Scouting The Free Agent Market: Kevin Youkilis

2012 Rule 5 Draft Liveblog
Barbarisi: Cashman lacked authority to make offers at Winter Meetings
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The Yankees have imported a lot of former Red Sox players through the years, including a bunch of guys were on the decline and in the twilight of their careers. Roger Clemens, Johnny Damon, and Wade Boggs jump to mind and that’s just during my lifetime. All three helped New York to a World Championship and proved they had more in the tank than Boston seemed to believe.

Thanks to Alex Rodriguez‘s latest hip surgery, the Yankees now have their eyes on another former Red Sox player, corner infielder Kevin Youkilis. Brian Cashman confirmed meeting with the 33-year-old’s representatives during the Winter Meetings earlier this week, and earlier this morning we learned the team offered him a one-year deal worth $12M. The Indians are also said to be in the mix, and the Terry Francona factor should not be overlooked. I’m sure a number of other unknown clubs are as well. With the Yankees in rather desperate need of third base help, let’s see what Youkilis has to offer.

The Pros

  • Youkilis is one year removed from a .258/.373/.459 (126 wRC+) performance with the bat. He punished left-handers to the tune of .275/.386/.492 (135 wRC+) this year and .323/.436/.598 (174 wRC+) over the last three seasons. No player in baseball has been more productive against southpaws since 2010.
  • By know you know about the whole Greek God of Walks thing, and Youkilis has drawn a free pass in 12.1% of his plate appearances over the last three years (10.0% in 2012). He’s seen an average of 4.27 pitches per plate appearances since 2010, which is among the highest rates in baseball.
  • Youkilis offers some versatility, having started 220 games at third and 116 games at first over the last three seasons. The various defensive metrics says he’s about average at both positions, down from his Gold Glove days a few years ago.
  • This goes without saying, but Youkilis has plenty of experience in big games and in those brutal late-season AL East matchups. He’s played in the postseason, done the Yankees-Red Sox thing, the whole nine. The whole idea of being able to handle New York is a non-issue.
  • Youkilis was not eligible for a qualifying offer because he was traded at midseason, so it will not require surrendering a draft pick to sign him.

The Cons

  • Although he destroys lefties, Youkilis hit just .220/.316/.377 (89 wRC+) against righties this year and .242/.346/.424 (109 wRC+) over the last three years. Just look at his year-to-year graphs page and you’ll see that he’s steadily declining in every significant offensive category. Batting average, walk rate, strikeout rate, power numbers, everything is going in the wrong direction. His ground ball rate has been higher than his fly ball rate in recent years, which is a classic symptom is an aging hitter losing bat speed.
  • Youkilis isn’t exactly an iron man, and in fact he’s played in fewer games over the last three seasons (344) than A-Rod (358). He’s been on the DL five times in the last four years, including a lengthy stint for thumb surgery and multiple stints for back strains. The injuries have his defense on the decline just like his offense.
  • I hate his face and his whiny act at the plate. Every called strike makes him look like Rasheed Wallace getting fouled. Not sure where they keep these stats on FanGraphs, sorry.

Youkilis didn’t become a full-time big leaguer until his age 27 season, but he’s had a very classic career arc. He started out pretty well and continuously improved until peaking at age 29-30, then he gradually started to decline at age 31. Injuries have set in as well. All the tell-tale signs for age-related decline are there, from the plate discipline numbers to the batted ball profile to the just the overall production. It’s all there and spelled out in plain English.

Now does that mean Youkilis is a bad player? Of course not, it just means he’s on the decline and he’s not what he once was. The same was true of Clemens and Boggs and Damon once upon a time as well. The question is how much does Youkilis have left in the tank, and is it worthwhile for the Yankees to pursue him as a third base fill in for A-Rod? I worry about the sharp increase in strikeout rate and increasingly poor production about righties, plus the fact that he’s a dead pull right-handed batter in a stadium unkind to those types of hitters. He could be left on the short-end of the platoon stick as soon as this year. Youkilis is an okay player whose worth is inflated by his status as a former Red Sox.

2012 Rule 5 Draft Liveblog
Barbarisi: Cashman lacked authority to make offers at Winter Meetings
  • BJ

    “I hate his face.” Hahaha. Very valid reasoning.

    • BJ

      Oh and he’s going to have to shave off his stupid goatee. That sounds like a good thing until you try to picture what his face would look like without it. Dear god..

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Hal to barber: “Shave that thing off him!”

        Five minutes later…

        “For the love of god! Put that hair back on him!”

  • MB923

    I still say he goes to Cleveland. If he wanted to go to NY, he would have accepted that deal immediately. He now has multi-year deals from other clubs in the $16-$18 million range (and you have to figure Cleveland is one of them). He will reunite with Francona there. Barring a Yankee offer change (which I doubt), I’m almost sure he’ll end up in Cleveland.

    • Captain

      I think it was posted in one of the other posts today that he is at a charity event today. can’t expect these guys to immediately make decisions on their offers, big decisions for them.

  • Yank the Frank

    The “I hate his face” reasoning is valid in my book. I don’t have anyone better but I don’t want this guy.

    • dalelama

      His only savings grace is he doesn’t have purple lips from continuous choking like out 3rd baseman. Youk unlike Aroid out performs his regular season production when it matters most.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Nice write-up, Mike.

    I think the Yanks have, overall, done well with moves like this *ignores Randy Wynn, ignores Randy Wynn*. I think that, even as a declining player, he’s a smart veteran who isn’t going to embarrass himself on the field.

    I’d also like to welcome those who are new to the concept of the Yankees stealing former Red Sox heroes aboard. Freddy Lynn for RF?

    • mitch

      I agree that they’ve done a nice job finding former stars on the decline that can contribute in smaller roles. The difference is the price. At 1-2 mil you can dump ibanez/jones/winn/etc if they have nothing left. I would have much preferred a $4 mil chavez/nix combo with the extra $8 invested elsewhere

  • RetroRob

    The Yankees should trade for all players with bad facial beards and bad hair cuts. They’ll be forced to clean up!

    I really don’t care if they pay him $10M or $14M. It’s a one-year deal, he draw walks, he’s a righty hitter who hurts lefties, he can play third and back-up at first. I’ll live with his whiny looks on close calls.

    • Betty Lizard

      As an artist, I like the idea of the Yankees rehabbing all bad-hair players. That way, even if our team stinks, I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the Yankees have improved the aesthetics of baseball.

      That said, I truly *hate” Kevin Youklis, so my practice of equanimity shall be sorely tested if the Yankees acquire him.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “I never knew how good looking I actually was until I became a Yankee” – Darnell McDonald

      • MannyGeee

        I love that.

  • Drew

    He can also be an emergency outfielder!


    But remember when the Red Sox tried that?

    • the Other Steve S.

      That was the funniest ballgame I ever watched.

  • RCK

    Not just his face. That ridiculous batting stance. GAH!!! Do. Not. Want!!!

  • Steve

    I agree with the assessment of Youkilis. BUT, given the options and what is left that’s available….what else do we have? I say give him a chance and try him out. He’s only on a 1yr deal. Nothing says he CAN’T be shipped elsewhere in mid-season either.

    • jjyank

      Yeah, in a vacuum, I don’t want him at all. But the reality of the situation is that Youk is probably the best option (barring a trade, of course).

      • Cris Pengiucci

        I HATE that it has come to this. Is $12MM for one year of Youk really more valuable than $3MM for one year of Chavez? I think not. Even throwing out the salary difference, I would have preferred Chavez. Then again, we don’t know if Chavez wanted to come back to NY.

        • jjyank

          I would have preferred Chavez as well. But you make a good point that is often overlooked in the offseason: This is a two-way street. The player has to WANT to play here. Cashman can’t just add free agents like a fantasy baseball owner.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I’d have prepared Chavez but, and maybe this is not grounded in any sort of reality, I’d still have wanted a second guy to limit his time out there. Out of any of these perceived missed signings, Chavez is the one that hurts me the most, with maybe Schierholz second.

          I guess what I’m saying is Youk PLUS Chavez would have great, but I have more confidence in Youk holding up every day over a 3-6 month span.

          • Cris Pengiucci

            I too, would have preferred someone to platoon with/relieve Chavez had he re-signed with the Yankees. I think there were less expensive options than Youk, however they probably would have provided less offense as well. (Hello, Jayson Nix, although others may have been available as well.) I don’t like Youk, but at least the Yankees are over paying for him. (snark)

          • Elton Cod

            Youk PLUS Chavez? What are you, crazy? We have a budget to meet! We can’t just spend money willy-nilly! It doesn’t grow on trees! The Steinbrenners have kids to send to college, you know. (Maybe…do they? They have vacations to go on, at least.)

        • Gonzo

          It’s a two way street, but I think more than a few people would have preferred G. Soto, Chavez, and Schierholtz than Youk. Probably have a some beer money left over. Takes two to tango though.

  • Rich in NJ

    Given the there are cell phones, I don’t view this as particularly more than an attention-grabbing headline:

    Yankees GM Lacked Power to Make Free Agent Deals

    In a situation that highlights how much has changed for the big-budget Yankees, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman came to the winter meetings in Nashville with his hands so fully tied that he lacked the authority to make offers to free agents.

    The situation was first brought to light by agent Scott Boras, who quietly suggested Wednesday that Cashman lacked the power to make offers.

    “He had indicated that right now, he’s working with ownership on getting advance authority. He really is not involved in a lot of dealing right now, but is doing due diligence to go back and meet with them about that,” Boras said Wednesday.

    • Robinson Tilapia


      I don’t buy it. Seems like an easy route from Point A to Point B, and it may even turn out to be true, but I’m treating it as agent-driven bullshit right for now.

      • Rich in NJ

        Plus, it’s reasonable to think that a GM would have the authority to conclude small deals on his own, but I don’t think (m)any GMs can pull off a huge money deal (Boras’ reason for being) without ownership being involved in every step of the process.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          We also forget that we’re about a week removed from a trio of big one-year deals being given out.

          I don’t think Cash lacked the authority to sign Nate Schierholz or whatnot. I think we wanted him more than they wanted each other.

    • Mike HC

      Boras and the Yanks have been waging quiet (or not so quiet) war at least since the ARod contract.

  • CapitalT

    Interesting that the Yrs (one) and amount ($12) are public. Cash usually keeps these things quite so he can’t be bid against. To me it looks like Youk is shopping the deal.

  • LK

    Even in decline, he makes the team better, and it’s not my money. It’s just unfortunate that such a big question mark is without question an upgrade for the Yanks at this point.

  • Thomas

    Fack Youk!

  • CapitalT

    Nobody liked Boggs when he first made the jump. He was a chicken eating singles hitter that resulted in an Iconic photo on a horse

  • Gonzo

    Crap, I just remembered he’s married to Tom Brady’s sister.

    • Rich in NJ

      Does she want that known?

    • FLYER7

      Youk’s married to Brady’s sister? Then he can wear #12…

    • Mike HC

      He might not want to turn himself a villain with the Boston fans by signing with the Yanks. I think it could be a legit consideration. And if you can use to Yanks to leverage some more money, then why not do it. Hopefully I’m wrong. I seem to be more of a Youk fan than most though.

    • johnny

      They knew it was true love when they discovered that they had both caught syphilis in the same truck stop men’s room.

  • voIII

    “I hate his face and his whiny act at the plate. Every called strike makes him look like Rasheed Wallace getting fouled. Not sure where they keep these stats on FanGraphs, sorry.”

    Did you hate Paul Oneill for the same whiny act everytime he reacted to a bad strike call? Paul Oneill is my favorite Yankee after Donnie Baseball, Greg Nettles and Bernie… But I don’t get why “it is just his passion for the game” when they wear pinstripes, and whining when wearing other colors.

    Youk has always played hard and knew how to get under the Yankees skin… I wouldn’t mind that on my side for a change. This team needs “warriors” I think he’ll go to Cleveland to reunite with Francona. However, The Yankees can do a lot worse than having this guy man 3rd for now…

    • Gonzo

      I also think this team needs more warriors.

    • Mike Axisa

      Did you hate Paul Oneill for the same whiny act everytime he reacted to a bad strike call?

      Yes, I absolutely did. It’s one thing to be upset with a call and another to act like a child.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Fair enough.

        Mike is allowed to hold petty grudges. He is only human after all.

        • Bubba

          Are you sure? I’m wondering if he’s not an advanced element of the upcoming robot apocalypse. The huge volumes of STATISTICAL based reporting, eschewing anything non math based, the odd random comments in chat like “the machines are your friends” and “stop hitting the microwave when it burns your popcorn.” I don’t know RT. This Mike fellow bears closer watching.

          • Betty Lizard

            Mike (Turing) Axisa

            • Bubba

              Oooooo nice reference. The Robot Overlords will be pleased.

      • voIII

        No one likes a crybaby… But that same emotion was responsible for Paul’s incredible hustle and desire in the 97 playoff’s against the Indians.

        I am not a fan of the whole Jeter/Torre professionalism mantra… I grew up watching teams kill each other and the opposition, and not just in baseball. The mid to late 70s teams with Munson/Reggie/Nettles/Big Cliff etc. were so much more fun to watch. Their hatred for all things Redsox was freakin awesome. Torre’s teams had more talent, but I wouldn’t bet against Billy’s team in a seven game series no matter who the opposition was…

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    I am fascinated by the budget clamps on 2013. I thought one-year overpays might win the day to give Jeter, Mo, Pettitte a strong title run, but this has turned bizarre.

    With Granderson, Hughes, Nova reportedly on the block we’re potentially on the verge of a major upheaval that I don’t quite get.

    • Mike HC

      Nothing has happened yet. All of this drama is manufactured by these MSM headlines and tweets and whatever.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      The only difference is that we know they’re fielding offers. That’s short of a major upheaval.

    • Fernando

      I figure that the team would want at least two players for Granderson. Otherwise, they can simply make a qualifying offer next year and get the extra pick/extra draft dollars. Acquiring team can do the same with Granderson, so he has more trade value now than once the season starts.

  • mike

    at least Joba wont have to throw at him anymore – he could just walk right over and bitch-slap him in the clubhouse

    • Ken

      I would pay Pay Per View money to see that. Joba would give Ted Dibiase a run for his money if he put the “Million Dollar Dream” on Youk.

  • FLYER7

    Trade players now instead of waiting for draft picks. I fully understand the NYY strategy on Grandy and Hughsie…

  • Mike HC

    He is in decline, but I think he is the perfect fit for the Yanks now that ARod is down. Hopefully he prefers the Yanks for one year than a mediocre team for two. That is assuming there is any truth to these rumors.

  • JoeyA

    “Dont half ass 2 things, whole ass one thing” – Ron Swanson

    Either use your money and go for winning it all, or dont, and give some kids shots at making the team.

    I’d rather lose with homegrown, young talent, in 2014 than a bunch of 1yr BS deals for guys who couldnt garner 2+ year contracts.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      The potential difference makers in the system are not MLB-ready yet. The one-year deals buy the organization time to see how big-league ready they wind up being.

      Of course, we can go ahead and whine about the state of the MiLB system again, since it’s always so productive when we do that…daily.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Uhh that’s what he’s doing. None of the kids will be ready for 2013. The purpose of Youk is to be able to show a decent contender for 2013 so that when all the expirings leave they can either use the homegrown talent or probably trade them. Hopefully for someone young, good and proven this time around.

      • jjyank

        Agreed. I think there’s very little to be gained by just promoting the AAA team. If Mason Williams and Gary Sanchez were in AAA, then hell yes, play the kids. Riding the growing pains of “young talent” is great and all, but right now the upper levels just have the “young” part, and not so much on the “talent”.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          …and not even much of the “young” part at some positions.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    I can fuck with this. Maybe a bit overpaid but it’s one year. Lots to like.

  • Bill

    Its a smoke screen they are not going to pay him 12 million dollars to much for the small market minded yankees.

    It seems like they are the only team not spending money in the winter meetings.

    Stop the maddness sell the team Hal.

    • jjyank

      Small market minded team that is fielding a team with a payroll over $200 mil this year and will remain one of the highest budgets next year? Sounds about right.

  • Herby

    I don’t like the 12 million, but there isn’t much out there as an option at this point, although the idea of giving it to Nunez and seeing what he can do in one postion, a chance to play full time and the opportunity to grow into it. Sometimes transitions don’t happen overnight.
    Youk was never a player I cared much for, but my opinion of him started to change the night he took the pitch off the top of the helmet and he basically just shrugged it off, it could’ve escalated into an entirely different situation. I also like the idea of the Red Sox fans stomachs turning when he steps onto the field at Racquetball…umm Fenway Park in a Yankee uniform.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I’ve printed out several pictures of Youk which i’m prepared to place Yankee helmets on and plaster all over my Sox fan co-worker’s office if we sign him. This could beat what I did to her after the Super Bowl.

  • Lucci

    Another one bites the dust. I wonder if a package headlining Nova or Nunez would have gotten it done?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Who are we talking about here?

      • Cris Pengiucci

        Ben Revere from the Twins to the Phillies? Young, light hitting, good speed. Sounds like a potential Gardner type with even less power an weaker on-base skills. Young, cheap, quick seem to be his assets. Don’t really know a lot about him, personally.

  • vin

    At this point, the Yankees really need him. If they don’t get him, then Mark Reynolds has the team by the balls.

    Althought I’m kind of excited for a Jose Pirela, David Adams, Eduardo Nunez ST steel-cage death match.

  • johnny

    I’m still holding out hope that he ends up in Japan

  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

    Cashman should just start making offers to players who are already under contract. Because why not, right?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Is this another ruse to get Wil Nieves back? It is, isn’t it?

      • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

        No…..yes :(

  • Jonathan

    When the $189 shit came out so long ago I didn’t buy it at all…then slowly I thought it might happen…and maybe it was because I didn’t believe it to begin with but when I realized it was very possible I never dreamed it would get this bad. We offered Russell more money at the start of 2012 than he ended up going for and we all of a sudden can’t afford it? About the only times I can remember the Yankees letting a player that was still productive go was with extenuating circumstances like Rivera being ready so Wetteland/Soriano left or Sheffield being traded away after his antics and wrist and Abreu made him obsolete. We have giant holes in RF/C and nobody even close in the minors with most of the rest of the lineup declining and we’re letting the top FA catcher leave for $17MM and won’t touch Swisher even though he’s the 2nd best RFer behind Hamilton (I completely understand not getting him). This is fucking bullshit. We should have already resigned Russell for 2 years $17MM and tried to get Swish signed for 4 years $48-60MM. But I guess once you can afford one of anything in the world you want…you need to be able to afford two of anything in the world you want.

    I really wish there was something we can do as fans but there really isn’t. $189MM is a lot of money but considering $28MM of it and maybe more if he hits #660 is going to someone who isn’t playing 1/2 the year already and when healthy wasn’t producing. Ownership thrust the Jeter/ARod contracts on Cashman when we could have had them for CONSIDERABLY less and then tie his hands. Cash has made his fair share of mistakes but still this is ridiculous. You don’t run a team one way for so long then with such a short notice and so many veterans and holes to fill and then bam cut payroll after a new stadium and TV money. There was always a certain pride in being a Yankee fan in knowing that our owners were rich beyond their wildest dreams and were more interested in winning than making a few more million on top of the hundreds of millions they already have. When other fans would bitch about our payroll I always had the handy retort that they should be mad that their owners were more interested in lining their already incredibly rich pockets with more money than winning. The Dodgers can’t wait to give out horrible contract after horrible contract and take on millions after millions but clearly they can afford it and clearly they want to win. It will backfired and they’ll either have to end up with a $300MM+ payroll or end up like the Phillies but I’d rather it be that than the other end of the spectrum.

    I remember before this $189MM thing we were all talking about resigning Swisher and Martin and trying to see if we could get Hamels AND Cain/Greinke etc…now we have to let Martin go without another MLB starting C available or on our roster (FUCK PIERZYNSKI..he isn’t going to be worth anywhere near what he’ll get) to the fucking Pirates for $17MM. I’m ashamed of our owners…just fucking ashamed. I pray this is some giant Cashman ninja move where we end up with Santana/Upton….but I seriously doubt it. Rant over.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Coal Hammmmels!

    • http://aol amanda

      save some rant for when cano leaves

    • LitFig

      “The Dodgers can’t wait to give out horrible contract after horrible contract and take on millions after millions but clearly they can afford it and clearly they want to win.”

      My favorite line of the rant.

      So the Dodgers went crazy and added all that payroll to finish TEN F-ING GAMES behind the “offensively challenged” Giants, and that’s the model we should follow?

      So we should just give Swisher 90 mil so you and most of the posters here can bitch when he hits .100 in the playoffs?

      Most people wondered if Cashman was on crack for signing Russell Martin two years ago. Now he’s Yogi Berra and we’re doomed without him.

      The pop-psychologists of RAB worry that Grienke can’t deal with New York. Sounds like a perfect guy to pay $120 million to.

      Mike Napoli had 56 RBI’s and can’t catch flies. He gets 13 mil per, and the YANKEES are the idiots?

      • Mike HC

        Many teams have tried to spend with the Yanks over the years, and all of them have fallen off, while the Yanks make the playoffs year after year. I have my money on the Yanks making the playoffs again, especially now with the extra wild card.

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        Who let the voice of reason in?

        • Jonathan

          So you’re saying LitFig is the voice of reason? Almost nothing he said was logical or in direct reply to my statement or are you another RBI guy…

      • Jonathan

        So i guess I’ll go point by point and try and follow me because I’m going to use a little thing called logic….

        You do realize they added a lot of that money very late in the season right? And Crawford didn’t get to play while Kemp barely played in 100 games. An offense of HanRam/Crawford/Kemp/Ethier/AGonz/Ellis should do very well and they don’t seem scared to add. If they add Greinke to Kershaw and the rest of the rotation they could be a juggernaut. By the way the Giants won this little thing called the World Series…they weren’t a joke. A full season with that roster is completely different than getting bits and pieces of those players at different times…Next

        So I’ve never believed in Swisher not being able to hit in the playoffs and you’re just guessing how I feel on the subject. If I was one of the idiots that wanted to get rid of a very good player because he hasn’t hit well in the playoffs in the last few years why would I want us to sign him? And I love how you come up with the $90MM when I say we should try and get him for 4 year and $48-60MM. That one was really pathetic..Next

        I don’t know anyone who thought signing Russell for like 1 year and $4MM when there weren’t better options out there and we knew he was solid defensively where Jorge needed to be a full time DH was a bad idea nonetheless thought Cashman was on crack. We got a young former star on the cheap and got a couple of years of above average defense and some walks and power. Look around the league…there aren’t many tolerable catchers out there. He was and is one of them. And yeah I said he’s Yogi Berra..I said he’s amazing and the best catcher in the AL ever. A team with near unlimited financial resources let a young productive catcher leave on a very fair deal with ZERO VIABLE ALTERNATIVES unless they luck into a trade. There’s a problem with a team when they let their best option leave for a short term fair deal. Enjoy Chris Stewart and Cervelli. We aren’t doomed and I didn’t say that but we lost a lot of right handed power and I’d love to hear how you think we could possibly scrape a decent catcher together.

        All I mentioned Hamels and Greinke for was to show the mindset that we can afford the top free agents and when we have a need that’s who we usually go for and now we’re letting the bottom of the barrel go by. Plus your entire comment on this just blows logic out of the water…you rip on all the “pop-psychologists of RAB” (even though it’s the front office and NOT on here where this is mostly heard) then use the fact that people you think are pop-psychologists think Greinke can’t handle NY so he shouldn’t be signed…do you not get the absolute absurdity of that comment? And once again you’re coming up with numbers that were never even commented on by myself.

        Mike Napoli isn’t a full time catcher and will play 1st base…I seriously doubt he’ll be catching a lot of flies. Not to mention ANYONE that uses RBI’s as a stat probably would say a bunch of stupid stuff…kind of like EVERYTHING YOU SAID IN YOUR POST. Napoli will hit very well in that ballpark and if the man can ever get a full seasons ABs could put up insane numbers as he did in 2011. I saw that as a completely fair deal as did most people that see past using RBI’s. Also, nowhere in my post did I say anything about Mike Napoli but as usual I didn’t have to say it for you to act like I did. I look forward to your excellent reply.

        • LitFig

          You do realize the Dodgers were in first place when they made the AGon/Beckett/Crawford deal right? Even without Crawford, they had Agon, Ethier, Kemp, Hanley, etc, and still stunk down the stretch.

          Swisher is not signing 4 for $48 mil. He’s at least matching (if not exceeding) BJ Uptons deal. Sound alot closer to my prediction than yours. (BTW I was wrong to lump you in with the anti-Swisher posters. My bad.)

          Greinke is seen as a risk dealing with the market. Personally, I’m not too worried about it. But a bigger issue to me is his being an AL East pitcher for a 7 year 120 million dollar deal. He’s not make or break to me.

          I think my basic point is to not judge a finished product while it’s still a work in progress. The whining over the $189 million threshold has made no sense to me. Without Garcia, AJ Burnett, Pedro Feliciano and Rafael Soriano (an uber-expensive insurance policy), we’d have been under $189 last year. If the tax cap leads the Yankees to not give 6th inning guys and #4,5,6 starters expensive deals, then I’m all for it.

        • Herby

          “And now we’re letting the bottom of the barrel go by,” Isn’t that what good teams usually do?
          I don’t think you’d get that steep of a drop-off in production from giving Romine a shot at catcher as you would with Martin. He’s already been considered Major League ready defensively or close to it. Until Martin signed and before his last month of the season the fans were ready to trade him for Jose Molina’s shadow and a bucket of popcorn. I think once it comes to mid-season he’s largely going to be forgotten about.

      • Jonathan

        Also, where the fuck did I say we should follow the Dodgers? I said I’d prefer that to the other end of the spectrum. I didn’t say we’re that end of the spectrum. I’m pointing out that the quality of wanting to win as your #1 goal is admirable and before this $189MM deal I admired our owners for it.

  • http://aol amanda

    arod cant play, jeter will never be the same, granderson strikes out 200 times , nobodys catching ,pitching staff plays as old as they are,= first place to last place

    • Robinson Tilapia

      ….and you probably have a penis. Yes.

      • jjyank

        Can we trade her back for Erica?

        • LitFig

          Where has Erica been, BTW?

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Raising her FIP?

            I’d drive Johnny or Timmy or Mike over to Chelsea/Jersey for Erica myself.

            • jjyank

              Throw Elton Cod in the car too.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                Amanda is TSJC.


          • Erica

            Hi! Who are you, LitFig? I haven’t been trolling lately.

            I have been made aware of some lovins from you guys. I’ve taken a break due to a new job (in Princeton!), and also, the end of the season wore me out. You know, emotions and stuff.

            I’m sure nobody will see this. So uh. Whattup.

  • LitFig

    I don’t get the Youk hate, especially when we already signed Clemens and Johnny Damon from the Sox.

    Now Youk isn’t great, but for a one year deal, I can live with him being the 3B/DH/Emergency 1B. I would still bring an Adams/Nunez on the team to keep Youk fresh over there. We still need AB’s at the DH position while A-Rod is out.

  • Matt

    I have to admit, at this stage this team is looking really….old. It’s not a bad team, but everyone is a year older and the season really depends on everyone staying healthy. I just don’t see us being a powerhouse in the East for 2013.

    CC, Grandy, and Tex aren’t getting any younger. We’re basically hoping to god that our 38 and 40 year old pitchers won’t break down. Then we have the wildly inconsistent Hughes and Nova rounding out the rotation. Our bullpen looks solid and I think it will be a plus. But what worries me most is our offense. We have 2 one-dimensional players in Tex and Grandy who will hit for power but no contact or OBP. We have Cano and Jeter who are well rounded. But besides that, the other 5 spots in the lineup are so iffy and squishy. If a couple of those 4 go down the season is done. We just don’t have the offensive firepower to compete – look at the playoffs :\

  • Fernando

    I hope they don’t get Youklis. He’s played less games than Alex, these last three years.

  • mt

    Wouldnt Youk prefer 2 year contract with Francona especially since he is from Ohio?

    I also think he will want to keep the Red Sox fan love flowing after career is over – why endanger that for an extra $3 million on a Yankee one year deal where Arod is coming back and he will booed unmercifully if he starts out slowly?
    I am also very suspicious that this offeris just hanging there – maybe he is trying to get more frm the indians. All these others have signed this week and we hear about it afterwards wbile this explicit offer just sits there.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      He’s supposedly at a charity event today.

      I think we overplay the loyalty/love part every day.

      Older vet. Better chance to win in NYC than in Cleveland. One last shot at a ring?

      • Jonathan

        You could definitely mean another ring but he already has 2 rings

      • mt

        I don’t think loyalty/love by itself is huge but for an extra $3 million (AAV of one year deal versus AAV of 2 year deal) he must overcome love/loyalty of Boston fans plus Francona comfort factor plus Ohio factor plus Arod coming back factor affecting his numbers before his next contract plus he must know he will be booed unmercifully if he starts off slowly (there is no benefit of doubt) – it’s not like Yanks offered him $20 million – the 2 year deals are for are for more guaranteed dollars – offsetting all that is the fact Yanks have a better chance in 2013 at a ring than Indians.

        I know he is at charity event in Boston is today (where everyone will joke around that he’ll get extra money for his charity if he doesn’t sign with yanks :-)) but a Yankee offer is very rarely just out there for everyone to comment on – Dan Haren signed with Nationals and I never heard he was even being considered, much less the terms of an offer.

        This just smells like shopping to me.

  • Reality Check

    I love being a Yankee fan. We want the Yankees to give the kids a shot. Until they do. We want the Yankees to spend wisely. Until they do.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “Why the hell are we looking at Nate Schierholz? What, the Cubs signed him?!?! Why didn’t Cashman sign Nate Schierholz?!?!”

      See also “Wise, DeWayne.”

      • LitFig

        This basically sums up the posts this offseason.

  • vicki

    could’ve had russ for 2/18. just saying.

    and axisa with the nba reference. sweet.

  • jruizpr

    I just can’t imagine Youkilis on the Yankees, that would be unreal, I would just go with Dante Bichette jr. How is it possible to lose Chaves at $3 mil and Keppinger at $4 mil and then offer this maggot $12 million, really unreal.

  • You should have shot Arod

    Punkilis is too much for a fan of this team for gods sake no!

  • Mike

    Youkilis: Did you guys really try to drill me?

    Cashman: ……. how does 12 million a year sound?

  • Pistol Pete

    Youkalis is perfect, a quality veteran that can field, play first third or dh has power and a good lifetime obp. He’ll be on a one year deal and fit the 2014 budget. What’s not to like for one year. Now go get Ichiro and the one year team is complete. Gardy Jeter CanoTex Grandy Youkalis Ibanez Cervelli and Ichiro. Not bad, a little short on power, lousy catcher, too left handed but it gets us to 2014. Rotation is solid with CC Kuroda Andy Hughes and Nova. Pen is ok if Mo is healthy and Robertson continues to pitch well. I think this team can compete.

  • Chuck

    There’s only one other 3b I hate more and that’s arod. Yay improvement