2013 Draft: MLB.com’s Mock Draft v1.0

Cano homers twice; Yanks beat Blue Jays again
Game 44: Rain (Update: Postponed)

Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com posted his first mock draft late last week, and he has the Astros taking Oklahoma RHP Jonathan Gray with the first overall pick. The Yankees drafted but failed to sign him in the tenth round of the 2011 draft. The Cubs are projected to take Stanford RHP Mark Appel second overall. San Diego 3B Kris Bryant going third to the Rockies is the consensus right now.

With their three first round picks, Mayo has the Yankees taking Oklahoma HS C Jon Denney (26th overall), New Jersey LHP Rob Kaminsky (32nd), and Mississippi JuCo SS Tim Anderson (33rd). I’ve already written posts on Kaminsky and Anderson, and Denney is a bat-first catcher who can really hit but may or may not remain behind the plate long-term. The Yankees have been connected to all three players in recent weeks, especially Denney and Kaminsky. High schoolers and up-the-middle athletes. Pretty typical for the Bombers.

Other Mock Drafts: Baseball America (v1.0) and Keith Law (v1.0).

Cano homers twice; Yanks beat Blue Jays again
Game 44: Rain (Update: Postponed)
  • Laz

    As long as they are taking the best players. It’s impossible to draft to your needs when these players may not have an impact for 4+ years.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I don’t even think there’s such a thing as “drafting to your needs” in baseball. Like you said, development takes years and it’s extremely rare that someone you draft will be ready to contribute within the year (more than likely, in that case, your teams sucks and they’re simply better in comparison to what you’ve got.)

      Guys change positions. You have four guys at a position, and the odds still are perhaps one pans out.

      Draft the best players available.

      Also, according to RAB thinking, never draft guys with good makeup. Baseball players shouldn’t be wearing makeup during the game anyway. Whatever they do after the game, though, is their own business, although what is wrong with a nice mascara when you’re on camera?

      • Bo Knows

        It’s funny when I hear people on hear complain about “Yankees only draft guys on makeup” They draft guys who they like the most and who they think can contribute in time. All teams bust on 1st rounders, some teams are hurt much harder (Does anyone think the Royals don’t regret using their 5th overall pick on Bubba Starling in 2011?)

        The draft is a crapshoot, draft who you like most.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I think they’re dragging on for a justification as to why certain things don’t work out, and are choosing the impression that work ethic, etc. is valued above potential holes in someone’s game, with the team believing that, through hard work and Protestant Work Ethic (my wife loves that phrase, so I’m using it), they can overcome the big hole in their bat or whatnot.

          It’s hard to, in theory, disagree with that. Not that I manage baseball or anything, but I’d rather have a hard worker with something to work on than some with potential that may go unrealized. Maybe that applies to sports less. Who knows. Maybe it’s just these particular two players we’re focused on not being able to overcome their limitations.

          Is this game getting played? It’s been raining since this morning.

          • Bo Knows

            I absolutely agree with you, there are plenty of people in the world who have immense talent, but don’t do anything and squanders it because of no work ethic. In contrast there are numerous people who “overachieve” because they have an almost inhuman amount of drive that pushes them beyond what is perceived to be their limitations.

            Of course everyone, wants to find the uber-talent with the insane work ethic, but those guys are hard to find and rare

            • Preston

              The problem I have with drafting an 18 year old kid based on character is that you have no idea how his life up until that point has shaped him. Plenty of kids who grow up in great families and have great values at 18 become drug addicts, drunks and/or wife beaters. And plenty of kids who had a rough life growing up and already have had problems with alcohol/drugs or the law at 18 use there past as motivation to succeed. Humans are complex and since we don’t even get physicals on these kids to determine whether their healthy, we definitely don’t get enough info on whats going on in their heads to project their make-up. The one thing we know and see is how they play baseball. So I would start putting the emphasis on that.
              That said I don’t think either Culver or Bichette were taken primarily for their make-up or character. While neither has worked out, and is unlikely to do so in the future, the Yankees have been right about some things. Culver is a big league caliber defender at SS, that’s a rare quality and Bichette was supposed to be a power only DH type, yet he’s been able to hold his own at 3b and the thing that has really been missing from his game is the power that scouts all agreed was there prior to the draft. So this is probably just a case where things didn’t work out, not a case of drafting two players based on character only.

              • Bo Knows

                That is true, but strong work ethic is usually something that tends to stick with people. It is possible that people develop it late but drive is something that very rarely will disappear if an individual has it. It’s not about family values, there are more than a few so people raised with good families that are completely spoiled, arrogant assholes. Strong work ethic, is something anyone can have and I believe that is what the Yankees are truly looking for in regards to character. It just so happens that those with that kind of determination (or lack thereof) usually manifests itself in an observable manner.

                A good example of what I think your talking about would be Slade Heathcott. We all know some stories about his youth, and how unstable the home environment he came from. He has his share of demons as well as past, but his work ethic and effort has never been questioned. Add that to the fact that in his life, he very easily could have ended up in prison for those demons yet still worked his ass off to go to school and play multiple sports. He still exhibits what I think the Yankees mean by character; even though he will occasionally show some of his old faults.

                • Preston

                  The point is that at 18 it’s hard to distinguish what an individuals true characteristics are from his environment. Because at that age they don’t exercise a lot of control over their environment.

                  • Bo Knows

                    There is a big difference between being irresponsible and having no work ethic. Work ethic is something that people usually have at a young age or they don’t. That personality trait seeking perfection doesn’t tend to go away. Once again, people can develop work ethic if its not part of themselves, but that is something that takes a long time of conscious effort to do.

  • John C

    Yanks seem to cus on toolset hig ceiling H.S types, especially in the early rounds. they also look for guys who have had success in the Cape Cod League wher they use wooden bats, since then they don,t need to worry about a kid’s transition from aluminum to wooden bats.

  • joek

    Imagine if the top TWO players in the draft both of whom the yankees drafted in the past would have actually signed with them? How great would that be?

  • RobDog

    “he has the Astros taking Oklahoma RHP Jonathan Gray with the first overall pick…The Astros are projected to take Stanford RHP Mark Appel second overall.”

    Woah, woah, woah. Seems a little unfair giving the worst team in baseball the top two picks ;D

  • Matt Gilbert

    where do you have brian gilbert a pitcher at seton hall going in the draft