Cashman: Yankees are “open for business” regarding trades


Via Bryan Hoch: Brian Cashman said the Yankees are “open for business” regarding potential trades on Monday. “I’m always open for business, if it feels like they’re incremental upgrades or significant ones … Activities in terms of conversations have definitely increased where clubs have turned their attention to, ‘All right, what are you guys looking to do, who do you need, who’s available?’” said the GM.

New York’s needs are both obvious and plentiful at this point. They need a corner outfield bat, a shortstop, a catcher, and maybe a third baseman. That’s the bare minimum really, and the offense isn’t good enough for them to just sit around and wait for all the injured guys to return. The Yankees have pitching to spare, both starters and relievers, and they could always dip into their prospect pool as well. As long as they remain close enough to contention, I fully expect them to add pieces at the trade deadline. Not sell.

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  • http:/www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew)

    Go get Michael Morse!

    • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

      For who?

      • Jacob the OG

        For shawn kelley, the good ole trade back a player you traded for in the offseason for another player that was traded back to a team he was traded for scenario!

    • The Real Me

      Only if he’s cheap. Seems he’d provide some offense, but it’s a half season type rental only. Don’t give up anything of value. They Mariners are going nowhere, so no need to give up something too valuable for him (yes I know, you need to give up something to get something).

      Since My Trade Propsal Sucks, I won’t offer any suggestions.

    • MannyGeee

      Micheal Morse still has all the warts he had before when the Yankees didn’t trade for him. Sure, the need is a little more dire now, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is a flawed player.

      • Cool Lester Smooth

        But he’ll be cheaper now that it’s only half of a season.


    Cash will have his Blackberry velcroed to his head. Will be interesting to see what he does.

    • Betty Lizard

      Now I have a vision of Pancake Bunny in my head.

  • andrew j

    Giancarlo or bust!

    • trr

      Good thought, but sounds like “bust” to me

    • MannyGeee

      From your mouth to MO’s ears, but I would put my money on bust.

  • The Bastard

    Wait, why? This club is not championship caliber.

    No, this is the usual pablum to fans. Of course he’s “open for business”. What else is he going to say? We’re closed for the season?


    • The Real Me

      As a GM, yes, it is his job to listen to trade proposals and look for peices that help the team. Just because he hasn’t pulled off the trade that we as fans believe he should doesn’t mean he isn’t trying to pull it off. Or, he may just feel that the trade we want isn’t right for the team for reasons we aren’t privy to.

      • The Bastard

        Or he’s just telling fans what they want to hear. It’s impossible to determine the difference.

    • Crime Dog

      So you don’t want the team to upgrade if they can? He never explicitly states that they’re only looking to improve for this season. It’s entirely possible that they can make a move that improves the team beyond this year as well.

      • The Bastard

        When’s the last time they did that mid-season? It’s not his M.O.

        Granderson and Swisher were off-season. And he’s made no other trades that have helped them for multiple years…

    • Jim Is Bored

      It makes me happy when I parody someone and they validate that shortly thereafter.

      • The Bastard

        Are you mumbling to yourself again?

        • Jim Is Bored

          I do. It keeps me from being lonely.

          • The Doctor

            It’s ok I was listening. I’m here for you.

  • All Praise Be To Mo

    Why not sell? We have a bunch of pieces that I think would be very attractive to contenders. Any rational Yankee fan can see we’re not a championship caliber team this year. Give up on this season to set ourselves up for future ones.

    • jjyank

      “Any rational Yankee fan can see we’re not a championship caliber team this year.”

      That’s not even remotely true. Having a different opinion does not necessarily render them irrational. It depends on your definition of “championship caliber”. Do I think the Yankees are the best team in baseball? No, not at all. But I think they are “playoff caliber”, and anything can happen in October. The best team on paper rarely is the one that holds the trophy at the end of October. That’s why we play the games.

      If the Yankees are in the hunt, I fully expect them to add players.

      • All Praise Be To Mo

        I agree, we could perhaps sneak in as a wild card and once there who knows what will happen.

      • TomH

        The Tigers are “championship caliber.” The Yankees are at best, and at this point in the season, just barely “playoff caliber.” The Angels’ starting lineup is far superior to NY’s. Baltimore’s is as well (the hope that the O’s were a 1-year-wonder should be retired now). Probably Boston’s. Other lineups probably also. The Yankees’ pitching keeps them in the hunt, but should it slip….

        So, it’s really not a matter of saying one doesn’t believe the Yankees are “the best team in baseball”! Only the madwoman fan in the attic can believe that. The question is, rather: just how long a longshot are they for the post-season?

        To me it looks as if they’re really a very lonnnnngggg shot right now. After the ASB, if the Sox keep failing to pull away, and if the returnees play well, who knows?

        N.B.: Toronto is now playing pretty well, and seems to be getting good pitching. Were the Yankees’ returnees unable to make contributions significantly superior to those their replacements are now making, and were Toronto to keep playing as they have lately, the Yankees not only will fail to make the playoffs but they very well might finish either last or just ahead of TB.

        If I were Cashman, I would still proceed on the assumption that the Returning Wounded will make a significant contribution–and therefore would try to make a buyer’s trade, in anticipation of that contribution.

        • jjyank

          The “championship caliber” Detroit Tigers are only 1.5 better than the Yankees right now. And that’s after the Yankees have been dealing with this losing skid. Ditto the mighty Red Sox only being 3 games up in the division.

          Labeling a team “championship caliber” is pretty stupid anyway, in my opinion. Everyone thought the 2011 Red Sox were “championship caliber”, and all it got them was an early start to their golf season. The Giants have won 2 WS Trophies in the last three years, but did anyone really think they were the best team in the playoffs at the time? Instead of putting these useless labels on teams, let’s just focus on them making the playoffs and go from there.

          • Pseudoyanks


          • nycsportzfan

            Good post!

          • Jim Is Bored

            A “Playoff caliber team” IS a “Championship caliber team”

            The last 15 years or so of playoff baseball have proven that time and time again.

          • MannyGeee

            The Championship Caliber Dodgers and Blue Jays take offense.

        • wsa

          The Yankees are currently half a game out a playoff spot and are a “very lonnnnngggg shot right now?” Get out of the attic, crazy lady.

          • Jim Is Bored

            wsa, tomH. tomH, wsa.

        • Get Phelps Up

          The O’s are being carried by their offense just as much if not more than the Yankees are being carried by their pitching. Should it slip…

        • TomH

          Are you people ever delusional, the living embodiments of the “homer.” You should try out for jobs as White Sox announcers.

          • Get Phelps Up

            You should try out for a job as an ESPN NY writer.

        • Mr. Roth

          If you only read the bold words, it says “At best very well will.”

          Is this some sort of code? It seems like the beginning of a Yoda quote.

          ::Yoda voice::
          “At best very well will the Yankees do in October.”

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        When Youkilis signed, I though he gave the Yankees enough R/H’d hitting to keep opposing teams honest and give the Yankees a chance to stick around during the first few months of the season. Along w/Overbey, Wells, & an opportunistic supporting cast, they did just that. Additionally, I thought their sticking around was predicated on solid pitching, Cano staying healthy, & whomever was playing shortstop having the ability to pick up ground balls on a relatively consistent basis.

        With Youk now, for all intents, out for the season, Granderson & Cervelli w/their busted hands, Texeira’s wrist probably needing surgery, Nunez on the 6000 day d/l, & no other quality shortstop on the horizon, the Captain included, i’d be careful about making any deals to acquire talent for this season. If the club continues to do a slow fade, I’d be a seller, & along w/Hughes & Joba, I’d be willing to listen to deals for CC, Cano, & anything I could get for Overbey & Ichiro. If you deal Robbie, obviously as a FA, they can make a run at him come the off-season should they so choose. I’d wait two or three more weeks & see what transpires, but my early season optimism has now turned to going on mid-season pragmatism, & I’d like to score some quality parts or prospects for the future rather than do battle w/a squad of over-the-hill former stars.

        Cashman needs to be very careful about the direction he chooses to pursue here. Invest in the club’s future, or prop up an old ball club in a futile effort to maybe make an early round exit from the playoffs & do so at considerable cost. IMO, I’d err on the future’s side.

    • nycsportzfan

      Of course were contenders, assuming we get some guys back from injury and can add a bat or 2. Were right there in the wild card and not far behind the sox with Jeter, Granderson, Arod, Pineda, Cervelli, Nunez, and Tex all expected back at some point.

      Were very close to contending, and a tweak here and tweak there along with some luck on the injury front, and we could easily end up back in the postseason, where anything can happen.

      • The Real Me

        Yup. It’s not even July 1 yet, let alone July 31! Plenty of time for the roster to change, either by trades or returns from injury. Let’s see what the roster and standings look like in August before complaining this isn’t a “Championship Caliber” team.

        As jjyank stated above, any team that cna mke the playoffs is championship caliber in my book. Anything can happen in the playoffs.

        • nycsportzfan

          We could possibly have a lineup like this as of mid august if things go right.

          1. Brett Gardner CF
          2. Derek Jeter SS
          3. Robinson Cano 2B
          4. Alex Rodriguez DH/3B
          5. Mark Texiera/Lyle Overbay 1B
          6. Curtis Granderson LF
          7. Francisco Cervelli C
          8. Ichiro RF
          9. Travis Hafner DH

          Now imagine a trade for Alex Rios or Alphonso Soriano, and you really got something. And if Youkilis could ever get back to health. Also still got some young guys who could make a impact, like a Zolio, Adams, or Neal.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            All about health, though. I get your point, but that could still look great on paper and shitty in practice.

            • nycsportzfan

              Yup, health is key. I’m just saying this guys off base thinking were not a contender. Were in the hunt as of now, and we got lottery tickets coming to us all througout the rest of the season. Hopefully a few get us over the hump, and the postseason is a crap shoot.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                People are trying to walk a very fine line when talking about the immediate future.

                I understand seeing this team trending downward these past few weeks and feeling that a fall in the standings isn’t far behind. Like was said earlier, or in the other thread, they’re still also contending right this very second. You have to reconcile the two when talking about this team. Too often, though, it’s either one or the other. Subtlety is not our strong suit.

          • nycsportzfan

            Of course i didn’t think to hard about the lineup or anything, but thats a example. To me, thats a contending lineup if your rotation consists of CC,Kuroda,Pettitte,Pineda(maybe!),Phelps, and/or Nuno or Nova.

    • MannyGeee

      Ironically, the last person who told us that the Yankees are not a Championship Caliber Team spent the entire day before proving that they are the least rational Yankees fan around.

    • Jim Is Bored

      “I say so so obviously it’s the truth, anyone who disagrees with me is wrooooong.”

      • All Praise Be To Mo

        Ummm, nope. I see both sides and think the next month before the deadline will clear a lot up. The team has been struggling lately and by then we can see if/when everyone on the dl will be coming back and how far out we’ll be and what to do then.

        • jjyank

          Your follow-up comments indicate that you do in fact see both sides, but when you say “any rational fan can see…”, you should expect to get some replies like Jim’s.

        • Jim Is Bored

          Yeah, this comment was a completely different comment than your original post.

    • Crime Dog

      What pieces are very attractive to contenders right now? Hughes? He has far more value to the Yankees than he would via trade. Everyone else is hurt or underperforming, and they’re not gonna trade Cano. I think Kuroda has a no trade, and Andy isn’t getting traded.

      • All Praise Be To Mo

        As far as who’s attractive to contenders off the top of my head, (not saying they’ll be moved), Cano, Kuroda, Pettite, Chamberlain, Granderson. If you approach someone like Kuroda who has a no trade if we’re not close to a spot and ask him if he wants to be moved to a contender.

  • Jim Is Bored

    Is any team ever “Closed for business” regarding trades?

    Seems like a non-story to me.

    • jjyank

      More or less. I take this just as an indication that talk is starting to heat up between teams. Though we probably could have made that assumption ourselves in mid-late June.

      • trr


        But, with the extra playoff spot there are more contenders, hence less sellers and more buyers. I’m sure the team will pursue some sort of upgrade at the T/D, but first they’ll want to see where they’re at with the walking wounded. By July 20th or so they should know. Also I’m thinking that the possibility of a “big” trade (McCann, Lee, Headley) seems more remote and that any additions will be more role-player types that will represent upgrades over the Briginacs, Romines, Youklis’ and Wells of the world.

        That’s not setting the bar too high, now is it?

  • nycsportzfan

    I know most dont agree, but Alex Rios seems like a guy who could help. Hes only had 2bad seasons since like 2005, and is clearly still playing well as of now, and adds pop and ability to hit overall, with alittle speed, which is all needed.

    If we can’t hit longballs, mines as well get as many fast baserunners as possible, and some guys who can hit in the 280-300 range with alittle pop.

    Hes only signed through next yr, and I think he could help next yr as well. He can play multiple OF spots and do some DH’ing. Hes ten times the player Ichiro(i still have hope he comes around a bit) and Wells.

    We have some ML starting pitching ready for big leagues if thats what the white sox covet, and with there success of Jose Quintana, they might be feeling good about our minor league pitching right now, so maybe we could get em for Ivan Nova and Preston Claiborne or something. If they want a bat, maybe we give em Heathcott and Claiborne.

    Its just a idea, and I could be way off here though.

    • jjyank

      I wouldn’t rule out Rios. I am a bit wary adding a guy like him through next season, though. With Ichiro and Wells already in that boat, I dunno if Rios is a great idea. If Cashman can get him cheap enough, sure, go for it. Not sure if Kenny Williams will let him go cheap enough. But…it is Kenny Williams, after all. So you never know.

      • nycsportzfan

        I was surprised how consistent Rios has been since like 2005. I thought he had more dud seasons mixed in. Hes a quality player who still has some speed. Outta all the guys were stuck with next yr, as far as ichiro and others, he’d be the one i’d bank most on earning there paper.

        But there is risk, if as you said, they ask to much and he does start slowing down as he ages a bit.

        • jjyank

          “Outta all the guys were stuck with next yr, as far as ichiro and others, he’d be the one i’d bank most on earning there paper.”

          You’re probably right. He’s not cheap either, though. I wouldn’t give up a good prospect to get him, but that’s probably what he’d cost.

    • Kosmo

      I´m one of the minority among RABers who think Rios would be a good if not great pickup. Flores, Whitley and one other prospect?

  • Crime Dog

    I’m worried about the team not picking up a corner outfield bat because of Granderson coming back. If they traded for, let’s say Morse, then their outfield would be Morse, Gardy, Granderson with no room for Wells and Ichiro. I don’t think they’ll let Ichiro rot on the bench, and the way they’ve stuck with Wells I feel the same about him.

    • mitch

      They’re not in so deep with Ichiro or Wells that releasing them is out of the question. I don’t think they’d do it with Ichiro, but he’d be fine as a 4th outfielder, defensive replacement, pinch runner anyway.

      Wells would be the odd man out if they added somebody. I don’t think they’d hesitate to dump him if they had the opportunity to bring in someone better.

      • Crime Dog

        I find it tough to believe they’ll cut Wells that easily if they’ve been continuing to bat him 5th and start when he’s been awful for almost the whole season minus three weeks.

        • mitch

          You might be right, but there also aren’t any better options on the team right now. Hypothetically if they add an OF, Grandy comes back healthy, and Jeter or Arod come back in decent form, it becomes much easier to dump Wells. It’s not like his salary is an issue because he’s owed almost nothing next year.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Yup – What else was he going to say? Is he ever “closed for business?”

    I have no problem with adding, but I’ll admit to thinking more long-term than 2013 at the moment. I don’t have a problem with “if they’re going to win, do it primarily with the pieces you’ve got.” I still want to see one of the outfielders make the big team by 2015. I still want to see Gary or JR behind the plate as well. It feels more than just about 2013 for me right now. It’s about remaking this franchise post-core.

    • Pat D

      Imagine if this guy ran the Yankees…


      • Robinson Tilapia

        You and your things which get blocked by the state server at work.

        • Pat D

          Ramsay compilation of “shut it down!”

          Probably because it’s uncensored.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    Hey! Did you know an anagram for Brian Cashman is “Cannabis Harm?”

    That explains a lot….

    • Pseudoyanks


  • Comrade Al

    The Detroit Tigers are a closer away from being an overwhelming favorite in the AL. Just saying …

    • TCMiller30


    • Jim Is Bored

      The Detroit tigers have been a closer away from being a great team pretty much every year for the past 5-10. Even when Valverde was 100% during the regular season, he was by and large lucky more than good.

      I would say that with Anibal’s injury, they have some rotation concerns after Verlander and Scherzer.

      • Jim Lahey

        Porcello has been lights out lately and Fister is still very good. And Smyly in long-relief. Tigers have a pretty nasty rotation even with Sanchez out

    • trr

      So send them Joba

  • wsa

    “They need a corner outfield bat, a shortstop, a catcher, and maybe a third baseman. That’s the bare minimum really, and the offense isn’t good enough for them to just sit around and wait for all the injured guys to return.”

    The exact positions you identified are the positions where players are hurt. Coincidence? Any teams will be weak at positions where their starters are injured.

    Cashman has literally stated that he’s openly looking for options. A SS or C who represents any real upgrade comes along rarely and is usually quite expensive, though.

    Chances are that they will largely wait for their injured players to return. They don’t really have a choice. If they do as you suggest and fill all of those “bare minimum” holes now, they will be cutting guys or giving them away when guys return from injury. They’ll probably make some moves, maybe even one or two major ones, but let’s all keep our shirts on. It’s all about patience and pitching depth until the team has a losing streak, then let’s all panic and run around like raving lunatics!@#$!%!

    • Pat D

      The quote at the top is pretty much why I think they’re helpless. They’re not going to get all of those things unless the totally gut the farm system, and while I know it’s dangerous to be in love with prospects, I can’t see any available guys in trades who are going to make a significant difference.

      I just really think they’re helpless.

      • mitch

        There’s a middle ground between waiting out the injuries and gutting the farm to address every current hole. I think one extra bat would make a big difference on the current roster and would go a long way towards keeping them in the hunt over the next 4-8 weeks. The easiest and most affordable position to upgrade right now is definitely a corner outfielder.

  • Bill

    I think Cash should look at OF’s signed next year. The needs in the OF are not going away anytime soon. So if they could find an OF that is signed for this year and next that might bridge the gap until some of their OF prospects are ready.

    The teams to talk to IMO are the Cubs, White Sox and Twins. The Cubs have Schierholtz and Dejesus. While neither is a world beater both are upgrades in the corner OF and are affordably signed next year. They also have Soriano, but I probably wouldn’t go that route as he could be more of the same in that he’s old and declining. The White Sox have Rios and the Twins have Willingham. All fit a need for the Yankees.

    The 1 year solutions are also a possibility but with the new rule that you can’t offer them a qualifying offer they’re purely rentals.

    • mitch

      I’d add SD to that list as well. They’re desperate for pitching and have Blanks, Amariste, Quentin, Venable and Denorfia in the OF. The latter two seem like the most gettable.

  • nycsportzfan

    I didn’t realize Christian Garcia was still kicking around. He was ranked inside the nationals top 10prospects going into this season. He actually pitched in the majors just last yr, to the tune of a 2.13ERA over 12.2innings.

    I just assumed he was outta baseball. Really caught me off guard.

    Speaking of the Nats, i wish there was a way to pry Ian Desmond away from them for our short stop of the future. That kid can play.

  • Jase

    Hughes and Chamberlain to Anaheim for Bourjos or Trumbo? They have extra OF’ers, Trumbo is right-handed, and Anaheim needs pitching badly. Joba and Phil are both in their mid-20′s. This is also a time where the team must SERIOUSLY consider moving Cano. He can bring back 3-4 good pieces, and instead of being outbid by the Dodgers in the offseason(they wanna pay 200 mil? go right ahead, guys), we can get some very good value for him. I would even consider moving him to Texas for Profar, Olt, and a pitcher.

    • LarryM Fl

      If talks with Cano are headed South then I would explore trades. But this by 7/31 may not be practical. Also giving up a sure fielding second baseman with the ability to hit .280 with 25 HR in his sleep. May not be a good move for the organization. But more than 5 years may be worse. The money is not relevant to the NY Yankees. Its all about the length of the contract.

      Joba I would not miss. Hughes is a different animal. We may have 3 spots to fill in the rotation next year. Two does not seem so bad. Until Pineda shows his stuff. It would be risky business to let go of Hughes.

  • Jase

    As much as I love Jeter and Pettitte, I do hope they both walk away and retire with Rivera this winter. Especially if we are able to get a young SS in a trade…

  • Nathan

    And by “open for business” Cash means if anyone has any spare parts, he’ll take them.

  • Chasing Headley

    Chase Headley, Giancarlo Stanton, Cole Hamels… Hope their available and trade for one and hope you picked the right one…