Olney: Yankees talking to Ian Stewart about minor league deal

Thursday Night Open Thread
Nunez begins rehab assignment with High-A Tampa

Via Buster Olney: The Yankees are talking to third baseman Ian Stewart about a minor league contract. He was released by the Cubs earlier this week after going on a Twitter rant and tearing into the front office for not calling him up. They suspended him without pay and then released him once the suspension was up.

Stewart, 28, was hitting .168/.286/.372 (68 wRC+) with five homers in 133 Triple-A plate appearances at the time of the suspension. He hit just .183/.272/.289 (44 wRC+) from 2011-2012 while battling numerous wrist and quad problems, and even his good years with the Rockies — .246/.334/.454 (96 wRC+) from 2008-2010 — weren’t all that great considering Coors Field. His left-handed power is nice though, and the Yankees do need help at the hot corner. It doesn’t take much to be better than David Adams. I am surprised they are pursuing him following the Twitter tirade given their emphasis on strong character and all that.

Thursday Night Open Thread
Nunez begins rehab assignment with High-A Tampa
  • Crime Dog

    Eh, maybe he gets hot and can replace Adams. No harm in this type of move really.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    That’s some AAA line there.

    I don’t even think he’d be an upgrade over Nancy Newman at third.

    • Deep Thoughts

      Backup/platoon indiscreetly-tweeting 3B.

  • SDB

    Aw, geez, no.

    Adam had a couple of good weeks, then struggled. Give him some time and see if he’s good enough to fight back, or whether he’s just been found out.

    (at worst… shudder… there’s always Nix.)

  • bpdelia

    Mike was there something worse than was in the link? I mean that wasn’t a good idea but it was basically all true and not inflammatory or anything. I mean guy is frustrated, hasn’t played well and answered some people honestly. There is entirely too much anger at harmless truth telling these days. Leagues were happy to milk twitter for every ridiculous and poorly conceived marketing ploy but get all bent when someone actually speaks his mind. Whatever, may as well. I mean its unlikely he gets called up and if he does I actually think he’d outplay Adams who I is seemingly over matched right now

  • Eddard

    Character is set from the top down. Cashman does not have very high character after he told one of his ballplayers to shut the fuck up, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he signed Aaron Hernandez at this point.

    • Robinson Tilapia


    • Crime Dog

      Haha, yep you can tell character from one quote in one article. That’s quite a world you’re living in.

      • Bob Buttons

        That’s EddardWorld (c) for ya!

  • Jimmy

    If you thought they were old already, now they’re signing up former Rolling Stones.

  • EndlessJose

    Brian Cashman must be dumpster diving again. The Yankees are saving 80% on both A-Rod and Mike Teixeira contract which is almost $40 million dollars. Yet the Yankees can’t take on a money.

    • MannyGeee

      OK, no one wants to take it? Fine, I’ll bite.

      WHO? Who are they taking on in your fever dream scenario that Cashman and the upper management are too cheap to go get? There is literally NOTHING OUT THERE to be had for just money.

      I’ll wait…

  • Nick

    I guess I’ll say it in a different manner so it doesn’t get deleted this time. But I’d rather just stick with Adams, who I understand hasn’t hit a lick for a while now, but I wanna see if he can be a part of this team and its future moving forward in some capacity until Arod gets back. He’s hit in the minors, and I think he can up here, and IMO there is no better time to keep shoving him out there.

    • MannyGeee

      Don’t know how you said it before, but this seems completely sensible and civil. And its a great point.

      That said, its a AAA deal. Collect anyone who has EVER played an inning at the major league level, alive or dead, and throw minor league deals at them. Seriously, get Jose Canseco on the phone. Shit, call OZZIE CANSECO. Get some bodies in Scranton… STAT.

      I am OK with the Ian Stewart move.

  • Magilla Gorilla

    Wasn’t Ian Stewart with the Rolling Stones, before he died? Musta been re-born a Cubbie.