Jeter has a plate and screws in his ankle, will have light schedule in camp

Open Thread: 2/16 Camp Notes
"Good chance" Rivera would have retired had he pitched in playoffs

During a press conference with reporters this morning, Derek Jeter said that doctors inserted a plate and screws into his surgically repaired left ankle. They’ll remain there permanently. He acknowledged that playing on the bone bruise last September probably led to the fracture.

Jeter, 38, said he will be on a light schedule in camp despite being cleared by doctors to resume full workouts. He won’t begin to play in an exhibition game until March, and he’ll play a fewer number of games overall. The Cap’n joked and said he’s “on Mariano Rivera‘s schedule.” Jeter plans to be ready for Opening Day but acknowledged that he will have to push himself a little to get there.

Open Thread: 2/16 Camp Notes
"Good chance" Rivera would have retired had he pitched in playoffs
  • raul the ibonez

    GOod i hopes he does not get to back at alll

    • jjyank

      I “hopes” you learn how to spell.

      • trr

        Dontcha hate when red sox fans post here?

        • jjyank

          It’s actually amusing. This is some really, really bad trolling. Just makes it funny.

          • Travis L.

            Are there rules to trolling? Like being able to spell or use correct grammar isn’t allowed. What the hell are they thinking? Just opening themselves up to ridicule. It’s kinda fun.

    • Green Manalishi

      You eats your spinach too ‘cos you’re Poopeye the Red Sox troll.

  • RetroRob

    That should make going through airport metal detectors fun.

    • Youkales’ Mispelled Name

      I have something similar (plate and screws in my ankle, a rod in my leg), and interestingly it hasn’t caused me any grief at the airport. I thought it was going to be a hassle, and so far the only thing I get is a little ache when the weather changes quickly.

      • MB923

        “a rod in my leg”

        I read the “a” 2 different ways.

  • OldYanksFan

    The plate isn’t permanent I assume.
    When does it come out?

    • RetroRob

      It is permanent, al least according to the article.

    • Scully

      It’s permanent.

    • Manny’s Banwagon

      ” They’ll remain there permanently”

  • Bavarian Yankee

    no big deal imo. I had 8 screws and a ~3 inch plate in my forearm about 10 years ago (they removed them after 2 years or so), you don’t even realize that they are there.

    just in case you’re wondering what happened to my arm: we played hockey, I tripped and another guy fell right on my arm, the radial bone fractured at 2 different spots. Freak accident. Actually I didn’t realize it was broken right afterwards but after 5 minutes or so my arm got numb and we went to a hospital.

    • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

      Bone bruises are part of the game. What happens the next time that a slider or a runner barreling into second base from first bashes into his legs? He is a right handed batter with his left ankle facing the pitcher. He may be hit there. Also imagine going behind the third baseman on a grounder and pivoting to throw to first.

      If he just started treadmill running five days ago and has not done any lateral work, I cannot see him being ready to play on a MLB level in six weeks.

      Here’s Bryan Hoch’s story posted February 11th.

      No lateral work as yet. No throws to first.

      I am really looking at Eduardo Nunez playing a ton of shortstop in April. Think of all the pivots that a shortstop does.

      Consider the timing that Jeter will need to re-learn as a batter in order to return to being a .300 hitter. If you scoff at that, remember the difference between Jeter as a hitter in the first and second halves of 2011.

      This is a mess. Because it is Jeter, no one wants to face it. People making rosters with Nunez as the sole infielder behind Youkilis and Jeter (not to mention the usual need for a UT guy behind Cano and Teixeira)has me worried. The Yankees will need two solid UT guys, a righty outfielder, a righty DH, a lefty who can hit for Cervelli/Stewart late in games, a runner for Hafner.

      Most of this clutter would have been solved by having Pierzynski catch this year and getting Chavez to re-sign.

      I know that they did not anticipate needing a replacement 3B for Rodriguez, but, at least for 2013, they needed to suck it up financially and try to meet their spending objectives in 2014.

  • dan2

    We will finally find out if Nunez is a major league shortstop. Many starts at short rather than being moved around.
    Looks like we found a right handed DH in Jeter too.

    • trr

      unfortunatley, I think you’re right

    • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

      You are right there. Remember that 70% of the starters in MLB are righty. Hafner is DH. What do you do with Jeter then?

      Youkilis will probably need to be nursed along too. Is he even entering Spring Training in good baseball health? He will need half days too at DH and he will not get those against righties.

      Losing Chavez is a really big deal. Wonder what the Diamondbacks would take to ship Chavez back to New York.

      • Laz

        Was good they let Chavez go. He had a good bounce back year, but they were really selling high. I guess everyone forgot about his .676 ops first year in NY.

  • Youkales’ Mispelled Name

    “on Mariano Rivera‘s schedule.”


    • Havok9120

      I loved that line.

  • Greg


  • Dalek Jeter

    …so does that technically mean we have a cyborg on the team?

    • Havok9120

      Roll with it.

      • Dalek Jeter

        Oh, I’m more than okay with it, cyborgs are freaking awesome. As long as their brain is kept human. It would ruin my (incredibly shortened) life if Derek Jeter was the singularity.

        • Havok9120

          By “roll with it” I meant that that’s what you should tell people. We’re using that this season.

        • The Doctor (formerly known as G, formerly known as Mstt Smith, formerly known as David Tennant, formerly known as etc.)

          I don’t know it wouldn’t be the most likable team but a team of Cybermen could probably limit George to a grave roll or two a day, assuming there’s some way to force them to play baseball and not just go off deleting people.

    • jjyank

      *sees Mariano Riveras name on the depth chart*

      Haven’t we always?

  • Havok9120

    I also loved his “Welcome to New York” line with Youk. Good stuff.

    • Betty Lizard

      Loved Jeter’s remarks. Chad had a nice writeup at Lohud. Loved the “Andy told me to say something controversial” to get Youkilis out of the news.

      Then, also from the same article, I did a double take:

      • Travis Hafner said he literally does not go through any sort of defensive drills anymore. He technically owns a first baseman’s glove, but it sits in his locker unused. “I haven’t really thrown much over the last five years or so,” he said. “It’d be something that, I don’t know, maybe just try it out and see how it goes, but I’m not sure at this point.”

      Should I worry that I FORGOT Travis Hafner is now a Yankee?
      I don’t drink, though, and sometimes selective amnesia is my only consolation . . . .

      • Havok9120

        Chad’s thing yesterday about Gil Velazquez looking a bit like Chavez (and having the locker next to Chavez’s old one) was a bit like your Hafner gaff.

      • flamingo

        If only the comments on Lohud weren’t so… Lohud, because the content is great.

        • Betty Lizard

          Agree. I just pretend the comments don’t exist.

        • Havok9120

          Yeah. I mean, I could even deal with the insanity of a lot of the commenters if the format wasn’t so awful. And then the way they carry conversations over to the new (or multiple threads) without any explanation….oy.

  • kenthadley

    We better have fly ball pitchers…or at least keep the ball from going up the middle. The “range-stat” folks will have a field day with Jeter this year.

  • hogsmog

    I would rather he not “push himself” to play on opening day; I prefer a week of Nunez early over a month of Nunez late.

  • Coming To America

    Nunez the SS vs LHP with Jeter as the DH. It’ll help both players long term. If we have a long string of RHP’s, let Jeter DH and give Pronk a day off here or there.

    • Havok9120

      Dunno whether you pulled the idea from LoHud or not, but Girardi apparently said that that was one of the things he was thinking about doing and that, as a result, Nunez was gonna be playing SS exclusively during ST.

    • Magilla Gorilla Mama Called me Roy tho

      I think that Hafner can hit DH day after day. He is only 34. I hope he hits a lot of home runs, because there is no one to run for him? Nunez? You figure that Youkilis is taking his rest on the days that there is a tough righty. Whattamess.