Feinsand: Dodgers shopping Andre Ethier


Via Mark Feinsand: The Dodgers are shopping nominal outfielder and left-handed hitter Andre Ethier, echoing what we heard back in October. Ken Rosenthal says two AL teams have already inquired (Mariners? Rangers?), but Los Angeles has “zero interest” in moving him. Standard protocol.

Ethier, 30, has consistently produced in the 120-135 wRC+ range over the last five or six years, with most of that damage coming against righties. His 71 wRC+against southpaws over the last five seasons is one of the worst marks in baseball. Either is also a poor defender in the outfield and is usually good for a DL stint or two during the season as well. He’s also signed for $85M (!) over the next five years, which is insanity. The Dodgers would have to eat an awful lot of that $85M for a deal to make sense for the Yankees, 2014 payroll plan or not.

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  1. Trollin' says:

    Yankee fans will want him because or name recognition and for the sake of wanting to make a move.

  2. Blake says:

    If they’ll eat most of the contract and take Boonie in return ok…..but they won’t do that

  3. vin says:

    “Either is also a poor defender in the outfield ”;c_id=mlb

  4. LarryM., Fl. says:

    Why do we want him?

  5. Reggie C. says:

    Yeesh. Just re-sign Swisher for 3/$42 million. Losing Granderson after 2013 is all but assured. The Yankees are going to need an actual outfielder who can produce ably and who’s skills aren’t predicated on speed and grit.

  6. Milt Toast says:

    Good. We need another left-handed hitting outfielder. Can’t ever have enough of them. More Maddon shifts. Weeeeee!!!!

  7. Dodgers looking for a lefty reliever. Wonder what we could get from them for Boone?

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      Something other than Ethier, I hope. Don’t want him as I simply don’t see the need for a poor defending, left-handed hitting platoon outfielder who’s under contract for the next 5 years.

      • this might take a phelps/nova, but I kind of like that AJ Ellis catcher they have.

        I know (think?) they have a catching prospect they really like, so I wonder if maybe boone could land him?

    • Travis L. says:

      My wishful thinking would be Scott Van Slyke and Javy Guerra.

  8. Trollin' says:

    Does Either qualify as a big hairy lefty monster?

  9. Darren says:

    How can the Dodgers be shopping him AND have zero interest in moving him? Are the two contradictory?

  10. Trollin' says:

    No Logan, A-Rod & Teixeira for Either & Cash trade proposals yet? For Shame, for shame indeed.

  11. Now Batting says:

    Would have been very interested before the Ichiro signing if you could get the Dodgers to subsidize Ethier’s contract down to Ichiro’s salary.

    • MannyGeee says:

      Ichiro is a much better “pure hitter” than Ichiro (as well as a better hitter against LHP). And I can’t see the Dodgers eating $72M just to be rid of him.


      The Ethier move reeks of Cleveland making the trade after Swisher robs the Mariners blind and Nolan Ryan “panic overpays” for Bourne, with the Dodgers eating about 30M of that deal.

      • Now Batting says:

        I can’t tell if you’re serious but one is 39 and the other will be 31. The 31 year old has been a helluva lot better the last two years.

        Ichiro makes $6.5 mil annually. If the Yankees paid Eithier that amount annually over the course of the contract the Dodgers would be on the hook for $52.5 and save $32.5. Pretty much the same amount as your hypothetical trade.

  12. There's the Door says:

    Run away.

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