MRI shows inflammation in Teixeira’s wrist

Sherman: Yankees did not make an offer to Yasiel Puig
Game 69: Win And Come Home

An MRI showed inflammation and no new tear in Mark Teixeira‘s right wrist, Joe Girardi announced. The first baseman received a cortisone shot and will be re-evaluated in a few days. He will avoid the DL for the time being. Teixeira is not close to being out of the woods yet, but that’s a surprisingly positive diagnosis.

Sherman: Yankees did not make an offer to Yasiel Puig
Game 69: Win And Come Home
  • trr

    Yeah, coulda been much, much worse. Obviously, we need a productive Tex.
    Right now, there’s too just too many holes to fill via trades, the minors, or the scrap heap

  • Cuso

    While positive news, the tea leaves seem to read that this is going to be an issue all year and will likely not have a power swing.

    May be better off just having the surgery at this point.

    • stuart a

      surgery of what doctor? nothing is torn or broken…

      • Olde Fan

        The tendon sheath is still torn. Tex is trying to hold off on the surgery until after the season. Agreeing with Cuso here, get it done now and be 100% next April, not 65-70% for the rest of the year.

        • BFDeal

          Where in the story did it say the sheath was still torn?

    • RetroRob

      I thought similar. He obviously hasn’t looked good since his return outside of his first few games. The question then is it because of his damaged wrist, or simply because he’s in Spring Training against pitchers in mid-season form?

      What is the recovery time for this type of surgery? Could he have it in October and be ready by Opening Day? If so, then they might as well try and get him through the season. If not, then they need to make a decision at some point on when if he is indeed still suffering from the damage.

  • Get Phelps Up

    Wow, I was kinda expecting him to have to have surgery or at least be out for a long time rehabbing. I think we all can be happy about this (unless you’re Mick taylor, of course).

    • trr

      Poor Mick.
      He’s never been the same since Altamont

      • Pat D

        Still better than Meredith Hunter.

    • Mick taylor

      If you watch him hit, his problem is not his wrist but his timing he constantly strikes out on pitches he used to hit his reflexes are not what they were.

      • Get Phelps Up

        …which would be caused by pain in his wrist.

  • Dalek Jeter

    I’m not sure him “avoiding the DL for now” is the best thing. I mean, especially with the way the season has gone, smart money is on him hitting the DL. Even though most of our position players are shit or are performing shittly, I’d prefer 25 guys worth of shit to throw against the wall to see what sticks instead of 24 till Wednesday at the earliest.

    • The Real Me

      While I don’t like having a wasted spot (day-to-day players), I’m glad Tex doesn’t yet need surgery. Of course, I’m also hoping for a nearly full recovery. If he can’t hit for power this season, better to fill the roster spot with someone that can contribute to the team. Not really sure who that might be.

      • jjyank

        Agreed. At this point, I think the Yankees need to just hope the cortisone shot and a bit of rest do the trick before jumping to surgery. The offense lacks so much power that they might as well give Tex a few days off an hope it helps.

        That said, if it doesn’t help, they should just do the surgery if he has to hit the DL for anything more than the 15 days. The team’s gonna need Tex next year, too. We’ll see what happens.

  • Brian Romeo

    He plays a great first base and draws his walks, and he’ll take advantage of the short porch in right at the stadium… anything beyond that is a bonus

    Shocked if he bats above .230 this season

  • Darren

    Great fuckin news! Girardi was playing the shit out of him, so maybe a few days break is just what Tex needs to feel good.

    None of us can imagine how difficult it must be to hit major league pitching with a wrist that’s even slightly off.

  • Pat D

    Gotta say this doesn’t give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Sounds like it will linger all season and he won’t be too effective. I’m guessing off-season surgery will happen.

    But I can just blame this on the fucking WBC, right?

  • SDB

    Whew. Whew, so many times over.

    Hopefully they’ll put him on the DL and give him a couple of weeks off to heal.

    But this is definitely much better than reading about a tear and that Overbay (as good as he’s been so far) will be 1B from now through September.

  • stuart a

    they have no better option in the system then Brignac.. the guy cannot hit, if the lineup was loaded you can run him out there but as is oy. adams at 3b and nix at SS is not a better option?

    • Brian

      but….. but….. he has “range”

      No worries, our real shortstop will be back in a month or so… besides, u gotta figure brignac is due for a little hot streak, nobody is THIS bad

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Funny how you’ve been completely overlapped by whiners and now actually sound completely reasonable. You’re absolutely right here.

  • I’mVernonI’mVernon4U

    Bullet….dodged? I think? I don’t even know anymore.

  • Jacob the OG

    Wait so does this mean there is a god? Thank Mo!

  • jimmy james

    In the least shocking news of the day….

    Glad it’s only inflammation and that a few days rest might do him good. However, like many others here have said, this injury will ail him for the rest of the season.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    put him on the DL and don’t put him back on the roster until he’s 100% healthy. We need a healthy Tex and even if it means he won’t return for some weeks/months … don’t let him play if he’s not at 100%, that won’t help anybody.

  • The Other Sam

    Is the WBC still paying for this or does his returning relieve their responsibility? Injury did happen in service to them.

  • Anderson Silva

    I still think he’ll try to come back and aggravate this.. I think he gets shutdown for good before the season ends

  • jimmy james

    I’m thinking the WBC is no longer on the hook for this since he returned.