARod, no doubt about it. Do I want the hot Raul vs Coke or the cold ARod vs Benoit? Raul.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      You do not pitch to that man with a base open late in the ballgame.

      Do you pitch to this guy?
      He barely qualifies as a league average hitter (career 96 wRC+) and owns a sub-.300 OBP in over 1,100 plate appearances over the last two seasons
      I think you do, but you have a plan and execute. For whatever reason, Yankee pitchers have made him look good. He isn’t, or at least he isn’t as good as he’s shown in this series.

      I’m not even sure how to respond to your 4th comment.

      • Eddard says:

        I don’t care about his plate appearances for the last 2 seasons, that means shit. In one postseason series hitters get hot and Young has done it to us last year and this year. If Raul is a .240 hitter this year but has been hotter than a pistol in the playoffs do you pitch to him with a base open? No, and Jimmy Leyland walked him in Game 2 with a base open.

        • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!) says:

          “I don’t care about his plate appearances for the last 2 seasons, that means shit.”

          Example #483 of why no one takes you seriously.

          • thenamestsam says:

            I think your count might be off. I had that as #484.

          • Darren a/k/a Judd Nelson's nostrils says:

            I don’t man, I’m not saying you definitely walk him, but the idea that you pay more attention to Young;s regular season ABs over the past two years rather than how he’s swinging the bat right now is kind of ridiculous. By that token, you don’t even think about sitting Swisher or Arod.

            • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

              You absolutely pay some attention to it. I have no problems with the way Girardi managed last night, honestly.

              But Eddard literally, apparently, pays NO attention to the last 2 seasons. That’s batshit insane.

    • Frank says:

      Phil wuld have pitched a gem? hah. You have no ideas what you’re talking about. This just proves. Had Hughes remained in that game, the Yanks lose by more than 2-0.

    • Dave says:

      1. please..its delmon young, yes he’s killed us, but he’s NOT that good. I had no problem with him pitching to him, there are plenty of ways to get him out.

      2. agreed

      3. agreed, play Arod bc why not? Lets see if he can get a hit or 2 in first 3 at bats, after that if he still sucks, PH for him

      4. Yes, let swisher walk. Idk about trading Grandy just yet, what do you realistically think they could get for him??
      Plan Nunie full time where? also it sucks Long has to be fired, but there’s also a scapegoat, yes the players havent made adjustments, but they are professionals, it’s on them not Long, but yes he will prob be fired and I wouldnt have a problem with it

  2. RossA says:

    The season isn’t over. Ok, so coming back seems like a long shot. The Tigers aren’t hitting either (nor were the Orioles), so yeah, we’d have to expect the Yankees’ hitters to get hot and the Tigers’ hitters to stay cool.

    The Yankees have the better team. If they can manage to win tonight, it’s a whole new series.

    I still think the offense can heat up if they can just last long enough into this series.

    • NYCSPORTZFAN says:

      why do the yankees have a better team? The best 2players are on the tigers, with Verlander and Cabrera.. CC would be a tick behind verlander in my opinion.. Then u got Austin Jackson, who i’d take 100times over Granderson, even though granderson can hit a hr, Jackson can simply “hit” which is way more important, and Delmon Young might not be great but again, at least hes a respectable hitter and not a 220-255 type guy, which litters are lineup.. The better team is gonna win the AL this yr in my opinion, and its not the yanks.. U simply can’t sit back and hope guys who hit 240 all yr are gonna go deep a few times in the postsesason and keep u alive…

  3. Cris Pengiucci says:

    all three games were pretty winnable

    This is the most important thing you stated (well, almost). With CC going tonight, and Robbie actually getting a hit last night, I expect the series to be 3-1 when tonight’s game is over. It’s a huge hill to climb and, in reality, I don’t expect to make it all the way to the top, but maybe the Yankees can make this series look a bit more respectable and push it to a game 6 or 7. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      And I stand by my theory that you’re passing articles off to Eddard early so that he can comment first! :-)

      Eddard = Ben K? (I hope not!)

      • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man) says:

        Funny. When I was sitting at the bar last night, there was a guy feverishly looking at a blog on a laptop next to me, to the point where my friend asked him if he was live-blogging. For a second, I thought “I wonder if that’s Ben.”

        The dude was just looking at ESPN GameCast, so I’m pretty positive it wasn’t.


    I never understood why BA is always look at on this site like its not important or something.. I mean, we simply put all our eggs in the streaky power hitters basket, and eventually that catches up to u.. And Alex 100pct certainly is on a major decline, as hes been for 2yrs now, and as he injurys pile up, its only gonna get worse.. I mean,come on man.. I mean, the guy hasen’t homered in god knows how long and he hasen’t even hit 280BA since 2009(coincidence we won it all?)..

    I’m so sick of seeing all these nutty stats on here and talk of “Avg and RBI dosen’t matter”..lol

    Uhh, look at 2009.. Coincidece it was the only yr TEX hit for any kinda AVG(hit 292BA)?? How about Melky in CF? Sure he didn’t hit 40hrs, but at least he hit a respectable 274BA.. How about C? Posada hit 285, light yrs above martins gross avg.. How about Jeter? He hit 334, how about Damon? He hit 280something.. How about Cano? He hit 320. HOw about matsui? Respectable 274 with pop.. It is ok to have a streaky power hitter, if u got guys who can actually “hit”around him, but if ur whole lineup is filled with em, then ur screwed.. BA matters a ton.. Its not even funny how important it is..

    • Dave says:

      I agree with you there..this site tends to use OBP as a better metric. I agree however I’d rather have a .300 and .350 hitter than a .275 and say .360 hitter only bc he’s putting the ball in play. Although RBI’s is based on who bats ahead of you and if they get on base a lot. You have to have men on in order to get more RBIs

      • Mister D says:

        Eh. The .350 guy might move runners along but he’s also more prone to GIDPs and less likely to work the pitchers are much as a guy seeing atleast 4. Pros and cons. I’ll take the OBP guy.

    • John says:

      i have to totally agree with you … the common theme with all the hitters that you mention is that they all put up professional at bats … they were not trying to hit the 5 run hr like some of these hitters are. it’s just sad that cano who could easily win multiple batting titles if he just kept his approach is turning into a guy that just wants to hit hrs … these guys have kept the same approach as if they were facing mediocre pitching .. in the playoffs the pitching is pretty good. they should try to go the other way more …. one more thing im a huge fan of texeira but i dont know what happened to him ever since 2009 … before then like you said he hit for good avg not like 330 or anything like that but 290 is very good for a power hitter … but since that year i think he has become wayyyyyyyyy too much homer happy that all he does now is pull the ball … i hope he and cano are watching cabrera and fielder and how they hit the ball where its pitched … sure sometimes it doesnt work out for them but more often than not they get rewarded.

  5. Coolerking101 says:

    Why was Swisher in the on deck circle in the 9th instead of A-Rod? Wonder if it has something to do with the Post’s story about A-Rod picking up girls during the 9th inning of Game 1.

    Girardi and company offered “no comment” regarding the story. Apparently the NY Daily News reporters were asking Girardi about it before the game as well. Considering the competition between the Daily News and the Post, it’s unlikely the Daily News reporter would have brought it up unless he was working on a similar story and believed the story was true.

    • Eddard says:

      I think because Leyland would have brought in Benoit and Alex would have been overpowered.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      Why was Swisher in the on deck circle in the 9th instead of A-Rod?

      I thought about this too. Most likely because if ARod had come up, Detroit would have pulled Coke for a righty reliever. Swisher, being a switch hitter, negates that move.

    • Chilango says:

      They would have brought in Benoit if Alex batted.

    • Mike says:

      Actually I think Swisher was on deck because Russell Martin hurt his thumb the inning prior and I guess Girardi didn’t want him swinging the bat.

  6. Eddard says:

    I still think we have a chance. CC, Andy, Kuroda, CC. They can win 4 straight. Cano got off the schnide last night. Gardner and Nunie had encouraging ABs. They were working counts, fouling balls off, any other pitcher would have been worn down much sooner. Do the same against Scherzer and they’ll win tonight. Then Andy steps up and the series is going back to NY.

  7. As part of my usual erratic routine at night, I fell asleep with the television on.

    I woke up, and Full House was on. Of course, I’m thinking the best way to start any morning is by watching Bob Saget.

    Then, I see Dave Coulier wearing a Tigers jersey.

    There’s no escaping this series. Unbelievable.

  8. Murderers' Row Boat says:

    Meh. It’s over, and with any luck the convergence of shitty play, overpaid players, overpriced tickets, and the general feeling that the Yankee front office doesn’t give a shit about the fans that don’t come from Midtown/Downtown offices will boil over this off season.

    • Slugger27 says:

      dont hold your breath. legends isnt going anywhere. until they build a new stadium, there will be 50 more years of people wearing suits in the sushi bar instead of their seats

  9. CountryClub says:

    I agree with some others. I think if they win tonight and tomorrow, that they have a realistic shot. And with CC and Andy going, why not?

    Of course, part of me looks at the offense and says this isnt turning around this season. But all it takes is one good game. I think if the bats break out just once they’ll start to score runs consistently.

    • Mike says:

      Agreed. Game 5 worries me a bit more though than any remaining game assuming the matchups after game 4 are Fister/CC, Sanchez/Kuroda, and I assume back to CC on 3 days rest for a Game 7 against Verlander.

      One game at a time though.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!) says:

      ” I think if the bats break out just once they’ll start to score runs consistently.”

      I’ve thought that too. Sadly it might not come until next season. It’s really been remarkable how completely useless the entire lineup outside of Ichiro has been.

  10. JohnC says:

    If they can just get a win tonight, you never know what can happen. It could jump start them. The pitching matchups favor the Yanks the next 2 games. Pettite in game 5 and Kuroda back in NY for game 6 on extra rest. Fister and Sanchez won’t be so lucky next time around. Then, theres game 7, where anything can happen. Verlander threw 130 pitches last night. Can he duplicate than 5 days later? Who knows? But lets just win tonight’s game and then see what happens form there.

  11. Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man) says:

    The Hughes injury thing was a bit unfair. If his back tightens up in the ALCS after 200 innings pitched, I’m not going to take it as a huge sign we should be concerned as to his being injury-prone. I also think they simply thought that, in a moment where you’re not going to fuck around, you’d rather roll the dice with 100% of David Phelps than 85% of Phil Hughes or whatnot.

    The issue with using Phelps out of the bullpen is that, while I’m pretty bullish on him as a strong back-end starter, he’s not going to shut anyone down and he’s been brought into situations that, because the offense is apparently out on fall vacation, he’s been expected to do so. Tough break for him, but that’s not the role he’s suited for.

    I think the fact that I was at a bar, in NYC watching the game last night, the bar switched the big screen from the game to the presidential debate at 9:00 PM, and I STAYED, says it all, doesn’t it?

    As long as you’re taking the field, there’s a chance. C’mon CC. Three games of postseason ball still doesn’t erase how proud I was of this team for the other 167, and nothing that can happen this series will change that.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      the bar switched the big screen from the game to the presidential debate at 9:00 PM, and I STAYED

      And that’s the reason the Yankees lost. Blame it on Tilapia. Let him go after the season ends. :-)

      • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man) says:

        You’ll probably get some un-ironic +1′s for saying that.

      • Darren - NOT Alannis Morrisette says:


        Can’t believe you watched the stupid debate instead of the game. I was there on my couch, leaving it all on the field, stikcing hard with my superstitions that worked in the Leyritz/Wohlers game (must eat Pringles before pitch…take gulp of vodka tonic right now!)

        and you….you…you watched the debate??


    • MannyGeee (RUN SUPPORT, BITCHES!!!!) says:

      “The Hughes injury thing was a bit unfair. If his back tightens up in the ALCS after 200 innings pitched, I’m not going to take it as a huge sign we should be concerned as to his being injury-prone.”

      That said, its a great time to use the injury-prone meme to buy low on a 4/24 contract on him yes? A raise over his Arb # but a solid price for a middle of the rotation starter of his caliber.

      I would do this all day long…

  12. Chilango says:

    The piss poor hitting is frustrating but what bugs me most is the defensive lapses (Swisher, Granderson, Cano). Just plain bad baseball there…

    They have a serious shot with CC, Andy and Kuroda. Four runs in each game would probably be enough-it can be done.

  13. Saw this floated on the twitterverse: Carl Crawford for A-Rod straight up.

    Both contracts run through 2017, the difference between the 2 is A-Rod is owed $32M more than Crawford.

    I think both teams would do it, splitting the 32 evenly.

    But Crawford has the following clause in his contract:

    if traded, club acquiring Crawford may not subsequently trade him to NY Yankees

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man) says:

      Plugging in one hole with a bad remainder of a contract to have to deal with another opening. I wouldn’t do it.

      This Alex stuff has been so silly. Ibanez pinch hits for him once and hits a HR and now we treat him like a bigger offensive liability than Chris Stewart, yet half the team has looked as shitty as Alex this series. Play the man.

      • TomH says:

        Agree. A good deal of what you call “this Alex stuff” is a press & tv confection, intended to create TV drama (e.g., all those corny reaction shots of Alex on the bench). Alex is by no means the worst offender and has been a far better defensive contributor than Swish, Granderson and even Cano.

        A kind of plague–the slump version of black death–has hit most of the team’s middle, and somewhere in the bowels of American TV sports it has been decided that Alex is to blame.

        • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!) says:

          Also, does anyone have more faith in Chavez? He’s looked even worse than Alex at the plate, unless you enjoy weak infield popups.

          • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man) says:

            Fuck no, I don’t have more faith in Chavez.

            Sorry, Erica.

            • Cris Pengiucci says:

              While I won’t say I have more faith in Chavez, his at bats have looked just a tiny bit better than Alex’s. At least he’s not looking at strike 3 down the middle or flailing away at a pitch way outside. Still not getting any better production from Chavez though.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Why would the Dodgers do that?

  14. Athenian says:

    Even though the series is done after tonight, this team is not in good shape. over the past three years, the “management” has done a less than adequate job building the team for year after year success. Sure they win a lot of games, score a lot of runs, but they also play in a league where 75% of the teams and players are average MLB’ers at best. Over the course of 162 games, it plays into the favor of the Yankees.

    But the reality is that this team has no answers now and no answers for the future. The farm system has been depleted, their are those heavy contracts, but most of all, it is the construction of a slow pitch softball team with so many aging stars past their primes and proving to be more detrimental than helpful.

    As constructed and potential for next season, expect more of the same, unfortunately, unless there is a big shake up and an actual building process put into motion. It won’t happen because that is not the nature of the organization who believes in win now, at all costs, and ignore the future.

    Sad to see so much money and so many resources continually fail and ignore a formula that provided foundation and success from the 90′s.

    This team will be 3rd place in the AL East next year.

    • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man) says:

      We’ll see, won’t we?

      I will go on record now and say they’ll win the AL East next year. Why not.

      • Athenian says:

        That would be awesome. I just don’t see it right now, mainly because they are to hitting what the Black Plague was to society.

        But, one can’t ignore the mediocre signings and questionable personnel moves made by the GM and manager. Both will be back – KLong will be the fall guy – so not much will really change.

        • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man) says:

          Cool, man. You’re entitled to your opinion. No skin off my back to say they’ll finish first, and I actually do believe that. Maybe they’ll finish second and we’ll split the difference.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      This team will be 3rd place in the AL East next year.

      Awesome. It feels like April and May all over again.

      • Athenian says:

        Seriously? There are no valuable free agents to sign, nothing at AAA or AA ready to step in; the bench is not constructed to provide fill in’s.

        So where exactly are the pieces that will indicate this team will be any better next year than they were this year?

        Tampa will be stronger, have to expect the Orioles to continue their climb, without the injury bug Toronto will be tougher.

        Unless the Yankees change their position and start looking to younger unproven talent like most organizations have to, there is no indication that another year of aging players will perform above their abilities.

        • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!) says:

          The O’s don’t exactly have a plethora of farmhands either, and they’re facing the same FA market we are. Without their horseshoe-up-their-ass first half, they’re a .500 team.

          Why Toronto? If the Yanks get Kuroda back I still like our top 3-4, and our offense has proven at the very least that they hit fine during the regular season.

          • Athenian says:

            Toronto has a better team than the Orioles (but if Bautista is not healthy, it could be a different story). Mainly because they are making progress with pitching and hitting. They hit mistakes better than the Yankees; even running out a AAAA team they were only a half a percent higher in Team ERA than the Yanks; and have more flexibility in payroll.

            I get the O’s and I am hoping it is a fluke but…

      • Slugger27 says:

        my favorite was “even though the season is over after tonight, the team is not in good shape” … implying the team would normally be in good shape with their season ending in a sweep.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!) says:

      I really have to ask…what teams are going to finish 1st and 2nd? Tampa will probably be the AL East favorite, but Baltimore? Boston? Perennial .500 Toronto? Nope.

      The Yanks will be in the top 2 again.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!) says:

      Oh and this “Win now and ignore the future” formula has been in place since 03/04, it’s 8 years later and the team is really no better or worse off than it was then. I don’t see any problems.

  15. NYYROC says:

    I agree about the stiff back. That’s hardly an injury. If it is then practically all of us typing at our keyboards are injured. Apparently Joe was the only one who thought it was an injury. In his post game PH said it wasn’t that bad and he could’ve kept pitching. He continued by saying that he thinks Joe took him out more because of the game situation, rather than over a concern for his health.

  16. Murderers' Row Boat says:

    I’m sure you’re all hoping for a 2004-esqe comeback, but there are few things that Red Sox team had that the Yanks don’t.

    1) Hitter that can do more than just hit homeruns and strikeout
    2) Game 4 and 5 were in Boston.
    3) They had players that cared enough to play. A-Rod is picking up blondes, Cano looks like he just wants get through the game to go get laid, Swisher looks like he just wants the season to be over so he can get paid by some team, and Granderson thinks he can’t hit a homerun on every pitch.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!) says:

      Cano extended the rally in the 9th with a solid at bat. Sure looked like someone who wanted to get home out of the cold and rain to me.

      Crap, that doesn’t fit your narrative.

      • JLC 776 says:

        Hell, there were a lot of solid at bats in that game. The ninth especially – Nunie (before the HR) and Gardner each took Verlander for 7 or 8 pitches.

        • Murderers' Row Boat says:

          Two guys who still want to play. The last Ibanez atbat was the same way. Swisher, Granderson, and Cano just swing at everything up there, because “Hey! I’m getting paid no matter what happens!”

      • Murderers' Row Boat says:

        One hit in the series, three hits in the postseason OMG quick throw A-Rod money at him now! Oh wait…

        I sound like my Mets fan father when I say this, but most of them look like they don’t care because “Hey I got paid/Going to get paid.” They look like a bunch of Jose Reyes out there. If anything the pitching staff needs to demand they give them a cut of their salaries. Without them this postseason would have been over in the ALDS.

        • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!) says:

          You said: “Cano looks like he just wants get through the game to go get laid”

          I said: “Cano extended the rally in the 9th with a solid at bat. Sure looked like someone who wanted to get home out of the cold and rain to me.”

          How in the world did my reply sound like “PAY HIM AROD MONEY!”

          You were wrong. That’s all. Cano did NOT look like he wanted to go home. Extending a miserable game when an out means the game is over is about the most proof you can possible have.

          • Robinson Tilapia (I Believe in the Big Man) says:

            “Cano looks like he just wants get through the game to go get laid”

            As Dominicans do, obviously.

          • Murderers' Row Boat says:

            Let’s be honest here. Cano is playing for an A-Rod-type contract in either this off season or the next. He knows no matter how he hits now someone is going to give him what he wants, because someone gave Fielder, Pujols, and A-Rod what they wanted. He looks bored and indifferent at the plate, and just because he got one little dying quail hit against a B-level reliever doesn’t mean he’s not bored.

            • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

              It was a line drive to left after he worked the count. Wtf game were you watching?

              He looks exactly the same as he’s looked for his entire career. His at bats look absolutely no different than they do when he’s hitting doubles and home runs.

              And in what universe is it a bad thing that he’s playing for an A-Rod type contract? If anything he’s hurting those chances by being terrible this postseason. I wish everyone would try to play for that contract.

              • Murderers' Row Boat says:

                He’s playing like he already has that contract.

                • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

                  How? For real, you’ve given literally no evidence of this at all.

                  Show me how his recent at bats have looked different from any of his other at bats in his entire career outside of the results. Cano always looks the same. When he’s succeeding it’s called “Effortless” or “Making it look easy” and when he fails it’s “Lazy”. Stop creating ESPN level narratives. It’s really old and it’s really lazy.

                  • Slugger27 says:

                    youre a gullible man, jim. one of my mets fan friends always trolls on here. changes up his name a lot, i think most recently he’s “mick taylor” … but the reason he does is because ppl always engage him.

                    just let it go, you’re not going to win.

                    • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

                      I’ve been patient all year with trolls and idiots. I’ve cracked. Eventually I’ll probably warrant a ban, because it’s going to get messy.

                      The thing is Murderer’s Row Boat isn’t a troll, and actually adds to the conversation here. Otherwise maybe, possibly, I’d have stopped.

                    • Murderers' Row Boat says:

                      I wish I was troll, that way I wouldn’t actually be so pissed off at the play of the team.

                  • Murderers' Row Boat says:

                    Hey now. Calling people Skip Baylesses is too far, let’s stick to more refined ways like insulting mothers and dropping the f-bomb.

                    It’s general look of the team. They are down 2-0 going into Detroit and A-Rod is picking up blondes, and no one outside of Ichiro, Jeter, and the coaches look focused in the dugout. Swisher has his panties in a twist because they booed him.

                    You don’t feel a sense of urgency with the players.

                    • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

                      If you don’t want to be called Skip Bayless, then skip with the picking-up-blondes narrative. That was in game 1, the series was not 2-0 at the time.

                      I’m glad you’re a dugout insider who can sense the “urgency” of the team. If anything, every person I’ve heard talk about the team has said they need to relax and play with less urgency, not more. The “urgency”, according to the reporters, is what’s causing the pressing.

                      The Yankees hit fine in the regular season when there isn’t any urgency. Don’t you think the recipe is less, not more?

            • Slugger27 says:

              you didnt address his post at all….

              • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

                I’ve come to the conclusion he isn’t going to. People who think Cano is lazy are idiots, but they’re going to stay idiots.

                I wish, just once, maybe tonight, that the Yankees would win so the negativity would go away for 5 seconds.

                • Murderers' Row Boat says:

                  I don’t mind losing, it happens it’s only a game. The Tigers’ pitching is great which is a major factor, but this goes deeper than not hitting.

                  For a while there has been a growing disconnect between the Yankees and fans that aren’t millionaires. From the prices at the stadium, to ticket prices, to that god awful sports bar in centerfield. Now add the complete lack of hitting and the players getting pissed when they get booed, and you have sense that they just don’t care about winning. They only care about making money.

                  • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

                    I guess we just have a massive difference of opinion.

                    If you had any proof that the players don’t care, maybe I’d believe you. Swisher and Arod has always come off as caring too much, if anything.

                    The disconnect you speak of is a part of nearly every team in every sport now. It’s the nature of the way sports have exploded as a business.

                    • Murderers' Row Boat says:

                      In New York and Boston maybe, but go to Detroit, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, even Philly. There is the distinct feeling that they want both level of fans.

                    • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

                      You had me until Philly.

                    • Murderers' Row Boat says:

                      Been to Philly twice(What I get for dating a Phillies fan) this year. The last time we sat last row field level for $30 and it was dollar hot dog night, and beers were $7.25, and good beer not Bud.

                      You get the feeling they did things to bring you in there, not “You fuckers are coming anyway so here’s a $30 in the bleachers, $35 to park $8 hot dog, $10 Bud(or 9.50 Coors), and btw enjoy only seeing half the field.”

    • JLC 776 says:

      1) Troublesome, but this team feeds from each other and a single spark can have them all hitting the tar out of the ball – for average and for power.

      2) Games 6 and 7 were in NY, so that point is kind of a wash.

      3) As fans, I think we put far more into the whole ‘heart’ narrative than is realistic. These are professional players making an ass-ton of money, not Little Leaguers. Baseball is just so built on randomness that streaks of success and failure are almost impossible for us to deal without assigning some kind of reason for it. Hopefully the randomness swings in our favor for a week.

      • Murderers' Row Boat says:

        Heart is subjective, yes. But production isn’t. It’s time to start thinking about return on investment.

        • JLC 776 says:

          I kind of disagree in the sense that production in the post-season is incredibly subject to ‘small sample size’ and is also under a magnifying glass. Overreacting to the numbers becomes incredibly dangerous.

          As an example, in 2004, A-Rod logged two or three of the most productive post-season games in baseball history. He then went three Octobers looking kind of lost and the narrative turned into how un-clutch he was. Then there was 2009.

          • Murderers' Row Boat says:

            Oh even in 62′ and the Yanks had a worse hitting drought than this one, but that was after a history of high level postseason play. This current team reminds me of the 2004-2008 Yankees that played station to station ball. The only difference is that his team has top notch pitching.

            • JLC 776 says:

              I do agree in that 2009 is increasingly looking like a data point in the grand scheme of things. I’m just really hoping the right guy or guys get hot and carry things the way A-Rod and eventually Matsui did in ’09.

              It has been great the way the pitching has stepped up. I really think they’re overachieving right now but I’ll be happy to remember it come next year. Imagine if Nova gets over his Sophomore year and contributes solidly next year – we might suddenly begin looking like a team with above average, young pitching.

              • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

                Or if Pineda can come back at some point, which would be extremely helpful.

              • Murderers' Row Boat says:

                Oh agreed. Between Hughes figuring it out, Nova, and Pineda(We seem to forget him) the pitching looks great. However the issue is hitting, and it’s not just an issue of old guys not hitting, it’s old guys not hitting signed to impossible contracts. There is no room for movement on the budget, so there is no room to improve you can only hope A-Rod comes back in some Jeter-esqe fashion.

                • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

                  For the record, I know you’re not a troll. You just hit one of my hot-button topics, on a day where I’m tired of the actual trolls.

                  I hope the Yanks come back so there’s celebration rather than arguing.

                  • Murderers' Row Boat says:

                    I hope so too, but being bluntly honest about baseball is what fans lack. We prize the loyalty so much that it leads to ignoring flaws that should be addressed.

                • JLC 776 says:

                  I try to look at the A-Rod contract as ‘the price of 2009′. Tex has mystified me and Grandy… ugh. I hated that move when it happened and can’t wait for it to be done with.

                  I think this team really missed having a guy like Gardner this year. Someone who doesn’t have power and doesn’t try for it, so he focuses on just making contact and spraying the ball all over the place ala Jeter. Ichiro is of the same mold as well.

                  Hell, I think dumping Wise mid-year was a mistake as well.

      • Hall and Nokes says:

        No, team doctors have confirmed that not a single player on the active roster other than Ibanez has a heart. We should be amazed that they’re able to play at all.

  17. JLC 776 says:

    First off, I don’t think this series is over – not by a long shot. They showed some life in the 9th and the pitching has been amazing. Take it one game at a time and let’s see if we can get this back to the Bronx.

    Second, I disagree with the ‘all hitting’/’all pitching’ graphic. I know if feels that way, but if anything I think the Yankees have put too much focus into slugging as opposed to all-around hitting. Pitching has been great this post-season, but looking at the regular season of the last two years, we were a Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, Kuroda, and out-of-nowhere Pettitte away from being only an average SP staff. Hopefully Hughes and Phelps come out strong next year and we manage to find a way to change the culture of ‘pull everything into the right-field bleachers’ that the hitters are focused on.

    Anyway, I’m always the optimist. If it ends tonight, I truly think they Yankees overachieved this year given the injuries.

    But I think this series is coming back to the Boogie Down.

  18. Frank says:

    I’ve never been a Hughes fan. Last night once again proved why. He’s a 1 pitch pitcher with no put away pitch. Gets ahead of hitters and before you know it, it’s 2-2, 3-2. That pitch to Young was just terrible despite being ahead in the count 1-2. He’s done that all too often. And he’s very lucky despite what his numbers say. He gets away with a lot of bad pitches. He could have easily been down 3-0,
    4-0 before the left the game. So,personally, I hope they don’t lock him down long term. Hopefully, he can be moved for another piece.

    Granderson- if the Yanks brain trust has any sense, they either move him or just keep him this last year, but under no circumstances, sign this guy long term. Nice man, but deteriorating skills.

    A-Rod- To me the writing is on the wall. I don’t know how, but I’m convinced he’s gone. Even if the Yanks have to swallow his $114M contract. I just don’t see this guy back in pinstripes next season.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!) says:

      Yeah, no. Arod still a slightly above average defensive third baseman who is still hitting slightly above average, or was before his hand injury.

      The Yankees are not eating 114$ million because that does nothing to get us under the 189$ million goal. Get used to aging 3B and future DH Alex Rodriguez, because the longer you believe he won’t be here, the more you’ll be disappointed.

  19. By the way, that overly-simplistic Paint picture is fantastic.

  20. Manny E says:

    Although A-Rod is not hitting anyone he did have decent numbers against Verlander with 7 rbi’s, 3 hr’s and a .333 ba, and righties have been hitting Verlander better than lefties so I thought maybe just maybe last night could have been the game where A-Rod actually helped the team.

  21. steves says:

    I think the A-Rod mess has gone way beyond the “he is struggling big time at the moment” reaction. He is the 25th man on the roster and being treated accordingly. He will not be a Yankee next year whether the Yanks have to release him outright or do a trade for a like kind struggling player on another team with compensation for differences in salary. A-Rod not playing, at all costs, reeks of being a management decision from the top down and he’s simply not going to waltz into spring training next year with the Yanks as if this post-season did not happen, especially considering that Jeter will probably need to be more DH next year than shortstop.

    • Jim Is Bored(Hughes the man?!) says:

      No, no, no and more no. You could not be more wrong. That comment is a mess of misunderstanding of baseball economics. Read up on how salaries work, how the luxury tax works. ARod is not going anywhere next year.

      • steves says:

        The A-Rod situation has gone way beyond the economics and you are giving zero weight to the human element involved. A-Rod was willing to take a salary cut to get out from under playing for Texas in his prime. He is not going to accept 5 years of being a platoon player and despised in his home park. He will end up getting the bulk of his money and the Yanks will end up paying the bulk of his money but he will not be playing for the Yanks in 2013 and beyond.

        • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

          The problem is not the weight I’m giving to the human element. The problem is that you’re totally ignoring the business element. Like, 100%. You’re not even thinking about it. And until you do I’m not taking anything you say seriously.

          • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

            And yes, I’m going to be an absolute asshole about this, because I’ve seen the same comments 400 million times the past week, and I’ve finally cracked. You’re just the lucky recipient of my wrath, if you continue to think ARod is going anywhere.

            • steves says:

              Well you may have a point. You are treating me as bad as the Yanks are treating Arod yet I’ve come back for more. See you and Arod in Tampa in Feb. I’ll be the guy with the Jim is an Absolute Asshole t-shirt on. Thanks for the catchy phrase!

        • MannyGeee (Dead Men Walking) says:

          A-Rod was “willing” to take a salary cut, but he was never going to take an actual salary cut because the MLBPA was never going to allow it. Hell, I am willing to say I will work for free if I know it will never be possible.

          It was well played on his point, and if he was not concerned with the financial aspect he would not have opted out in 2007.

          The Human Aspect has a price tag, dont get all holier than thou on us. He’s here to stay

  22. Athenian says:

    Well now that Kobe is giving ARod a pep talk, Yanks WILL pull this out..

    I think really the difference is, sometimes (Alex Rodriguez) forgets he’s the best. … Where, I don’t.
    ” — Kobe Bryant on Alex Rodriguez

  23. Hummingbird S. says:

    One game at a time now. Just gotta avoid the sweep tonight and live to fight another day. Unfortunately they will be facing the one guy who can match Verlander, stuff wise. It looks bad and they all suck right now, but who knows? Maybe a miracle happens.

  24. Hall and Nokes says:

    It’s obviously an arbitrary and weird stat, but have the Yankees ever gone through an 8-game stretch with zero multi-run innings outside of the 9th and extras?

  25. Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

    I’ve been as annoyed as anyone while watching the games. I still think it’s hilarious how many people think that if we brought this same lineup back next year, we’d average 1-2 runs a game.

    It’s like no one watches baseball except during the playoffs.

  26. Kosmo says:

    As much as I´ve been a fan of Arod all these years, I have a hunch NY will try to unload him this offseason. Couple of Miami sportswriters have talked up bringing Arod to Miami. I DON´T see it happening but if Miami would part with Heath Bell who is owed 18 mil spread over the next 2 years and Josh johnson who is owed 14 mil for 2013 then it MIGHT be possible. Arod has 114 mil owed spread over the next 5 years with additional incentives. He more than likely won´t meet a few of those incentives, anyway Miami and NY would have to figure out how to split the remaining 82 million. NY could eat 50 million so Miami is on the hooks for about the same amount of money they would owe Johnson and Bell. Miami gets Arod for 32 million over 5 years. He helps fill the stands giving Miami OK production for at least a couple of years. NY could throw in Nova or a decent prospect like CoJo.

  27. I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

    Mike I think your notion that the Arod thing is no big deal and won’t have any lingering impact is, well, delusional. This is a Big Fucking Deal and being treated as such by the media not only because it’s their job to stir up shit but because it really honestly seriously is a BFD.

    It’s going to test every ounce of “team first try to say the right thing” Arod and to be honest I think he is going to crack and spew some pretty bad bile at some point. And unfortunately I don’t think he has enough pure skill remaining to have a bounce back, pride fueled resurgence next season. Best case he stays more or less healthy and is like a 270/350/450 guy, with 20 hrs and maybe 90 RBI if he is lucky. While that may be ‘nice’ in a vacuum, it won’t change the story away from what happened in this post season.

    This is a BFD and we have not remotely heard or felt the last of it, and I’m not talking media driven stuff. Somehow Al, Joe, Levine, Cash, and the brothers Steinbrenner will find a way to keep this front and center for a looooooong time.

    I would really love to be wrong on this. Honestly.

    • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

      Or he’s still suffering the effects of the hand injury, they’ve talked about it, and ARod has been given the understanding that he’ll be playing full time next year, which is why he’s taking it well right now.

  28. Robert says:

    Sign two of the following 4 free agents Melky,Bourn,Cody Ross or BJ Upton, add free agent catcher Mike Napoli or Kelly Shoppach maybe another starter sprinkle in whatever is close to ready on the farm and I actually may look forward to next season Do Nothing and we will be battling the Bosox for last place….

  29. Mike says:

    When you have clutch players like Jeter and gamers like AROD in the line up, winning 4 straight is definitely a possibility. I think our team is going to surprise the doubters.

  30. mick taylor says:

    this series was over when the yanks could not win one of the 2 games at home. a championship team gets that run in with gardner at 3rd i n the extra inning game on saturday

    • Jim Is Bored(CC the Savior) says:

      Is this the moment where I get banned? Nah. I’ll save it for after the Yanks win the World Series.

  31. Darren says:

    If those dickbags in 2004 can do it, we can do it.

    Meet me in the Land of Hopes and Dreams!!

  32. Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

    I think a full year of Alex next year looks more like .265 BA, 15 HR, 70 RBI if they’re lucky and he stays healthy (which he won’t). He’s cooked, no power anymore which is probably at least somewhat connected to the hand injury. He’s still a decent 3B and the Yanks have nobody to replace him with so barring some kind of ridiculous trade shenanigans he’ll still be here

    I also find the insistance that ownership is now super-concerned with the luxury tax and getting under $190 million laughable. Just watch, they’ll make a big-money move if they find one that they think will benefit the team. $190 million be damned.

    • Andy says:

      Based on what? Because he had a bad month of September after breaking his hand?

      • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

        He hit .272/18 HR/57 RBI this entire season. He hit .276/16 HR/62 RBI in 2011. Although he still had the power numbers in 2010, he batted .270. When was his last completely healthy season? You think his increasing age is going to make him more durable? Face it, he’s on the decline, to say otherwise is ignoring facts. I don’t think my prediction of .265/15/70 and at least one 15 day DL stint is too crazy.

        Look, I’m not trying to blame all the Yankee woes on A-Rod. If I had to single out the person whose underperformance has done the most damage this postseason it’d have to be Cano, followed by Granderson (despite the one HR) and then Alex. However, Cano is in the prime of his career, not trending downward.

  33. Little CANOlli (Big ChickenCutlet) says:





  34. Andy says:

    Alex breaks his hand and then has one terrible month and now the Yankees want to get rid of him at all costs? Seriously, what the f is going on? This is a huge deal. If I were Alex, I’d be furious. And frankly, the fact that he’s handling it so well is just another example of how the personal hatred for him is so unwarranted.

    • Bill says:


      I really don’t get all the hate for A-Rod. Do I find it difficult to watch him right now? Sure. But, remember, he basically just came back from breaking his hand! Is that the only reason for his slump? Maybe, maybe not. But to suddenly think he’s a platoon player – especially based upon an incredibly small sample size – is quite a jump.

      Is he going to be worth $25 million/year going forward? Probably not. Is he going to decline by the end of his contract? Almost absolutely. Do I expect him to come back next year and assume he’ll hit at least .270/20/85 with an OBP around .350 and good defense at 3rd? Without a doubt.

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

      Have you people not watched his last two years? This isn’t just a this September thing. His batting numbers, both for average and for power have been on the decline. He can’t stay healthy. There is more reason to believe this trend will continue in the downward direction than that it will suddenly reverse with his advancing age.

      Yes, he still plays a good 3B, yes he will still be with the team next year with the starting job. But it is perfectly reasonable to criticize his play and point out that he is absolutely a player on the decline.

      The people saying “He just came off a broken hand, that’s hurting him but he should still play” are the same ones saying “He’s been injured, don’t play him at all!” about Gardner. Give me a break.

  35. Bo Knows says:

    Arod is not going anywhere, he’s owed 115 million dollars and five years on his contract….he also has a full no trade clause, so he can’t go anywhere unless he wants too; and I very much doubt (99.999999999999999999999% certain of this btw) he wants to go anywhere.

  36. MannyGeee (Dead Men Walking) says:

    anyone else scared that Delmon Young is auditioning for his 2013 job in Pinstripes with this off season showing?

    RH bat in this lefty heavy line up that hits (against us) very well and would cost about 1/2 what Swisher is looking for on a short deal? This theory scares the shit out of me.

  37. Pete says:

    The Tigers have gotten some excellent pitching for sure, but the Yankees pitching has also been very good. We are not getting blown out in these games by any means. What’s going on is a massive failure of our lineup to produce anything. I think our hitters are doing everything they are taught not to do, and doing it all at once. It’s like a perfect storm, that’s made 100 times worse because of the Tigers starters. We know all of the actors to blame, as usual, but losing Jeter has not helped at all.

  38. Kingslayer says:

    Mike, I have to disagree with you on the Arod thing. I believe that Cashman is behind the benchings, and that he wants to humiliate him. Cashman is a ruthless GM whom treated Posada and, to a certain degree, even Jeter in a disrespectful way when he thought they were finsished. He has something up his sleeve with Arod.

  39. RetroRob says:

    I’ll take my chances any postseason with the great starting pitching the Yankees have had throughout. Their hitting has been historically bad, but that won’t continue. Unfortuntely, it’s too late for this year. Bring Hirok and Andy back, assuming both plan to pitch next year.

  40. RossA says:

    Winning 4 straight is not as impossible as it sounds.

    Usually, if you’ve lost the first 3 in a playoff series, you are a far inferior team.

    There is much more parity today than in much of the history of sports. The Yankees are probably several wins better than Detroit by the most reasonable metrics out there.

    I know it doesn’t look good, but the odds are not as unfavorable as you’d think judging by the history of 7-game series results.

    They win tonight, the odds are, at worst, the odds of coming back from 3-1 down, which ain’t bad.

    Don’t give up yet.

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