Curtis Granderson has been cleared for light swinging

Pettitte strong in return as Yankees pound Jays
Game 16: Back For More

Via Chad Jennings: Curtis Granderson and his fractured right forearm have gotten the okay to start taking some light swings. “He started taking some light swings, I believe … I know he’s been underwater doing it. He’s probably doing some light fungos now, but no ball I don’t think yet,” said Joe Girardi yesterday. Dan Martin confirmed the outfielder has indeed started swinging with a fungo bat.

Granderson, 32, was cleared to throw a little more than a week ago, but swinging is the big milestone. He missed all but five pitches of Spring Training, so his rehab stint is going to be longer than usual. Granderson has to start swinging a bat fully before he can hit in the cages and take batting practice, and he needs to do all of that before he can get into rehab games. It seems like he’s at least two and probably more like three or four weeks away from returning to the team.

Pettitte strong in return as Yankees pound Jays
Game 16: Back For More
  • ajra21

    this is good news.

    when CG returns, surely it means gardner moves to left with vernon switching to right and ichiro to the bench. personally, i’d keep brett in centre but the yankees aren’t doing that.

  • SDB

    Good news, though I wonder what’ll happen to Boesch now. I like the guy, he’s got a ton of potential and I’d prefer to see him around.

    • Jersey Joe

      Definitely agree about Boesch. I hope he keeps taking grounders at first and maybe he can stay on the team when Granderson returns, but before Teix returns.

      Really disappointed in Ichiro; I wish they could DFA/AAA assign him instead of Boesch.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Boesch will either stay, with Francisco getting the boot, or be optioned to AAA in order to maintain as much depth as possible. I’d like to see him have a bigger role too, but there’s time for that.

      Ichiro’s not going anywhere.

  • monterowasdinero

    Can we please not rush back Curtis?

    No more re-injuries!!!