Cano fires Scott Boras, hires CAA Sports & Jay-Z

(REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

(REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Just seven months before hitting the open market as (by far) the best free agent available, Robinson Cano has fired agent Scott Boras. He is now represented by CAA Sports and Jay-Z’s new Roc Nation Sports. Cano will be Roc Nation’s first client and they will handle his marketing. Buster Olney, Mark Feinsand, Ken Rosenthal, and Dan Barbarisi all had a hand in breaking the news.

“At this point in my career, I am ready to take a more active role in my endeavors both on and off the field,” said Cano in a statement released on Roc Nation’s site.  “I am confident that the pairing of Roc Nation Sports and CAA Sports will be essential in helping me accomplish my short- and long-term goals.  I am making this important decision now so I can keep my focus on helping the Yankees succeed in 2013, while minimizing any distractions for me and my teammates.”

Darren Rovell notes that Jay-Z hopes to become a certified agent in baseball, football, and basketball. Roc Nation’s initial launch is with CAA Sports, but it will be its own stand-along company. Given his new affiliation with Jay-Z, it is very hard to see Cano leaving New York. I doubt he has his eyes on joining the Mets either.

Brodie Van Wagenen of CAA will handle the bulk of Cano’s contract talks. He represents Ryan Zimmerman, Carlos Quentin, Ryan Howard, and Drew Storen, among others. CAA itself has a long client list, including stars like Ryan Braun, Buster Posey, Matt Cain, and Roy Halladay. Current Yankees Phil Hughes and Boone Logan are both CAA clients.

“Robinson Cano is an extraordinary all-around talent who has established himself as one of the game’s best and most consistent players,” said Van Wagenen in a statement. “Our mandate is to minimize his distractions while helping him achieve his goals on and off the field in both the short- and the long-term. His immediate concern is continuing to show respect for the New York Yankees organization, his teammates and fans.”

As for the Yankees, Cano cutting ties with Boras is pretty much the best case scenario as far as contract extension talks go. They’ve already made their franchise cornerstone a “significant offer,” though apparently there hadn’t been much progress in recent weeks. With a few notable exceptions, Boras has always taken his biggest clients out onto the open market and created a bidding war. Teams like the Tigers, Nationals, Angels, and especially the Dodgers figure to be in the mix for Cano after the season. Nearly every star CAA client has signed an extension in advance of free agency.

Does the agency switch means it will be easier for the Yankees to sign Cano long-term? Maybe, but I’m not sure easier is the best way to put it. I do think it improves their chances of signing him to a more affordable contract — not a ton because I doubt Jay-Z wants his first baseball contract to be a sweetheart deal — though Robbie is getting paid either way. He’ll clear nine figures easily and could double Chase Utley’s second base record of $85 million guaranteed. Perhaps he’ll sign a shorter (six years?) deal instead of seeking a massive eight- or ten-year agreement. That would be awesome.

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  1. April Fool’s is over right?

    It is?

    Okay, THIS might be the best news of the offseason/season for the Yankees.

  2. Robinson Tilapia says:

    It’s……April Fools Day somewhere?

    My completely baseless theory: Robbie honestly just wants to sign an extension and get this the fuck over with.

    • jjyank says:

      Ah, you beat me to it. I’m wondering the same thing.

      • Mandy Stankiewicz says:

        His father was interviewed during the classic and said Robbie wants to remain a Yankee, and that he would like Robbie to stay a Yankee. It’s mostly the kinda non-story, saying the right thing in the media, but Robbie and his dad have a great relationship and Robbie looks to his dad as a mentor. I was thinking the same, maybe he just thought, I’m getting paid and I want to stay in NY.

        • jjyank says:

          Yeah, it could just be the right PR move, or he could be sincere. I hope he’s sincere and I hope this means he wants to make it work with the Yankees, not drag out a massive bidding war.

    • Vern Sneaker says:

      Agree. Hard to imagine any other reason he’d do this.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Big names are signing extensions. I can’t imagine a better fit for Robbie than NYC. His family says he wants it. This is happening.

    • Steve (different one) says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      I’m guessing Robbie told Boras “get me the most money from the Yankees” and Boras is telling him to take it to FA.

      More baseless speculation: the Yankees told Cano it HAS to be an extension for luxury tax implications and if he goes to FA, they won’t be able to bring him back.

      • Ed says:

        It’s too late for that. If an extension was going to benefit them for the luxury tax, they needed to get it done before opening day.

        Even if they did an extension, the benefit wouldn’t be huge. Mike wrote a post about it a few months ago. I think it worked out to something like a $1m/year difference in the luxury tax hit if they signed him before opening day. They really needed to do it before last season for his cheap years to have a significant impact on the luxury tax.

      • OldYanksFan says:

        I don’t think the issue the the few dollars that may have been saved with an extension vs FA.

        The issue is that there are a LOT of teams willing to overpay, and take a loss towards the end of the contract. Conversely, the Yankees have been burned a lot on this end, and are probably more reluctant than most to do this again.

        Firing Boras is obviously a sign that Cano wants to stay with the Yankees. The question is will he take less than he could get as an FA, because the Yankees would be crazy to go there.

        It’s a simply equation.
        Based on the history of the best 2nd basemen in the game, if Cano could post 35 WAR over the rest of his career (AFTER this year), it would be pretty amazing. So at $4.5m/WAR, you could HOPE he’s worth $160m. And this of course assumes no serious injuries and a gentle decline phase.

        35 WAR over 8 years is 6,6,5,5,4,4,3 and 2.
        And assuming he can get that last 13 WAR from age 35 on, is generous.

        Could he do better than 35 WAR? Sure. Maybe. But the odds are that he will do less. He has posted just about 35 WAR in his first 8 years. Can he match that from ages 31-38?

        So, let’s say he is worth $160.
        You know he can do better than that on the FA market.
        I don’t think he gets $200m, but he might come close.

        The question is: Is it smart to throw away $30-$40m on Robbie to keep him a Yankee?

        • Preston says:

          I think that the 4.5 million per WAR figure is low, and even if that is the current cost of WAR per dollar then you aren’t allowing for inflation. If you said that the average WAR per dollar cost over the next year was closer to 6 million (which I think is probably closer to the truth) then he’s easily worth 180-210 million over the next eight years.

    • BeanTooth says:

      But isn’t Andrus also a Boras client? I’m not sure things are so cut and dry anymore with all this. I still expect Cano to become a free agent. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised, but I’m guessing this has more to do with other stuff than whether to sign an extension or not.

    • Pseudoyanks says:

      Formerly (Who hates bunts more? Axisa or Earl Weaver?, Austin Aunelowitzky, Paul Vuvuzuvella and Nuke LaDoosh.)

      Maybe he read the NY Times article on Alex and Boras on Sunday and saw the light ;)

  3. jjyank says:

    Well now, this is interesting. I wonder if there is any link between this and the extension the Yankees supposedly offered? This is probably wishful thinking, and pure 100% speculation, but maybe Cano didn’t like Boras approach to extension talks and is more open to signing an extension. Of course, Boras just let Andrus sign an extension, so I’m probably just engaging in irresponsible rumor-mongering here.

  4. dylan555 says:

    I was thinking the same thing, he doesn’t want to go through Boras squeezing every penny out of the process he can and would prefer to sign a fair deal and not be distracted. Considering the article on Sunday in the Times regarding Boras and the idea that he may have opted out without ARod’s consent (or full consent) this has to be good for the Yankees.

  5. Jersey Joe says:

    I hope to God that this will lead to a hometown discount.

  6. Rey22 says:

    Finally, some relatively good news.

  7. CountryClub says:

    Hopefully this means the Yanks can sign him without going to 8 – 10 years. 6 would be a wonderful thing.

  8. Gonzo says:

    Let the speculation begin!

  9. Bob Buttons says:

    Robinson Cano, True YankeeTM!!!

  10. steves says:

    Maybe Cano read the Times article concerning how Boras manipulated Alex into opting out when Alex did not want to (even if the results were still financially in Alex’s favor). Could also be Cano’s Dad exercising his influence.

    • hogsmog says:

      At this point, it is entirely possible that Alex’s life as a whole would be better if he wasn’t on the contract he is, even if he’s getting fabulously wealthy off it. Ten years is a long time to get booed, attacked by the media, and at the end of the day might not be worth an extra hundred million to somebody who already has hundreds of millions.

      • Jay says:

        Are you seriously suggesting you wouldn’t get paid $30+MM per year to get booed and harassed by the media? Give me that over 10 years!

        • jsbrendog says:

          no, what i think he is saying is that arod wouldve been better off not opting out because it may have been less of a pushback from fans/media about getting hurt, etc.

          prob not but i get where he is coming from.

        • I'm not the droids you're looking for... says:

          I’ll take it prorated for a couple weeks any time :)

        • hogsmog says:

          At that point in his life, he was going to make an obscene amount of money regardless, and already had enough so that if he retired, him, his kids, and his grandkids wouldn’t have to work a day in their lives. In all likelihood, opting out wouldn’t change his lifestyle off the field.

          Ten years is a lot of time, 1/8th of your life if you’re lucky. Would you go through ten years of hell for a 30-40% raise? Maybe the answer is easy for you. But for me it isn’t a snap decision.

        • Adam says:

          No but I would take 20 mill over 8 instead to avoid it… heck id even take 15… but that’s just my personality… I hate the circus. But some guys are completely immune to it and dont care what anyone thinks or says. Ironically, Alex never struck me as that kind of guy.
          There is no villain in sports like the “overpaid” “underperformer”

  11. Adam says:

    I do understand the reasons for the optimism, but…ultimately if Robbie just wanted the deal that was offered, he still could have taken it no matter who his agent was, no?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Sometimes I have a hard time having my agent do what I want. It’s really frustrating.


    • TopChuckie says:

      Maybe he didn’t want the exact deal that was offered, but it was close enough to be worth negotiating and getting it settled, and Boras was resistant, hesitant, and insistent of testing the open market?

    • Ed says:

      Well, according to the big A-Rod article a few days ago, A-Rod negotiated the basics of the new deal himself, but he was required to have his agent involved to work out the legal side. A-Rod also claims that he said he didn’t want to opt out of his previous contract, but Boras did it anyway. So it sounds like once you agree to have an agent represent you, they have a pretty strong say in what happens.

      • OldYanksFan says:

        Yes. Also, we can piss on ARod all we like, but the man reveres the game and it’s history. He would NEVER have pulled ‘the announcement during the WS’ shit. That was 100% Boras. Maybe Robbie is a bit afraid of what a loose canon Boras is.

  12. Gonzo says:

    Maybe Kobe called him and told gave him the story about when he wanted to be traded and Jerry Buss invited to his house. “It’s good to be a Yankee for life.”

  13. JLC 776 says:

    Well done, Robbie.

    I applauded A-Rod for cutting the shark, and I do for you too. I hope to God this works out better for you, for your next (hopefully current) franchise, and for other players looking for a different way of doing business.

  14. CountryClub says:

    I just saw that he hired Jay Z’s new sports agency arm. This may not be a positive at all.

    • TopChuckie says:

      I would think one could infer from this a preference to stay in NYC, and I don’t think he sees a brighter, more marketable future with the Mets.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      What do you know about them that would make you say that?

      Without knowing much myself, I’d imagine someone associated with Jay-Z would have a big investment in keeping their assets in NYC, or at least that’s what the giant billboard of Deron Williams over my head tells me.

      • CountryClub says:

        Yes, I agree about NYC. But we were mostly guessing that dropping Boras meant the Yanks might get a deal done easier. I’m not sure that’s true with Jay Z invovled. Especially with Cano being his first (and only right now) high level client. This will be a statement deal for him.

        • jjyank says:

          Jay-Z is a pretty huge Yankee fan. Probably doesn’t mean anything, but you never know.

          • I'm not the droids you're looking for... says:

            He’s in a NY state of mind after all, and made the Yankees hat more famous than a Yankee can.

            • The Big City of Dreams says:

              And then there is this.

              @DanBarbarisi: Interesting things to note: Cano’s new agent @bvanwagenen has the old Yankee Stadium facade in his Twitter background picture….

              Doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee that he stays but it doesn’t hurt.

    • sweet sassy molassy says:

      Can it be any worse than dealing with Boras? I don’t see how.

      • CountryClub says:

        Probably not worse. But could be just as bad. Time will tell. I’m just not as positive on the dropping Boras news as I was 30 minutes ago.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          There is literally nothing to suggest this could be as bad as Boras even if you don’t consider that Mr. Carter is a Yankees fan and a true New Yorker.

      • MannyGeee says:

        Probably more crooked hats and “Cris-Tawl” at the meetings.

  15. Rahul says:

    With the news that he is signing with JAY Z’s new agency i think he really wants to stay with the yankees and just get an extension done with

  16. LK says:

    Doesn’t mean anything yet, but hard to look at this as anything but a positive for the Yanks.

  17. Bavarian Yankee says:

    me gusta. I guess Cano wanted to resolve the situation quickly and sign an extension but Boras wanted more money, more years, whatever.

  18. Gonzo says:

    A lot of big extensions on that list of CAA superstar clients.

  19. mike says:

    Hopefully Robbie realizes the risk he faces this year, and will sign an extension….with no lineup protection and the Yanks out of a pennant race, his value will certainly go down with his lower numbers in place.

    not that its something to hope for, and not that it makes a difference if there is one interested buyer, but an agent/player loses leverage if the player has a “down” year, whether its his fault or not….and maybe robbie is thinking 22mm/8 right now is better than hoping for 25/9 IF all goes well…..

  20. Mike HC says:

    Crazy stuff. Tough to see this as anything other than good news.

  21. The Real Greg says:

    This might be the best news the Yankees have gotten in a long time. I agree with Mike. Cano’s not leaving New York with Jay-Z as his agent.

  22. MB923 says:

    This pretty much means that in April of 2013, the Cubs are more likely to put up a WS banner than Robinson Cano to play in a non-Yankee uniform.

  23. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I’m looking forward to the new Robbie-themed Rocawear line. Could make for some interesting t-shirts.

    Shit, with the type of really nice, classy stuff out there for the Nets, I don’t think it’d be a bad thing for the Yanks to do some licensing work with them.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      Not a bad idea. Didn’t the Yankees sell t-shirts for the Em and Jay-z concert a few yrs ago?

  24. Nate C says:

    I think I’m going to wear my Cano jersey to work today.

  25. Mike HC says:

    Jay-Z can be a part owner of the Nets and also be an agent?

    Other than that, looks like Cano thinks any money lost on the contract by firing Boras will be made up with advertising.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Jay-Z’s not directly his agent, and it appears that Roc Nation is only handling his marketing.

      • Mike HC says:

        “Darren Rovell notes that Jay-Z hopes to become a certified agent in baseball, football, and basketball.”

        • Mike HC says:

          After reading the Rovell article, Jay-Z would have to give up his ownership share in the Nets to be a basketball agent, “Sources say Jay-Z himself is planning to be a certified agent, first in baseball and eventually in basketball and football. In order to represent clients in basketball, he would have to give up his small share of the Brooklyn Nets.”

          I guess he could represent clients in baseball and football and still be a basketball owner though. Still seems a bit odd, but I guess that makes sense.


          • JobaWockeeZ says:

            Well obviously the NBA wouldn’t stand for an owner being an agent. He has no connections in football and baseball so I don’t know why they wouldn’t let him be an agent.

            • Mike HC says:

              I get what you are saying, but the major American sports are not so unconnected that player contracts and cba’s don’t at least have some influence and/or effect on the other sports. So in baseball and football he will champion higher player salaries and rights for players and then in the NBA will be crying poverty and trying to limit player contracts and rights? I don’t know. Seems off.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Should make for some interesting rhymes.

            For the sake of hip-hop, I hope he doesn’t wind up representing Troy Tulowitski.

  26. mt says:

    Jay Z news is interesting since he owns small piece of Nets and is heavily identified with NY.

    Wasn’t Andrus 2 years from free agency and most people are saying that Andrus got a lot more than what others would have expected nbeforehand for such a deal. there was no chance to set a market leader with Andrus and Boras probably feels better about signing early 2 years before than just one year before. Cano being just a year from free agency may have been too difficult for Boras to just go along with a Yankee extension (although agents in all cases should always do what clients want.)

    This is my theory – when Jeff Weaver signed early I got the sense that Weaver said to Boras – get this done – I also heard a whole lot of (admittedly after he signed) – “this is more money than I ever dreamed about.”

    Cano, earlier this spring training, on the other hand was disappointing me with his sort of stand-offish comments about “I will let my agent handle that”. I wanted to hear more about “wanting to stay with Yanks and hopeful we can work something out.”

    I get the sense that you as a client have to tell Boras directly – “work out best deal with Yankees now” – I have a feeling if you leave any type of wriggle room to leave it to Boras’ discretion, Boras will take you to free agency. Even in Alex story, I am still not sure that the opt-out wasn’t Alex fault – I never heard “I told Boras to not exercise opt-out” – Alex might have thought it clear that he did not want to opt out by his attitude and feelings but I can see Boras still moving forward unless directly instructed to not opt out.

    That is just a partial list for CAA but a lot of those clients are franchise mainstays – Braun, Cain, Posey, Zimmerman, Ethier, Adam Jones – who signed contracts before free agency.

    • Mike HC says:

      I just don’t see it. Boras got screwed. Someone got in Cano’s ear, liked the idea of the marketing and advertising potential with Jay-Z and he jumped ship.

      My conspiracy theory is that the Yankees organization is ultimately behind this. For one, I think there is a slightly under the radar rivalry between Boras and the Yanks. Boras is a shark and anything to subvert him is good in the Yanks book. Two, I think the Yanks like the idea of somehow, even indirectly, teaming with Jay-Z. They do already have some kind of informal relationship with him as a celebrity fan.

      • jsbrendog says:

        according to jayz he made the yankee cap more famous than the yankees did.

        i didnt even know who the yankees were until i hear ny state of mind

        • jsbrendog says:

          jesus, this is the worst comment ever, not only did i get everything wrong, i spelled it all wrong and my grammar is piss poor.

          i am going to get more coffee..

  27. Mark in VT says:

    If Robbie wanted to just sign and be done with it, he would have. Boras works for him. I doubt very much that Boras wouldn’t listen to him or go allong with what he wants. This is a PR move. This makes it look like Robbie wants to stay no matter what and that the Yanks will be “lucky” to sign him for just 8 years $240 mil.

    • mt says:

      Whether you believe it or not, Arod claims Boras opted out when he did not want to so there’s that.

      • MannyGeee says:

        “I believe A-Rod…” Said no one ever.

        I DO, however, believe A-Rod was talked in to opting out by Boras (who was more concerned with the financial gain than the affect to A-Rods already fragile image)… and once A Rod figured it out, it was too late.

  28. Gonzo says:

    Remember Master P represented Ricky Williams?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Hell, remember Master P?

      • Pat D says:

        I remember his disastrous appearances in WCW.

        West Texas Rednecks FTW!

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          They tried to make Brad Armstrong into part of his posses, IIRC.

          Remember the Kiss Demon? That flopped. The guy behind that gimmick (and “fake” Sting) apparently now runs the University of Miami fitness center where a friend of mine works out.

  29. Hoepfully it means he wasnts to stay in NY (and get paid, obvs), but not make it this knock-down, drag-out affair.

  30. No Pepper Games says:

    Jay-Z is Cano’s new agent? Are we sure it’s still not April 1st?

  31. mt says:

    The best part of this news is that even though Yanks will still pay a lot to Cano even with CAA, at least I hope we will not have to put up with the Boras “delay for delay sake” strategy (which was my biggest fear given Yanks have 10-12 free agents next offseason) – if you are going to over pay, best to get it out of the way quickly froma contract signing perspective so you can then adjust other decisions that have to be made – the worst is to be strung along and then still there is no real discount of the cost that happens after the delay.

    Also I agree with prior comment – do we think Cano is impacted at all knowing he may have a down year in 2013 from being pitched around that may affect his AAV, no matter how unfairly? Also Yanks with 2013 injuries may actually be more desperate to get something “positive” done – 2013 team looks shaky right now but a 2014 team without Cano looks horrendous.

    I hope CAA emphasizes dollars over years and they can come to an agreement like 7 years for $170 mm (most I would be willing to pay which has gone up after realizing Arod may give zero for rest of his deal; was at 6/136 maximum before)

  32. trr says:

    Maybe, just maybe, we can get an extension done before the end of the season?

  33. AnthonyD says:

    You guys actually think Jay Z will have anything to do with the negotiations? He put his name on a business venture with CAA. Cano signed with this CAA entity and dumped Boras. Boras has been a thorn in the Yankees side. I’d stop looking into into it too much.

  34. CountryClub says:

    John Harper ?@NYDNHarper 1m Source close to Cano: “He wants to be a Yankee. He’s wants his money but he’s anxious to sign. Didn’t think that could happen with Boras.”

  35. If Jay-Z’s empire building keeps up at this rate, it’s just a matter of time until he has enough to make a run at the team.

    That would be my endgame if I was in his position.

    • LK says:

      Jay-Z has his hand in a lot of projects, but he’s got a LONG way to go to be anything more than a figurehead of a group purchasing the Yankees.

  36. Dalek Jeter says:

    Soo…good news?

  37. JLC 776 says:

    Wait, he’s being represented by Jay-Z now? Well, now he HAS to stay a Yankee!


  38. MB923 says:

    I didn’t read through all the comments so I assume this has been posted already, but the Yankees would be absolutely foolish if they do not do extension talks and instead let Cano go to free agency. Start the talks ASAP.

  39. rogue says:

    Smart move by Cano. Boras would have price him out of the market. I expect Cano and the Yankees to complete an extension within the next 30 days. That said, Cano will still be the next Yankee albatross, only not as big without Boras.

    • awy says:

      priced out of the market? hardly.

      • rogue says:

        Boras was asking for 10 years. Cano will be 31 when he hits the market.

        Considering that he doesn’t draw walks and can’t carry a lineup (as we’ll soon see this season), giving him 6-7 years is way too much.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          He’s still getting those years, if you ask me, at least.

        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          He was league average in 2010 and above average last year.

          Also, he’s been the second best player in baseball the last 3 years. Chill out.

  40. Cool Lester Smooth says:


  41. Peter North says:

    The Jay Z connection is for marketing, not his baseball contract (which is CAA’s job). I think Robbie is thinking about the total money he can make by staying in New York – not just from playing baseball. The potential marketing money he can make from being the new “face of the Yankees” is more here than anything he can make anywhere else, including LA (where he will be part of an ensemble of stars). From a business point of view, it makes more sense staying in NY for less baseball dollars where his marketing dollars for his “brand” will more than make up for it and be bigger than any baseball contract he’s offered somewhere else. Obviously, I’m just speculating here but this scenario makes sense.

  42. Juke Early says:

    AND here I thought “42″ would be the only highlight of my 2013 baseball season. . ..

    Amazing, considering the obviously unreal or is it all too real situation, I still hate the Rat Sox winning Opening Day in the Bronx.

  43. Jason says:

    This is the worst news possible. Sure the chances Cano signs in New York have greatly increased, but all the off-field distractions have just sky-rocketed. Jay-Z likely wants to make him the poster child for New York sports and with all the extracurricular activities going on how can that be a good thing for his focus on the game when we need him the most.

    Never thought I would rather have Boras in any situation.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I’m sure Robbie’s already capable of finding all the extracurricular activities he can get, should he want to, and doesn’t need a 40 year-old father of a one year-old daughter to do that for him.

      It’s a shame Deron Williams came to NY, wound up under Jay-Z’s banner, and is now doing lines of coke off of the underside of Lindsay Lohan’s saggy boob. Oh wait, he’s not.

    • jjyank says:

      Worst news possible? Really?

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        He still thinks he’s feuding with Nas and picked the wrong side.

        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          Wrong side? I’d rather listen to Illmatic than the ten best songs Jay-Z’s ever recorded.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Hmmmm. If I could cherry-pick his best tracks? Yeah, I’d still take “Illmatic.”

          • jjyank says:

            Oh hell yeah. Illmatic is the best rap album ever. Never been a huge Jay-Z fan. I like him, but old school Nas blows him away in my opinion.

            • Cool Lester Smooth says:

              I’m more of a Me Against the World man myself, but Illmatic is with MATW and Ready to Die in the holy trinity of rap albums.

  44. dkidd says:

    and there i go trapped in the kit kat again
    back through the system with the riff raff again

  45. CS Yankee says:

    Both Arod & Teix ended their relationship with Boras after the deal, but i bet he got his share of the total deal regardless.

    Hopefully he changed to get a lower rate on the fee and puts that towards a good cause versus doing a lame-ass song with the artist.

    Either way, this improves (or confirms) that he’ll be a Yankee for life. Hopefully, that is a very productive life.

    Guessing 7/175, which means that he’ll likely leave about 2/50 on the table that Boras would have gotten him.

    Thanks, Robbie! Now I can continue to cheer for ya (versus seeing you in Dodger Blue or LAAoACA Red).

  46. mac says:

    Anything under $200 mil is a decent deal for the Yanks. I think Prince Fielder’s 10/214 is the benchmark. Prince signed it entering his prime though. What Prince gives up in D and position to Cano is prob made up for with his crazy obp.

    Its crazy money and I think to justify it you have to be prepared to hate the last few years of that contract.

    Without Cano the Yanks should just change their uniforms to read “Mets”. An old team with no stars on the horizon. Problem is, Cano may be Cano only for a few more years.

    • jjyank says:

      Prince’s was 9 years, I think. He was younger and plays a position that ages better.

      I’ve never bought the whole 9-10 year talk. I don’t think Cano gets more than 8.

  47. Chris says:

    IF Cano signs an extension he will enter hero status with the Yankees. Fired the evil Boras and signed a likely smaller deal to stay??? Forget it. He would be a hero in yankee land!

  48. A.D. says:

    I assume what this will mean (since CAA knows what they’re doing unlike Master-P) is that Cano will get paid an obscene amount, most people following this blog will consider it a scary amount of money, but it won’t drag out as much and at least it will be done.

  49. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    Either way, I say trade him.

  50. Chris says:

    Lets not forget tho…Jay-Z wasn’t able to get Lebron to the Nets so I think his “power” is over rated just a tad when it comes to attracting stars.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Jesus wouldn’t have been able to come down from the sky and lure Lebron away from playing with D-Wade and Bosh.

    • Preston says:

      Am I missing something? Did Lebron hire Jay-Z as his promoter? No, okay so these two situations aren’t analogous at all.

    • CC says:

      True but for Cano’s case he has spent his entire career with the Yankees as opposed to Lebron who had never played a game for the Nets. The attracting of new stars might be overrated but the ability to help retain Cano could potentially be real. Which would be cool.

  51. Frank says:

    At least for today, this news takes the focus off how inept this team is.

  52. Stephen says:

    Somewhere Scott Boras is kicking a cat into a fan. Imagine how much money he’s just lost out on.

  53. mustang says:

    Finally some good news not that I’m going to go crazy over this because no one really knows what it means, but getting Boras out of the picture makes me feel a lot better about the situation.

    Maybe the group of black cats that been living at Yankees Stadium since last October have finally found another home.

  54. mick taylor says:

    trade him in july if the yanks are out of it. this team won’t compete for a championship until 2015 at the earliest. by that time he will be 33 or 34 . he will not be worth a huge contract by then

  55. Gonzo says:

    TJ Quinn has some interesting quotes from Boras on his twitter feed. Looks like Boras might not go gently into that good night.

    • jsbrendog says:


      • Gonzo says:

        T.J. Quinn ?@TJQuinnESPN 3h
        Not so fast, Robinson: spoke to Boras who said, “I haven’t spoken to Robinson, and I hope to.” Cano is still under contract, sources say.


        T.J. Quinn ?@TJQuinnESPN 3h
        Boras wouldn’t comment further, but seems clear he won’t let Cano just walk. Asked, “are you his agent?” He said, “I don’t want to comment.”

  56. CC says:

    Feel like this is pretty bad for Boras. Back in the day, people thought A-Rod was going to get like $100 million and he ended up with $252. That was Boras’ edge and his game plan that gap in what he was expected to get and what he got was worth going to him because he could get those kind of deals.

    Seems like players make so much money these days, it’s kind of a moot point. His ability to get top dollar for the big players isn’t as necessary as it once was. Lots of players would rather stay with their teams for $180 million rather than jump ship for $210 million (random numbers). IMO at least. The difference just isn’t as great as it used to be.

    This Cano situation is reallllllll interesting. Sounds like he just wants to sign what will be for a lot of money (~7-8 years at 160-180 million), not top dollar as well as make bank off the field Jeter style. More power to him. If he performs for the first part in that contract and they win another one with him, he’s got a damn good shot at Cooperstown, a monument and a retired number. Plus, Jay-Z. Sweet deal. Good for Robbie, the Yankees and bad for Scott Boras.

    • hmelawyer says:

      There is a possibility that someone made Robinson realize that in the long run he can make more money by becoming the face of the Yankees and being likeable/marketable than he could be maximizing the value of his player contract. A compare contrast of Jeter/ARod demonstrates this point to a degree. $70M difference in contract seems like a lot (and it is), however over the course of an eight-ten year contract that difference can be made up in endorsements if a player is marketed right. Also, marketability for endorsements drops, but does not end with the end of a career. For example Jeter averages $10M a year in endorsements, but ARod only about $2M (an $8M/yr difference). Over an 8-10 year contract that allows Jeter to make up $64M-$80M in salary difference compared to ARod. Also, let’s be real ARod’s marketability for endorsements after retirement will be nil, while Jeter will probably still be able to grab seven figures for a few years or longer. Cano can move into that Jeter role when DJ hangs up the spikes if he plays his cards right.

      • Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

        I don’t think Cano will ever be an endorsement magnet with such limited English skills.

        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          He’s a top 5 baseball player on the planet. He plays for the New York Yankees. He’ll absolutely be a big endorsement draw.

          And English hasn’t been a problem for Mo.

          • jsbrendog says:

            and there are tooooooooooooooooooooooooons of non english and spanish speaking inhabitants of our country here. dude, telemundo gets better ratings that some of the networks

  57. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    I’m not sure what is with all the enthusiasm. The notion of being able to sign Cano for $160-180 million or whatever and adding him to a growing list of players in their 30s making $20 million plus doesn’t sound like such a great idea to me.

  58. Rank says:

    Cano has 99 problems but Boras ain’t one.

  59. DInnings says:

    Cano is a disloyal piece of shit.

    Do not be surprised if he drops the Yanks like he dropped Boras.

    The guy has no loyalty whatsoever.

    He is not The Man on the Yankees – never was and never will be.

    He is the hitter version of Mike Mussina before Mike finally won 20 games in a season.

    2013 Cano: .305/.370/.500/.870 with 21 HR and 93 RBI

    Adios, Cano. Let the Dodgers stupidly give you four more years and $100M more than you’re worth.

  60. Greg says:

    My guess is that Cano made this change because he wants to stay with the Yankees, and without Boras the Yankees will have less of an excuse not to sign him, and I suspect they’d be looking for one.

  61. I agree I just dont know why he does that thing. Maybe because it is April’s fool day!

  62. LeftyLarry says:

    Let him go.

    The kid playing 2nd base in Triple A Corbin Joseph has a LH Yankee Stadium HR swing and Adams platooning with him at 2nd base is plenty to win with.
    Use the money on multiple players and the team has a better shot in the long run.
    Robbie doesn’t hustle isn’t clutch with men on base and though a very, very good player, hasn’t had an injury yet either and after age 30 those are coming.
    We already have a killer contract in AROD, don’t add another long term team killer.
    You don’t need 30 HR’s from 2nd base to win and Robbie has hit 30 once.
    He’ll be 31 in Oct, if he wants longer that 5-6 years,let him go.
    Yanks are in rebuilding mode if they know it or not.

  63. Zyczenioland says:

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