The Yankees, patience, and market changes


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If there’s one thing that’s held true during Brian Cashman‘s tenure in recent years, it’s that he’s very willing to practice patience. He’s waited out both the free agent (Hiroki Kuroda, for example) and trade (Bobby Abreu) markets to get better than advertised prices, and for the most part it’s worked out wonderfully. As he indicated to reporters yesterday, patience is again his primary tactic this offseason.

“The preference is always to get your problems solved and get them fixed,” said Cashman. “But the realistic side of that is that it’s going to take time and you have to solve it over time. If you don’t feel comfortable with the solution, you shouldn’t solve it until you feel comfortable. I’m prepared to drag this thing out.”

Patience was a fine approach these last few years but times have obviously changed. The market is flush with cash thanks to the new television deals and the inability to funnel money into the draft and international markets, so Major League free agents are getting paid handsomely. As the Yankees preach patience, the players they want are no longer falling into their laps. Eric Chavez won’t be there to sign in February because he took a $3M deal from the Diamondbacks, more money than New York paid him in the previous two years combined. Jeff Keppinger, another one of the team’s targets, actually took less money to sign with the White Sox for whatever reason.

“I think that we’ll be in a position, I would think, to leave here with doing something,” added Cashman. “But that doesn’t mean we will. I want to come here every time I go to the Winter Meetings, I want to get something done. I’ve been disappointed many times leaving, but that’s not going to make me do something.”

The Yankees are scaling back their spending as the price of talent is going up, and that’s a very bad thing. They don’t have the internal pieces to plug their various position player holes — a major black mark on Cashman & Co. given his constant preaching of building through the farm system — meaning they are at the mercy of the free agent market. Maybe the patient approach will work and some new targets will surface in the coming weeks, but right now it’s tough to see how the Yankees will go into next season with something other than a significant downgrade on the offensive side of the ball. After enjoying the benefits of patience, this new market might be the one that leaves Cashman empty-handed at the end of the winter.

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  1. Lefftee says:

    Cashman is a fucking terrible GM

    • Mike says:

      I think it’s as much, if not more, the Steinbrenner sons. they are nothing like George. it’s a business for them. George is rolling over in his grave.

      • Nathan says:

        Agreed. Cashman’s hands are tied and he’s got that huge $189M looking at him in the face. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hal had giant cutouts on Cashman’s office wall that said “>$189M”.

        In prior years, I could always look forward to Yankee moves to improve the team. Since George passed, this is less and less a certainty and this year it looks like the Yankees are going to be very much handcuffed.

      • Steve says:

        So when players get overpaid, it’s the Steinbrenner’s fault. And when they are cheap, it’s also the Steinbrenners? So does Cashman get any blame or just the accolades that come with being a “Ninja”

        • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

          Alex is at least one terrible contract you can’t blame Cashman for.

        • Nathan says:

          Which players are we talking about? Soriano was overpaid but that was on Randy. A-Rod was overpaid but that wasn’t on Cash.

          I’m saying it’s the Steinbrenner’s mandate on getting below the $189M threshold.

        • toad says:

          I think it’s the combination.

          Tell Cashman to stay under $189 million, of which $25 million is consumed by a ridiculous contract signed by Hank.

          It wouldn’t be totally fair to criticize Steinbrenner if A-Rod’s contract were a touch more reasonable – shorter, say – but signing him through age 41 was absurd. Was that really needed to outbid other teams?

      • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!) says:

        Glad someone met my “Rolling in his Grave” quota today, was starting to think it wouldn’t happen.

      • JU says:

        So if it’s the Steinbrenners fault than the implication is that expecting cashman to build an organization with a payroll below 200 million is unreasonable. Cashman has had every advantage as a GM in his career. Now hes dealing with the reality that most GMs have to every year. Tough shit. Save for ARod, this is the bed cashman made. He’s paying for his past mistakes, so I don’t wanna hear anybody playing the violin for him.

        • Cuso says:

          You can lay the “tough shit” mat at Cashman’s feet all you want.

          It’s been beaten to death the fact that he didn’t want A-Rod though.

          You’re contradicting yourself.

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

      No, he’s not.

    • Jacob says:

      You poor helpless soul

  2. Mike says:

    glad to see they are sitting on their fucking hands. what a joke. just sell the damn team like you want and plan on doing.

    • Mike says:

      probably lose ichiro next

      • CG says:

        That would piss me off. I like watching him play and think he still has something left.

      • Sam G says:

        Exactly you can almost say he’s gone basically. I give ichiro within the next week to sign with someone other then the yanks. The only real noise they might make is sign catcher AJ P for 1-year deal. Cashman doesn’t suck at all though. It’s that dooshbag Hal who is afraid to spend money the best we get by spending less money isn’t even as good as the A’s last season. We’re old and we do need to get younger but I’m talking Giancarlo Stanton mike trout type of young. The young stars on one team with veteran leadership. Young guys coming up in the next year to 3 years:
        David Adams
        Gary Sanchez
        Tyler Austin
        Kelvin Perez
        Nik Turley
        Killer b’s
        Jose Pirela
        Ronnie mustelier
        Adonis Garcia

        You may not think we’re stacked in the minor leagues but we definitely are and this is only a small sample size of what we have. We will be ok. We also have te best relief prospects in the minors. They have the best slider/curveball pitchers and some hard throwers 3 of which hit 100 MPH and close to it. So I know I’ve already said to much but basically Brian cashman is great and our scouts are too but Hal Steinbrenner is an African booty scratcher that didn’t learn anything from his father.

        • Jacob says:

          You seriously just said the Killer B’s? One is not one the team anymore, the other is showing he does not know how to pitch anymore and the third just had major surgery. There is no killer b’s.

        • Jacob says:

          And while George was great he was also terrible and it is good that his sons did not learn to trade away all of our young guys. This 189 plan looks bad to a lot of you now but it will most likely bring the spending and players you trolls want so calm down and go watch some other baseball league or jump to the world series winning team for the next few years like the highriders you are.

        • Reggie C. says:

          Ok .. what’s your name again … is it BRIAN CASHMAN ??

          Who the hell is Adonis Garcia? Pirela? kelvin perez? yeesh.

  3. Will says:

    Sounds like he’s preparing us for the possibility that this years team will underachieve because they didn’t have the assets/resources to fill the many holes this team has.

  4. The Real Eddard says:

    Time to scrap the patient plan. Doesn’t matter if the prices are low if there’s nothing good to buy.cashman should just admit he misread the market already.

    • Jacob says:

      Refer to comments above.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Well at least we know you’re straight-up trolling. What’s scary is the people who actually believe this bullshit.

      • Jacob says:

        It seems like they are multiplying

      • The Real Eddard says:

        Thanks for your typical douchey response Tilapia. Looks like mike brainwashed another. What bullshit do you disagree with in my post, exactly?

        Or are you mad because you know I’m right?

        • Jacob says:

          You are a complete idiot with little knowledge of baseball, we disagree with every statement you make.

          • jjyank says:

            There have been so many variations of the “Eddard” handle and Mike has confirmed imposters jacking the screen name before, so who the hell even know who this guy is.

            It’s best to just give ‘em the old hashtag.


            • Jacob says:

              I remember when he first showed up, or at least I first noticed him. One of the many reasons I took a break from the forums.

            • The Real Eddard says:

              That’s only because people make a big deal out of my opinions because they can’t help themselves. Sad really. I changed my name for a few days but nobody responded to those posts. When I’m Eddard, people respond.

              • jjyank says:

                Eddard has become quite the meme, that’s why. I kind of feel bad about how much fun we have at your expense sometimes. Sometimes.

              • Robinson Tilapia says:

                Who else were you these past few days? I’m curious.

                I’m still convinced you’re the real, fake, or whatever Eddard right now. If you are, it’d actually not be fun anymore that you’re beginning to take yourself this seriously.

                • Jack P says:

                  Why so many people hate on one guy is beyond me. Let him voice his opinion and if you disagree just type out a reasonable response and move on.

          • The Real Eddard says:

            Well if “Jacob” disagrees with me, why go on living? Oh that’s right because I have a right to voice my opinion same as you.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          There’s no way you’re the person originally posting as Eddard. Sorry.

  5. Karloff says:

    I’ve got no problem with them going into the season with some minor moves and using players from the minor leagues to fill in. Doesn’t anyone remember the 80′s and early 90′s Yankees. I really don’t care about the 189m budget for 2014.

    • Cuso says:

      Yes, but since that time period the YES Network happened…..oh and 5 World Championships.

      I’m not clamoring for the Boss’s resurrection….but there was never any doubt pocketing money was ALWAYS secondary to reinvesting in the team.

      They’ve paintedthemselves into a corner with $189M because it’s not only 2014 that is going to be affected…’s 2013 too.

  6. Mike HC says:

    Looking at the available free agent list, there are still plenty of guys out there on the level of the Chavez and Keppinger types. Yanks don’t need to overpay guys in this first wave because there is going to be similar talent around and for better value. Even at catcher, there seems to be guys out there better than Cervelli and Stewart.

  7. Ton Lon ton says:

    Again the humble return of Aaron Boone is coming

  8. Robert says:

    Well I guess I am gonna get my wish we are gonna play the kids!!!

  9. mitch says:

    The pitching should be good enough to keep them in the hunt even without a big lineup addition.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with ticket sales, though. The excitement level will not be very high heading into the season.

  10. Matt says:

    Maybe the players they targeted did not want to play for the Yankees.
    Amazing how the sky is falling on December 5, 2012 in Yankeeland.(for some people, not all)

  11. LitFig says:

    These threads are quickly de-evolving into shit fests.

    I think patience is the way to go. I mean, of all the guys who have signed, who really gets you excited for 2013? A bunch of guys having career years and massive platoon splits, thats about all I see. Most of the players are OK/replaceable/ I can live without them types. I’m not losing sleep over Eric Chavez.

    It’s amazing how Cashman signs guys who the fans think little of, they play well, they sign elsewhere for more money, the fans cry “How am I supposed to live without you?”, then turn around and doubt Cashman’s abilities to do it again, despite his track record? Do we learn nothing?

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:


      Not one of the guys that has come off the board so far as made me go “damn, we really missed out on that guy.”

      • Peter Lacock says:

        Also +1

        People are losing their cool (as usual).
        Not naming names but I thought some were better than that. Wrong.
        Thank Mo Cashman is in charge. He didn’t get here because he’s a dummy. In Cash I trust.

      • thenamestsam says:

        Another +1. I think it’s more of the overall feeling that they’ve missed out on a bunch of guys that people were sort of intrigued by. So the cumulative feeling is kind of bad. But honestly each move or non-move should be assessed on its own, and there hasn’t been a single deal that I could really look at and say “Cashman missed the boat on that”. I’m having a hard time looking at passing on a bunch of big contracts for mediocre players as any kind of front office disaster.

      • G says:

        I did kind of say that for Martin, but only because I just don’t see what else is out there. Other than that, thing are still very fixable. Still trade options for RF and potentially 3B, it’s just a question of if they are going to pursue those options. People are understandably worried that they will fail to achieve anything on the front, and, while I understand this is stuff every other team has to deal with, I would be a bit ticked off if Mo and Andy’s farewell tour was a year to forget.

        • Hitman 23 says:

          It would be real fun to watch clauses put in some of these contracts to deduct money for underperforming. Like Arods deal, when he hits below 290 we begin to deduct money.

  12. The DonSlaught says:

    Yeah, it’s hard not to look at this all as a pretty epic Fail so far by the front office. Of course, time is still left, but it ain’t trending right a good portion of the time thus far.

  13. David Brown says:

    I cannot believe the Yankees will be morphing into the Houston Astros, and not spending any money, unless the Fox/YES deal means the Steinbrenner’s are selling the franchise and they took Fox Money now to avoid part of the upcoming tax hit. The big question is really Cano. We know he hired Bora$$ as his agent, and if they are going to actually strip down and rebuild with the intent of selling the franchise, and he cannot(Or will not be)resigned, are they better of trading him? If they do not plan any big moves between now and Opening Day, and they wil end up in 3rd Place (Or worse)maybe they should?

  14. Yankeefan says:

    Not use to seen the yankees been this cheap :(

  15. Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

    Super-Simplified Supply and Demand 101:

    Teams with lots of $ burning holes in their pockets + wholly mediocre free agent pool = mediocre guys getting excessively large contracts.

    Why should the Yankees participate in a shit fest?

    • jjyank says:

      Agreed. There have been a few guys who could be useful pieces (Keppinger, Chavez) but I’m not gonng bitch about not giving Keppinger 3 years. Chavez is getting paid significantly more than last year. No free agents have signed yet where I thought “Damn it, we really missed out.”

      There’s obviously been a big uptick in traffic on RAB this week, and the tide has brought with it some really bad comments.

      • Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

        Victorino and Napoli were good signings.

        Ted said so which means it must be true.

        • jjyank says:

          I wouldn’t call Napoli a bad signing, but he had no place on our roster anyway. I’m not a Victorino for 3 years either.

          I did really want the Yankees to bring back Martin, but other than that, not a single move has bothered me in the slightest.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          They’re good signing if they’re not done yet. If this is it for them, meh. Too many years for limited guys and questions marks, in my opinion.

          • Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

            Neither was a good signing im my opinion for the amount of money and the expected production.

            Maybe if they trade Ellsbury and move Victorino to CF, they’ll get more value out of him but as a right fielder who was a below league average hitter last year who can’t hit lefties, it’s a terrible move.

            Napoli has a below average glove and bat for a 1st baseman, he’s frequently hurt and he really needs to spend a good deal of time behind the plate to justify that contract. Problem is he’s a terrible catcher. His best position is DH and the Red Sox already have a full time DH.

            I think both were pretty shaky at best.

    • Jacob says:

      This this this

  16. BigJoe says:

    I like Jayson Nix at 3rd. He is very solid. Yanks just released him but he is gritty ballplayer and can play short also. Obviously he is a fill in but he can play

  17. Ted Nelson says:

    Has Eddard kidnapped Mike? I’m gettig worried.

    Sign every player for whatever the highest bidder will, because you might not get anyone later!!!!!!!!!

    You have gone so far to construct a strawman that you’ve misrepresented Keppinger’s service time. He’s only been paid 6 years, all cost controlled. Every MLB player with some sustained success will make more his first FA contract than his cost controlled years. This example is worse than you not realizing Pagan and Victorino are top 10 CFs in their early 30s.

    • TomH says:

      He’s being rational. Try it some time.

    • Peter Lacock says:

      I wasn’t naming names Ted but whatever.
      I guess everyone panics sometime.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I laughed.

      Some of that did seem a bit TomH-like but, look, it’s not necessarily Mike’s job, as primary blogger, to give us something we agree with, but rather something that’s going to get us talking on here.

      That being said, no, I’m not overpaying for someone who doesn’t deserve it because he’s the FA being shopped around in the Winter Meetings.

  18. Johnjacobjingleberryjones says:

    Hate to say it, but I think the way to go is to trade Robbie for some good young talent. If not, the Yanks will be backed into a corner with the threat of another long term albatross contract. 2nd base is one of their minor league strengths, so maybe they can strike a deal for an outfielder and corner infielder for Cano while they can.

    • Winter says:

      The problem is Cano is a rental. You’re not going to get enough “good young talent” in exchange for only one year of Cano to make the deal worthwhile.

      • LitFig says:

        But the other alternatives,

        1) Signing him to a Teixiera-Joey Votto contract


        2) losing him for a comp draft pick

        are far more appealing, no?

        I would hate to trade Robbie, but another 8+ year deal really makes no sense on this team.

  19. TomH says:

    OK the market is selling out to mediocre free agents. So what? This still leaves the Yankees with no RF, 3B, C, DH; their ancient SS is returning from a very serious injury; their even more ancient closer is returning ditto. With the RF, 3B, and C losses they’re down ca. 70 home runs. They’ve lost an excellent bp arm in Soriano. In short, beggars can’t be such picky choosers!

    Much of this catastrophe is owing to a need–unheard of in Yankeedom for 2 decades–to be austere, to worry about luxury taxes, etc.

    Please, forget the Cashman’s-little-helper roles (let’s be patient and smart). Face reality: this is a team in deep shit.

    If you can keep your head (like Cash’s little helpers) when all around you are losing theirs, you’re probably not understanding the situation.

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod says:

      Or you’re just surrounded by reactionary, impulsive dillweeds instead of rational thinkers, but sure, go with that mindset.

      It’s December mo-fuckin’-fifth. Take a couple Xanax and chill out. They’ll get something done.

    • jjyank says:

      Or, like the comment above says, we just realize that there is still plenty of offseason to go.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      “beggars can’t be such picky choosers!”

      100% pure bullshit. The names you’re seeing now don’t constitute all the possibilities at these positions, and you sure as hell don’t know more than the New York Yankees do about what will be possible between now and Opening Day.

      Frankly, the first player who has come off the board which I regretted was Eric F’ing Chavez.

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      Love, Wallace Matthews.

  20. thenamestsam says:

    I think the big difference is that in the past the Yankees have mostly used this patience tactic around the edges of their roster. In those situations it makes a lot of sense because the guys tend to be pretty interchangeable. The difference between your first choice 1st OF and your 5th choice is always going to be pretty small, small enough to make waiting to see who’s left at a cut rate once the merry-go-round slows a viable strategy.

    This offseason the difference is that they’re not really tinkering with a mostly set roster. There are still two starting everyday positions very much available. It seems to me like this makes it at least slightly different than what they’ve done in the past. I know it’s making me more nervous than usual.

  21. BigJoe says:

    Some of the contracts that are going around are ridiculous. The good thing is that e Red Sox are responsible for 3 of them. Johnny Gomes? 3 year and 39 mill for Shane Victorino? What exactly does he do WELL? Napoli is a DH at 13 mill per except the Sox are already paying Papi 16 mill per. Napoli is a butcher at first. Greinke is going to get 160 million??????? Really?????? He’s a GOOD pitcher but not great. C’Mon

    • Johnjacobjingleberryjones says:

      You, sir, are correct, plus they still have no one to replace Gonzalez’ production.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I can’t believe this is how the Sox are spending all the money they gained back so far. There has to be something bigger for them to go along with this, right?

    • Yogiism says:

      As I said below, I agree with you 100%, sir. The Yanks are looking really good right now. People can say whatever they want, but Cashman is using great discretion holding back at the moment. He booked Kuroda, Pettitte and Mo. These are big things and it’s done. For the love of God, had Kuroda waited a week, he’d be looking at 3 yr $45mm offers right now. No doubt. Problem is; you’ve got a lot of new dollars flowing and teams that generally don’t spend I.E. Royals and Guthrie. Braves and Upton and so on are spending it the wrong way. I have no idea what the F the Red Sox are doing.

  22. mrdbag says:

    Wtf does keppingers league minimum salary have to do with free agency? Or r u just using that as a irresponsible way to force your negative point down our throats.

    Bring Joe back

  23. Jacob says:


  24. Havok9120 says:

    One amusing aspect of this for me is that if the Yankees were to make a big push for Swisher, who is easily the best RF availible to us unless we’re counting Hamilton, a not-insignificant (and possibly a majority) portion of the commenters would explode in anger. It’d probably be a massacre.

  25. WFAN CALLER says:

    Where’s Eric Duncan when you need him?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      What’s Chet Lemon up to?

      Back in the days before online fantasy baseball, when you actually sat around with a table with your friends for an entire day and your 1990 roto guide or whatever, a friend of mine drafted Chet Lemon about five years after he retired. Sticks with him til this day.

      • jjyank says:

        Reminds me how in the show The League, the guys trick Andre into drafting Tiki Barber after he became a commentator.

  26. Rich in NJ says:

    They don’t have the internal pieces to plug their various position player holes — a major black mark on Cashman & Co. given his constant preaching of building through the farm system…

    This is the major source of the problem in a nutshell.

  27. Yogiism says:

    Sorry, hate to say it, but a lot of you commenters suck. Cashman is NOT a terrible GM and I am going to go ahead and stroke my Yankee love right now, but so far, I think the Yanks are having one of the better offseasons of all teams. I mean Jesus Christ, has anyone been watching??3 Years to Victorino, Napoli, freaking Keppinger (although the cost is low). The deals being handed out this off season are downright stupid. The Yanks are making the prudent choice to let all the other teams clamor for shitty parts and overpay them. I loved Chavez, but not for $3mm. Frankly, one of the best deals ( I know I’ll hear it for this) is probably the under $1m deal the Mariners made for Jason Bay. Can’t believe I just said that, but that was actually a pretty solid signing, considering cost. The Red Sox have already spent over $100m and what did they get??Victorino, Napoli, Gomes and Ross. All servicable parts, but…come on..

    • Rich in NJ says:

      He is neither terrible or very good. It’s kind of silly to look at issues only in extremes.

    • Yogiism says:

      $200mm rumored for Grienke.

      Sox spent all that money and have to improve upon their biggest flaw, pitching.

      I’m dizzy this year from watching MLBTR and a lot of the deals are truly freaking shitty, man.

      You all can nitpick about Cashman all you want. The Yanks certainly have financial constraints, but what player that has been taken off the board would have worked the Yanks? Ask yourself that. Tori Hunter is probably the only player the Yanks might???have missed out on and even then, its not heartbreaking.

      • Jake says:

        You can argue all you want about how the price for free agents is right now inflated. But that’s the market. And the Yankees have backed themselves into a corner where they have holes to fill, don’t have the solutions in house, but are either unable or unwilling to pay the rate for the available free agents. No one is saying Chavez is a great player or Keppinger is a great player. But they’re better than what the Yankees have.

        For years, the Yankees gave long-term contracts to players past their peak or on the wrong side of 30, and gave away draft picks so they could sign guys like Soriano. They’ve also drafted only ok, decreased what they were spending on IFAs, and sat out the market on guys like Chapman, Cespedes, Darvish, Soler, etc.

        So if they aren’t willing to pay the rate for free agents, aren’t going to make an effort to sign guys out of Cuba and Japan, are going to be outspent in Latin America (under the previous rules), and can’t seem to develop their own minor leaguers, it’s reasonable to ask where the infusion of talent is going to come from.

        The old strategy of loading up on declining, over-priced free agents was a strategy that worked for the Yankees, allowed them to contend every year. Spending more wisely and avoiding long-term deals is another potentially successful strategy. But the combination of those two strategies the Yankees are currently employing seems problematic.

        Would’ve made more sense, from a baseball standpoint, to cut costs post Jeter, Mo, Pettitte, Tex, etc, and when you had more MLB ready prospects to either play or trade. To try to go cheap while your payroll is dominated by a handful of declining players and when you have virtually no assets above AA seems destined to fail.

        • Yogiism says:

          Whatever dude. I’ll be the one that says told you so when Cashman picks up Michael Morse and Anthony Rendon for Michael Pineda and Mason Williams and don’t tell me that won’t do it, because it would, homey…

          • Yogiism says:

            ..and then all of our dire and hugely problematic offseason will be resolved. Whether or not it’s Rendon and Morse or whoever, I think the “plan A” crap is BS. Please anyone who can tell me that the shit that has traded already were Yank plan A players are full of it. Not a single player other then Keppinger really seems to have interested or made sense for the Yanks. And that’s a guy who a year ago pretty did have a single team to play for…

          • Rich in NJ says:

            The current version of Pineda?

            • Yogiism says:

              Yeah, the current, rehabbing version, and despite the doomsdayers opinions, he still has a lot of value. If I were on the receiving end of that call, I do that deal all day..

            • Jake says:

              Can’t argue with “whatever, dude.”

              • Yogiism says:

                lol. Sorry, man. At work and working on a shitty dell comp, not my MAC, which is enough to want to blow my brains out. Plus I am becomming mighty irriated by the MLBTR threads. The contracts and deals being made are just stupid. I know it’s the market as of today, but for F^&%^% sake…

                • Jake says:

                  I get it. But my concerns are less about the specific players the Yankees have passed up the past week or two, and more about what I see as an incoherent long-term strategy, or perhaps a poorly-timed shift in strategy.

                  I could be wrong and there could be some grand vision behind this I’m not seeing, but it appears to me that the Yankees have gone cheap at the worst possible time, both in terms of their current MLB roster and what’s available on the farm.

                  And, of course, there’s another reason the timing of this change in direction seems problematic, which is that the Yankees are hugely profitable. They want to get payroll under $189 million, but they hardly need to. They could stay well above that number and still be profitable, although less so, but ownership has chosen to do otherwise.

                  • Yogiism says:

                    I’ll admit, the Yanks have done a poor job of illustrating to us serious fans of what they are trying to do. All we here is “below the $189mm threshold” and so on. Remember though, this is the Yank strategy. They keep it tight up there, man..I have complete faith that Cashman will blow us away with a sweet trade or maybe nothing, which frankly, wouldn’t be terrible either. Dude, come on. Scutaro and 3 years at 37? I rather not have watched that. He played well for the Giants, no doubt and good for him to win a ring, but on the Sox he was like Swiss cheese, so who knows what you’re going to get 2 years from now with him. Pagan? He was a Met 4th OF’r 2 years ago. Now being paid $40m over 4 years. Really? The Broxton, Guthrie, League deals are just bizarre. It’s been a weird offseason, where all the C players are trading and getting B+ to A- valuations. Somethings not right.

              • Robinson Tilapia says:

                Coined by Winston Churchill, in fact.

    • I think the Yanks are having one of the better offseasons of all teams


      How when they are missing out on their plan As as well as their backups

      • Havok9120 says:

        Thing is, you have no idea whatsoever what their plan A or their backups were. We all have guesses, just as the media do, but we really don’t have a clue.

        Heck, we don’t even have his off-season blueprint yet.

        • Rich in NJ says:

          Except we do know (based on the owner’s comments) that Plan A doesn’t appear to include spending a lot of money which has been their primary competitive advantage since George bought the team. So until and unless that changes, there would appear to be a severe upper limit to Plan A’s (or B’s or C’s) upside. That in and of itself offers a fairly obvious clue.

          • Havok9120 says:

            And now we’re having a different argument. Which is fine, lets just not act like one is the other.

            We may not like the circumstances that determine what the plan is, but that doesn’t mean that the plans themselves have fallen through.

            • Rich in NJ says:

              That’s true, but it does seem like their primary plan is financial rather than baseball related, in the sense that the former is what is guiding the latter.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Who, currently off the boards, should the team have invested some of that “competitive advantage” on which they haven’t?

            For the 80th time this week, there is a whole lot of hot stove left.

            • Rich in NJ says:

              You mean if they have/had the money? I have already said that I liked Napoli to share time at C with a defensive guy like Stewart as well as DH, and some occasional playing time at 1B.

              I’m not precluding the emergence of a plan. I’m merely viewing any prospective plan in the context of their apparent budget constraints.

              • Robinson Tilapia says:

                That second paragraph is massively important, though. It is well within reason that they could fill those openings and field a solid contending team, within their constraints, without any of the name thrown out during the Winter Meetings. They know more than we do.

                With you, potentially, on Stewart, and may have agreed on Napoli, but the offseason isn’t going to be failure based on not getting either of those guys (not that I feel you’re saying or implying that.)

  28. Jacob says:

    Yankees met with Mark Reynolds agent. I can see it already #toomanyks

  29. Mickey McMick says:

    I can’t believe the Yankees only have four months to work this out! Or maybe they wait until after the all-star break! Or the August deadline! September is right around the corner! Sign anybody! Trade everybody! Do something!

  30. Matt says:

    Cashman needs to get his head out of his butt and sign James Shields, trade Freddy Garcia and Dellin Bentances to redsox for Jacoby Ellsbury , re sign swish and granderson

  31. Grover says:

    I love the slow play and keep cheering every time another team overpays for mediocre talent. Relax Francis.

  32. ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa says:

    Five words. Exicardo Cayones is the future.

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