Baseball Prospectus’ Organizational Rankings

Must-Click Link: The Birth of an Albatross
Yankees finalize Opening Day roster

Jason Parks at Baseball Prospectus released his 2013 organizational rankings a few days ago (no subs. req’d), and the Cardinals unsurprisingly claim the top spot thanks to their bevy of high-upside, MLB-ready prospects. The Rangers and Padres round out the top three while the Angels are deal last.

The Yankees placed 14th, with Parks saying the system “has some impact talent and several high-risk prospects that could develop into high-end players, but the field thins out quickly after the top tiers erode.” He lists righties Rafael DePaula and Ty Hensley as breakout prospects and High-A Tampa as the affiliate to watch, though I disagree there. Double-A Trenton is where it will be at with the Ramon Flores/Slade Heathcott/Tyler Austin outfield and Jose Ramirez/Nik Turley/Francisco Rondon led pitching staff.

All of the major farm system rankings are out and they all have the Yankees in the 10-14 range — Keith Law (10th), Baseball America (11th), and Minor League Ball (14th). I guess that means the consensus has them middle of the road but slightly better than average, no? Seems reasonable.

Must-Click Link: The Birth of an Albatross
Yankees finalize Opening Day roster
  • Greg Corcoran

    I think the ranking is okay but the reasoning is off. The Yankees have ridiculous depth in the lower minors so I wouldn’t agree at all that it thins out after the top. Also, to me your knowledge of the system has to be pretty poor if you think the team to watch is the Tampa Yankees. Both Charleston and Trenton will be far more exciting to watch. Hard to take a ranking seriously when their assessment is so far off.

    • jjyank

      I don’t know about that last part. I think Trenton will definitely be more exciting, but Williams and Sanchez are in Tampa, so it’s not that crazy to be interested there.

      • CS Yankee

        add that…

        DePaula & Ty >> Jose/Nik/Rondon

        Reasoning being that the top five arms in the system are likely;
        1) ManBan
        2) Jose
        3) DePaula
        4) Campos
        5) Ty

      • Greg Corcoran

        Look it will be fun to watch williams, sanchez, and gumbs in Tampa. Beyond that though there’s not much there. Jose Ramirez is starting the season there but that is only because of the weather. Hell be in Trenton after a couple of starts. Mason williams and sanchez wont last long there either.

        Trenton has heathcott, flores, austin, jose ramirez, turley, jr murphy.

        Charleston has campos, camarena, depaula, rutckyj, vargas,DBJ, peter obrien, cito culver, greg bird. This just goes along with the depth argument too. They have all of those players who all have top prospect potential plus more in the short season leagues and yet they don’t have depth? Doesn’t make sense to me. Either way, Charleston doesn’t have to top 100 players that trenton does, but they have a ton of exciting players.

    • Tom K

      Depends how you look at it…I agree that the most talent is in Trenton, but the two top prospects will likely start in Tampa. Depending how things go, that can change during the year of course.

      But personally, I will be watching Trenton very closely…..a big start by any of these players can make things very interesting by the time the season is over.

  • CS Yankee

    Thinking that Sanchez starts the year in Trenton, that makes it clear as the farm to watch…however, if he starts at Tampa, I could see that making the difference. Good upside, as next year should have some high upside chances of seeing a few of these kids playing in the pros.

    Hoping that the arms don’t have another disaster year in the minors like last year, and that maybe a Williams, Slade or Austin replaces Wells/Ichi’ come August.

    • Travis L.

      I cant see Ichiro going anywhere. He was signed as a pure marketing scheme (3000 hits in a Yankee uniform). Wells have a decent shot at being DFA’d or released next year if he under performs this year. That being said, I think Heathcott is eligible for the Rule 5 draft next season, so maybe (just maybe) we could see Heathcott (or Mesa/Almonte/Flores) in the outfield for 2014.

      • JMK

        Pure marketing scheme? I’m not thrilled about the signing due to the years, but c’mon now.

        I think it’s more likely we see the higher-end positional prospects in the second half of 2014 or 2015.

    • jjyank

      I gotta think Sanchez starts in Tampa. He’s only got 185 PA there, and none above it.

    • Laz

      No way williams replaces come August. Very outside chance on the other two, think Yankees really in the race and wells and Ichiro have fallen apart (grandy will be back soon)

  • Travis L.

    And here is an off the wall question. Thomas Neal had a sneaky good spring and was a minor league free agent signing. Does that mean that he becomes a free agent after the season if he isn’t added to the 40-man roster?

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    Baseball Prospectus, Keith Law, Baseball America and Minor League Ball don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

    All the trolls on RAB say that the Yankees owners, players, manager, front office and farm system suck, and they say it in such an eloquent and articulate manner that it just has to be true.

  • Kosmo

    my organizational rankings:
    1)St Louis
    7)Kansas City
    10)San Diego
    12)Chicago Cubs

    I´ve been up and down the prospect lists many times these last 3 months and this is more or less how it looks to me. I´m not claiming to be an “expert“ but some of these top 13 rankings seem obvious to me. I didn´t finish the list simply because I ran out of gas. Of course a few teams could be slid up and down. Miami and Arizona IMO have been grossly underrated and Texas and San Diego overrated.

    • Gonzo

      From following Parks, I think he cares more about depth than other rankers. He loves the depth of San Diego and Texas way more than Yankees depth.

    • Laz

      Would say KC is quite a bit lower than #6. Myers was an especially bit hit for them.

  • Miami Yankee

    I think 10-14 is right on the money. Definitely not near the top tier farms in the game, but also far away from the train wrecks in LAA and Detroit.

    Humorously enough, the Marlins are calling up their top prospect, Jose Fernandez, who has never pitched above High A, to pitch in their big league rotation. And the Sox are calling up Bradley JR., which I guess is the end of our hopes for this season.

  • Now Batting

    The hell if I know where they should be ranked. All my information comes from secondary sources with spotty track records.