Red Sox land Stephen Drew

Melky Mesa, 2013, and beyond
Open Thread: Ivan Nova is available

According to multiple reports, the Red Sox will sign shortstop Stephen Drew to a one-year contract worth $9.5M. The Yankees had some interest in Drew as a heavily-used utility infielder who would backup Derek Jeter and pre-hip injury Alex Rodriguez, but that was always a long shot. Drew was, by far, the best shortstop on the free agent market and there was little reason for him to accept a reduced role. The Yankees plugged their third base hole with Kevin Youkilis and are still seeking a utility infielder who can be an upgrade over Jayson Nix and Eduardo Nunez.

Self-promotion: Read my Drew post over at FanGraphs.

Melky Mesa, 2013, and beyond
Open Thread: Ivan Nova is available
  • The Real Eddard

    I just don’t understand why the Yankees are sitting on their hands while their opponents improve. Cashman needs to do SOMETHING to fend off the inevitable 4th place finish this roster is destined for.

    • j

      i’m as frustrated as the next guy, but cash CANNOT make moves just to make moves, or to counter the moves that our rivals make.

      you know what happens when you do that? kei igawa happens, thats what.

    • Preston

      This is the kind of signing the Red Sox should be making this off-season a one year contract with a RHB with upside, all the multi year contracts to veterans have seemed like an ill advised way to use their freed up money.

      • Ted Nelson

        Drew is a LHB, and a 2 or 3 year deal is not exactly a huge commitment. I think they’ve actually done quite well to pay fair market value without committing more than 3 years. I think it’s an interesting strategy to stay away from the elite guys who the market dictates should get too many years to spread the earnings.

        • Preston

          Hmm, could have sworn he was a righty, this is why you should always look things up and not use the eye test, memory is entirely unreliable, or at least mine is. I don’t hate their signings, but Napoli and Victorino are risks on a 3 year deal. You’re likely to get plenty of production on the front end. But they will probably be liabilities on the back end when the Red Sox are ready to compete.

          • Ted Nelson

            I don’t know. Napoli is going to be 33 his 3rd year. Victorino will be 34. And the back-end is maybe a year. Certainly they could bomb (even from day 1), but I don’t see that much risk compared to other FAs. Depending on where they want their payroll to be the Red Sox can probably still add some more players, maybe even this off-season.

            If they add a mid-rotation SP or two, I think they can be a darkhorse in the East. They could certainly finish last by a wide margin, but I think they have the talent to be contenders with luck.

            SP X (Lohse, Jackson, Marcum, trade)


            Some decent arms in the pen.

            A few of their prospects are close too. Not an amazing group, but plenty of potential.

            I might take them over the Orioles.

    • SA

      Yeah, tell me about it. Looks pretty clear that the Jays have made gigantic moves and Cashman is making some minor moves that aren’t going to get this team very far this year.

      • Ted Nelson

        The Blue Jays started from a much lower base.

  • Steve (different one)

    I know. Imagine if Stephen Drew was actually good!!

  • turd surfer

    This is a Red Sox type signing. Seems like they are banking on a very good season and a draft pick next year. It’s only one year if Drew can’t turn it around.

    • dalelama

      Meanwhile the Yankees are trying to figure out how to get by with geezers, corpses, and FatAssia

      • DC

        And Dalelama has “private time” with his Kate Hudson and Torrie Wilson sock puppets.

        • dalelama

          You’re so clever. Sorry I don’t ignore all the flaws on this roster like most of you sheep. Here is another example of a rival improving while the Yankees are content to finish 500

          • DC

            Yes, Drew ranks right up there with the Josh Hamiltons and Mike Trouts. Guess the Sox are ordering WS rings as we speak.

            • Ted Nelson

              It’s not worth your time to explain these things to him. He’s a 10 year old Mets fan or something.

          • Sweet Dick Willie

            The maturity level of your comments leads me to believe you weren’t alive the last time the Yanks finished below .500

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Sheep are cute, unlike your shriveled old man nuts.

            • dalelama

              There is a Dalelama imposter running around. How come this site allows multi-users of the same user name?

  • Hendo

    9.5 million dollars no thanks.

  • RetroRob

    A bit surprised he cost nearly $10M, especially considering the injury and how he hit last year.

  • dkidd

    this is a smart sign. drew needs to rebuild value, red sox need another year to see what they have in iglesias and bogaerts

    10M seems insane, but that’s the market right now. ty wigginton (!!!!) got 2/6.5

  • wiljaq Yankfan

    After this off-season of stagnant movement New York Yankees are just plain old and will be a mediocre caliber baseball team in 2013. Drew is no big whoop, but then neither is anything we’re doing. It’s CC and a bunch of geezers.


    • DC

      Didn’t have anywhere else to troll tonight?