Heyman: Diamondbacks to sign Eric Chavez


Via Jon Heyman & Jack Magruder: The Diamondbacks have agreed to sign Eric Chavez. It’s a one-year deal worth $3M, and Ken Davidoff says the Yankees never held substantive contract talks with their former backup corner infielder. The third base options continue to come off the board.

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  1. TomH says:

    Unless Cashman has some wonderful 3b option up his sleeve and ready to pull out, the failure to sign Chavez this week is less a blunder than living as the other half lives.

  2. Cy Pettitte says:

    Cashman sitting on his hands with all these major holes to fill and players coming of the FA board is a bit unnerving.

  3. mustang says:

    Chavez’s deal with the D-Backs is for one year and $3MM, tweets Jack Magruder of

    • mustang says:

      I still think Cashman has something coming, but I admit I’m starting to get a little nervous.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        It’s the danger of going minute by minute with all this. It’s just not good for our health. We’re not starting the season with David Adams, or whatnot, playing 3B every day. Just step slowly away from the MLBTR.

  4. I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

    Wow. Really paying him assuming he can more or less repeat both in terms of performance and health.

    Have to believe we have something cooking to have let him go though. Would it really have killed us to overpay him this year?

  5. AC says:

    Whats Cashman doing. He wouldn’t do a 1 year deal for 3 mill? All other options all want multi year deals. Geeeez

  6. I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

    BTw between this and Keppinger I feel all the more strongly that a major tra and/or signing is in the works.

  7. Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

    I’m actually not that upset about this development as I’m pretty skeptical that Chavez could actually remain healthy and produce another season anything close to his 2012.

    That being said, who the heck is left to play 3rd base unless they move on Youkalis? I’d hate to trade a prospect for some stop gap type player. Was 3/$12 really that much out of line for Keppinger?

    • Tonino says:

      I don’t think I would mind if they moved a few prospects in search of a more-permanent option there and just let Arod DH for at least the rest of this season, maybe going forward

    • Ted Nelson says:

      I would imagine that for similar money Keppinger wants to start.

      • Andy Pettitte's Fibula (formerly Manny's BanWagon) says:

        With the Arod injury situation, I would think the Yankees are going to need someone to play about 120 games at 3B this year, conservatively speaking.

  8. smurfy says:

    Congratulations to Eric. He represented the west coast very well in Yankeeland. Good guy, sweet swings.

    He was a little stiff by the playoffs, so I hope he can get a flexible schedule, maybe lots of pinch hits, and late inning workouts.

  9. Mike HC says:

    This somehow feels like a bigger blow than it logically should be.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Because it’s a luxury to have a guy with skills like that who is only hampered by his health. When he’s healthy, he’s great. I am going to miss him greatly.

  10. Tion Lon ton says:

    Wow Cash boy never had his sights on Chavez — obviously Boone is coming outta retirement

  11. Tino!_24 says:

    Jeter to third base? His range has diminished. Put Nunez at short until they can find a long term SS who can field… Nix utility. Just a thought.

  12. paul a says:

    Got to wonder if Brians got Hamilton up his sleeves

    • vin says:

      If he didn’t have the 189 mandate, then probably. I just don’t see it happening at all.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        It’s funny how we forget the possibility that, even if there was no spending limit, the Yankees might have passed on him. Being the biggest name on the board doesn’t mean you’re an automatic Yankee, as much as our GS3 charicature wants to make us think it des.

    • Andy says:

      I think so… I have a hard time believing Cash is just sitting on his hands.

  13. jesse says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if something big is in the works. That or Youkilis.

  14. LK says:

    2013 is starting to look like it has real disaster potential.

  15. Dropped Third says:

    i have faith in cash

    • Adam says:

      I second this. I’ve learned enough to be patient with this team and especially with this GM. Story hasn’t been told yet.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Reminds me so much of election time and trying to read every poll. Sometimes you need to step away. There’s a lot of story to be told here.

        Were the Yankees supposed to give Jeff Keppinger three years just because there was no one else?

        • Adam says:

          Exactly. Just because the market is inflated right now, doesn’t mean it would be wise for the Yanks to get pulled in at this point.

  16. Adam says:

    Not so upset given Chavey’s health, but definitely enjoyed him in NY…

  17. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Stings ten times more to me than losing out on someone like Keppinger. Like I said above, though, if you’re hitting “refresh” on the MLBTR every ten seconds, it’s probably a good time to step away until about mid-January.

  18. Ryan says:

    Why not try to trade for a 3B prospect who is blocked like Mike Olt or Anthony Rendon?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Those specific two may not happen, but I like your thinking. Your 2013 third baseman may not be anyone on the team OR anyone available in the winter meetings. The organization knows a lot more which cards will actually be on the table between now and Opening Day than we do.

      Chavez still stings, personally, though. I wanted him somewhere on this team, no matter.

    • Tonino says:

      Guys like that play for teams that are demanding packages that the Yanks do not have to give.

    • Gonzo says:

      I thought about this, but how would a deal like this be structured. The Yanks want to compete in 2013, so they probably wouldn’t want to weaken their 2013 roster too much. A challenge trade might be nice, but I don’t think there is a one to one comparison for either Olt or Rendon. Olt being the more MLB ready guy.

  19. Gerald Williams says:

    Relax everyone…It’s going to be OK. Remember when Bubba Crosby was going to be our starting CF? Just pray they don’t go for Youk!

  20. Gerald Williams says:

    Corey Hart on the block? Thoughts?

    • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!) says:

      I’m a Hart fan, so my opinion is irrational. But the Brewers match up nicely, and they are looking for pitching. We have young pitching we could give up (level appropriate). I would not be opposed to a Hughes/Hart swap. Not giving up a ton (relatively) and gets you closer to the goal line… And I am a huge Hughes fan.


  21. Francesa says:

    Davidoff tweeted Yankees never held substantive talks about contract terms with Chavez. Sounds like Cashman had something else brewing.

  22. AC says:

    Keppinger isn’t that good. Was a career year for him in all offensive categories basically last year. He was in the minors for all of 2011, I believe. His value comes from his ability to play all around the infield as a utility type. I think he’s a way better NL player than AL player, personally, due to his versatility.

    I think we need to sign Mark Reynolds. True, we already have plenty of pop without BA, but he’s the best option available and will be easily available over 1 or 2 years.

    Losing Chavez isn’t that big a deal. His health last year was the exception to the general rule.

  23. Francesa says:

    Brian Cashman’s favorite baseball movie of all time was Platoon.

  24. Simon says:

    Maybe the Yanks are trying to enter that 3-5 team trade between the DBacks, Rangers, Rays, Indians? It was reported that talks hit a snag, this coming after Chavez signed with DBacks? Just speculating. Maybe Yanks are attempting to get Corey Hart?

    /gettin’ nervous

  25. If the Yanks lose out on Youk where the hell do they go?

  26. paul a says:

    Indians reportely are closing in on Youkalis, starting to look more and more that,like it or not, Nunez at third.

    • MannyGeee (189M or bust, bitches!) says:

      At least Nunez can stay at third all year… No way Youk is healthy enough to play the position all year… NONE

  27. amanda says:

    this is not funny yanks could finish last

  28. I actually wouldn’t mind Nunez at 3B. He comes into camp knowing that’s his only position is the hot corner and I think he can lock it down there, both with the glove and the stick.

  29. Yank the Frank says:

    Thank God it’s only December.

  30. Ted Nelson says:

    Isn’t ARod out 3-6 months? Why is everyone assuming 6+?

    • Rick in Philly says:

      Even if he comes back in June, it’s doubtful that he’s going to be able to play full-time at 3B. Additionally, I find it hard to believe that the Yankees will let him play the field at all in Tampa or Toronto. So the Yankees will need a regular 3B alternative.

    • Rick in Philly says:

      But, I agree. It’s not like he’s missing the whole year, and I’m sure he’ll play some in the field this summer. Considering it is A-Rod, and with his work ethic, he might be pushing himself hard to get back.

    • I think 6 months is best case scenario, and then he has to play some MiLB games.

    • Klemy says:

      I am wondering this too, he could be ready to work out in April, according to the original quote of 4-6 months. Every single media outlet is seemingly saying June, but no one has ever said ti would definitely be then. I know people will say older, heals slower, all that jazz, but not necessarily the case. Lot of assumptions being made.

  31. SamVa says:

    There are so many cliff jumpers on here… good lord. It’s December. Not even Christmas December.. it’s the beginning of December.

    MLB Trade Rumors is a great tool and so is Twitter, but don’t treat it as biblical. The season isn’t over. Tomorrow isn’t opening day.

    You think the NYY are going to go into the season with question marks at three positions?

    Go take some anti-anxiety medicine, drink some wine, and watch college basketball.. or the demise of the Jets.. but stop with the “ZOMG THE WORLD IS OVER.”

    Check your calendar, Cashmoney may have a present waiting under the tree or he may make us wait until the new year, either way, have faith.

  32. Klemy says:

    I will miss Chavez, regardless of if he would’ve been able to perform as well as last year. He was a good guy who filled a roll well.

    • RetroRob says:

      I think it’s unlikely he’ll repeat what he did last year. The season sticks out compared to what he did the prior five years. I was actually fine if 2012 was his last on the team, although that was before A-Rod went down.

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

      He filled a roll so well I’m kind of surprised he didn’t go to Subway instead of the D-backs…

  33. RetroRob says:

    This is all good news for those of you who hate the power-hitting Yankees and believe the team needs more line-drive slap hitters. Nunez at third? Ichiro in right?

    How many HRs are they down now, including A-Rod’ 18 from last year? With Ibanez unsigned, they’re missing about 100 HRs. Lots of lost OBP, too. Can’t wait for Ichiro’s and Nunez’s three-pitch ABs. No more grinding down the starter to get to the bullpen.

    Fortunatly it’s only December. They’ll be fine, but this is shaping up more as a 88-90 win team right now.

  34. Wiljaq YankFan says:

    Sign Josh Hamilton, put him in RF, and much of the Yankees offensive problems are solved. Add Ichiro for left, add AJ Pierzynski to catch (his nasty tude could help the “goody 2 shoes” Yankees), a warm body with a good glove at 3B, and all other problems solved. Oh yeah, clear some payroll by trading Granderson (I love him, but he doesn’t fit, while having Big-Time Value) for prospects and put Brett Gardner in CF, where he belongs.

    Give me Cashman’s job!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Wiljaq YankFan says:

    Sign Josh Hamilton, put him in RF, and much of the Yankees offensive problems are solved.

    Give me Cashman’s job!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. dalelama says:

    They do seem to be going backwards.

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