Injury Updates: Jeter, A-Rod, Teixeira, Pineda

Positive early returns from Betances in the 'pen
Monday Night Open Thread

During a conference call this afternoon, Brian Cashman provided a bunch of updates on the various injured Yankees. Here’s a recap:

  • Derek Jeter (ankle) took his hacks in batting practice and also off a tee and soft toss. The Cap’n fielded ground balls with a little side-to-side movement for the first time (ever! zing!) as part of his rehab as well.
  • Alex Rodriguez (hip) will face live pitchers on Tuesday for the first time as part of his rehab. Going from simulated games to minor league rehab games to the big leagues is probably a four-week process for a guy who didn’t have a Spring Training, so yeah, All-Star break if everything goes well.
  • Mark Teixeira (wrist) will not be available for at least seven days, and Cashman said he is “leaning personally” towards placing him on the DL. Let’s hope they do that, playing short-handed and potentially bringing him back too soon would suck.
  • Michael Pineda (shoulder) will make his next minor league rehab start with High-A Tampa on Thursday. He’s scheduled to throw 80 pitches. Cashman said Pineda has been sitting 92 and touching 94-95 during his rehab so far.
  • Curtis Granderson (hand) will have the pin removed on Thursday. No word on how long it will be before he can resume baseball activities, but getting the pin taken out is a start.
  • Frankie Cervelli (hand) is still a week or so away from swinging a bat. He has been playing catch and working on receiving drills behind the plate.
  • Eduardo Nunez (ribcage) took some ground balls and did some light hitting off a tee and soft toss. It’s possible he could return before the All-Star break, but Cashman didn’t seem confident.
Positive early returns from Betances in the 'pen
Monday Night Open Thread
  • Dave

    Can something go completely wrong with A-Rod’s rehab? Please and thank you.

    • trr

      Much as I dislike A-Rod, I don’t wish him further injury, and the hard, cold truth is even as diminished as he will be, he may still be better than what we’ve been running out there this year

      • mustang(The Has Been & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

        “as diminished as he will be, he WOULD be better than what we’ve been running out there this year”

    • jjyank

      I really hate this logic.

    • Get Phelps Up

      More Jayson Nix and Reid Brignic!

    • TomH

      A disgraceful comment.

    • LK

      I know others have already handled this, but if you actually want the Yankees to win and think this you haven’t been watching the offense this year.

    • SDB

      I’m not an A-Rod fanboy by any means, but this is ridiculous.

      I have no wish for any player to get injured, and as long as A-Rod’s under contract with the Yankees, I really hope he comes back to full health and performs to whatever he can, even if that means a .270/.320/.420 line.

      I’d rather sit on my couch and call him an egotistical, lying SOB when he’s producing extra base hits or even just getting on base, than calling him that when he’s on the DL.

      • I’mVernonI’mVernon4U

        Couldn’t have put it better

    • mustang(The Has Been & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

      In 99 games, which is a little more then what they have left right now, in 2011 A-Rod went .276/16 HR/62 RBI.

      Who here wouldn’t take that shit over what they have now?

      Just stop! You’re not only hurting yourself your hurting others.

  • Sayid J.

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

  • The Real Me

    The Cap’n fielded ground balls with a little side-to-side movement for the first time (ever!

    Not really. He’s always had a little side-to-side movement. :-)

    • Ed

      He’s in mid-season form!

    • mac

      Yeah, that was a pretty great comment. Zing indeed.

    • Dave M

      That’s OK, Jeter will be laughing all the way to the HOF

  • Paco Dooley

    That is a remarkable amount of potentially useful talent that could realistically be back on the team by the allstar break or perhaps just after. If no one gets suspended for the Biogenesis thing, then you are looking at the potential of replacing a quarter or more of the 25 man roster with what could be upgrades (okay, so there is a lot of risk of failure, but there is also potential).

    Best case scenario is a remarkable injection of talent, worst case is the inept offence backing the decent pitching staff you see already.

    • The Bastard


  • Ed

    If Pineda’s sitting in the low 90s and touching the mid 90s, then I’m really confident that he’ll be ok. The surgery doesn’t look like the career ender it could have been. The guys who don’t recover from shoulder surgery either never recover enough to even go on an official rehab assignment, or they return sitting in the low/mid 80s.

    Now, that’s not to say he’ll be great right away. He’s still a young pitcher with under 200 innings in the majors and under 600 pro innings. He’ll have his struggles. I just think they’ll be “young pitcher struggles” and not “bad shoulder struggles”.

    • LK

      He’s not out of the woods yet. But yes, everything so far has been encouraging.

  • vicki

    i wonder if the wbc would still pay for teix’s time on the dl, as it’s the same injury.

    • steves

      I read earlier today (sorry, I don’t have a link) that once Tex came back, the WBC insurers are off the hook (so Yanks got around $7MM+ in salary relief but that will be all).

  • J-Money

    Just give Tex his surgery. I’m not expecting anything from him this year. He could take the next two weeks off and the same thing could happen again. Not counting on him this year. And also A-Rod > Adams, Nix, Brignac etc.

    • Tex’s doctor

      All right, fine. I’m scheduling it for tomorrow.

  • Eddard

    A-Rod, Jeter, Pineda, Cervelli, Grandy all upgrades over what we’re currently trotting out there. Even at diminished states they’re upgrades. That’s why I’m so positive about the season if they can stay in it for another 4 weeks.

    • Eddard

      And Pineda is an upgrade over Hughes. All Pineda has to do is match Hughes’s 5 ERA and he can probably do better. Hughes needs to be shopped around. Get what you can for him. Phelps has taken over #4 and maybe Pineda takes it over once he gets a chance.

      • Dave M

        At this point, I wonder if Nuno or Warren would be an improvement over Hughes.

  • kenthadley

    Problem is each of them comes back and goes through their own phase to get back into higher level baseball shape…none of them comes back in mid season form, even after all the rehab. So, like with Tex, bringing them back doesn’t guarantee they are able to perform much better than their subs until they have been playing for about 30 games….that takes you to September before they are all really able to contribute fully. So staying in it for 4 weeks really wont be enough time….more likely they have to remain competitive even with returning diminished stars for the bulk of the summer.

  • The Bastard

    I fall into the same ridiculous trap, thinking these injuries matter to the team’s prospects of success. Yet, the only clear upgrade is Granderson.

    Jeter – Whatever he makes up on offense he’s giving right back on defense. In reality they have a DH.

    A-Rod – Ditto.

    Teixeira – Was actually a downgrade on Overbay. How many more years left with this guy? And to think of all the fans who were elated to get rid of Giambi and then sign Teixeira. Heh.

    Pineda – I’m legitimately curious, and it would take a suckfest to be worse than Hughes, but I don’t hold out hope.

    Cervelli – Hilarious that some folks think he’s a savior. Dude, hit .650 OPS last year in AAA. Stewart is the better catcher.

    Nunez – Heh.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Yes, Tex’s 63 PA’s this year when he was still hurt outweigh the past 3 years where Tex has been by far better than Overbay.

    • LK

      “Jeter – Whatever he makes up on offense he’s giving right back on defense. In reality they have a DH.

      A-Rod – Ditto.”

      With what the Yanks are currently putting out there, anyone who can hit competently and stand at the position is probably an upgrade.

    • LK

      “And to think of all the fans who were elated to get rid of Giambi and then sign Teixeira. Heh.”

      Yeah, it’s not like the Yankees, you know, won the World Series with him hitting 3rd that year or anything. Those elated fans must’ve felt so stupid.

    • jjyank

      You’re just doing this on purpose.

      • LK

        At least he got the Nunez part right, though.

        • jjyank

          Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.

          • JohnnyC

            In his case, more likely a nut will find a blind squirrel.

            • jjyank

              Touche, sir.

    • trr

      Cervelli no savior , but he should be an upgrade over Romine.

    • Crime Dog

      A-Rod’s been pretty good on defense, even in the playoffs last year. If he can even put up a .250/.300/.400 line he’s an upgrade. Think about that. I’d like to think that Jeter is an upgrade over Nix as well. Nix isn’t exactly great on defense either, and I think that Cervelli only needs to be better than Romine (obviously easy) to be considered an upgrade.

      • jjyank

        Plus, there’s a ripple effect. If Jeter is an upgrade over Nix, Nix isn’t off the roster. He just becomes an upgrade over Bringac.

      • Preston

        He’s coming off of hip surgery. I agree, A-Rod isn’t a statue out there, but he’s not likely to be very mobile at 3B especially right away.

        • Crime Dog

          I agree, but Youkilis wasn’t exactly mobile out there either and he’s played a decent number of games at 3rd.

    • jimmy james

      He be trollin’

  • YankeesHub

    Agreed that Hughes should be shopped around. His negatives are far outweighing his positives these days. Get something for him while you can.

    • jjyank

      Honest question for you proponents of trading Hughes:

      If you’re so down on him, and “his negatives far outweigh” his positives, then why in the hell do you think you can get anything useful back?

      • trr

        With his FA looming I don’ think they can expect much for Hughes anyway.
        Maybe as some kind of package deal that I can’t quite fathom right now
        My guess is Hughes stays here ’til the end of the year.

        • jjyank

          Like you said, FA is looming. If Hughes is so bad, who is going to give up anything of remote value for 2 months of him?

          That said, I don’t think Hughes is that bad. I think he has more value starting for the Yankees than he would bring back in a trade.

          If you want to see him walk after this year, that’s perfectly reasonable. I honestly don’t feel all that strongly either way. But I do think the Yankees will receive less value in return if they trade him. Unless, of course, someone pulls a Kenny Williams. I’m sure the Yankees would keep an open mind if another GM decides to do something stupid.

          • JohnnyC

            Most of these Hughes haters don’t realize that Hughes is making $7.1 million this season. Even 1/3 of that is too much for anyone except a desperate contending team to take on (with no assurance that he can be re-signed going forward). But reality is no obstacle to pure irrationality.

      • Preston

        It’s not like we have seven guys better than him pitching in the bullpen. I’d rather move him to the pen and hope he embraces it and flashes a little 2009 brilliance then trade him to the NL for some mid level prospect in A ball.

  • Johnny’s Kucking

    With Jeter out, I was quietly hoping Nunez was going to keep down the E’s and come into his own with this very, very special chance at SS, here in NY. I know this is baseless and unfair to say, but every update on him makes him sound like such a wuss. He didn’t hit today because of a ‘tug’. I know, better to get healthy and contribute longterm, but I can’t help to feel like there’s just no intensity with this guy. Even the plunks he took in the hand and wrist (as painful as those are) in April were so dramatic on tv with him trying to throw/being escorted off the field. Where’s Ramiro Pena, Atlanta?…

  • Mick taylor

    Would someone explain to me why Nunez pulls a muscle and is out 3 months. What a joke.

    • ExitCashman

      It was a big muscle?

    • Dave M

      No shit! I broke my thumb, hurt my jaw, and my back. I didn’t miss a day of work. Took a couple hours off to go to the ER. I even had to work an all nighter (doing a router swap in a west coast office, while on pain killers, and muscle relaxers.

      • Bill Gates

        Sure, like router swapping is work. Feh.

  • Mick taylor

    After reading about your injuries Nunez is even a bigger joke