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Former Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert elected to Hall of Fame
Winter Meetings Day Two Open Thread

Two quick and self-promoting links for you. First, the Alex Rodriguez hip injury post has been updated quite a bit since being published early this morning, so make sure you check back for updates and quotes and all that. Secondly, I wrote this Winter Meetings Day One recap for the YES Network’s site. It’s nothing you haven’t already seen on RAB today and it’s more of a MSM-esque (i.e. dumbed down) recap than any kind of serious analysis, but still give it a click.

Former Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert elected to Hall of Fame
Winter Meetings Day Two Open Thread
  • Preston

    I didn’t read it after you did such a great sell job, but I gave it a click.

  • BillyBall

    Sign Youk to 1 year deal. He can play 1st and 3rd. Nunez can sub at ss and 2nd.

    If you don’t sign Youk maybe its time to consider moving Cano to 3rd. He has great arm and great instincts and than you can bring up COJO and David Adams and have them platoon at 2nd.

    • Cuso

      Are you joking? Cano to 3rd?

      That’s a joke, right?

      • Preston

        It’s not a terrible idea, he probably has the arm, and it would save his knees long term. Cano at 3b and maybe sign Scutaro at 2b (then all the people begging for contact hitters can shutup). It’s just probably not a good idea to ask an elite Scott Boras client to move down the defensive spectrum a year before hitting FA.

        • jesse

          It’s not the worst idea in the world, you’re right, but that should be a move for down the road, not now.

          • Ted Nelson

            If the team is better with Cano at 3B, it should be the move now. With A-Rod only out 3-6 months as of now, I don’t know if they’re better off, though.

            If you do buy into 2B declining because of wear, they should also do it before he declines if they want to resign him. I think 2B decline has more to do with a lack of talent at the position, but who knows?

      • Billy balls

        Cano to third maybe our best option, specifically if Arod will be relegated to dh for big chunk of remainder of contract. Than you platoon Adams and cojo. They are both ready and will produce as a platoon at very least league average for 2nd base lefty / righty platoon. You infuse youth into lineup along with Romine.
        If you trade Grandy like suggested you need replace a ton of home runs. You had better get back top prospects cause its Grandy walk year and chances are he will put up better numbers than last. Than you would only have Gardner out in cf and would need resign ichiro for rf and maybe forced to go after Hamilton which he wants long term deal and will not get in ny.

        • Ted Nelson

          Doubt they trade him, but if some team wants to overpay I’d listen.

          You don’t have to replace his HRs, but his overall offensive production. Which was great in 2011, but just pretty good last season.

          One corner spot is an issue with or without him, you also don’t have to re-sign Ichiro. Schierholtz and Ross might not make much more combined than the $5 mill being thrown around for Ichiro.

          • Captain

            Cody Ross? he should get more than $5M no?

            • Ted Nelson

              I would say around there. Career offensive splits are exactly Gomes’. Better defender, but big 2012 was almost exclusively due to Fenway… didn’t hit a lick on the road.

              • Preston

                He wouldn’t be the first FA to get paid for inflated one year stats.

    • Jersey Joe

      I think the Yankees should give him spot starts this season just to get an idea of his talents there, but still I like that idea.

  • Don’t ya know

    Fools. Straight DB’s for even suggesting that!

  • Bavarian Yankee

    via MLBTR: “Yankees Willing To Listen To Offers For Granderson

    interesting. I always said that I wouldn’t mind them trading Granderson because I think they shouldn’t resign him after 2013 but it really depends on what they can get back if they really wanna trade him. Maybe get back 1-2 high end prospects so that they’re able to trade for someone else?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It’s worth dangling him if you don’t think you’re going to re-sign him. Interesting to see where this heads.

      • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

        Mlbtr saying O’s want to trade for a power bat using starting pitching to land said power bat. I know it’s within the division but could be interesting. Also seems there are ways to potentially grow the trade with more pieces on each side.

        • Ted Nelson

          What SP do the Orioles have to offer? Doubt they’d include Bundy. Gausman is a ways away. Britton and Matusz are pretty serious buy low guys to me at this point.

          • Billy

            Gausman is not that far away. Premier college arms fly through the system and the O’s are more aggressive with college draft picks but they Gausman and Bundy are untouchable.

            • Ted Nelson

              He’s got 15 A-ball innings. He could be up in no time, he could never make it to AAA. He’s a ways away from the bigs.

          • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

            Just quoting the story :)

      • ClayDavis

        If the Yankees deal Granderson for nothing and replace him with an aged vet that’s willing to accept a one year deal…..(Was the team relocated to Trenton this offseason?)

  • vicki

    mike sexisa: “late night links” at 11pm here, TEN PM YOUR TIME.

    i will show you late night.

  • j

    This gives me hope they’ll be willing to deal Cano too. Not that they should be shopping him but if they get the right offer…