Friday Night Open Thread

Point/Counterpoint with Rafael Soriano
Saxon: Kuroda's "first preference" is to pitch in Southern California

Happy Friday everyone. Hope your week was a little less hectic than mine, and if not, then just chill out tonight and relax a bit. The holiday is less than a week away. The Knicks are playing tonight, but talk about anything else you want here as well. Have at it.

Point/Counterpoint with Rafael Soriano
Saxon: Kuroda's "first preference" is to pitch in Southern California
  • The Real Eddard

    As I said after they pulled off the trade with the Marlins, the Jays are the team to beat in the AL East. And now they have Melky. They’ll have the best outfield in the division by far. They’ve added to their already outstanding pitching staff. The Jays are a team that has got it right, just like Tampa and the Os. These teams have come a long way and the Yanks and Sox are just trying to hang on.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Their “already outstanding pitching staff” that finished with the 5th worst ERA in baseball last year? And let’s not act like Jose Reyes on turf, Mark Bueherle in the AL East, injury prone Josh Johnson, and Melky coming of a PED suspension aren’t big risks that could easily backfire.

      And the Orioles aren’t going to be close to as good next year unless they make some pretty big moves because there’s no way in hell they’re sustaining their records in one run games and in extra innings. And sorry if I don’t think Nate McLouth, Chris Tillman, Miguel Gonzalez, etc, and their entire bullpen outside of Johnson aren’t going to regress.

    • Stating the Obvious Even When Unneeded

      Romero was crap last season
      Morrow is often either injured or ineffective.
      Cecil was kinda crap since forever
      J.A. Happ is mediocre

      Rasmus is pretty crap
      Melky might end up being crap after becoming clean
      Arencibia is crap, period

      • Preston

        There lineup is really good now, they aren’t counting on anybody that’s risky. Melky, Gose, Rasmus and Bonofacio will all be fighting for playing time in the OF, so it’s pretty likely that two of those guys will be pretty good next season. They also have Izturis and Bonafacio to fight it out for 2b, either would probably be adequate. At C they Arencibia and Buck, neither of which is good, but D’arnaud is knocking on the door. That’s a lot of positional depth. Especially since they aren’t counting on any of them to be their stars. Reyes, Lawrie, Baustista and Encarnacion at the top of the line-up is pretty awesome. They could use another DH/1b option because Adam Lind sucks (maybe Carlos Pena)but as currently constructed I like their offense better than ours. If we bring back Martin, a solid RF and a DH type I’ll feel differently probably. The pitching is another matter entirely. They need Johnson and Morrow to be healthy. If those two are healthy they have enough arms to fill out the back end and compete. If they aren’t then even if Ricky Romero bounces back they’re in trouble.

        • Ted Nelson

          You can’t pretend there aren’t quite a few risks in that line-up, Preston. They’ve gotten better, but calling them the favorite is borderline hysterical.

          • Preston

            I didn’t call them the favorite, I said that if the season started today I like their offense better than ours.
            SS Reyes
            3B Lawrie
            LF Cabrera
            RF Bautista
            1B Encarnacion
            C D’arnaud/Arencibia
            DH Lind
            2B Izturus/Bonafacio
            CF Gose/Rasmus

            Is better than,

            SS Jeter
            LF Granderson
            3B Rodriguez
            2B Cano
            1B Teixeira
            RF Dickerson
            C Stewart
            DH Nunez
            CF Gardner

            Obviously, like I stated before if we bring back Martin, a RF and a DH option it changes things. But without Martin and if the best we do is Ichiro/Ibanez, I’m still saying their offense is better. I like our staff and pen better, but without re-signing Pettitte, Kuroda and Rivera that’s a close call too.

            • Ted Nelson

              Sorry, below comment was meant to be here. I think you are assuming good case scenarios for the Jays and bad case for the Yankees if you think their line-up is better in any significant way even today. Certainly they are capable of exceeding expectations, but the most likely case is to hit expectations. The Yankees are also capable of exceeding expectations.

          • Jd

            They said the same thing about the Marlins and that didn’t pan out. With that said, it’s terribly sad to see the end of an era for the Yankees and that is what we are seeing regardless of whether the Jays made the trade or not.

            • Ted Nelson

              I still don’t know that their line-up is better, even with Nunez, Dickerson, and Cervelli/Stewart/Romine on the Yankees. They have the talent, but the risk comes in career years and unproven guys (plus injuries, but Yankees have that risk too… Though they may have more depth).

              Just going down the line-up:

              Lawrie is unproven. He has tons of potential, but put up a .319 wOBA last year. League average wRC+. Will he break out? Have a sophomore slump and take a step back? Stay at that level? It’s a risk.

              Cabrera: what will he hit if he’s clean. He broke out from scrub to MVP in two years, and he was doping. Even without the dope consideration, is 2012 his talent level? 2011? 2010? There’s a risk he’s a .300 wOBA hitter like in NY / Atl.

              Encarnacion: He’s a good hitter, but .340 wOBA the seasons leading up to a monster 2012. He could have broken out, but is it likely?

              Arencibia has been about 2012 Martin level offensively. Which is solid, but offensively about what Cervelli put up in MLB. I’d give the edge to the Jays, but not necessarily by a mile.
              Rookies are inherently risky.

              Lind hasn’t been even ok since 2009. Nunez platooned with some random LH replacement level guy probably match his production. He probably still has the talent, but so does Tex. it’s like expecting Tex to go back to .400 wOBA days. Could happen, most likely won’t.

              None of the last four guys for 2 spots are even locks to break .300 wOBA. In fact, I might even take the under.

              Reyes and Bautista are probably a good bet to out hit Jeter and Cano, overall I take the Yankees offense even with HUGE holes in it. And they will fill those holes somewhat. The Jays are designed to have offensive holes at 2B, CF, and maybe DH (though that’s an easier hole to fill). The Yankees 3rd and 4th string guys at those spots might match up well with the Jays starters: Adams/CoJo and Dickerson.

              • Preston

                Nobody is a guarantee to do anything. It’s all risky. That’s why I like the Blue Jays depth. I don’t want to talk to much about Stewart, Dickerson and Nunez, because I don’t think any of them will be starting on opening day, I’ll just say I think you underestimate how bad 162 games of that would look.
                Our line-up has just as many risks in it at this point.

                Jeter, 38 yo SS who just had a career threatening leg injury. I’ll always bet on the Captain but it’s tough to pretend that this might be the end of his career.

                I’m not one of the panicked trade Granderson crowd. But you have to admit there is a problem. His K rate is trending dangerously upward in the last few years, if he doesn’t at least level off, he’s in trouble. It’s hard to be a good hitter when you strike out 30% of the time.

                Rodriguez is not the same player. I root for Alex, and I actually like him. I think most of his late season struggles were the hand issue. So I see a bounce back. But not by much, and injuries definitely seem to linger, effect him more now.

                Cano is great, I have no trouble betting the over on a .300/.350/.500 stat line.

                You talk about Encarnacion’s 2012 being a fluke well his 2011 offensive line was about what Tex did this year. Maybe Tex bounces back and Encarnacion regresses, but that could still leave them similar hitters in 2013.

                Brett Gardner missed most of last season with an elbow injury, he’s young and not dependent on power, so I think he’ll be fine. But there is a possibility that his problems linger. Carl Crawfords did.

                On the Toronto side, I think your criticisms are fair. Except that I like Lawrie a lot more than you do. He was 22 last year, and you can’t ignore his 2011 numbers. He’s a really good player and will be for a long time.

                • Ted Nelson

                  I think you underestimate how bad 162 games of Izturis, Lind, or Rasmus has looked most years.

                  I would argue that the Yankees have more depth than the Jays, especially when their roster is actually complete.

                  I already explained myself. Line the two lineups next to each other best hitter 1-9 and tell me what you think. Go position by position. Go batting order against batting order. Even with the current holes I would give the Yankees a slight edge.

                  Encarnacion’s regression is overwhelmingly likely. Tex would not have to bounce back at all to match what Encarnacion did every year leadinup to 2012. He’s there.

                  A-Rod’s not the same based on two months after injury? Look at his stats in 2012 before the injury… An order of magnitude greater than Lawrie… lawrie could take a big step forward and just match A-Rod offensively. Jeter will never play again because he broke his ankle? Reyes is in the same boat every time he takes the field. Granderson is not a good hitter? He put up a .346 wOBA last season. He’s not good, but Edwin and Melky and Lawrie and Rasmus and Lind are?

                  They have more hype and media momentum, but the Jays need guys to repeat career years and unproven young guys to step forward to be better offensively than the semi-complete Yankee roster. The Yankees need a bunch of guys to fall apart to be worse, even before filling out their roster.

                  • Preston

                    Bill James projections, i used them because they’re easily available on fangraphs currently not because I think they’re the best.

                    Jose Reyes .295/.352/.434
                    Lawrie .289/.342/.465
                    Cabrera .295/.348/.432
                    Bautista .259/.377/.529
                    Encarnacion .271/.359/.504
                    Adam Lind .272/.329/.460
                    JP Arencibia .232/.278/.451
                    Colby Rasmus .237/.312/.427
                    Izturus .267/.333/.360

                    Jeter .298/.359/.400
                    Granderson .244/.332/.480
                    Rodriguez .270/.364/.467
                    Cano .306/.361/.515
                    Teixeira .266/.364/.507
                    Stewart .237/.299/.333
                    Gardner .275/.368/.371
                    He didn’t do a projection of either Dickerson or Nunez. The lineups are similar, I like the younger one, you like the one that’s actually produced together. I don’t think either is unreasonable, you seem to think I’m unreasonable. I don’t agree with these projections entirely I think Lind’s is way high even Lawrie’s (who I admit I’m a fan of, just not that much) I also think that Teixeira and Rodriguez aren’t going to hit that well next year. But that’s just like my opinion man.

              • Ted Nelson

                Reply fail. Meant in response to Preston above

      • TomH

        You’re just whistling going by the graveyard of NYY/Boston domination.

        • Get Phelps Up

          Boston yes (theirs ended a while ago) but we’ve been hearing this about the Yankees for how many years now?

          • Ted Nelson

            And it’s not like the Yankees haven’t lived with fierce competition for years. The Rays and Boston the 2012 Orioles have been right there fighting it out with them for years.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Go stink up their fan sites then.

    • Knoxvillain

      No. The Jays suck. Even with Josh Johnson, Reyes, Buehrle, and Melky. They still are a team filled with question marks. Not gonna win more than 85 games.

    • Ro

      Easy now. “the Jays are the team to beat in the AL East.”

      I always get a chuckle out of these types of comments and predictions before a game is played. Technically the Yankee’s are the team to beat in the AL East as of this very moment. In fact, the entire AL. On paper, sure the Jays look great, but they don’t even have a manager yet. Let’s not put the cart before the horse with this one just yet. I like what I see for the Jays, but every year its another team “this is the team to beat” and the Yankees are always right there or in front.

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        Hey, it’s Eddard World, where the Rays & O’s (and now the Jays) reign supreme, and all the Yankees suck.

        Well, except for their ace, Big Game Phelps, and future HOFer Nuney.

    • pinchhitter

      Wait, the Blue Jays are 98 finish games behind the Yankees over the last five years, and then they make one trade of prospects for overpaid players, and add a free agent who has almost certainly never had a good year without doing PEDS, and they’ve “got it right?”

      Am I missing something?

  • Alkaline

    It’s been a crazy week at work, but a lot of these posts have provided valuable entertainment during my break. :D

  • http://Tab Ally

    You are counting your chickens before they’ve hatched. We all know that the Yankees will be near the top when the games have actually been played.

  • Bob Buttons

    So this is what it was like to watch Ibanez batting before he was a Yankee.

    Almost forgot how that feels.

  • Bob Buttons

    On a side note Adams seems to have done well, along with Montgomery in the AzFL.

    Nuding, Burawa and Romine pretty much sucked.

    Heathcott was just pretty awesome.

    • Ted Nelson

      I would not say Romine sucked. He got on base but didn’t hit for
      power in a tiny sample. It wasn’t a strong showing, but it wasn’t without positives.

      • Bob Buttons

        Problem is IIRC AzFL is hitter heaven, so while Romine’s stats look okay by normal standards it certainly ain’t something he’d write home about when compared to AzFL standards.

        He still showed some skills after coming back from an injury but that’s not something I enjoyed seeing from the guy who was suppose to be our catcher by now a few years back.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          I always felt Romine was a lil overrated

        • Ted Nelson

          I would say you are not putting things in context properly.

          Power is not Romine’s issue (not a beast, but solid for a C). The lack of power in AzFL could be a sign he’ll never regain it after the back issue… But it’s a tiny sample. A couple of pop ups catch a gust of wind or don’t and everything looks different sort of sample. A 12 games worth of PAs sort of stretch. Even very good hitters can slump for a dozen games and even very bad hitters can get hot. Not that Romine is either. He’s most likely a decent hitter for a C.
          Ultimately the OBP is encouraging because he has decent pop in his bat for a C if healthy.

          If you’re counting on individual prospects to fill starting roles a few years down the road, you’re not taking things in context. Even proven MLB players can fall of a cliff over a few years, let alone prospects.

  • Yankee in CT

    Whatever Happened to AJ Burnett?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Eaten by maggots in Guatemala, last I heard.

  • anthony

    Aj was a beast last year forthe pirates

    • DC

      I wouldn’t call a 1.9 bWAR a beast.

  • Ryan

    I just saw Stanton is still going off (rightfully so) at mlbtraderumors. How much more of this before they actually do trade him.

    • Knoxvillain

      I would be pretty pissed too. Being stuck with the Marlins as a player must suck when you know there are 29 other teams who don’t intentionally fuck over their players and fans.

      • Ted Nelson

        I wouldn’t. They made their org better going forward.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Until they press the reset button again and start the process over

          • Ted Nelson

            Won’t be for a few years. The majority of their guys are controlled for a few more years, which isn’t an accident.

  • Ro

    I’m sure many have already read this article, but I really underestimated Stanton’s passion for the game.

    He seems like a smart player too. The Yankees seriously need to do whatever they can to get this guy. Could you imagine his winning attitude on the Yanks..Geez. If there were ever that perfect player for the Yankee’s specifically, this is that guy. Based on the quotes in this article, it seems like he is not at all happy with the trade and as others are stating, it seems his fate is certain being traded next season, when he’ll be getting expensive and little start requesting some form of an extension, so why not now. I actually just spent 30 minutes reading all his tweets to try and learn a little about the kid and his attitude. He’s pretty cultured, apparently loves NYC, and just adopted a great puppy. As my girlfriend says “any guy who loves and cuddles with their dog is a real man.” Another good sign. Sorry having a man crush moment with this kid.

    Let’s face it; the Marlins are shedding massive amounts of payroll. Nolassco, as it was pointed out on here the other day, would be a solid pick up, but his numbers aren’t all that impressive. We don’t know how he would adjust to AL East. He’s only on for a year (great for the Yanks actually), and he pretty expensive at $11.5m. Nolassco serves absolutely no purpose for the Marlins considering what we are seeing. The Yanks should take the entire amount owed for Nolassco, and Stanton and trade whatever they need too. Believe it or not, Nova could probably give the Marlins similar production for a fraction of the cost and has some controlled years. I would think that alone would appeal to the Marlins. Before anyone shoots that down, Nova does have value and he is definitely shown results, even if limited on the Yanks. Nova for whatever it is? $600k or Nolassco for $11.5m and both could probably win a similar amount of games down there. I’m not comparing the two, because Nolassco has better stuff, but when buying and selling wins, which is exactly what the Marlins are doing, I’d take the $600k. Now for Stanton; you’re probably looking at both Heathcott and Williams and I would include both Pineda and Campos (both for later dates) and the return from Montero. That’s a pretty big package for the Marlins and despite Pineda being injured, the guy still has huge value. It’s a gamble for the Marlins, but worth it.

    • Knoxvillain

      It’s not gonna happen. The Yankees don’t have the pieces to get Stanton, it’s as simple as that. I would love for him to be in RF and hitting third on Opening Day, but if he gets traded it’s to another team.

      On another note, Nolasco sucks and Nova has better stuff than him. The Yankees don’t need any AAAA starters and if both Kuroda and Pettitte come back then the rotation will be Sabathia, Kuroda, Pettitte, and Hughes with Nova, Phelps, Warren, and Pineda when he’s healthy. Nolasco would be the worst pitcher on the team and even if they did get Nolasco in that trade it doesn’t mean the Marlins would demand less for Stanton because they are shedding salary.

      I’m sure they could find some team to take Nolasco and another team for Stanton if they decide to trade him.

      • Ro

        Entirely disagree with every word you wrote and not sure where to start. I have no idea what you mean when you say the Yanks don’t have the pieces, because they do and then some. In fact, both teams match up very well. The Yankees really only lack depth both on the field and in the minors on the leftside of the infield, which the Marlins now have covered. So I fail to see how you say the Yanks don’t have the pieces. They have the top catching prospect in baseball and some of the best up and coming outdfielders. Wierd.

        • Knoxvillain

          All of their prospects that have any value at all aren’t even AA players yet. Their catcher is like 19 and the outfielders are what, 20-21 years old? Stanton is already 22 and under team control for several more years. There are plenty of teams with a better farm system than the Yankees who would gladly give the Marlins what they wanted for Stanton.

          It’s not happening at all. Period.

          • Ro

            You must be a lot of fun at parties.

            I still disagree. Cashman can make a deal happen if he wanted too. No question.

            • Knoxvillain

              Sure, he could make a deal if he wanted to, but the Marlins would say no. I’m not trying to seem like an asshole but all of “Stanton to the Yankees talk” is getting out of hand.

              • Ro

                “not trying to seem like an asshole”

                Unfortunately you doing a bad job at that.

                ..and I really think it’s special that you’re defending an organization that makes one poor business decision and PR nightmare after another. Factor in that Stanton will start costing money soon and by all accounts are likely years away from being competitive again, well, its inevitable he is traded. And you say 1/2 dozen teams. You could probably rule out the Phillies and Braves (the Philles def don’t have the pieces) and while the Braves do, I still don’t see them trading in-division. The Rangers, but it turns out their best trade chips are left side infielders, something the Marlins has many of now and good ones too. I mean sure, you take Profar and flip the rest, but that just seems redundant. Who else? The Royals, sure, but not going to happen. They’ve been hording prospects for years and NOW they’re going to unload 4 or 5 of them for one player? Not happening. The Rays? The Rays aren’t actually that deep outside of pitching. So Matt Moore and who else? The Yanks could do better. The Red Sox? Their prospects are about par with the Yanks and again, the Yanks probably have players that match up better for the Marlins. Whether you want to agree or not is fine, but Cashman definitely has an opportunity to sneak in and do something.

                • Knoxvillain

                  I could see the Rays, Tigers, Rangers, A’s, Nationals, Mariners, Braves, Royals, Cardinals, Pirates, and maybe even the D’Backs giving the Marlins a much bigger return.

                • Knoxvillain

                  I could see the Rays, Tigers, Rangers, A’s, Nationals, Mariners, Braves, Royals, Cardinals, Pirates, and maybe even the D’Backs giving the Marlins a much bigger return.

                • Need Pitching & Hitting

                  Top of my head, Seattle or Texas would be logical teams that could put together better offers than the Yankees.

                  • Knoxvillain

                    And both could use Stanton more than the Yankees, especially the Mariners.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            Is the Yankee fan system as good as its claimed to be??? Not saying it is the worst in the league or garbage but looking at some of the comments it seems like other teams blow them out of the water in terms of putting together a package.

            • Knoxvillain

              I believe they have a very good system but all of their prospects are in A ball. They don’t have any big prospects that are close to being ready besides Montgomery it seems like. In a year of two I think they will have one of the best right now if everything goes right, but we will have to wait and see.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          Sanchez isn’t rated the top catching prospect in baseball, at least not on the BA mid-season top 50 list.
          Stanton is a young, cheap, 4 years of control left stud. The Marlins don’t have to trade him. Every team in baseball would love to have him. It’s going to take elite prospects to get him. Maybe the Yankees could get him if they emptied the farm. More than likely, the Marlins would be looking for (and be able to get) a package starting with a top 10 prospect, which the Yankees don’t currently have.

          • Knoxvillain

            It’s as simple as this.

          • Will the Real MP Please Stand Up

   has him as #1. It all depends on who you ask.

          • Kosmo

            Sanchez is the 2nd rated catching prospect behind D`Arnaud.

        • Leo

          Giancarlo Stanton is going to be prohibitively expensive to obtain. There is not much motivation for Miami to trade him because their cost for him is so low. Also, I wouldn’t expect Loria to care much if Stanton is pissed. Have you been following what this guy has been doing?

          Furthermore, Stanton posted a 156 wRC+ as a 22 year old.

          Here is a partial list of players who posted wRC+s less than 156 as 22 year olds :
          Albert Pujols, Ken Griffey Jr, Miguel Cabrera, Johnny Bench, Eddie Murray, Alex Rodriguez, Reggie Jackson, Joe Morgan, George Brett, Carl Yastremski

    • Ro

      …and not that Cashman needs any encouragement from us or anyone outside of the organization, but I hope that people close to him are being aggressive. I regard Cashman highly and I am one of the ones who thinks he is a very good GM. That said, the Yankees could get this done. They have the pieces and it works for them too. It’s entirely unfair to label a young star like Stanton as the face of your franchise with the franchise. It’s unfair to him as a young man and a player. If they’re going the complete rebuild route, then they should part with him. I expect the most common argument would be that “he is young” “he is cheap” “you build around him” This would be correct for the most part, but Stanton 1) is heading in historic arbitration levels soon and despite being only 23, he’s been playing for the most of three season and part of a 4th, so the building around part has already matured to an extent.

      • Knoxvillain

        What do you suggest the Yankees offer in return for Stanton? I just don’t see how the Yankees have the pieces to get a player of that caliber in return.

        You’re talking Nova, Phelps, Williams, Sanchez, Adams/Nunez, and Romine. I wouldn’t take anything less than that if I was the Marlins.

        Stanton could easily net two top 15 prospects if they were on the same team. The Yankees won’t deplete the farm system for any one player when they are getting pretty old to begin with.

        • Ted Nelson

          The Yankees do have the pieces. I don’t think Miami will move him, but you are blatantly wrong that they don’t have the pieces. You proposed a trade without even including two of their top 4 prospects. Clearly they have the pieces. Let’s not be silly.

          • Knoxvillain

            I don’t think you’re assuming that all other 29 teams in baseball want him on their team and many of those teams have better prospects they are willing to give up. If the Yankees have the pieces it’s because all the other teams didn’t try.

            • Ted Nelson

              You are the one assuming they want to give up everything they have for Stanton. If you have a Profar or Walker you probably keep him. A potentially elite SS or SP is harder to come by then a Rzf. The top, top prospects in baseball don’t always go in the trades for the best vets.

              • Ted Nelson

                And if they do offer a Profar, they’re not going to give them everyone else too. It’ll come down to the Marlins’ preferences among prospects. BA’s top prospect might not be the same as the Marlins’ list. And a SS means trading Escobar and/or Hechevarria, which they may or may not want to do.

                The Yankees do have enough to be in any realistic conversation, though I doubt Miami has any interest in moving Stanton with 4 more years of control for prospects who aren’t much younger and have 2 more years of control.

                I don’t think they are tearing down for a long rebuild. I think they wanted to get cheaper and still try to be ok wins wise.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            They don’t have the pieces compared to other teams. Hell do they even have the pieces to get a guy like Upton?

            • Ted Nelson

              Yes, they do. Teams are reluctant to give up their very best prospects who are almost MLB ready in trades, and if they do they don’t put much on top of that. The Yankees have depth in the way of very good and good prospects, even though they don’t necessarily have elite MLB ready guys.

    • Big Member

      Trading 4 years of Nova for a year of Nelasco is pretty bad. Nelasco wasn’t much better than Nova last year. Now transfer Nelasco from NL East to AL East and you get a 5th starter/long reliever who is earning 10.5 million. Oh an you also give up four years of a starter who has potential.

      I really don’t understand the trade-for-inferior-pitching crowd. If Kuroda decides to call it quits or wants to sign elsewhere, Haren/Jackson will give similar performance during the one year stop gap.

      Also, even if Stanton magically becomes available, half a dozen other teams can offer better returns for him.

      • Ro

        Alright, I’m out of here for the night. You also missed the point. Taking Nolassco and his $11.5m to facilitate a trade for Stanton. It would be stupid to trade Nova for Nolassco straight up and that wasn’t what I was suggesting. Good grief.

        • Knoxvillain

          If you think the Marlins will let Stanton go for a cheaper return because the Yankees gave them Nova for Nolasco you’re smoking dope, son.

          • Leo

            1000x this.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            Give him credit for trying. We would all love Stanton but the pieces aren’t there unless the Yankees start with pieces on the big league team. And no folks not Arod and others for Stanton.

    • Will the Real MP Please Stand Up

      I don’t think they could pull off a deal now. However, Stanton probably isn’t available yet either. If everything breaks right for the farm system, we’ll have a ton of great prospects in the upper levels after this season. I imagine Heathcott and Austin will be in or pushing to be in AAA, Mason and Sanchez should be in AA, and with the aggression I now expect with pitching prospects, Campos and DePaula could be in AA too. Obviously a lot has to break right, but if the system has a good year, the Yankees could easily have the pieces to get Stanton by next offseason, which is presumably when he will actually become available.

  • BigBlueAL

    So when was the last time the Knicks were the best team in NY?? :-)

  • Steve (different one)

    Pitcher A:
    48-51, 3.75 era, 110 ERA+, 1.35 WHIP, .8 HR/9, 3.3 BB/9, 7.6 K/9
    Pitcher B:
    87-76, 3.81 era, 111 ERA+, 1.28 WHIP, .8 HR/9, 3.7 BB/9, 8.4 K/9

    Pitcher A is Anibal Sanchez
    Pitcher B is AJ Burnett when the Yankees signed him

    • Knoxvillain

      Burnett’s last two years in New York blew, but I’ll always love him.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      I like how FIP, xFIP, SIERA or tERA is all omitted here because it tells a very different story.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        Wow okay I’m going to admit I guessed that the metrics would show Sanchez is better but holy shit it’s not even close when you actually look at it.

        Like holy cherry pick.

    • Ted Nelson

      Burnett was a good P prior to NY. Not durable, but good. He fell apart. That one example doesn’t tell us what’s going to happen to Sanchez, though. Let’s look at a relevant sample to even start discussing that.

  • Big Member

    Here is a Free Agent pitcher. Five straight years of 180+ IP. 7.9 K/9, 2.75 BB/9 , 3.85 FIP last year. This man was not even offered a qualifying offer and will most likely land on a 1-2 year(s) deal.

    Edwin Jackson, one of the most underrated player in the game? Would offer 1 year – 13 mill easily if one of Kuroda/Pettite does not come back.

    • Steve (different one)

      I would certainly take him. Have to think he’ll get 2-3 years from someone, but if Boras wants to play that game agin, sign me up

    • Ted Nelson

      Yeah, he’s under the radar

  • McLovin

    Is it or me or kids are crap these days, it’s like in ten years our society is going to to turn to hell with brats

    • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

      It won’t take that long. Majority of kids are definitely little shits, but it’s not the kids who are at fault. Parents really suck at their jobs.

    • Pat D

      Kids suck and their parents pander to them.

      Parents are afraid to actually parent and do anything sensible like punish. Social media is going to be the downfall of the next generation. It’s everything bad about the internet amplified a hundred times over.

      I had my own personal rude awakening when I went to college. Assuming these kids get to college, theirs will be worse. When my sister was teaching last year, she said that the vast majority of her pupils expected to be able to do whatever they wanted and would all be rich, but none of them thought they’d have to work for it. My sister may never teach again because she’s become so disillusioned with the profession.

      • Bob Buttons

        Some of today’s post-secondary students can’t even follow simple logic. I’ve seen too many cases of them failing to comprehend a single logical sequence or a question that mostly rely on common sense (or what used to be common sense)

    • Rocky Road Redemption

      You know what? Rant coming here. Keep in mind this is not actually directed at you (or anybody) specifically, I’m just ranting in general because I’m tired of hearing this. Don’t take it personally.

      I am SO FUCKING TIRED of hearing this shit. I work a lot with teenagers (prefer not to say what specific capacity) and have worked with some younger kids. You know what? Some of them were brats. Some of them were shits. Some of them were lazy.

      You know what others were? Smart. Hard-working. Kind. Informed. Guess what? There are a LOT of those types of kids.

      I am so fucking sick of the “Back in my day…” crowd. Yes, yes, your generation worked harder, had better parenting, actually knew the value of the dollar, walked uphill both ways to school…give me a fucking break. Don’t flatter yourselves, your generation was just as fucked up as this generation is.

      I know teenagers who I’d trust as programmers, project leaders, or teachers over most adults.

      And guess what else? There are actually very few real bullies. There are probably, in a large school, a group of perhaps 15 bullies who work together in packs with lackeys. That’s it.

      As for brats-I know of one girl who’s going to a Catholic School. She lives in a home where she is neglected and abused, and as a child was sexually abused. She lives with her father and grandmother while her mother lives across the country. She begged to stay in her Catholic School and her goal is to make it to college and become a veterinarian. How “spoiled”.

      So yeah, there are spoiled kids. There are brats. There are bad parents. Guess what? THERE ALWAYS WERE, or kids were fucked up in different ways in previous generations. Get the fuck over yourselves, you were no better than they are now.

      /End Rant

      • Pat D

        I hope you’re right. I don’t have anywhere near the experience with kids today that you do, but I told my sister’s most recent experiences, and my own encounters with kids today is usually unpleasant.

        Hopefully these kids surprise me.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Kids today are exposed to more things than previous generations but it’s not as bad as ppl make it out to be. Yes we all have encountered bad brain dead children but every generation has those individuals.

      • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

        So not ALL kids are crap? OK, seems like a wasted rant. I think the premise is most kids act in a very difficult manner. And you can write a damn book if you want, my mind isn’t changing on that belief.

        No rant from me needed.

        • Rocky Road Redemption

          No, this generation is no worse than any other generation, and it’s the height of arrogance to act as if it is.

  • Knoxvillain

    Calm down, dude. It’s Melky Cabrera and the Blue Jays. It’s not like Jeter requested a trade to Boston.

  • Pat D

    By the way, everyone should go so Lincoln.

  • Ethan

    It’s so sad about burnett. His stuff is just so filthy. Some of the best movement in the game. If he could only command it a bit better, man he would’ve been incredible!

  • Dan in Athens

    Loving the offseason here,

    Post about player A – not as good as Swisher, going to hurt the team.

    Why not sign Swisher? That has passed.

    Cashman, go find a Swisher equivalent at a reducd salary, trade for him for nothing and enjoy the savings. Otherwise, enjoy bitch central here.

  • powershot

    Hope your week was a little less hectic than mine, and if not, then just chill out tonight and relax a bit. The holiday is