Boras: Yankees, Cano on verge of “historic” 12-year extension

Opening Day Eve Open Thread
Fan Confidence Poll: April 1st, 2013
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Robbie’s about to get paid. (Al Bello/Getty)

The Tigers and Giants signed their franchise players to long-term contract extensions last week, now it looks like the Yankees are about to do the same. During a recent ESPN Radio interview, agent Scott Boras confirmed the Yankees and second baseman Robinson Cano are on the verge of a “historic” contract extension. Here’s the money quote, pun intended:

“Mr. Steinbrenner and the Yankees have made it very clear they want Robinson to remain a Yankee for the rest of his career … We are finalizing a historic contract that will make the Robinson the highest-paid player in baseball and keep him in New York for the next 12 years and the duration of his career. Both sides are pleased with the progress we’ve made in recent weeks and expect an official announcement soon.”

Boras went on to say the contract is “heavily front-loaded” and indicated the last few years of the deal would have a low base salary. It sure sounds like the two sides agreed to tack on some extra years at a dirt cheap salary to drag down the average annual value for luxury tax purposes. Cano and Boras get to say they got a historic contract while the Yankees presumably maintain payroll flexibility for their plan to get under the $189M luxury tax threshold by 2014. Seems like a win-win.

Brian Cashman confirmed the Yankees made Cano (and Boras) a “significant offer” late last month, and it appears the two sides continued to negotiate through Spring Training. Robbie had been scheduled to become a free agent after this season. There’s no word on the money yet, but the whole “highest-paid player in baseball” thing suggests the contract could be in excess of the $275M deal Alex Rodriguez signed prior to the 2008 season.

Obviously it will be very interesting to see the terms and structure of the contract. If the two sides did agree to low salaries in years 8-12 or 11-12 or whatever, MLB might get involved because it would qualify as blatant luxury tax circumvention. The NHL had an issue with similar contract structures in recent years before stepping in, so I’m sure this is something on MLB’s radar. Especially since the Yankees have been so vocal about getting under that luxury tax threshold going forward. We’ll see. Obviously we’ll have much more in the coming days.

Now, just to be clear, this is absolutely, 100% an April Fool’s joke. Literally nothing about the post is true. Not the radio interview, not the quote, not the 12-year contract term, nothing. It’s all completely made up and an attempt to have some fun on the eve of Opening Day. Pretty convenient timing this year, I must say. Hope you enjoyed the post, and if not, well then too bad. The Yankees season starts in 13 hours, so cheer up.

Opening Day Eve Open Thread
Fan Confidence Poll: April 1st, 2013
  • Karl Krawfid

    April fools to you also.

    • glenn

      I hate this fricken day….Play with my emotions…hahahaha

  • Karl Krawfid

    Oh you put that in the post lol. Didn’t even finish reading it.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Bravo Mike. Bravo.

  • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

    C’mon Mike. You need to make it at least semi-plausible. I realized it was April 1 as soon as I read the headline.
    It took me a good 5 minutes of outrage to realize the Dolan to buy the Yankees post was an April Fools joke.

    • Total Dominication

      To this day, that post gives me nightmares.

      • Jim Is Bored

        Lord knows I’m never on the “OMG JUMP SHIP” bandwagon, but that post was as close as I’ve ever been.

    • Ed

      Opposite here. The Dolan one I knew was a joke instantly. I didn’t think the Steinbrenners would sell at all, and I think there’s a 0% chance of a sale getting anywhere close to happening without us hearing about it first. If they sell the team, they want EVERYONE to know they’re looking for bids.

      For about the first half of this one I kept hesitating, almost stopping to go check MLB Trade Rumors. I started off surprised but a little skeptical, with the skepticism growing as I continued.

    • Mike HC

      I was the opposite. Last year I knew immediately it had to be a joke. But this one just seemed so damn plausible I didn’t even think twice until the final paragraph.

  • Jorell

    Booo you guys are the worst.

    • Block

      This sucks Mike. As a long time Yankee Fanatic (1961) I despise funning about such a serious subject as the Yanks and Baseball in general. Pissed me off for maybee 30 seconds. Seriously I love RAB, it’s the first site I get on in the A.M. Keep it up.

  • Rainbow Pinstripes

    I finally didn’t fall for it. First time ever. SO PROUD.

  • Spaethman

    HAHHAA,nice one, i called my friend flipping before i got to the nd,well done

  • long time listener

    I sort of bought it.

  • jjyank

    You suck, Mike.

    *shakes fist*

  • PFog

    hahaha good one!

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    FUCK, if you had put this up tomorrow morning I never would have bought it. Well played.

  • JFK


  • Bob Buttons

    Wouldn’t believe it a week ago, but after Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay…

  • Now Batting

    I fell for it. Honestly while I was reading it I kept thinking “eh, makes some sense”.

    • Now Batting

      Not sure if it’s for April Fools, but apparently Andrus is close to signing an extension with the Rangers.

  • EndlessJose

    Wow.It’s just turned 12:00am and reading this post I didn’t think of April Fools.Nice one.

  • Get Phelps Up

    This contract was made possible from the money earned by the RAB Paywall.

  • johnnybk

    What a jerk

    In all seriousness, why don’t they consider the extra years trick? Hockey teams have been doing it for years.

    • Havok9120

      It’s almost certain MLB would step in and invalidate the contract. It violates the spirit of the tax, especially since it’s the Yankees (for whom the tax was invented).

      • johnnybk

        In that case I would try putting one of those contracts together just to see if we could give selig a stroke.

      • MannyGeee

        This is so unfortunately true.

  • Frank

    Reading this blog for too many years! You guys got me so bad with Dolan and the team sale. Never again!

  • Havok9120

    Between my keeping so little track of the date during Spring Break and being an hour behind most of you, I had NO IDEA it was April 1st. Well played you dastardly trickster.

  • mustang

    That’s two fucking years in a row Mike…lol

    WELL DONE!!!

    • mustang

      In my defends I just got off a 16 hour overtime shift but still SMH!

      • Bob Buttons

        Something tells me that your employer violates a lot of rights. That or they pay really well.

  • mike b

    WoW… makes perfect sense to sign him, and I cant see them doing 12 yrs…..maybe 6-8… it will be a huge pr disaster if he walks.

  • Mister D

    I would have bought it if it were either 10 years OR highest paid player. Wasn’t buying 12 AND highest paid. Still, nicely played.

  • DC

    For a minute I thought Hank had staged a management takeover.

  • forensic

    No fair, it’s still only 9:45 here…

    I fell for it when I saw the link at the top of the open thread, but then started going the other way when you had quotes like that from Boras in a radio interview. No way.

  • Mike M

    Ah you got me.

  • Anthony

    Saw it on the FB page and legit fell for it so bad. I kept telling myself to look out for the post on Monday. Well played gentlemen, well played.

  • Jorge Brosada

    Damn you all

  • Mike

    God damn it, this one got me pretty good. I ranted on it for about 10 minutes on facebook until I got called out. Egg on my face.

    I tip my hat, well done sir.

    • matt

      Me too, I looked like a total idiot

  • MB923

    Elvis Andrus is close to getting an 8 year/$120 million extension

    No, this is not an April Fools joke

    • Cool Lester Smooth


      Does that mean Profar’s available?

      • Andy

        More like Kinsler.

  • Chris

    You are going to feel awful when this article becomes the basis for negotiations.

  • awy

    funny, read the same thing in my ootp2013

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    You actually got my hopes up. A 12 year, $280 million wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world once Hal sells and we go back over the luxury tax.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      Also, Robbie’s my favorite baseball player under 35, so I’m biased.

      • MannyGeee

        IS this a backhanded joke at the Yankees Roster?

        Because if so I would have went with “under 50” to drive the point home.

        • Cool Lester Smooth

          Actually, no. My favorite players are Jeter, Mo and Pettitte, then it’s Robbie, then CC, then Grandy.

          Bryce Harper is next, but that’s irrelevant until we sign him in 2017 and break A-Rod’s record.

  • MickeyP

    Well played, sir. Well played.



  • monkeypants

    A fine April Fools joke, but it makes me think of an honest question. Could a team (say the Yankees) sign a player (sa Cano) to a 20 year contract but keep the total dollar valuable reasonable (by that, I mean you give the man the biggest contract, but on the same scale as an A-Rod contract…so, say, 20 years, 200 million), thus limiting the annual hit on the luxury tax.

    Such a move would clearly be an attempt to manipulate annual payroll to circumvent the luxury tax. Would the league or players union void the contract? Does the league set limits on the length of contracts?

  • awy

    a 20 year 200m contract would either have drastically lower present value or have small late years, most probably drawing the league’s ire. it’ll never fly either way

  • Kmlman

    You had me at “Boras.” Nice job.

  • http://fuckyou Sam

    I like to consider your site a source for top notch info, fuck you man, fuck off with this shit honestly. Play april fools jokes on your friends or something fuck off dude

    • McLovin

      You mad bro?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        He fell for it, obviously.

    • Jim Is Bored

      Favorite reaction so far

    • MannyGeee

      TIL Axisa considers us all “friends”. Thanks for the clarification.

  • GT Yankee

    At first I thought-Ohhhh no, here they go again

    Guess I did not read last 4/1-Totally got me SOB! LOL

  • vicki

    i hhhhhaaate you so much.

  • Baseballnation

    Knew it was a joke just by the title, and the tag of whimsy is just icing on the cake. It was good, though not nearly as good as the April fool’s a couple of years ago about The Steinbrenner’s considering selling the team to James Dolan. That petrified everyone!

  • BJ

    Fuuuuuck. Got me good.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    good one Mike, I aaaaaalmost believed it. Then I saw the date next to the headline and knew it was a joke. The scary thing about this is that I wouldn’t even be surprised if this would really happen.

  • trr

    Ha! didn’t fall for it!

  • slade haeathbar

    I texted my Dad and my best friend before the end of the article. Fuck it’s too early to be fooled.

  • LarryM Fl

    The morning coffee has not taken affect as of yet. So, I fell for the April1 gag. My annoyance at the front office as some details were made know was real. When will the FO learn.

    Mike you got me but glad its April1 because at least its not true and its baseball time.

  • moose14

    lol…..very lame Mike, but keep up the good work

  • Matt :: Sec110

    Got me, we played sir.

    • Matt :: Sec110

      *well….see, it too early, haha.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Weak, Axisa.

    I almost bought the “Jeter retires” thing on NYY Memes on FB.

  • Eddard

    LOL, you got me Mike. First thing I thought was, this damn F.O. has outdone themselves yet again.

  • The other Sam

    I’ll admit it. I bought it. I was about to make all kinds of ‘Have they learned nothing from A Rod’ comments. Well done and Happy Opening Day all.

  • Pseudoyanks

    Haha, I was prepped for an April Fool’s so never bit…
    Speaking of opening day…attendance might be a bit ugly for opening series. I just got an email from Yankees called “Master Card Monday” saying I could buy 2 tix and get 2 free for any of the games from the opening Boston series. Yikes.

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    DAMMIT, MIKE!!!!

  • Les Grossman

    Well played, you could’ve also used a joke to fulfill the trade fantasies of many Yankee fans. (The Yankees have traded David Adams for Buster Posey and Dellin Betances & Austin Romine for Justin Verlander & Miguel Cabrera.)

  • dan

    Sadly the elvis andrus extension is not a joke

  • John

    you sons a bitches. you did it again. totally fell for it. Happy Opening Day.

  • matt

    So not cool!!! I didn’t realize today was April fools today! But thank god it’s not true!!!!!

  • CapitalT

    I will now spend the rest of the day pulling the hook out of my mouth. At least you added the last paragraph so I wouldn’t forward the news and now still have 1 oz of pride left :)

  • hogsmog


  • Travis L.

    Mike gets most people every year. He makes the joke so realistic, that you cant help but believe it, until the last paragraph. Cheers Mike, for another great April Fool’s post.

    *But, I think in the end…we will all be hoping for that contract to come true, compared to what they will actually give him.

  • Mike HC

    Damn, you had me hook, line and sinker! Great job! I’m happy you spared me at the end, ha

  • oldmanalex

    My april fools joke on facebook for my yankee friends :

    Yankees set to acquire Giancarlo Stanton and David Price in a 10 player, 3 team, megadeal.

    • MannyGeee

      If your friends fall for this, they may be dopes.

      • oldmanalex

        The ones that did fall for it, are sending me hate mail.

  • MannyGeee

    In fairness, the only thought that crossed my mind was “fuuuuuuck, this is going to be a scary thread…”

    Well played Mike.

  • Stu H

    Bravo. Very well done this year.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    Ahaha, I was 2 paragraphs in and jumped down to rant when I saw all the comments. Well play RAB, well played. Kill em today, CC.

  • Nck.

    Oh, thank god….I love it that the Yankees give old guys a ton of money when they no longer can produce…..Arod DESERVES these big paydays now that he is worthless….he played for peanuts in his prime. The more ancient benchwarmers we have the better…I myself would like to see some 20 year contracts………

  • OldYanksFan

    I shit my pants!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you’re happy.

  • OldYanksFan

    As mentioned above:
    “The Texas Rangers and All-Star shortstop Elvis Andrus are nearing an eight-year deal, according to The website, citing one source, said the deal could be for as much as $120 million, while other sources told that the sides are continuing to negotiate.”

    Another Future Yankee off the market.
    At an AAV of $15m, EA needs to post an average of 3+ WAR for 8 years.
    At his age, that is very do-able.

    Excellent contract on the Rangers end.
    Good for both sides.

  • Ruby

    you sir owe me a new pair of britches. bravo

  • Jim Cavanaugh

    Yeah, as a couple of others have said i would never have believed this but sleepwalking thru the winter to wake up and start hurling cash at Vernon Wells and spare change at Lyle Overbay & Brennan Boesch threw me for a curve. I can’t imagine offering Cano anything beyond 6 yrs is in any way responsible spending, but we’ll see where they go w/ this. With Grandy likely leaving and Tex apparently becoming a compromised players, Boras & Cano seem to have the Yankees right where they want them.

  • Jedua

    Since april’s fools it’s not common here it Always Takes me by surprise

  • Dave M

    Douche bag!!! :-)

    I can’t believe you wasted my time like that.

  • Ugh

    Good one!

  • http://franklance godfather

    beautifully done…not since sidd finch from the master george plimpton has a ruse been so well-conceived…glad i hadn’t thought about the date because i might not have bitten…this deserves national attention

  • Jonny R

    Everything about this post reminds me of J. Walter Weatherman’s “Lessons” from Arrested Development.

    April Fools jokes should be funny. Not frightening.

  • i like bacon

    i cannot wait for cano to walk and take the $$ elsewhere. hes a no hustle bad ball hitting under achiever. bye bye robbie.