Draft Signing Updates: Jagielo, Clarkin, Katoh

6/11-6/13 Series Preview: Oakland Athletics
Tuesday Night Open Thread

Today’s collection of draft-related links (draft round in parenthesis):

  • Notre Dame 3B Eric Jagielo (1) indicated he is on his way to Tampa via his Twitter feed. That doesn’t mean a deal is imminent, however. He could just be heading down for his physical since teams like to get those out of the way early in case there’s a Ty Hensley situation or negotiations go down to the wire. Jagielo is slotted for just under $1.84M and will probably sign for something close to that, if not more.
  • California HS LHP Ian Clarkin (1s) can’t take his physical until he graduates later this week. “We feel very strongly that we will get it done … We need to clean up a couple of things and for him to pass a physical,” said scouting director Damon Oppenheimer to George King. Clarkin is slotted for a touch more than $1.65M and I have to think he winds up with more than that. Maybe even $2M.
  • California HS 2B Gosuke Katoh (2) told Michael Bower that if “everything works out like it should with no road bumps, then I should be a Yankee by next week.” He’s slotted for a little less than $846k and I think he winds up quite a bit with less than that.
  • Howard JuCo RHP David Palladino (5) has agreed to terms and will officially sign his contract tomorrow, reports Mark Czerwinski. The 6-foot-9, 255-pounder out of New Jersey is slotted for a bit more than $278k.
  • Grayson County JuCo SS Kevin Cornelius (31) has agreed to terms pending a physical, according to K. Levine-Flandrup. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the Yankees drafted him out of a Texas HS in the 42nd round of the 2011 draft. Every pick after the tenth round is slotted for $100k.

All of the team’s draft selections can be seen at Baseball America, and you can keep track of the draft pool situation with our 2013 Draft Pool page.

6/11-6/13 Series Preview: Oakland Athletics
Tuesday Night Open Thread
  • joe

    Wow, suprised that Gosuke is going to sign

    • King George

      Second round pick, likely to get $800k and someone who scouts and analysts can be a utility guy (at worst) by 2015. Why is that surprising?

      • JMK

        By 2015 at worst? Even if his defense at second is solid (and all indications are it is), the bat needs refinement. I suspect it will take more than two seasons for his bat to come around (if it ever does) while also learning multiple positions.

        He reportedly doesn’t have the arm for shortstop or third, so he probably can’t play right field and probably can’t cut it in centerfield. So maybe 1B (where he doesn’t have the bat), 2B and LF? I’ll take the over on this one.

        • King George

          No, a utility guy at worst. Not 2015 at worst.

          • Manny’s BanWagon

            Some scouting reports I read have him as a utility infielder at best.

        • Bo Knows

          Something I am curious about is that when talking about pitchers we acknowledge that these guys arms will get stronger, rarely do I hear that when they refer to position players. That said Katou is 6’2 And a buck 75, even with his slender frame he looks like he could put on 15lbs of muscle.

          • LK

            My guess is that has to do with how finely we measure arm strength for the 2 positions. If a P adds 2 mph it’s a pretty big deal, but I doubt that would be the difference between not being able to play on the left side of the IF and being able to cut it there.

            • Cool Lester Smooth

              It might be the difference between not being able to play on the left side and being able to fake it there, though.

  • King George

    There is no doubt they will all sign; just more of a matter of when. I really can’t wait to see Judge hit even with his strikeout potential. Mike (or anyone else), can you confirm where they will all report to? I read that Clarkin and Judge will likely report to an AZ league and Jagielo will go to Tampa?

    • Shaun McNeill

      You mean a Short Season league? Arizona league is in the fall. Jaigelo and Judge both could be in Tampa but I bet that both go to the SS league. Clarkin is very young so he’s almost guaranteed a trip to the GCL when he signs.

      • King George

        Maybe that’s what it was. I also thought it was weird when I saw Arizona…

    • JMK

      An Arizona league? What?

      • Havok9120

        He’s thinking of the Arizona Fall League. Not something we should have to worry about now that the signing deadline is moved so far up.

  • tmoney

    We drafted a Judge and Ty Webb but no Danny Newnan?

    • Pseudoyanks

      I see what you did there. (but I think it was Danny Noonan)

  • CountryClub

    Evidently, LSU offered Palladino a full scholarship at the last minute to try to convince him to stick to his commitment. So they must think there’s a lot of potential there.

    • pat

      It they had more prominent members of this years class drafted they know aren’t going to come to school and threw their scholarship money at them. IIRC he’s a juco guy so he’d only be on their books for a year or two at most.

  • Wayne

    I wondering how palladinos knee is holding up hence why he signed so soon !