Saxon: Kuroda’s “first preference” is to pitch in Southern California

Friday Night Open Thread
Mailbag: The All-$189M Team

The Yankees have been negotiating a new contract with Hiroki Kuroda since the end of the season, but Mark Saxon says the right-hander has told friends that his “first preference” is to pitch in Southern California next year. His two elementary school-aged daughters still live out there.

These reports that cite “friends” are always sketchy, and my very first thought when I read this was that Kuroda is trying to squeeze every last penny out of the Yankees. First we heard that it was either New York or Japan next year, then it was a personal list of teams, and now it’s Southern California specifically. Either way, the sooner Kuroda signs, the better. The Yankees could then move forward knowing they either got their guy or must find an alternative.

Friday Night Open Thread
Mailbag: The All-$189M Team
  • Fred Stanley

    i would give him up to $15M p/yr. (1-2yr.). He is going to get that where ever he signs.

  • ton lon ton

    but is is not yer money

    • Fred Stanley

      Your right it is not my money. It is the Hal Steinbrenner’s money and the amount of money I spend on tickets, food, drinks, parking, etc. as well as paying my direct tv bill. As a fan, I deserve to see a competitive team. The Yankees are not the Houston Astros for Christ sakes!

      • dan gen

        I AGREE……….

  • Soxhata

    If we lose Kuroda,that would sting.He was our best starter from May on,and looked impressive in the playoffs.If the Steinbrenners don’t want to run with the big dogs anymore,they need to cash in and get their billions,and get some ownership that does want to win.This signing is a must.Unless your a fan of Ricky Nolasco-jeezus!

    • Ted Nelson

      It’s not a matter of money. Did you read the article at all? Even glance at it?

      • Matt :: Sec110

        yeah it is. he, or more likely, his agent is probably floating the SoCal thing because he wants to come back to NY, but he knows the pressure of another team could force the Yanks to give him more.

        That being said, I wonder what the limit is on a 1-yr deal for the Yanks?

        • The Big City of Dreams

          maybe 15 mil for a yr.

  • Kosmo

    Hopefully NY resigns Kuroda but if they miss out then signing another FA pitcher short-term on a 1-3 year deal for less money per is ok with me.

    • Cuso

      The other FA options aren’t all that good AND anything more than a 1-year deal for FA pitcher is unlikely considering the stated 2014 payroll restraints.

  • OldYanksFan

    I don’t think what the Yankees spend this year is an issue with them.
    Their issue is $189m for 2014. That is hard and fast. But I don’t believe that whether their 2013 payroll is $204m or $208m is an issue. They will not lose Hiroki next year for lack of a few mil.

    I do believe, however, that Hiroki’s personal concerns, ie… when he goes back to Japan or whether he lives in CA, are important considerations to him. He has a valid claim to ask the Yankees for top dollar… he doesn’t need to play games. If he was really trying to ‘squeeze dollars’ he wound NOT announce his desire for a 1 year contract, or his desire to go back to Japan.

    Most American players equate their contract with respect. I mean, did ARod (who had already made over 1/4 of a billion) NEED a contract for $27m/year, as opposed to one for $24m/year? Did he really NEED the extra money?

    Hiroki is Oriental. Orientals equate respect differently than Americans. It would not surprise me if being close to his daughters was more important than the ‘respect’ of a $3m higher contract.

    • ZZzzzzzzz

      Orientals are rugs. Mr. Kuroda is Japanese.

      • Doug

        Thank you.

      • Cliff

        Wrong. That’s a myth. Oriental is a fine term for a person.

    • TomH

      Their issue is $189m for 2014. That is hard and fast.

      How do we know it’s “hard and fast”?

      Because someone–a Hal? a Cash?–said it was?

      Well, that was then. We have to wait to see what “now” and “to come” have to say about the matter.

      I.e. we need to see what happens when Hal(et al) begins to realize that the NYY may become non-competitive because of all this un-Georgian payroll-anxiety. It’s quite possible they will then confirm that the austerity plan is “hard and fast,” and be prepared to accept however many years of non-competitiveness are necessary to bring themselves into the right (for them) financial situation. Or they may realize as reality strikes them that “hard and fast” is the royal road “forward” to 1965!

      • Ted Nelson

        It’s not hard and fast, but it’s an incentive George never had. He made himself a fortune, he was not in the business of losing money. Assuming he would have spent over $189 mill if he could avoid it is a leap.

        Keep assuming the worst for 2013. I will laugh at your troll ass when they win 90+ games.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          What about 2014 when the actual limit is put in place? Will he be able to laugh at you

    • AC

      Your right on with your point. It’s about being under 189 by 14′. If they offer 13 mill and he wants 15 I think they give it to him. Cash wants 1 year deals right now. They are gonna piece together the RF situation too. Since when is 2 years for hunter @13 per wayyy high. It’s the 2nd year is what issue is. From what I read if they are under 189 by 14 they can go beyond the following season. Almost like a reset or something. But back to original point. I don’t think they let a few million get in the way of signing Kuroda. They lose him it’s gonna hurt. I like Phelps as no.5.

    • JU

      Dude, Oriental is not the preferred nomenclature…Asian, please.

      • dalelama

        Stop with the political correctness crap….. Oriental it is.

        • The Moral Majority is Neither

          There are few things sadder than a missed the Big Lebowski reference.

          • Ted Nelson

            Unfortunately I’m not sure a lot of commenters here are old enough to get it.

      • G

        At 18, I understand it well enough to know they screwed it up a bit.

        Asian-American, please*

    • Will the Real MP Please Stand Up

      I cannot believe I just saw someone use the term “Oriental” in the 21st century…

  • Dropped Third

    Sounds like a negotiating ploy. Why would he not consider even LA last year and now it’s his “first preference”. Based on things I have read about him, his first preference would probably be to play in Japan if money wasn’t a factor but it is, and on a one year deal the yankees SHOULD out compete any team to get him. I bet they get him back on a 1yr ~16mil contract.

    • Francesa

      He didn’t consider LA last year because of the Dodgers’ fiscal insolvency…they simply didn’t have the money. Of course, with new ownership, that’s no longer an issue. Anyway, I think it’s a ploy to milk the last dollar possible out of NYY. I’d be surprised if Kuroda didn’t re-sign.

  • Dicka24

    Not good if he signs elsewhere. He’s a very good pitcher. Dependable, with quality stuff, unhinged by the bright lights and pressure of NYC, and most importantly, he’s darn good. He exceeded my expectations this year moving to the AL East from the NL West, and in doing so, simply performed as usual. Good pitchers, with good stuff, can pitch anywhere. Hope he resigns here.

    What are the alternatives? Clearly it would be 1 years signs, or 1 year left trades. Unless it’s a younger, controllable pitcher, but who sees that happening. Pineda was that guy last year. Would Haren be interested in a 1 year deal? I’ve seen names like Capuano mentioned as potential trade targets, as well as Brett Anderson. Not sure why the A’s would move Anderson. Is his money starting to kick in? I think he is one of those guys that signed early pre-ard.

    • Ted Nelson

      Edwin Jackson and Sanchez are the two readily available options.

      • Dan Gold

        You certainly fall in this category, windbag .

  • Tim

    Whether Kuroda signs or not, this team is still now a long shot to make the playoffs imho. It’s going to be a long 2 years for this franchise. Until the next wave of prospects comes up and the Yankees are over this ridiculous austerity kick.

    • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

      I think they’re definitely trending down and will be in deep trouble if the next wave of prospects goes the way of the last wave (killer B’s, Romine and Montero) but if they’re able to bring back Kuroda and Pettitte and maybe sign Soria, the pitching staff could be excellent.

      Getting Gardner back and moving him to CF will help especially if he can be flanked by Granderson and Ichiro. Sign a righty to platoon at DH and with Ichiro and this team should be formidable in 2013.

      •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

        Pretty much. I think Tim thinks the sky is falling…

        And it’s not. Toronto should be better next season, but the Yankees were a 95 win team. If they bring back a similar group of players with even one upgrade, they should have a 90+ win team. It might not be the flashiest formula for success, but it’s worked the past couple of years. The team is only getting older though, so there are reasons to believe they’ll fail to make the playoffs.

    • The Moral Majority is Neither

      A long shot to make the playoffs? Seems a little extreme, given the best AL record last year and all the injuries they had.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      By the end of the off-season, the Yankees will almost definitely be favored to make the playoffs.

    • Ted Nelson

      LOL. Can’t wait till you see how stupid this comment was in 12 months. Even if you were right the austerity budget is 2014 and 15.

      • OldYanksFan

        There is much benefit to an austerity budget in 2014, but 2015 is not as necessary. $189m in 2014 resets the luxury tax from 50% back to 0%.

        It is a smart move that will allow them to be competative in 2015 and beyond. You have to overpay as it is to get prime FAs. Adding an additional 50% on top of the overpay is insane.

        The austerity budget in 2014 is a SMART move that will allow us a better future. We might even get the benefit of giving some of our kids a chance to play in the Bigs.

        • dan gen

          yeah yeah…wake me up in 2015……….

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    Even if they have to overpay in 2014, they really need to bring back Kuroda. The only other starter capable of replacing his performance last year is Greinke and by all reports, they can’t afford him.

  • The Real Eddard

    If this is true then consider Kuroda lost. The Dodgers don’t give a damn about cost. They have an ownership now who knows that austerity is not the right path. We don’t and it’s gonna be pretty painful these next couple years. Half the budget will be tied up in 4 aging players, 2 of them almost 40 years old. Which is why we’ll have to rely on the kids and cheap 1 year veterans for the next few years.

    • dan gen

      look on the bright side…it will be easy to get tickets to the team that only cares about 189 and profit

  • Hoss

    Maybe Chad Gaudin or Sergio Mitre are available. Great GMs know where to find true talent…

  • Preston

    I can understand him wanting to be close to his kids, and won’t begrudge him leaving one bit, although I’d rather him go back to the Dodgers instead of the Angels. I will also take the report with a grain of salt, because these great “friends” of his who know him so well immediately called in any info they knew to the press.

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    I really hope that Kuroda and Pettitte come back, so the Yankees can compete in 2013 and still make the 2014 limit.

    I am looking forward to a following a team that doesn’t have a “we outspend everyone by so much that losing in the playoffs is shameful” mentality.

    We need to develop a new ‘Core Four’.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Name another team that had 4 prospects arrive on the scene at approximately the same time, with 2 of them 1st ballot HOFers and 2 borderline HOFers.

      It just doesn’t happen.

      Consider yourself lucky for witnessing the one time it did happen.

      • The Moral Majority is Neither

        I do consider myself lucky. But I also think the team lost its way with the Giambi signing and am personally happy to see some financial accountability being applied.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        The Core Four is just a name. I don’t think anyone thinks it’ll be possible to get another Jeter and Mo so i don’t know where that came from…

        So disregarding the usual fuck you post I’m assuming something like what the Red Sox did with Pedroia, Youkilis, Lester, and Ellsbury is what the OP wants. All great players who won’t sniff the Hall of Fame.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Can the Yankees even develop that?

          • OldYanksFan

            It’s not quite there, but Cano, DRob, Gritner, Hughes, Joba and Pineda (even up for Montero) ain’t bad.

    •!/AngeloInNY Angelo

      Yeah… I’m sure many teams feel that way. Here’s to hoping Austin, Mason, Sanchez, Heathcott and Banuelos/Campos/Hensley pan out. Hah.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    By the way, Why is there a link to Jack Curry’s blog in this thread? He hasn’t written anything new in a month.

  • RetroRob

    If he’s first preference is to pitch in California, then the message his “friends” should be leaking is his preference is to pitch for the Yankees, to drive up his price in California. He’ll be back in NY.

  • dan gen

    we lose kuroda…..and third place is going to be a reach…

    • Knoxvillain

      I wouldn’t go that far.

  • Steve (different one)

    2 weeks ago it was his friends that said he’d pitch for the Yankees or go back to Japan.

    This “leak” makes more sense, but that doesn’t mean its true.

  • RetroRob

    CJ Wilson makes an AAV of $15.5M, requiring a committment of five years and $$77.7M. His last two years he’ll make $18M and $20M. It’s unknown if he’ll even be a good pitcher then.

    AJ Burnett will make $16.5M again next year on a contract he signed four years ago.

    John Lackey’s AAV on his original contract was $16.5M.

    Kuroda is better than all three of those pitchers, and if can be available on a one-year deal, greatly limiting the exposure to any team. That means he can charge a premium over pitchers seeking multi-year deals. He regresses, no major financial issue. Team washes hands, walks away, something they can’t do on a Wilson, Burnett, Lackey, etc.

    Kuroda can get $18M on a one-year deal. His agent should be doing everything he can to get the highest dollar value if all he’s doing is trying to limit himself to a one-year deal.

    If the Yankees aren’t willing to pay that, then they should move on immediately.

  • Dan in Athens

    Q. Mr. Kuroda,

    How much do you want on a one year deal?

    A. X.

    Q. Will you please sign this contract for X?

    End of discussion.

  • dan gen

    he is getting min. of two years maybe two plus option…say hello to mitre and other cheap bums…yanks piecing things together…this from a team that charges 1500 hundred to to see the royals……very sad.

    • Will the Real MP Please Stand Up

      Just shut up. You’re repeating yourself. It’s not even the Winter Meetings yet, you have no idea what they’re planning.

      • dan gen