An early look at potential trade deadline needs and targets

Girardi hedges against Granderson remaining in center field
Injury Updates: A-Rod, Teixeira, Granderson
(Andy Marlin/Getty)
(Andy Marlin/Getty)

Despite yesterday’s loss, I think it’s fair to say the Yankees have exceeded expectations so far this year. They’ve won 18 of their first 30 games thanks mostly to strong pitching and timely hitting, which is exactly what the team needs to do while waiting for some of the injured guys to return. Curtis Granderson is already playing in Extended Spring Training games while Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Kevin Youkilis, Frankie Cervelli, and Derek Jeter are heading to Tampa to continue to rehab today.

As good as things have gone so far, the Yankees still have some pretty obvious holes. Holes the team might not be able to endure until the injured guys return, holes the injured guys might not even be able to fill. That’s what the trade deadline is for, and this year Brian Cashman & Co. might have to spring into action a little sooner than usual. New York tends to be patient leading up to the deadline, but their margin for error is much smaller these days because the division is so competitive. Here’s a look at some holes that will need to be addressed one way or another.

Need: Catcher
Possible Targets: Nick Hundley, John Buck, Kelly Shoppach, Brian McCann
The Yankees have gotten surprisingly strong work from their catchers this year (111 wRC+), but basically all of that is Cervelli’s ridiculously hot first three weeks. The team just placed him on the 60-day DL with a fractured hand last week, so he’ll be out of commission until at least early-July. Given how hand/wrist/finger injuries tend to linger for weeks even once the healing process is complete, it’s tough to expect him to return as the 140 wRC+ player he was before the injury. I don’t think that was sustainable even if he was perfectly healthy.

Chris Stewart is no starting catcher — not for a contender, anyway — and Joe Girardi obviously has little faith in Austin Romine, so adding some help behind the plate sure seems like something that should be high on the deadline agenda. Hundley (127 wRC+) has rebounded from his miserable 2012 campaign, and the Padres could make him available once Yasmani Grandal returns from his 50-game suspension. He’s under contract affordably through 2015 ($9M total) and would help both now and in coming years. Buck (139 wRC+) and Shoppach (137 wRC+) are off to nice starts and their value is probably inflated. McCann is the wildcard, since the Braves could decide move the impending free agent in favor Evan Gattis and Gerald Laird. He’s coming off shoulder surgery and has yet to play this year. I wrote more about the idea of acquiring him in last week’s mailbag.

Need: Right-Handed Bat
Possible Targets: Mark Reynolds, Corey Hart, Justin Ruggiano
It’s no secret the Yankees have positively stunk against left-handers this year, hitting just .222/.295/.359 (75 wRC+) as a team against southpaws. Ben Francisco (39 wRC+) has been a waste of a roster spot early on and in fact, the team is already said to be looking for a righty bat. They don’t need this player to play any specific position either, though some defensive competence is a plus. I don’t think carrying two pure DH types (along with Travis Hafner) is a wise idea.

(Andy Lyons/Getty)
(Andy Lyons/Getty)

Reynolds (165 wRC+) and Hart (125 wRC+) are both impending free agents and would be overqualified platoon bats. The Yankees had some interest in Reynolds during the offseason and he would give them some depth on the infield corners while Hart is a first baseman/corner outfielder. Ruggiano (113 wRC) is the proverbial good player on a bad team and could be available just because he’s a Marlin. His track record of success is very limited, however. Like McCann, I wrote more about him in last week’s mailbag.

Need: Shortstop/Infield
Possible Targets: ???
This is the real problem area. Derek Jeter suffered his setback a few weeks ago and will be out until at least the All-Star break, and at this point you have to wonder how useful he’ll be once he returns. There could be nagging soreness, regular days off, unplayable shortstop defense … all sorts of stuff that could limit his production. With Eduardo Nunez in the process of playing his way out of the organization (55 wRC+), the Yankees have to look at finding a better shortstop than what they have just in case the Cap’n can’t play the position regularly.

Unfortunately, quality shortstops are in very limited supply. Even decent ones are hard to find. Maybe impending free agent Brendan Ryan will be available considering the Mariners have already benched him in favor of Robert Andino (!). Ryan can’t hit a lick (career 73 wRC+) but he might be the best defensive shortstop in the world, which means he would be an upgrade over the no-hit, blah-glove Nunez. That’s pretty much the state of the shortstop and the utility infield market, everyone who might become available sucks in some way. Even if the Yankees were willing to meet a big asking price for a significant upgrade, that significant upgrade just doesn’t exist.

Need: Bullpen Arm
Possible Targets: Matt Belisle, Jose Veras, Scott Downs
Bullpen help is the one thing that is always in supply at the trade deadline, it’s just a question of finding the right guy. Relievers are so volatile that trading for even the most dominant bullpener might not work out, so it’s a sketchy proposition. A strong bullpen is a necessity though, they can’t be ignored.

The Yankees have already dipped into their reliever well this year by calling up Vidal Nuno and Preston Claiborne, plus Mark Montgomery is knocking on the door as well. Joba Chamberlain is on the DL with an oblique injury and oblique problems can linger for a while, so that might take a bite out of the team’s late-inning setup crew. The three possible targets I mentioned above are just impending free agents on teams who figure to fall out of race come the trade deadline, which could make them available. This need isn’t as pressing as the other three mentioned in this post, but there’s definitely an upgrade to be made in the bullpen.

Girardi hedges against Granderson remaining in center field
Injury Updates: A-Rod, Teixeira, Granderson
  • zs190

    Think it was Martino that floated the idea around lately but Ronny Cedeno is a guy that could be interesting. He was on the waiver wire earlier in the year but Houston claimed him. He’s a solid SS defensively and has hit OK lately. He’s probably not going to continue to put up league average offense rest of season but he might be a more realistic option because Houston is selling everyone and Cedeno’s contract is much smaller than Ryan’s.

    • Davidi

      Although I also see value in having a veteran that you can count on defensively in Cedeno, I think it would be in the Yankees best interests to give Nunez a chance to blossom at least until it is a foregone conclusion that his ceiling is not as high as many thought it to be.

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        Ditto that!!! Just wish people would give young player’s a chance to get their feet on the ground before they throw them under the bus. Nunez was hit by pitches in the chest & arm & both were black & bluezers for sure. Now the hammy’s tweaked. Mike, give the guy a chance to settle in & get comfortable AND healthy before you determine he’s played himself out of the organization; ok?

        • jsbrendog

          it is now may. at this point if he hasn’t been able to stay healthy then that is probably a red flag. the dude cant stay on the field and when he has in his ml time he has been pretty sucky in almost every way

  • need a lot more

    They need a lot more then what you mentioned. The Yankees handcuffed themselves by going shopping in the garbage the past few years and now more holes have opened up because they didn’t get full time replacement for the holes they already had.

    Ss What are they going to get with Jeter? Being out till the all star break they really do need s SS.

    3B. With Arod in a down fall and Youk not be able to stay healthy they really do need a 3b.

    C they have no catcher and you said it perfect these guys are not your catcher for a contender call the Yankees.

    CF Granderson coming back would only believe it will be back to the 2012 playoffs Homerun or bust you can even throw Tex in there too.

    LF Gardner seems everyone loves Gardner but I don’t like him as a Yankees what’s he gonna bat when its all said and done 255 with 5 home runs and 3 stolen bases?

    Yankees lack a true lead off hitter
    There is nobody to protect Cano

    By next year the Yankees will need an outfield, a catcher, 3b, ss, 2b.

    • Jim Is Bored

      If you can’t see Gardner’s value as a 5+ WAR player, well…yeah. Then I’m certainly not going to take your word for any of your other points.

      • Andre

        Please you have a leadoff hitter in your lineup that would do much better than gardner ICHIRO. batting the once best hitter inn the game 6th is a disrespect especially for a player like gardner. let Ichiro proove he cant do it in the leadoff spot

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “Gardner seems everyone loves Gardner but I don’t like him as a Yankee”

      Always a valid reason why a team should go acquire someone else.

      • WhittakerWalt

        Maybe Gardy hasn’t earned True Yankee™ status?

        • David

          that’s right, he hasn’t been injured enough! /attemptathumor

    • FIPster Doofus

      “Gardner seems everyone loves Gardner but I don’t like him as a Yankees”

      That’s a “you” problem.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Which would be different than a Youk problem.

    • Heith Olek

      Your a IDIOT! The Yanks will be just fine and they have the best 2B in the world for this year and probably the next 8-10 in Cano( He isnt going anywhere), The best SS in baseball will be back by July, Cervelli is a quality starting C for a World Series Champion. (He has always produced ever time he is given a chance) And Joe Girardi won a a starting C. )(same type player)Gardner will end up with .280 8-12HR, 95 runs scored and 40SB, Granderson may turn into trade bait and can get a nice return for him since the one area they have depth is the OF.

  • need a lot more

    and a closer

  • Craig

    How about Carlos Ruiz and John Mayberry Jr.?

    • JLC 776

      I always like to go through this exercise by focusing on teams set to implode before the ASB – and the Phillies may very well be near the top of that list.

      But I don’t think the Yankees have the kind of youthful trade package that the Phil’s would demand for a guy like Chooch. Mayberry would be nice, and hopefully cheap.

      • Craig

        Amaro has decimated that team in so little time. A shame.

      • FIPster Doofus

        Ruiz is an aging rental coming off a PED suspension and plantar fasciitis. Good luck to Amaro if he thinks he’d get something big for him.

        • BigDavey88

          I’d still love to have Ruiz on the team, no matter the shortcomings. Heck, his shortcomings have more talent then our MLB catchers combined.

  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    I don’t think they need to seek an upgrade on Nunez.
    He’s proven over the past few years that his bat is around league average, he’s a big plus in the baserunning department and the major part of his game that was holding him back was his defense, which has shown considerable improvement so far.
    Nunez is only a place holder for Jeter and he’s better than a lot of teams starting shortstops right now, he’s the least of our worries.
    I like Hundley as a long term answer at C depending on the prospect cost in a trade. The Padres will have plenty of reasons to trade him once Grandal comes back(soon) so there’s a good fit there.
    I don’t think they’ll target Reynolds given the corner logjam with Youk/Arod/Tex that already exists and that we already have a full time platoon DH.
    Ruggiano and Hart are really interesting targets would love either of them, though Hart moreso.
    I think we’ll be fine to address the bullpen internally.
    Not a big fan of McCann, he’s been breaking down and not hitting particularly well even when he does play. If we can get him for just money sure, but wouldn’t give up even a B prospect for him.

    • The Real Me

      I disagree on the need for an SS. Nunez appears to be best suited to a role player, at least thus far this season. Not sure whether his offensive struggles are due to him concentrating on his D or due to over exposure. I would expect him to get better offensively, but an adequate defender that is barely league average offensively (if he gets to that this season) is definitely an area you look to upgrade. Given the nature of Jeter’s injury, the Yankees will need someone to play fairly regularly the remainder of this season and next, not to mention beyond 2014, should they be able to make a trade for a future starting SS. Additionally, you backup SS to Nunez is Jayson Nix. Should Nunez go down for any period of time, even a 15-day stint on the DL, and you live with Nix at SS. They can do better and should be looking.

      The problem is that this person probably doesn’t exist, not that they don’t need an upgrade.

    • LK

      Nunez has a career 83 wRC+. His best seasonal mark is 93. Both ZiPS and Steamer project him to perform below his career mark for the remainder of the season. To suggest that he has “proven” that his bat is around league average is the most generous interpretation of his track record that one could possibly have.

      • MannyGeee

        In fairness, 83wRC+ is a solid number for a shortstop. I would take that from any SS not named Derek Jeter, and I wouild bet that you won’t find a SS that hits better than that (save for kidnapping Tulo this week whilst in Denver)

        • LK

          I don’t disagree with any of that, I was simply responding to the notion that he has “proven over the past few years that his bat is around league average.” I’d take an 83 wRC+ from a SS, but I’m still not sold that Nunez is an MLB-caliber SS defensively.

          • MannyGeee

            Agreed, I need a bigger sample size to be convinced that he has exorcised the defensive demons. But I DO expect him to eventually get back to hitting some.

            Ma & Pa were convinced that a part of his struggles were being caused by his patience at the plate and that “Aggressive Nunie” was/is a better hitter. I don’t know that they have any evidence to prove that, but after a few scotches the logic was sound enough for me to cosign.

            • LK

              I think it’s probably just a sample size issue. He’ll probably hit at his normal rate of ~15% below average for the rest of the season.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      What’s he proven? This is the first time he’s played on an everyday basis, and while a month is still a small sample, he’s looked terrible at the bat and marginally improved defensively thus far. This is just my POV, but this guy’s not the shortstop of the future, nor is he even the UTL of the future.

      That being said, I hope he proves me wrong, and then some.

  • Nate

    Jesus Montero for rh bat!

    I kid…

    • Mattchu12

      Might not be so much a kid, the Mariners probably view him as their best trade chip since he’s still young (unlike Morales) and can actually fill a non-first base position (unlike Morales or Smoak). I wouldn’t mind seeing what he costs to bring back as a back-up catcher, first baseman, and designated hitter with potential for the near future.

      Teixeira isn’t young anymore and Montero can fake catcher. That’s a need.

      • The Real Me

        Not sure Montero can fake catcher or if the Yankees would even want him to. They don’t need someone to “fake” catcher. They need a “real” catcher that can provide offense with some pop.

        • Mattchu12

          I’d love a “real” catcher that can hit too, but you can count those on one hand and we’re haven’t been as lucky as the Giants for big catchers turning out to be good at defense, so I’m not holding my breath on Gary Sanchez.

          However, I’m not opposed to a Francisco Cervelli (yes, I’m drinking the koolaid) and Montero tandem behind the plate with Montero DHing against lefties and Hafner DHing against righties plus a handful of starts at first for Montero. You’d get a lot of production that way for pretty cheap.

          • LK

            That’s only true if Montero takes a significant step forward. While that’s certainly possible, there’s no guarantee he’s going to hit.

            • Mattchu12

              I definitely wouldn’t trade the world for him, but I’d definitely be willing to give the Mariners a call about him. Personally, I want to go after McCann if he shows he is healthy. But we’re talking about targets, as in plural.

              If they took Phelps+Mesa or something, I’d do it.

              • ROBTEN

                Just keep in mind that this is Montero’s line the past two years:

                .260/.298/.386 wOBA .295 wRC+ 90
                .203/.250/.324 wOBA .253 wRC+ 60

                While Seattle is the Bermuda Triangle of young hitters, it could also be that he’s not the hitter that everyone thought he would be.

                If it wasn’t Montero, would you give up Phelps and Mesa for a hitter with these stats (and who also lacks a clear position)?

                • Mattchu12

                  There is obviously a Montero bias, I don’t deny that.

                  But I’d give up a fringe starter and a fourth outfielder for someone that likely fills multiple needs for the 2013 club. And with a chance a better park and less pressure helps him hit over .250 with 15+ home run power in a Napoli type role? I’d do it in a heartbeat.

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  It’s hard to separate that from who the player is, though.

                  I’d duct tape Phelps and Mesa to each other, load them in the truck, and drive them to Seattle myself, still.

                  • MannyGeee

                    YUP. I’ll be your co-pilot on that trip dude. While some of the shine has come off Montero, he is in fact sill very young and there is some bad juju in Seattle when it comes to offense. There is also an argument to make that he can begin to get some reps at 1B, as Tex will at some point begin to look more and more like a DH option once Jeter/A-Rod retire and/or get thrown out of the league as part of a witch hunt.

                    All this said, I am not in love with the idea of Montero behind the dish anymore. If not hitting, i would have hoped he would have done SOMETHING positive on the defensive side of the ball. I think that ship sailed right behind the “Joba teh Startah” charter.

                  • nate

                    I’d do Mesa + Phelps in a second. While it is certainly possible that Montero never amounts to anything, imagine if Kevin Long can “fix” him. Low risk, high reward. That said, though, I think Montero would cost more than that.

                    • Robinson Tilapia

                      Oh yeah. He’d cost more than that, hence the quick duct tape job, just in case.

                • LK

                  Montero’s prospect pedigree and minor league performance still has some bearing on his upside despite the down performance so far in MLB.

                  Mesa’s 26 years old in AAA and still hasn’t solved his contact problems. Phelps is relatively important to this year’s team but is still likely to be a fungible back-end starter/middle relief type in the long run.

      • Mattchu12

        Of course, as I re-read that, those are reasons to keep him. But with Mike Zunino on the cusp as a starter, they definitely can trade Montero for more value than Smoak.

  • DF

    Aren’t you going overboard with the Nunez hate in this post? He might not be anything special, he may not be an everyday regular for the Yankees, but we don’t know that yet. His bat’s been cold so far, sure, but his defense has been much improved, and the truth is that MLB shortstops suck all over the place.

    I think Nunez could probably be an average shortstop in the majors. But the point is that we don’t know either way yet. It’s only a month and some change into the season. He could double that 55 wRC+ with two hot weeks (which wouldn’t necessarily be an indicator of his true talent level either).

    I think you’re being unnecessarily negative about Nunez.

    • The Real Me

      While I typically agree that Mike can be overly negative in some situations, I think he’s spot on with Nunez. It’s really more than just him, it’s the situation at SS in general. With Nix as his backup, this is a bad situation. They need someone at least equal to Nunez to share time with him. Jeter may never be able to consistently play the field again in his career. Best to start planning for this now. Nunez is not the long term answer, simply a stop gap. They need to add to him, if not replace him.

    • LK

      Nunez has negative fWAR for his career and is projected to be at or below replacement level for the rest of this season. He hasn’t been good, and nothing suggests he’s going to be. It’s not impossible, but there’s no reason to expect it.

      • trr

        Both of these!

    • ROBTEN

      The sad thing is, as Mike pointed out, SS is an offensive weak spot across baseball at the moment, so that if Nunez can get back to his career averages, he could be an “average” SS (at least with the bat).

      Here’s the average SS this year:

      .250/.306/.375 wOBA .299 wRC+85

      Here’s Nunez’s career numbers:

      .261/.313/.367 wOBA .300 wRC+93

      That’s practically the definition of league average.

      The problem is this is Nunez’s 2013:

      .200/.290/.275 wOBA.259 wRC+55

      A quick look at his swing stats makes it seem like he’s swinging less because he’s seeing less pitches in the zone, but he’s also making less contact, and any contact he is making is a flyball rather than a groundball (potentially leading to his low BABIP and thus lower than career average numbers).

      The added problem with Nunez, however, is that the league average SS is also much better in the field, so that even if his bat gets back up to average, he might still provide you will lower than league average value because of his glove.

      [That Jayson Nix is now your backup/starting SS is even worse:

      .227/.272/.280 wOBA. 248 wRC+48]

    • WhittakerWalt

      You’re forgetting one thing: for the past three years all we’ve heard from the Yankees, the fans, and the broadcasters is that Nunez can really hit. Many, many people people have been acting like Nuney is some kind of offensive savant, a diamond in the rough who just needed to sort out his glovework and would then be a huge contributor. I have no idea what they’re basing this lofty estimation of his offense on (maybe a kind of reverse Nichols Law or something), but even at his best he’s nothing special with the bat. If you’re going to be nothing special with the bat you’d better be Ozzie Smith with the glove. Nuney has shown some improvement in his defense, but still nothing extraordinary.

      And offensively…well. He’s getting all the chance he’d ever want now, and has been an unqualified disaster. The same people who overestimated his offense originally are now saying “he’ll be fine” and again I must wonder what they’re basing that on.

  • Eddard

    Catcher – Don’t need. We have Frankie. As long as Pena teaches him how to keep his non-glove hand behind his back or knee we should be fine there.

    RHB – Desperately need. Even Granderson returning doesn’t help us in that regard. Getting Youk healthy is key. But they need a better option than Francisco, which would include every other MLB player.

    SS/Infield – Don’t need if Jeter comes back. Desperately need if Jeter can’t come back. Nuney is not an everyday player and neither is Nix. They’ve been forced into that duty due to injury and we don’t judge anyone on one month of ABs but apparently for them it’s ok.

    Bullpen Arm- Let’s see what Preston can do before trading the farm for a bandaid. Injuries give these kids a chance to show what they can do so let’s give them a shot. Joba, Drob and Mo is a good 7-8-9. Logan shouldn’t be throwing to righties.

    • The Real Me

      First, Frankie is NOT back and most likely will not perform as well as hes has upon his return. Six weeks or so is quite a while to wait and hope that he’ll be productive upon his return.

      Second, your SS tandem is Nunez and Nix. Neither has hit well. Jeter won’t be back till after the ASB and we don’t know what he’ll bring at that point. You’re burying your head in the sand if you don’t see these as positions of need.

      I can accept your opinion on the BP.

      • Jim Is Bored

        “most likely” is an exaggeration.

        We have no idea how he’ll perform when he returns. We don’t have enough data on him in the majors as it is, and there’s no consistent signs that people can’t come back at full strength, especially with a long enough rehab.

        • The Real Me

          “most likely” is an exaggeration.

          I was being nice to the Eddards. Not sure which of them I was responding to.

      • Eddard

        There’s no way to know if Frankie will perform. He’s not Jorge but he’s not Chris Stewart either. He’ll be fine.

        And the problem with C and SS is that there isn’t really anyone better out there. Nuney and Nix are what we have to live with until Youk and Jeter are back.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          It’s a bigger issue when they constitute that entire side of the infield. If you can back up Youk with what we hope is an effective Adams/Musty, perhaps things start looking differently. Perhaps.

          This is why I think the team should be swapping out Francisco for Musty today. If and, despite those who’ve tatooed his face and a Cuban flag into their inner thigh, it is still an IF, Mustelier’s able to hit at the MLB level and field the position without harming himself or others, you’re more able to live with Nunez/Nix/Nelson at one position.

          Wait…Nunez, Nix, and Nelson….

          TEH KILLER N’S!!!

        • The Real Me

          There’s no way to know if Frankie will perform. … He’ll be fine.

          OK, so we don’t know if he’ll perform, but you then state he’ll be fine. How can we assume that? Maybe he comes back and continues to perform, maybe his injury lingers and he can’t hit a lick. For that reason, and because he’s playing way over his head at this point, you look for an upgrade, at least an upgrade over Stewart, if not over Cervelli (but it seems that there might be opportunities to get a catcher with a slightly better track record than Cervelli on the horizon).

          Same goes for Nunez/Nix, but to a far lesser degree. You have to look. Maybe something better pops up, maybe not. You have to look and not settle for “live with until Youk and Jeter are back.”

    • Jim Is Bored

      You know your bandwagon is empty when Eddard jumps ship.

      Sayonara, Nuney.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “Nuney is not an everyday player”


  • JJF451

    I agree on Nunez. If he can’t play SS we should move him. He’s shown flashes of being able to hit, but that glove…uggh. Gardner is fine. Don’t agree with that sentiment at all. He’ll figure it out. It’s not his fault we resigned Ichiro and nobody but Cano is any serious threat in our lineup. I know money is a problem (sic), but I’d be looking hard at Mike Adams in Philly. It’d be fun to get Montero back, but I wouldn’t give them Michael Pineda back to do it.
    Boone Logan is horrible. Get something for Chamberlain when he gets back off the DL too. It’s fun being 18-12 even though they could have won four of the games they lost and stole maybe two back for the win column; it’s not going to last. Detest seeing Boston on top though. It’s going to be a long year I’m afraid…

  • Vern Sneaker

    I think we should all hold on deciding Nunez can’t cut it for a contender. Nobody’s Jeter. We’re not used to seeing shortstop covered by an average major leaguer, which if he hits well over 400+ABs is what Nunez probably is. Who can we get at a reasonable price that we can be sure is better? This needs to play out for a while, IMO. On the other hand, we can’t wait for a right-handed bat or a catcher if Romine isn’t going to get a real tryout. Stewart is a .200 hitter, period, and is proving it by his production as a full-timer since Cervelli went down. As for the bullpen, I’d use our farm system — Claiborne’s been good everywhere he’s pitched and there’s Montgomery and Nuno for now as a lefty.

    • LK

      People act like Nunez has been a league average player and everyone’s expectations are too high because we’ve been spoiled by Jeter. He’s about to turn 26 and has been below replacement level according to both fWAR and bWAR for his career. League average would represent a *significant* step forward.

      • Vern Sneaker

        He has a total of 500-something plate appearances over 4 years, not a year above 338 PAs, and no amount of steady day-to-day playing time. For me that’s not enough to know what he is, but I see enough to say he may well be league average and I think we should find out.

        • WhittakerWalt

          I would argue that we are finding out, and that he’s not.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Call me crazy, but I’m not in a hurry to do any of these moves. I’d like to see what Romine can do first before looking outside for catcher. I’d like for the regulars returning first to be in the lineup, as well as utilizing some of the more MLB-ready AAA guys who actually can play helpful positions, first before looking elsewhere.

    If anything, I’d like a couple of better options at CC and in the infield stashed away in AAA if the injury bug hits further.

    • Vern Sneaker

      Except for the right-handed bat (Musty’s my vote), I think you’re right, though I doubt Romine’s going to get a full look.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I think we’ll be seeing him get some work in as the weeks progress. Stewart can’t catch every game over two months and I think the seams will show quickly. I do think what we’re seeing with him is a bit silly. Get to know the pitchers by catching them. Andy didn’t pitch well that start because Andy pitch well that start.

    • The Real Me

      I’m not in a hurry to do any of these moves.

      No, not in a hurry. However, the front office is most likely looking inot what’s available and is aware of the team’s areas of weekness. If the right player (subjective of course), becomes available at the right price (again, subjective), they should make a move. I’m least concerned with the bullpen, most concnered with a RH bat and SS (due to the longer term situation). C is in the middle. It just doesn’t seem that Romine will get much of a shot. Maybe there’s a good reason. I hope not.

      • KeithK

        I’m sure Cashman is working the phones on an everyday basis just to see what’s out there. I’m sure he’ll make a deal when something becomes available that’s an upgrade for a palatable price. We’ve already seen that. But there just isn’t that much out there.

        I’m as worried as everyone else that sooner or later .600 baseball will vanish like a mirage and the lineup of castoffs will start putting up Astros/Marlins quality stretches. But as long as it continues the team can afford to hold off on making panic deals.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    I’d like to see what Betances and/or Montgomery can do in the pen before giving away trading chips for some fungible generic reliever.

    As SS, good luck trying to find someone decent for a palatable price.

    As for Catcher, those declaring victory a few weeks ago from Cervelli over Martin need to take a 2nd look. Martin now has a .390 wOBA and 152 wRC+. It sure would have been nice to have had Martin as starting catcher and Cervelli as backup.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Agreed on SS and reliever for sure, which is why I’m willing to live with what we’ve got, for now, until Jeter gets back if 3B looks a bit stronger. If anything, I’d like to upgrade over Gil Velazquez in AAA.

      On Martin, agreed, but shoulda coulda woulda. He’s not here, and I’m rolling the dice as to whether any of these guys can be a placeholder for when Sanchez (or, hey, Murphy?) are ready.

      • nsalem

        If Sanchez and or Murphy are ever ready.

        • Robinson Tilapia


    • Bubba

      Martin’s had hot streaks before separated by vast periods of suck. Much like the Cervelli victory lap was premature, Martin’s is too.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Guessing anything about how Cervelli will do upon his return is premature, whether it’s a victory lap or a eulogy.

        It’s actually not as much about how he’ll do later than it is about his not being here now, or for the foreseable future.

        • Bubba

          I wasn’t guessing how Cervelli would perform if/when he returns.

          Just cautioning on taking victory laps in either case.

  • Mike HC

    A good lefty reliever would be nice if it didn’t cost too much. Other than that I guess upgrading any of our back ups would be fine by me too.

  • Chris in Durham

    Wow, I don’t think ever disagreed with an article on this blog so much before. Catcher?! They aren’t shopping for a catcher unless further injury hits. No way, no how. The organization LIKES Stewart. The constant bashing of him here serves no purpose. None. Right-handed bat. Sure, yes, I guess. But they aren’t going to go for a player that requires playing time. Add Granderson, Tex and Youk back to the lineup and you’ve no room for more than a 5th OF type. Subtract Francisco, Overbay and Nelson and what detritus remains? Boesch? Infield: I guess you are unhappy with Nix. Ok, a supersub with a strong RH bat would be awesome. Until that magically appears, Nix is pretty darn good. And then we get to bullpen. We have a farm system loaded with guys ready to contribute. We even have some lefties down there. Did anyone notice all of the lefty stockpiling the last 15 months? Anyone? Anyone?

    Seriously, the only additions from other organizations will be to respond to future injuries. Mustelier and the DL will be providing the reinforcements.

    Now… if you want to trade away a Major League asset and upgrade, now you have my attention.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I agree with a ton of this. I also appreciate the use of the word “detritus.” It makes all of us come off a bit smarter.

      I do think that “likes Stewart” doesn’t preclude the team from liking someone else a whole lot more. That was already even happening with Frankie, who was certainly getting the bulk of the playing time.

      There is a strong distate for fill-in type players sometimes on here. While I’m not a huge Chris Stewart fan myself, guys like Nix and DeWayne Wise are players I always root for. There’s a tiny bit of Suzyn Waldman in me there.

    • WhittakerWalt

      The organization LIKES Stewart.

      Yes, but they’re wrong. The organization also likes Boone Logan. They used to enjoy the efforts of Scott Proctor. There was a bidding war for Carl Pavano. Enrique Wilson was considered the Secret Weapon against Pedro Martinez. Miguel Cairo played a few games at first base.
      Just because the organization has an irrational love for a player doesn’t mean we have to be content with that decision.

  • BeanTooth

    Judging how the team approached the last two trade deadlines and this offseason, I don’t expect Cashman to make any significant moves. One case I could see would be a money dump, where the Yanks burn a bunch of payroll for this year only and trade away basically nothing. I get the feeling, the team expects to get by on a combination of graduating prospects (whoever they may be) and bottom feeding for the foreseeable future.

  • Wayne

    We need to be careful what players we give away especially starting pitchers because our starting rotation and bullpen situation is very vulnerable.


    I’m not ready to make any moves without more info.

    We are crying about C and SS, positions where good players are hard to attain, and Middle Relief, as fungible and unpredictable a group as there is in sports (Cory Wade says hello).

    Look, it sucks that the backups are getting hurt, and the Yanks seem to not want to play Lettuce at all. But I don’t really see any alternatives coming from outside the organization.

    Isn’t interesting that these posts show up when they lose a series?


    How bout we call Toronto and get some of their winning players?

  • Chamberlain

    How about Paul Janish of Atlanta Braves…

    Braves already have Aldrelton Simmons and Pestronicky… I know Pestronicky can’t be solid SS but he might be good utility player for Braves…

    So there’s no spot for Janish…

    Janish, according to last year’s performance, can be a decent defender in SS and can hit better than Nix and Nunez

    • Chamberlain

      Janish can’t hit well last year…

  • Chamberlain

    Also I think obtaining new catcher during the season is not a good idea….

    Remember Pudge Rod…
    Most fans were excited about the trade.. but.. the outcome was not so good..

  • Brian

    If the Phillies have a bad May would you be interested in Michael Young as a right handed bat and additional infielder?

  • DInnings

    Romine (under control through 2018) and Nunez (under control through 2017) to San Diego for Nick Hundley (under control through next year) and Everth Cabrera (under control through 2016.)

    Hundley/Stewart then Hundley/Cervelli a C, Cabrera then Jeter at SS if Jeter comes back.

    Cabrera at SS until Jeter comes back and the possible 2014 Yankees starting SS if Jeter signs elsewhere or moves to 3B (which would require A-Rod to either be the 2014 Yankees DH or fuckin’ retire/go away via buyout.)

    • Tanned Tom

      You must be a crack head to think SD would make that trade. No other team wants Nunez, this is his last shot. Romine isn’t ready. That isn’t a trade it’s a toilet flush. If you can’t post something at least halfway adult then refrain from posting at all.