Knobler: Yankees have been asking around for right-handed hitters

Update: Granderson begins playing in Extended Spring Training
Game 27: DisAstros

Via Danny Knobler: The Yankees have been asking around about right-handed hitters in the wake of Kevin Youkilis’ back injury and subsequent trip to the DL. Considering they passed on Casper Wells three times this month, it’s safe to say they don’t think much of the suddenly well-traveled outfielder.

It’s still a little too early in the season for teams to start selling off parts, even non-contenders, so the market for a right-handed bat figures to be limited. I’m sure Alfonso Soriano could be had right now, though impending free agents like Corey Hart, Paul Konerko, Mike Morse, Mark Reynolds, and Michael Young will probably have to wait for their teams to fall out of contention before becoming available in trades. Lesser pieces like Marlon Byrd and Placido Polanco could become available sooner. Yuck.

Update: Granderson begins playing in Extended Spring Training
Game 27: DisAstros
  • Bil

    The return of Shelley Duncan???

    • mike myers

      Shelly using his body as a ram and smashing red soxs for no reason…..yea lets get that shelly back!

  • hogsmog

    For some reason, I’ve always wanted to root for Reynolds. Even though he’d probably be one of the most frustrating experiences at the end of the day.

    • Guns

      Yeah I wanted the Yankees to sign him instead of Youkilis because he’d replace some lost HR and he’d probably stay healthier. Never thought he’d be raking like he is right now. He’s actually striking out below 25%!!!!!

      • vicki

        two awesome points about this.

        right before i broke up with this guy i told him to pick up reynolds for his fantasy team (it was the day before the season started). i love knowing that every week he thinks, damn that girl knew what she was talking about; and

        the one team reynolds hasn’t produced against, for once, is the yankees!

      • cid

        Which only means he is due for a huge plunge.

  • kenthadley

    Is Nelson from Colorado someone that should be pursued?

  • Matt DiBari

    After the bizarre Ben Francisco debacle, I hope they are looking for right handers that hit lefties rather than just finding any old right handed human being and deciding his handedness just means he hits lefties.

    • Brendan

      Mr. Cashman, if you’re reading this, I hit right-handed and have a pulse, I’m a year and a half younger than Ben Francisco and just about the same height and weight, according to BR. You wouldn’t even need to pay for a new uniform.

    • Guns

      That’s really the key. They got the “which side of the batter’s box does he stand on” right, now just gotta get someone who hits lefty pitching.

  • Brendan

    Can’t see the White Sox letting Konerko go, he’s too well-liked there, been there forever.

    • Nash

      And I’ve heard on the interwebz that “Konerko Getz Kuntz” how could the chisox let him go?!

  • Dale Mohorcic

    Are there any left-handed hitters with a reverse split that should be considered?

    • Guns

      Girardi’s binder would spontaneously combust.

    • vicki

      we have one in brennan boesch.

  • Jon

    Giancarlo Stanton Do it! Do it!