Injury Updates: Jeter & Cervelli

Thoughts on a random Tuesday
Update: Yankees have interest in Mike Morse
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Got a pair of injury updates to pass along…

  • Derek Jeter (ankle) is on track to be ready for Opening Day according to Brian Cashman. “He’s doing very well … He has progressed as the doctors had hoped,” said agent Casey Close. The Cap’n is out of a walking boot and has been jogging in a pool and riding a bide. He has yet to do anything baseball related, but Close says his client doesn’t start doing that stuff until mid-to-late January anyway. [Wally Matthews]
  • Frankie Cervelli (whiplash) has been cleared after taking a foul tip to the mask in winter ball. He was evaluated both in Venezuela and back in Tampa by team’s doctors. “We brought him in just to take a look at him and made sure he was fine … He was cleared and there were no injuries, so he’s free to resume play if that’s what he chooses to do,” said Cashman. Cervelli has had four concussions in the last eight years, not including a separate whiplash scare. [Bryan Hoch]
Thoughts on a random Tuesday
Update: Yankees have interest in Mike Morse
  • Gonzo

    Since this thread is bare, anyone want to do a caption this with this photo?

    • jjyank

      “Why do so many balls keep hitting me in the face?”

      “I’m SORRY!! I forgot to cup!”

      • Steve (different one)

        No gift basket for you!

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona


      • Havok9120

        I’m not sure why, but this is hilarious.

        You win 3 internets.

    • Gonzo

      “Two for flinching!”

    • Mike HC

      “Look, ma … no hands”

  • trr

    ….must balance ball on shoulder!…

  • art vandelay

    jogging in a pool must be super awkward.

  • Hoss

    “You, too, could be entitled to a large cash settlement…”

  • pistol pete

    Cervelli’s not a good player when he’s healthy and now we’ve got to worry he might not even be himself. Not to worry we have Chris Stewart with a 219/281/302/583 slash line over 6 yrs in the majors. This off season has been ridiculous.

    • Pistol Pete Hater

      Fuck you.

  • RollingWave

    Cervelli does draw an excess amount of contact (either with the ball or other players) doesn’t he?

    I’m higher on him than most though, he has shown some signs of OBP skill in the minor before, though admittly that was quite a while ago.