Feinsand: Talks “are ongoing” between Yankees and Martin


Via Mark Feinsand: Talks between the Yankees and Russell Martin about a new contract “are ongoing” according to Matt Colleran, the catcher’s agent. “The process is going to determine the time frame (for signing),” said Colleran, who acknowledged talking to at least a half-dozen teams at last week’s GM Meetings.. “He loved everything about New York and he still does. With the ability to talk to other teams, now it’s all part of the process. Once he has all his info, he’ll decide what he wants to do.”

Martin, 29, hit .211/.311/.403 (95 wRC+) with a career-high 21 homers last season, including a 139 wRC+ against lefties. The Yankees clearly value his defensive skills — particularly his pitch-framing ability, it seems — and toughness, enough that they offered him a three-year, $20M-something contract extension last offseason. He turned that down and I think he’s totally going to wind up signing a similar contract anyway. The free agent catching market is a wasteland.

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  1. RocketMan86 says:

    Let’s get it done, Cash. No other option worth going after. Hoping it’s not more than 2 years.

  2. awesomeo says:

    Yep only person I would consider an upgrade that MAY be possible is McCann, and he just had shoulder surgery and would take prospects. My only gripe is the BA is a little low, but he had enough homers and I do like his defense and pitch framing. Remember how bad Posada was bouncing around blocking the ump back there? It is subtle, but you can see his framing works.

  3. Jersey Joe says:

    I guess just sign him. He knows the staff, he can hit more than anyone else. I hope it’s 1 year 10 M with mutual option for ’14. Doubt it’ll happen.

  4. vin says:

    I still would’ve offered him a Qualifying Offer.

    • kenthadley says:

      then you would have payed him about twice what he’ll ultimately get next year. With the other teams bidding, it’ll be around 22/3.

      • Jerkface says:

        Better than locking him up for 3 years where he will be impacting the Yankees efforts to get under the 189 limit in 2014 and 2015

        • Herby says:

          A decent catcher is always easy to trade. With two years left over on his contract there would be a number of teams looking to take him on, especially if he has a better year. I do expect he’d be better than the horror story we saw other than the last month.

          • The Legend of Ruben Sierra says:

            Russell does a phenomenal job working with the pitching staff and most certainly frames pitches very well. he is decent throwing runners out and call a pretty good game. Like somebody else said, there is no way he will be as bad as he was the 1st half of last season with the bat. I’d def take him on for a 3yr deal and hopefully Romine or Gary Sanchez we’ll be ready to hit at the big league level by the end of martin’s 2nd year or beginning year 3 so he has a chance to work with them and either backup or trade him. unless he totally turns it on and bats .270+ each year then they can reconsider.

          • Bubba says:

            Out of the 12 months Russell has been a Yankee only three of them have been good, so the horror story unfortunately could and probably will continue. Fortunately for Russell and unfortunately for the Yankees there are not a lot of options out there.

      • vin says:

        I guarantee he gets more than 7± mil/year. Pay him 13 million for 2013, then reassess after that point. Plus it buys them more time for Romine (who looked like a man among boys in the AFL game I went to). The 2013 budget isn’t the concern, it’s 2014 and maybe 2015.

  5. RetroRob says:

    He’ll get three years from someone and it will most likely be the Yankees. It’s fine. He’s a net positive, and his BABIP will adjust some, so his BA will most likely rise.

    It’s not as if he’s blocking anyone significant at this point. Romine had a significant back issue in 2012 missing most of the year and his AAA time and his bat and overall catching skills are still in question. No way the Yankees will commit their catching to a rookie like Romine, who may not be healthy enough to catch for a season, and will most likely be less of a hitter than Martin. He’s not as good a defensive catcher as Martin. In other words, a downgrade across the board.

    If Romine shows more health and promise, then he can mentor under Martin later in the season or next year. If a better option shows up, the Yankees will have no problem moving Martin. Catchers are always in demand, even if they only hit .200.

    As I would always mention when people complained about Posada, we’re all gonna miss him when he’s gone. We are now again living the dark days Yankee fans saw between Munson and Posada. Let’s hope the dark days are shorter and Sanchez is the answer a couple or so years off.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      I would hardly call a league average starter at one position “dark days.”

      • Ted Nelson says:

        And he might be above average when defense is considered. Not doubting Posada was a great player, but his value might be a bit overstated if you consider true defense.

      • RetroRob says:

        I referred to Martin as a net positive, while saying it’s fine if they signed him to a three-year deal, so I wasn’t knocking him at all. I recognize his strengths and weakness. The “dark days” is in reference to the difficulty in finding quality catchers.

        Posada is borderline HOF. I’m not expecting that from Martin, but he’s solid enough.

  6. Jakeman says:

    OT- Jays about to get Josh Johnson. I’m guessing either Arencibia or D’arnoud (the c prospect) is on the way out. But that’s going to be a damn good rotation of Johnson, Morrow, Romero on the rebound, Buerle, and Henderson Alverez. And Kyle Drabek as a 6th option as well.

    • CANOlli(New York Ziti) says:

      Escobar and Hecchavaria..JoseRey may be on his way too..madonnaamia

      • Jakeman says:

        That is a pure steal for the Jays. Not a big fan of Hecchavaria or Escobar, so this looks like more like a pure money dump. Adding Reyes in the deal would be insane unless there is more going back. Reyes, Lawrie, Bautista, Encarnacion, Rasmus, Johnson, Arenicibia, and whoever plays RF and DH seems like a pretty good lineup, and they seem to always pitch well against us.

        • CANOlli(New York Ziti) says:

          They would probably include D’Arnaud and Nicolino/Stroman??? No sense in keeping Reyes now; he may have a no-trade though, if im not mistaken.

    • RetroRob says:

      In addition to Johnson and Buehrle, there is some speculation that Jose Reyes will be part of it. Sounds like an attempt to once again clear salary ont he part of the Marlins, especially if Reyes is part of it. I’m doubting that part, but who knows.

      The real question is what are they sending back? Certainly one of the catchers, not that Arencibia is all that great.

    • Preston says:

      And apparently Jose Reyes is being thrown in just for fun. Is it just me or are the baseball trades starting to get way crazier than they used to be?

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        They tore down the Orange Bowl for this.

        I’ll never stop rooting for the Heat but, otherwise, I hope every sports team in Miami spontaneously combusts.

  7. nsalem says:

    The two winningest teams in baseball history (percentage wise 54 Indians and 01 Mariners() had catchers with worse offensive stats than Martin.

  8. MP says:

    So sorry all to be off subject, but I have an honest and real question…Anyone else see the news about the HUGGEEEEE trade Toronto might be pulling off RIGHT NOW! My question is this. The Marlins are on the verge of moving almost all payroll, including Reyes. That said, and I know it’s been mentioned, but does anyone else thing Arod to the Marlins could be in the works? Let’s think about it for a moment. If the Jays move Reyes, Buck, Buerle and Johnson, the only stars with be Stanton and ?? I find it odd, if not impossible as a business man myself, that the Marlins would do that and be void of those types of players 1 year into a new stadium. Don’t know folks.. IF that trade goes down with the Jays, I’m thinking something might be up with Arod. Sorry again about off subject.

    • Pat D says:

      Where are you seeing/hearing this?

    • Big Member says:

      Move Reyes, Buehrle and Johnson in order to free up space for A-Rod.

      I was thinking of a response to this trade but this just beats any idiotic response possible. Sorry but that’s out of MY league. I applause to you.

      • MP says:

        ..and you entirely fail to see the point that this is a business and you NEED to sell tickets, to you know, maybe turn a profit. Yeah. might not be the answer to this trade, but don’t be a dick.

        • CANOlli(New York Ziti) says:

          or maybe they’re trying to turn a profit by cutting expenses….i see your point, but enough is enough with the AROD bullshit.

          • MP says:

            Thanks. Paisan. I just find it hard to believe that if this trade goes down that the Marlins only goal is to stock pile a bunch of prospects, some who haven’t even played a MLB game all on the field with Stanton. I don’t know about that. It’s worth the debate that Arod could be in play now as a marketing item for the Marlins. I don’t think I’m that far off. It’s funny though. I always try to engage people on this site with meaningful debate and usually with great success, but every time I bring up Arod, everyone goes ape shit. I don’t know why.

        • Preston says:

          The point is the Marlins invested money hoping it would generate revenue in the new stadium. It didn’t happen, and now they are shedding that money, not adding it. No studies have ever really shown that stars actually boost attendance unless they are actually doing something historic, like Ripken when he set the consecutive games record, Bonds and Mcgwire with the HR’s. Other than that wins are what drive attendance. A-Rod has long since fallen off a historic HR trajectory. Nobody is going to want to watch him chase Mays for third, and in that park his HR production will likely drop further.

          • MP says:

            Ok. That’s fair, man. I still think we’ll hear about this a little over the coming days if this trade with the Jays goes down. It’s a gut feeling.

            • Preston says:

              Maybe, I don’t know what the final parameters of this deal are, but the Marlins look pretty stupid. Maybe they’ll take A-Rod for Stanton at this point.

              • MP says:

                That’s what I am saying, dude. We haven’t seen the final players of this deal, but it sounds like the Jays are walking away with a huge prize. That said, I watched a show about the Marlins recently (stupid show about the fish tank), point being, I finally got to see that dictator of a little man they call their president (what his name?). Point being, after seeing that and his demands for the stupid fish tank. That man is without reason. If he thinks he needs Arod, I could see him making this type of move after clearing all this salary. The Marlins have proven they do things without real logic.

        • Big Member says:

          You don’t understand how the Marlins franchise is run. Marlins signed a boat load of free agents to ridiculous deal last year in hopes of selling tickets. The tickets still did not sell. What makes you think that a franchise, known for trading their best players once they become expensive, trade all their expensive players and then trade FOR the guy with the biggest contract in the game?

          In this case, trading 3/4 of your team and then acquiring a wild card-enigma will not result in making a profit

          • CANOlli(New York Ziti) says:

            Yea but they’re the Marlins. They’re liable to do anything at this point. any rational opinion says that adding AROD after trading away the bulk of your salary is a horrible business decision, but……………

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Dude… sound……sober?

        • Ted Nelson says:

          Wins are what drives revenues in sports, not overpaid stars. Would you be more likely to buy a ticket to watch A-Rod or to watch your team win?

          It’s more likely that they’re clearing payroll to go out and get good players than to get really, really overpaid ones. I like A-Rod, but he is maybe worth 1/3-1/4 his salary these days.

  9. CANOlli(New York Ziti) says:

    Johnson,Buerhle,Reyes,Buck,Bonifacio for Alvarez,Escobar,Hecchavaria, Nicolino,Marisnick

  10. Phil says:

    Martin is fine sign him for 3 years 2013, 2014 and in 2015 he can share time with Gary Sanchez and break him in properly….Romine backup in 2014 …after a full year in triple A…

  11. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Totally fine with two years on Martin in order to see what we’ve got in Sanchez.

  12. MB923 says:

    One year the Marlins are going after the best 1B arguably since Gehrig and the best free agent pitcher on the market, and have a 9 figure payroll. Now one year later, their team is making half of what A-Rod makes

  13. Matt Montero says:

    According to Joel Sherman, nolasco is the next to go from the marlins. Would the yankees be interested? How much would he cost?

  14. Rich in NJ says:

    If he won’t sign for one year, move on.

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