“Good chance” Rivera would have retired had he pitched in playoffs


Va Buster Olney: Mariano Rivera said there was “a good chance” he would have retired this winter had he been healthy enough to pitch in the playoffs last year. This isn’t terribly surprising, Mo has been hinting at retirement since last spring. Considering his recent comments, it’s looking more and more likely that 2013 will be Rivera’s swan song.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Are his comments in regards to his injury, or the fact the Yankees were never in the lead in the 9th inning last postseason?

  2. I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

    It’s also his swan song bc the Yanks have no room for a $10-15mm closer in 2014.

  3. trr says:

    It really sounds like ’13 will be his year….enjoy it everyone!

  4. Ed says:

    While I do think it’s his final year, I’d just like to point out that after almost every multi-year contract Mo signed, he said it would be his last contract. He first talked about retirement in the late 90s. I’m not completely counting him out until he officially retires.

    • Max Fischer says:

      Mo was talking about retirement four years into his career at the age of 28?

      • RetroRob says:

        Actually, yes! I remember whe he took over as closer he was taking Nlit retiring on jos early 30s.

      • Ed says:

        Yup. He used to talk a lot about retiring and becoming a minister. Every time his contract ran out, he’d delay that a little. It’s only the last 5 years or so that he stopped talking about retiring.

        I think a big part of why he keeps playing is so that he can use the money for charity in Panama.

        • Max Fischer says:

          I never realized he did it so long ago. I’d always heard about how religious and charitable he was, but I didn’t know that he actually contemplated retiring to pursue it.

          Thanks for the info guys.

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